Our postal mail, voicemail, and e-mail have been flooded with notes of customer appreciation for years. We truly appreciate all the wonderful things that people have to say about us. Our customers enthusiasm for our product is truly energizing for us as a company. We start early and work late and this is what keeps us going. So we say thanks to all of you!

If you would like to submit a photo and testimonial please email us here

What Our Customers Say About Our Fantastic Products And Customer Service:

Hey Zaino Folks,

I have a 2007 Toyota Tacoma and my wife drives a 2014 Volvo S60. Last summer, I just washed and waxed my Triumph Speed Triple and took it to my friend’s house (Chris Kruzel from DrippinWet.com, he’s well known in the motorcycle racing community for making graphics for racers, I don’t know if you car folks would know him). He has been harping on me about buying Zaino polishes forever. But he’s a cleaning freak and never lets stuff get dirty. Anyway, he sprayed some of the Zaino shine enhancer on my tank after I polished up my bike. I was so mad, it made the other panels look dull. That said, I was impressed with the product.

I finally used up the last of my Maguiar’s wax and bought Zaino for the first time last week. I bought the ZAIO, ZCS and the shine enhancer (8?) pack. I was going to buy a clay bar, but I know my schedule and how long waxing takes. So, I skipped the clay bar and just washed it with dish soap. That night I waxed it and the following morning performed the next two steps. First of all, my truck is not only seven years old, but my truck has 128K and gets used like a truck. It’s had motorcycles fall over in the bed, fall out of the bed and often has home improvement supplies in the bed. After using that basic shine package, the truck looks amazing. Keep in mind, I’ve paid to have to professionally detailed twice before and the results weren’t half as nice. Plus, the process wasn’t very time consuming, which is important when you’re a working professional.

Actually, it looked so good, that it made my wife’s Volvo with 5,000 miles and six months of use, look dull and faded. So after Easter dinner, I had to wash the car, dry it, wax it, seal it and this morning I sprayed on the shine enhancer. Now, walking past my house requires the use of sunglasses. I’m thrilled.

Anthony Rosati

To Sal and the whole Zaino Team!

I wanted to email you because I am above impressed with the result from today's cleaning. As you can probably tell from my account I am a returning customer... Have grown up using Zaino, my dad tough me how to Zaino when I was 10(ish) I turn to you guys for my cleaning needs. I have used it on our show cars and drivers and have always been impressed... so what is the next step? Airplane!

We hand washed the plane yesterday and wanted to wax it before its next flight... no other product came to mind but Zaino. We wiped down the fuselage with Z-6 and then put down some Z-2. After we saw how nice the fuselage was coming out we moved on to the wings. I took the added step in waxing the bottom. Now, this is the cleanest Cessna 182 on the planet ... just in time for Love Bug season in FL.

Thank you guys...

James D.

Dear Sal

I am the proud owner of a Torch Red 2011 Corvette Grand Sport and I just finished applying the 17th coat of Zaino Brothers Show Car Polish and it looks incredible!!!

When I met you several years ago at Kerbeck's Toys for Tots, I mentioned that just 3 weeks after taking delivery on my brand new 2001 Corvette I applied my first coat of Zaino...the car looked so good I had to take it for a drive. During that drive I drove over some yellow lines that had just been painted and splashed yellow paint on the side of my car. I admit to contemplating suicide for a minute or two, but then took a damp sponge and wiped the side of the car. To my amazement the yellow paint just wiped off my torch red door. I couldn't have been happier and vowed that day, that I would never use anything but Zaino Brothers Show Car Polish and have not.

I am now on my third Corvette and have used nothing but Zaino Brothers Show Car polish in nearly 11 years. Its a great product that is easy to use and it makes my car stand out in any crowd. I use the Z-6-2-8 method. After insuring the surface is free of dust, I apply a coat of Z6 then Z2 and finish with a coat of Z8.The result is the deepest wettest looking finish I have ever seen. But I have a question. as I mentioned earlier, I just applied the 17th coat of Zaino to my 2011 Corvette. I clay bared before the 16th coat . Is there a limit to the number of coats I can safely apply?

Thanks in advance for your response and thanks for producing such a great product

PS. Attached is a photo of my Vette...at the time this photo was taken it only had 2-3 coats of Zaino on it...it looks even better now.


Hi Sal,

I thought I'd share a interesting story with you. This past weekend I participated in the Targa Trophy Rally from LA to Vegas with my highly modified 2006 BMW M5. It was my first Targa Trophy and the Targa Trophy is open only to exotic and specialty sports cars. With all the supped up high end cars that were to be there and do the rally with, they requested that all cars be clean. Clean by my standards meant a Zaino wash and two coats of Z5 pro and two coats of Z2 pro with of course Z6 in between and a final wipe down with Z8. As part of the event all vehicles are required to have decals installed for sponsorship and as part of the event. When they came to install mine, they had the most difficult time with the Zaino finish I had! I said to the guy doing the sticker install "I know with all these Lamborghinis, Ferraris and such my car can't be the only waxed car here..". His reply, "Man, out of all the cars we installed decals on today, no car has a finish like yours and you car is giving us a really tough time to put the decals on because of the smooth glass finish". Of course they had to ask what wax I used ;-).

