Zaino Total Protection Show Car Kit

Zaino Total Protection Show Car Kit

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For the Ultimate in paint protection and an incredible Show Car finish, here are the Zaino products that you'll need to make it happen.
Miracle Juice
I found fellow corvette owners raving about Zaino. I bought the leather cleaner and conditioner. It’s the best product I have ever used. I’m confused why Zaino isn’t on every shelf of every parts store. I now use all Zaino products, wax, cleaner etc. I several high end sports cars, using Zaino products on all of them. Amazing.
Robert Wagner
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Not just for cars
My brother told me about your products how easy and good they are. I have motorcycles and tried your products wow I was impressed my bikes never looked so good. I highly recommend zaino products
Robert Moe
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Y'all, I can't even describe how great this is. When I tell people that my [alpine silver 94 Twin Turbo Toyota Supra] hasn't had a drop of wax or anything more than a little car shampoo since I applied Zaino products 18 FREAKING YEARS AGO (2002), even I can't help but be amazed! It's just now getting to the point where I'd like to re-apply the whole Zaino system. I can't praise Zaino enough! Seriously, don't hesitate to purchase!
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My 55
I had my 55 Chevy 3100 short bed completely restored .. bumper to bumper .. it took more than 2 years .. came out perfect .. ive used all kinds of products ... zymol, mothers , mquures ... none compare to zaino I’ve been a zaino user since 2005 . I had a 05 mustang at the time then a vette and I WILL NOT use any other products on my 55 ( which is valued at 60k) except Zaino .. I wish I could upload a couple of pics. Zaino products are the best.
Guy Cammorata
Verified Buyer
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Mustang Shine!
I have tried every mid to high end product out there - Pinnacle, Blackfire, Griots Garage, 3M, Meguiars, and paid top dollar for their superior waxes and they don't even come close to Zaino. When I go to the Mustang meets or out & about in town ask me if I had my car clear-coated by a professional...LOL! I say "'s called Zaino!
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Ultimate in finish protection & shine
Bought the Total Protection Show Car Kit for my 2011 Corvette Torch Red, people pull up to me at stop lights and marvel at the color and finish, and this is just a base Corvette coupe, nothing fancy, a lot of work but absolutely worth it, the clay bar made a huge difference on windows too.
Davide May
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BOSS 302 is truly a BOSS now with a Zaino mirror finish!
I have never been able to successfully polish any of my old cars when I used Auto part store" waxes and pastes. I ordered the Zaino total protection show car kit after a few members of my Mustang/Shelby club recommended it. So I ordered it for my myself for Father's day and I just got to testing it yesterday on my 2013 Boss 302 in Gotta Have it Green tri-coat paint finish and the car glistens! In fact when I took pictures of it and posted them on Facebook, a friend of mine was able to see in great detail the reflection of my neighbor's house in the paint! And it was really easy to apply. I washed, clay bared, and polished the car 2x and I was done in about 5 hours (that's with pulling off the wheels and getting in the wheel wells too). I highly recommend it!
Andrew Loucas
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My car is beautiful again!
Before ordering Zaino anything, I'd tried so many other products, to no avail. I have a 2006 RX8 Copper Red Shinka edition, not a common paint or leather, and keeping it top shape, living by salt water and having two pre-teens getting in and out of it, is double difficult. There were awful swirls all over the car, some pretty deep, the gloss had started to fade and appear almost a matte around the plastic bumpers and bottom of the car, tree sap stuck to it, I mean she was a mess. I used this kit, with two rounds of the wax and gloss enhancer, and she is amazing again! The swirls are 90% gone, the shine has returned around the spots where it had faded, and there isn't a thing stuck to my paint anymore. The sides look like a mirror, I can see my detailed reflection in the PLASTIC bumpers! Pollen, for the most part, just blows right off when I drive, water beads up and rolls off, it's beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I worked hard on this for 5 hours, but the end result was well well worth it. I also ordered the leather treatment, which is so far repelling everything my kids have thrown at it, and my interior has that fresh leather smell again. Thank you Zaino team for the great products, will continue to use them!
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Hooked on the shine
Zaino has to be the easiest way to get the mirror/wet look on the market. I always used another wax (starts with M) which was hard to use. With Zaino it's easy to get a pro looking gloss without working yourself so hard, easy on, easy off. Would recommend to anyone. Happy with the shine, and beads water like no other. Thank you to Sal and the Zaino team for a great product! Would upload photos, not sure how.
Roger H.
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I purchased the Zaino Ultimate Protection Show Car Kit a little while back for a Red 2001 Chevy Silverado and was AMAZED at how great this worked. The change in the depth of the color was unbelievable. My Co-Workers and I had talked about this product a few times so I bought the kit without telling them and did my truck over the weekend. When I went back to work on Monday, I was asked by 2 different people if I had my truck painted over the weekend......they purchased Zaino products as well. Great product.....I don't use anything else. The glass cleaning product is also the best I have ever cleaned what no other glass cleaner, vinegar, etc would do.
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