Thanks for your superior Zaino products! They put all others to shame.

Yaphet - 2006 BMW M5

3 coats of Z2 with a Z8 finish, Pictures don't do it justice! great Stuff!


Jim Musso


I just wanted to send in some photos, that you (Zaino Bros.) may use as deemed appropriate.

I also noticed that the Mercedes-Benz (it's the SLK55 AMG, the exterior color is pewter) featured at the bottom of your home page is that of my vehicle. I feel very honored!

I've been a Zaino product user since 2006, from my first 2006 Mercedes-Benz SLK 280 and then to the current 2008 Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG (delivered August 2007). The AMG will be five years this August 2012.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Eddy Yu,
Lake Forest, CA

Wanted to share with you a couple great successes.

My fiance had left a bottle of water on her back seat in the sun. The blue wrapper had actually tattooed itself to the leather. We tried everything, Lexol, soap and water, scrub brush, etc. We had given up. I got some of your leather cleaner for my car, and figured I'd give it a try. A little elbow grease later and the stain was gone. I am very impressed with the strength, and yet how gentle it is on good leather.

I did get a chance to try C2 on my windshield as well. A great (and considering how much less you use) cheaper alternative to products like RainX.


Jason Carini

High performance tires..  

I have a 2004 Mercedes E55, the tires always slings up the Tire Wet that i use, and after a couple of days of driving around, my car looks like it drove through semi-wet tar, and was very hard to remove. I used Zaino's tire shine, one of the best and easiest products to use. I would gun it at every stop light, and still no sign of my tire slinging it on to the paint. I love Zaino's products i use it on all three of my vehicles, Mercedes SL500, Cadillac Escalade, Saleen S281E....GREAT PRODUCTS NO REASON TO USE ANY OTHER PRODUCT!

Viresh P.
Houston, Texas

Very glossy and took just minutes!  

I have a 1989 BMW 635CSI I tried the Z-2 today and was very happy with the results. Went on in minutes and came off just as easily. Can't wait to coat again to build up that deep gloss look! Great product and delivered within 2 days to my door. I will be buying more in the near future.

Mitch Cornacchia
Hackensack New Jersey

My wife's favorite color is 'shiny'.  

Thanks for making and selling a great product. I've included a photo of my wife's 2003 Chevy Tahoe after two coats of your Z-5 Pro. The paint is now 5 1/2 years old and I've been able to revive it with Zaino. I can hardly wait to get a few coats of Z-2 on it!

Jeff M.
Elizabeth City, NC

Z-12 halted the haze!!!  

Where to start...well, for as long as I can remember, the interior side of my 2003 Mustang GT's windshield has always been victim of that annoying hazy film that so many other cars get. It drove me crazy; I'd wipe it off and just a few hours later it would be back. I tried so many cleaners and different towels to get it off, but it was so stubborn and just wouldn't stay away.

I saw the Z-12 advertising it would eliminate the haze. I figured it was worth a shot...I've been using other Zaino products since 2002, so I figured why not try another. I'm glad I did. Z-12 has lived up to it's word by getting rid of the haze. As of this writing, it's been 2 weeks since I initially applied it to the inside of my windshield, and I haven't seen ANY hazing since (well, except for when it rains, it fogs up but that's always been the case...just nature there). Thank you Zaino!!

Annapolis, MD

Zaino is the only way to go!!  

I recently acqired a 2008 Pontiac G8, black metallic. I began applying the Zaino AIO, Z-5 Pro, Z-2 Pro and Z-8 to my car. I get looks and thumbs up from Corvette to BMW drivers as they drive by. One guy in a Vette stopped me to admire the shine. Told him who to contact. I've become a Zaino fan and have given away my Maguire polishes to my nephew. Applied it to my girlfriends Honda Accord recently; what a shine!! I strongly recommend the Zaino products.

Bobby G.
Dumont, NJ

Exactly what the doctor ordered!  Rating: 3  

Bought an 06' 4-Runner with terrible water spots/acid rain/or whatever on back seat windows and rear panel side windows. I tried all kinds of treatments and had no success. Using Zaino Z-12 clear view glass polish and a buffer to begin and elbow grease to finish produced absolutely wonderful results. My windows are perfect! Zaino you have a customer for life. Z-12 is a great product!

Greenwood, SC

The Best Product I have tried!  

I have many trophies for my 2001 Firehawk and I fact discovered Zaino Products at the Pontiac Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio. In my display I give credit to Zaino products. Your leather cleaner combined with Leather in a Bottle is fantastic. With 34,000+ miles on my car people always ask "has anyone ever sat in the passenger or back seat?" In addition, I tried the products on my favorite easy chair, much to my wife's concern and I got the same results. Would anyone like to buy my other leather cleaning products at a bargain price?

Frank E.
Novi, MI

Zaino is the one!  

I have a 2003 Chevrolet SS Silverado and when I bought it the dealership didn't detail the truck as I noticed the first day it rained. I got info on your website from silveradoss.com and those guys know what there talking about. I purchased the Z-AIO and the grand finale spray and wow my truck looks fantastic. Not only does it look good clean it even looks good when its raining because of the beeds running down the truck just tells you I used a good wax/polish and I did. I've used many others in the past but nothing stands up to this. Zaino AIO is the perfect combination for daily drivers just like it says.

Davenport, IA

Cows Love it Too!  

Your Leather in a Bottle was just what I needed! I tired of slaughtering cattle and squeezing the oil out of their hides just to replicate the leather smell that permeated my car when it was new. Now all I do is buff a little in and voila! Just like new. On behalf of local cattle herds and their unborn, thanks!

CC Clarke
Poulsbo, WA

Best stuff ever!!  

I used this stuff on my 1980 Ford Pinto. All original baby blue. Used the clay bar and polish and brought out the shine!!! I could not believe it. I haven’t seen it that clean since the day I bought it. Thanks Z!!!

Elizabethtown, KY

Z-2 pro  

I recently purchased the Z-2 pro polish for a car show I was getting ready to attend. The polish goes on easily and a little goes a long way. I would not recommend applying in humid weather. It took three hours for the polish to dry as directed. But when I buffed the haze off my car it was like a mirror. Well worth the wait for such a beautiful shine. Also, the z-12 glass polish works better than anything I have ever tried before. It even took the film off my windshield close to the dash.

Todd R.
Addison, Il.

Awesome stuff!  

Just cleaned up a Z06 with this kit. Worked great, and is well worth it. It was my first time ever using the Zaino products, and they were simple to use and left outstanding results. It worked a lot better than anyother product I've ever used, and I have used many.

Rochester, NY

Been using since '97  

Zaino is absolutely addictive. Amazing products and service. Now that its getting cooler outside, try putting your bottle of Z8 or even other products in a sink full of hot water for a few minutes to warm it up. Makes it flow better and you won't end up over applying. Love this stuff!! I am just starting to use Z-CS and so far I am very impressed.

Naugatuck CT

Z5 Exceeds Expectations  

I spread the word about your products to all my “car friends” at work (American Airlines – Tulsa). Z5 makes the red paint on my 2000 SS Camaro convertible absolutely glow! Nothing touches this car unless it has Zaino on the label!

Best Regards
Marvin Henderson
Broken Arrow, OK

Quick and Easy!  

I have a '08 Pontiac Solstice GXP. I love your products. I wouldn't use anything else! Zaino is my polish of choice!

Blandon, PA

Continuously Impressed!  

I have been a regular user of Zaino for the past few years. I have always been impressed with the shine and finish capabilities of these products. I use Z5, Z2 and Z6 regularly (weekly) and absolutely love the finish and results I get. This detail package is a very good starter kit for anyone wanting to give these products a try, or when you deplete your supply of products like I had.

The reflections are striking and the paint has a continuous wet look and is very slick and smooth (smoother then my windshield) to the touch. I recommend Zaino to everyone that I talk to when they ask about my car's finish.

Some photos are linked below.

Thanks Sal!

Hood shot from my indigo Blue 2004 Chevy Trailblazer (2 coats of Z2 and 2 coats of Z5 - countless applications of Z6)

Car shot of my 2001 BMW 325Ci (6 coats of Z2 and 3 coats of Z5 and countless applications of Z6)

Damon E.
Dallas, Texas

Excellent Glass Polish Product  

I bought my new car and drove it home after they finished detailing it. When I arrived the windshield had bugs and dirt on it so I decided to clean it. That is when I observed what appeared to be "hard water" stains that were on all the glass surfaces. I tried everything, nothing worked, so I called the dealer and they wanted the car back. Their detailer worked on it for an hour, including "claying" the glass. Same result, same stains. Then they tried to tell me what I was seeing was normal. Well I know that at night I should not be looking through a white water spot haze, so I decided to fix the problem myself.

I read about Zaino products on a BMW forum, where numerous members raved about them. I looked up the Zaino Z-12 and was impressed by customer reviews and decided to give it a try.

Well, it works as advertised and I am very happy. It took about 1 hour to work on all of the exterior glass surfaces. With a simple applicator pad, cotton towel to buff and some elbow grease the problem is solved. The stains are gone, the glass is silky smooth and there were no ill effects.

It worked so well that I even took the time to email my sales rep and pass on my Zaino solution to their detail guy, who said there was nothing they could do and what I was seeing was normal.

This product works exactly as advertised! Thanks Zaino. 2008 BMW 650i

John M.
Westminster, MD

Superior Shine/Protection  

Sal -

Just wanted to say thanks for providing an amazing line of products! I've been using ZFX, Z-2, Z-5 and Z-6 and love the results. I've never seen a product that performs as well as yours. I first started using Zaino products on my '69' Chevelle, but now use them on all my cars. Not only do they produce a top quality shine, but their easy to use, protect well, and the results never fail to turn heads while cruising. The paint on the Chevelle is over 10 years old, but it looks like new thanks to you! Wherever I go I keep getting the same question - What kind of wax do you use - even from the body/paint guys. Thanks again Sal and keep doing what you do!

Randy S.
Muscatine, IA

Works great even on light colored vehicles  

Hello Staff at Zaino Products,

Just wanted to send a few photos. I learned about Zaino products through the on-line forums for Mercedes Benz (e.g., SLKWorld.com) and initially bought and used the Zaino Total Protection Kit as initial treatment for a brand new 2006 Mercedes-Benz SLK 280 in April 2006 following the instructions that came with the kit and at the website.

The results are amazing even for a relatively light colored car (Pewter). I've been using Zaino products since (a former M product user, M= Meguair's). I've traded the SLK 280 for the 2008 SLK 55 (2 pictures attached) and did the claybar, Z5,Z6,Z2Pro, Z6 sequence within a week of taking delivery. Except for the claybar, I do the above sequential treatment every 3 or 4 months, with the Z7 carwash and Z6 treatment (after carwash) every 1 -2 weeks.

Hope you all like the picture (SLK 55) and thanks for a great line of products.

Lake Forest, CA

Ounce for ounce, best thing out there!  

I was a loyal Zymol user for about 10 years.
About a month ago, I "Iced" (Turtle Wax) my 2007 MINI Cooper. What a pain that was! My MINI is Pepper White with a Black roof and the streaking kicked my butt!

Not with Zaino! This stuff is worth every cent! No streaking and color depth beyond your dreams. I need to change the color of my roof from Black to Onyx. It is unbelievably deep. Unlike other polishes and wax, removing Zaino is a breeze and you can use it on your black trim as well. The only thing better would be if a Genie popped out of the bottle and did the work for you! Awesome product Sal! Keep 'em coming!

Kevin B
Lewisville, TX

Couldn't believe my eyes!  

I am not one to write product reviews but this time it's well deserved and a must. I just purchased a 2005 C6 corvette. It needed a nice wax job and I did some research and found the Zaino company. I have never been so amazed at such a gloss and shine on a car. I purchased the entire kit, it has everything you need. I just followed the instructions, washed, clay barred and put 3 coats of polish on. I entered my new baby into it's first corvette car show yesterday and long term corvette owners were in such an awe! Everyone thought my car was brand new, the class and shine of this car was impeccable!

Deb Jones
Windermere, Florida

Best Of The Best  

So often people will always down grade or complain about everything you can think of and never praise when praise is due. This is the exception! I have been a corvette owner for over 31 years. I currently own my 7th corvette. People have always told me that I'm anal about my cars that you could eat off of them. About a year ago I was introduced to your products. The only thing I can say is where have you been all my life. Your products are the best products I have ever used. I think I now have everything you make. They have to be the highest quality of product I have ever used. My corvette always stands out when ever I take it on a run. Recently my wife and I attended the 21st annual Route 66 run in Arizona. People were constantly asking me what I used on my vehicle to make it look like a $200,000.00 car. They are amazed. I think everyone in the car club I belong to now uses you products. I just wanted to thank you for everything. I couldn't be happier. You have a customer for life.
Thanks again.

Bruce Frye
Tempe AZ

Great stuff  

This product smells awesome and works so well on my leather interior. Makes it smell new again. 99 SVT Contour

Hollywood, FL

No Comparison to Mcguiars!  

My brother-in-law recently told me about your products. I just bought a new Mercedes SL63 AMG and put three coats of Mcguiars 26 on it the day I bought it. It looked absolutely beautiful and I didn't believe it could be improved. I decided to try Zaino and see if there was an appreciable difference. I stripped the Mcguiars this weekend and applied three coats of Z2 with coats of Z6 between each coat. WOW! What a difference. I can't explain how much deeper and richer the finish is with Zaino. Just to prove to myself that I was not patting myself on the back for all of the hard work, I took the car back to the Mercedes dealer and parked it beside a new black SL550. The new car looked like a Macco paint job in comparison. Thanks for the great product Sal, I am a believer.


2006 Vette Roadster  

I just finished my car using the newer Pro series of products, including the Z-2Pro; AIO and and Z-CS. This time I also bought the ZFX (should have years ago).
Now in one day, I finished my car. The paint looks fantastic. Just two coats of Z-2Pro so far, but more will be added soon.

These are fantastic products.
Thank you


Wow ! Z-CS is awesome.  

I have been a long time user of Z2, Z5, Z6, Z7, and the leather cleaning products, plus a few other Zaino products. I have two vehicles I regularly maintain, and both are 4+ years old now. I have several coats of Z2/Z5 on both cars. I just ordered the Z-CS and after using it, I was blown away. Wipe on and leave on, come back in an hour, and all I can say is wow. This stuff provides a wet look, and a very deep glossy shine, and I put it right over my Z2 and Z5 coats, which I read was ok to do. I am very happy, and a little Z-CS goes a long way. My 03 Nissan 350Z only used about 1/10 of the bottle, and the application is so quick, since there is no buffing or removal necessary.

I know what a few people are getting for Christmas--waxing a vehicle can't be any easier than this !

Well, thanks for another great product, ZAINO !

Todd K
Harrisburg, PA

Z12 completely removed huge scratch  

My girlfriend drives an 06 Corolla and recently had a metal sprinkler head fly up from a dump truck in front of her and hit the side of her window. This left a big scratch in it, a scratch that you could feel as well as see from far away. I figured I would give Z12 a shot, thinking it would just hide it a little bit. Z12 removed the scratch 100%, not even leaving a trace of it behind. I tried to find the scratch afterwards, but cannot find it to save my life. If I knew this stuff was going to work as well as it was going to, I would have taken a before and after picture. I just want to thank you for such an awesome product.

Ryan Hedlund
Stallings, NC


Hello guys,

I just put Zaino on my Audi A3 and the result is absolutely amazing.

I’m actually living in France, I always buy your products when I come to the states, it’s worth the trip.

Take care,

Alex F.
Paris, France

Our customers love the results!!!  

I was sceptical at fisrt,especially using the 'Dawn',but my 1998 Lexus turned out awesome. We then applied it to my partners 1995 Mercedes e320 which is dark blue,again we could not believe the longevity the wax provides. We have now 'Zaino'd" three of our customers' cars and they are VERY pleased. Dennis Z. and Larry H.

Peoria, Illinois

Great Products and Service  

Hello Sal,

It is easy to comment on your products and service when the only word that is necessary is "excellent". I have been using your products for 5 or so years with great results. When I order the products it is easy, I get immediate confirmation, and then a follow-up on shipping. I don't normally feel compelled to comment but when a business has great products and service they deserve the kudos.

Best Regards,

Houston, Texas


This stuff is AMAZING!!!!!!
Like liquid magic for your paint!
Makes any car an instant show car!
I use it on EVERYTHING!!!!!!


office staff says - WOW!  

Clay bar and with only 2 coats of Z-5 (so far) and the guys in the office are impressed! I can't wait to finish this up. My torch red mustang now shines in the dark.

Rockville, MD

Z-AIO wins the Blue Ribbon...  

Just a short note to let you know that Z-AIO is a WINNER!
I've been using a varity of Zaino products for many years and find that AIO is "the cat's meow". The system I use on my black Corvette is: Z-7, Z-AIO, Z-6 followed by Z-8. This may be an 'overkill' but the results are truly fantastic. Thanks again for formulating AIO. I would anticipate your sales for Z-AIO will "go through the roof".

D. Artley
Cary, North Carolina

AWESOME product!  

Hi Sal; I just wanted to tell you that Zaino is such an awesome product. I got the Ultimate Kit last year for my birthday and used it then, but this year, I was finally able to REALLY detail my car this weekend and I'm so thrilled with the results. I just love your products. They go on so easy, come off even easier, last a LONG time (went through an entire New England winter!), and smell, yes SMELL, so nice! (I particularly like the bubble-gum scented tire shine!) I absolutely LOVE the Z7 car soap and will NEVER EVER use another car soap again! Anyway, I wanted to share a couple pictures with you of my black, 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP

Take a look at the cloud picture in particular - I just had to make it my computer's desktop picture AND post it on all the forums I frequent (even NON-car forums!). That is with only ONE layer of Z5 polish and two layers of Z6!! Thanks so much for a wonderful product. Oh, and I just remembered, I need to re-up my Zaino supplies :) Thanks Sal and everyone at Zaino!


I'm sold  

Was looking for a superior system for my 2 month old, 08 Honda Accord Coupe - San Marino Red. Washed with dawn to remove old wax, applied Z-AIO, Z-2 PRO w/ZFX, Z-CS, and finished with Z-8. Amazing results. Easy on, easy off for all products. Will probably apply additional coats of Z-2 tomorrow. Z-5 will be added to the mix shortly. I highly recommend Zaino products!

Central PA

Love This Stuff on my Z06  

Sal Zaino:

I just wanted to thnk you for such a wonderful product line. I have been using Z1, Z2, and Z8 for a while now and its simply amazing how my Silver Z06 looks "wet" all the time. Its HARD to make a silver car look like this, but your products make it so easy ! I lost count as to how many coats of Z1/Z2 I have on the car. haha. Its literally like a mirror looking at the paint. The cars paint feels like "silk" to the touch. Its simply amazing when I get a friend to touch the paint, and compare it to how another car's paint feels. The look I get from my friends is priceless ! They just can't believe it.

I have also been using your Z-16 Tire Gloss. I used to get black grease spraying down the side of my car from other Tire shine products. Your Z-16 actually "dries" on the tire and leaves a nice shine and does not attract dust like other greasy tire shines. I actually removed all 4 tires from my car and washed them (to get other tire shine products off). I then used Z-16 and will never use anything else moving forward.

I plan to try your ZFX and Z-CS on my paint soon to see how I will like that (since Z-1 is no longer available), and that I hear good things about the Z-CS. I also want to try your Z-10 leather in a bottle. If the above products are anything like the Zaino products I have already been using, I'm sure I will love it !

Thanks again !


A Must Have?  

I must admit that being a very satisfied user of Zaino products for quite a few years that the new Zaino bucket sure did catch my eye. A few hours after taking delivery of my new 2008 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD Sport in Speedway Blue I decided that it was time to stock up on some Zaino supplies for the summer washing and detailing season. Of course I had to splurge and buy this bucket as well. It surely is a perfect compliment to the use alongside of Zaino's fine products. If you are skeptical as I was, Don't be. It might sound silly but you will love this bucket and it will probably be that last one you'll ever need.

Ed Yeich
Schuylkill Haven, Pa.


I was very skeptical buying this expensive product. I figured with all these reviews and not one bad review it must be a set up. I finally caved in and said screw it and i bought it. It arrived exactly three days later exactly on time and properly packaged. I followed the directions (dawn ultra, claybar, z5 with zfx, with z2 on between coats) after the first coat i didn't think it was any better than any other wax but i put the next two coats on and over the next few days went on to put 10 coats on. after the third coat i noticed that it looked really shiny and after the 10 coats i'm amazed how good it looks. after all the coats all i want to do is keep adding coats and not drive my car. main thing to remember dont use too much b/c it just takes longer to take off. please don't ever stop making this product.

Tim Olson
Traverse City, MI

AIO is the ticket to having a GREAT shine!!!  

Had to share my experience using Zaino. Zaino is worth every penny in my book. I am an avid detailer and detail a lot of cars. Having used your product on my cars is like the difference between night and day. My 06 Charger has responded very well to the Zaino AIO application. The Inferno Red with metallic flakes just sparkles with depth like no other. My resto-modded 70 Cougar (347 Stroker w/475HP) has no clear coat in the paint. Using the Z-3 and the Z-5 makes the 94 Dodge Viper Red stand out and grab you. Especially if you add the Z-6 Gloss Enhancer/Z-8 Grand Finale spray. The best part of using Zaino is you don't see the swirl spots anymore and the paint looks SO So DEEP. I'm HIGHLY satisfied using your products. I tell everyone I meet when they ask me how I get my cars to shine like no other cars they've seen. The Z-16 tire shine is like no other tire shine I've ever used. It really brings out the blackwall and all the letters printed on the tires and it doesn't sling up the side of the car when you drive it. Thanks for making my cars so look so SHINEY!!!!!

Puyallup, WA

Incredible stuff!  

I have a 2005 BMW Z4 and I have been a customer since Oct. '07. Attached is a pic of my car which was last detailed in Jan. '08, when I used Z2 (applied with a PC polisher), followed by Clear Seal and then Z8. The attached pic was taken three months later after I had just washed it with Z7 and coated with Z6.

I wanted to add my kudos to the rest I have seen on your products. Your products give an amazing shine and last far longer than anything I have ever used. The shine on my Z is amazing. I have recommended your products many times on the forums and will continue to do so.

Pat Casey
Aiken, SC

How slick is this stuff  

After using this product my car was so slick that a fly tried to land on the car and slid off. Now that is slick. If a fly can not land on this wax and stay there imagine what chance a piece of dirt has to stay on the surface

Bellingham WA

Exceeded my expectations!  

I just tested this glass polish on my wife's 2001 Camry.

We have well water and it contains lots of silica, which our water treatment system does not remove. Even though we towel dry her car, the silica has etched the glass over the last 6+ years, especially where the areas the wipers don't reach on the windshield.

I tried 3 products that were supposed to remove the silica and none of them worked. Zaino's Glass Polish worked! It takes some work, but it's worth it. The glass also feels very smooth. This is another great Zaino product!

SF Bay Area

Mini + Zaino = pure car love!!  

My Mini is shinning like a new copper penny now thanks to Zaino products!! Although it took me a few hours as this was my first time using the whole kit. I have done the inside on many occasions and love the smell of the leather products! I was hesitant about using Dawn and stripping the old wax off and doing the clay and then two coats of wax. But I must say, once I got the hang of using the clay and getting the gunk off the paint and applying the wax, it was worth ever minute!! I loved the ZFX Flash Cure Additive!! It made the waxing the easiest thing of the day!! Thanks Zaino! Bad thing is now my brother is swiping my Zaino instead of the other way around.

Canterbury, CT

The Best Yet  

This is absolutely the best product I have ever used on any vehicle I have ever owned.The zaino shine on my redline red Chevy SSR constantly draws oohs and aahs. This stuff is the bomb. Been using it for over three years and have no complaints.

Darvel Hodge jr
San Antonio, Texas

Simple, yet AMAZING products.  

I purchased the Zaino products a couple years ago for a 2003 Dodge Dakota R/T I used to have. After this year's winter here in Montana, I used your Z-7 Car Wash and washed my car twice. Our winter roads just coated the car with grime. I hadn't truly washed it all winter.

After washing I applied the Z-2 (original, haven't gotten PRO yet) to the entire car. I'm yet again amazed at how little effort this product requires. Even with all the parking lot dings and scratches on my 2005 Toyota Camry SE, from just a couple feet away it looks showroom brand new. Of course a touch of Z-16 Perfect Tire Gloss only enhances the car's appeal.

Sadly, I just realized I forgot to apply the Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray. Thanks again for making products that truly work, and work amazingly.

Bozeman, MT


Finally something that makes my tires look good!!! Everything else looks like you just smeared Vaseline all over them. They advertise the "wet" look. Who wants that? This stuff makes my tires look the way they did when they were first mounted. What a difference. Not the slimy look. This is definitely the right stuff.

Greg K
San Francisco, CA


I learned about Zaino from a forum on the web. I had been using Blackfire products and thought they were the best I had used. Well, Zaino BLEW it away! I applied just ZC-S and it outshined the blackfire by a factor of 5, at least and has lated MUCH longer, with beading like Ive never seen. I am now ordering the complete system so that I can achieve that show car Zaino look Ive seen here in the photos. I am a new and dedicated Zaino user-thanks Sal!

John Boulding
Mt Airy N.C.


Sal, Gotta tell you, I tried the Z-CS today and am thoroughly amazed at how well it works. And easy? I may never use the other products I ordered with the Z-CS that were to replenish my stock.I am even considering using it on my wife's PT Cruiser. It has some other wax on it because it goes through the car wash occasionally and I don't want to start over every time my wife cleans it. But this is so easy who cares?Oh, by the way, I ordered the products Sunday and they arrived in Escondido, CA on Thursday morning. Can't be any quicker than that for ground.Overall just amazing products and service.

Mark Ruhm
Escondido, CA

Feedback on a Bucket?  

I might have laughed at you, had you told me that I'd be leaving feedback on a bucket, but this thing is over the top! It's got a large volume for lots of clean wash water and the grit guard is always a plus... Swirls are bad, OK? I was expecting some sort of afterthought screw-on lid that I'd probably toss because I'd lose it in the garage, but this thing looks like NASA engineered it!

It's hard to admit, but this is a bucket worthy of the big Zaino logo that is on the side. Very nice work, guys.

Dallas, TX

shimmering glass!  

Amazing stuff! Not only did it remove all the hard water spots but it left all my windows looking like mirrors. Highly recommended!

Chase C.
Macon, GA

Can't beat it!  

I've been using Zaino polish for years. Brought the finish of my 1992 Dodge Stealth back to its original finish. People can't believe its 16 years old. Also, Sal is extremely helpful with tips and advice on which products work best! Once you try Zaino's you'll never go back to store brought products!

Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Awesome resluts  

I bought this kit 6 months ago for my M3. I have not only cleaned my leather many many times over but restored my paint with this kit as well!!! I had oxidation on my hood and the clay took it all off. The wax is also great, it restored the paint to like new condition!!! Great kit will buy again!


Just What I Wanted  

Love the Car Wash; it does a wonderful job! The bonuses are that it smells great and is kind to your hands.

Gail M.
Simpsonville, SC

The best stuff on earth!!!!!  

This is the best polish that I have ever used. I currently have 21 coats on my Mazda3 and get compliments all the time. If you haven't used it...you need to! Seriously!!!!

Dallas, tx

Z-5 pro on my 2000 chevy impala 9c1  

I thought I would take a second to send you a few pictures of my winter daily driver. This is my 2000 Chevy Impala 9C1 (former police car) which I cleaned up this weekend. I purchased this car is July of 2007 with 76000 miles and I now have 92,000 on her. Just a couple weekends ago I cleaned her up and applied 2 x z5pro and 1 x z2. Just yesterday I washed her and applied some z6. As you can see this car shines really well for being 8 years old and having the original paint.

Quantico VA

AIO Great for Daily Driver  

I just applied AIO to my dark blue 05 Tacoma for the first time. I'm not a show-car guy, I just want to keep my paint in good shape -- I had been using Turtle Wax since I bought the truck new. I thoroughly washed with Dawn and then worked AIO in, let dry and buffed. Wow! It looks the best I’ve seen it since it was brand new. In fact, this is the best I’ve ever made a car look. My daughter says it looks "bluer". Now I wonder what Z-5 would look like on top of AIO...

Jim Freeman
San Diego, CA


I am astounded at your Z-2 with ZFX...I did my '03 Jetta TDI last October and here it is March '08 and it still looks as if I just polished my car!!!!...amazing...I have never used anything like it..and I have waxed and polished cars for 40 years..!!!!..I am going to begin using the Z-AIO with ZFX since this will be a daily driver now and out of my enclosed garage from now on....I have no doubt of the results..!!!!Fantastic would be a good beginning...!!!

Robert Goltare
Greensboro, NC

Amazing Z-5 w/ ZFX and Z-6 to finish...  

2007 Titan Black... when I bought this truck I was so caught up in the moment I didn't noticed all the swirls marks created by the dealer! On top of that I knew nothing about BLACK cars! But basically they were using a chamois with a bucket of water to clean most of the cars on the lot!

The marks were very noticeable in direct sunlight, which is most of the time in Hawaii!;-) I've tried a number of waxes and scratch removers from name brands I'm sure you've all heard of. They would never do what they said it would after 2 or 3 coats you could still see the swirls marks no matter what I try! Not so with Z-5. I am so happy with this product!

Thank you!

W. Joseph Jr.
Honolulu, HI

the best polish  

ok guys this is the best stuff I have ever found. Over the weekend of March 1&2 in Amarillo Tx. at the make a wish car show I showed a 1981 corvette
that is all original paint. All the people and contestants that looked at my car asked who had done my paint job. Some did not believe it was original paint.
I used all in one,two coats of 5, two coats of 2 with 6 in between toped off with 8 then one more coat of 8 at the show. All I can say is how can you make
a great product and sell it so cheap. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Paul A. Smith
Amarillo Texas

Amazing Product  

Dear Sal,

Went to get my oil changed at the dealership today, and the service writer asked me what I used for polish. He hadn't heard of Zaino until now, and I gave him the link for your site. Thanks for a great product. Beats everything I've tried before during the last thirty years. When I bought my 2003 brand new, I decided to give your protectant a try. It just keeps on shining and shining with only a couple maintenance coats thrown in during the fall and spring. Beats the hell out of Mother's and Liquid Glass, and with minimal effort. Once a week, I'm at the car wash for a soap and rinse, and then I use a California Waterwand and a terry towal to dry. 10 minutes and I'm done. What I get a big kick out of is when people come up and start looking over my car. "Man, you must spend hours to get a shine like that."

I'll be a customer for life.

Scot Cunningham


I read about your product on a mustang forum and after visiting your site I decided to give it a try. I have been detailing cars for the past 17 years and never have I come across such an amazing product!! I have tried everything from all the top manufacturers of auto detailing and nothing comes close!!

D. Rader
Manchester, KY

This is the best I have used!!  

My wife bought me this kit for Christmas. All I can say is WOW!! Zaino actually does everything it advertises and then some.

My wife knows how much I love to polish my car and thought this would be a great gift idea. I spent the entire weekend washing and polishing and I am completely blown away by the results. The results are unbelievable and leave a completly mirror like shine, even on a 2 year old paint job. It really adds depth to the World Rally Blue paint job on my STi. If you feel you are paying a lot for this product, you are not. It is worth every penny.

Kings Bay GA

A++ Leather Conditioner  

Z-10 is hands down the best leather conditioner I've ever used. Wipe it on and walk away... it soaks in and leaves the leather feeling soft and natural (not greasy or slick). Oh, and the smell - very, very close to the scent of brand new leather... your car will smell new even after 2-3 years. Excellent product!

2005 Audi A4

J Dixon
Raleigh, NC

Should be sold in stores  

Wasted money trying several products, I tried all the usuals below. I saw nothing but high praise from fellow car fanatics on LS1Tech.com and decided to give it a try.

Wow! It removed hard water spots from my side view mirrors that I thought would NEVER come off. Wish I had found this long ago.

Winder, GA

Awesome Shine  

I have been using Zaino Z2 for several months now on my wife's 01 Audi TT Quattro Roadster and my 07 Saab Aero. I must say, Z2 is FANTASTIC and it is the BEST in market!!!! No other product out their that gives a deep mirrow like shine than the Z2. I have never waxed my cars with ease ever since I've used your product. Thank you!!!

Dallas, TX

Before and After!!!!  

Hello Sal,

I just tried the glass cleaner and wanted to send some before and after pictures. The stains on the windows in the before photo would not come off with a wash, windex or other standard grocery store glass cleaner. After trying with these products on my new to me 2004 Lexus SC430, I was a little disappointed and chalked it up to used car issues. Both back windows and both side mirrors had the same stains that initially appeared to be water spots. That's enough words, let the photos tell the rest of the story.

Kevin Sapp
Cary, NC

Adding shine and value  

I have been using Zaino and specificly Z2 on my vehicles for the last 2 years. I used to detail everything from cars to airplanes to pay for college so I have spent a ton of time behind a buffer, used all kinds of products and found my favorites but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compares to the Zaino product. My wife has an 03 burgandy Yukon XL and even when it was new it just didn't look great, lots of swirls, haze etc. After an extensive search for something new I found Zaino and have thrown out all my bottles of carnuba goo, retired my orbital buffers and simply use the Zaino Z2, Z5, Z8 to get the job done. I have never had such a wonderful finish on a car and the best part is it LASTS! Now my wife claims that the truck gets more looks then she does! She'll get over it! Thanks Sal for all your hard work, I tell everyone I know.

Scott R
New Hampshire

Good STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!  

The only thing I have found that restores the leather smell.

Ed Lanni
Turnersville, NJ

Awesome Zaino Product  

I purchased this product as a last resort. Despite my vehicle being only 14 months old, the windshield has quite a nasty coating of SOMETHING on it. It streaks very badly in the rain and has spots all over it. I had already tried every commercial cleaner known, and the windshield would never come clean. I orderd the Z-12 after reading reviews of it online and the testimonials here. Perhaps I was expecting too much, as I found the polish did not eliminate many of my problems. It DID remove most of the dried-on water spots on the window, however the streaking and "film" issues I have in the rain still exist. I have since treated my windshield with Rain-X and that has helped with most of my remaining problems. There is still an exterior haze/film when I run the wipers, but it is much less after applying the Rain-X.

The Z-12 is great for getting rid of dried-on spots on the glass, but nothing heavier duty than that. Also, it doesn't even begin to eliminate fine scratches as stated in the item description.

Daryl Jones
Richmond, Virginia

Took awhile to see the "light" (Shine)  


My brother has been trying to get me to use your products for years. He has a 69 Vette and shows it all over and is extreme with regard to the detailing process.

I never had a fancy or show car worthy of the expense. Just normal every day drivers.

I recently bought a black HHR. My brother shuddered knowing how I am NOT with regard to detailing. I actually see this car as more then just a car and found it can be customized like my bike. So I took more interest in it.

I called him and he told me what to get. A little ZPC with the Ultimate Detail Orbiter followed by EFX in some Z5. Three coats (and not a whole lot of elbow grease) later Black looks like Chrome.

Even a "lowly" Chevy HHR can look like a show car.......Well maybe thats a stretch but at least it looks that way to me.


Tom B.
Myrtle Beach, SC

3 month follow up  

Hi again Sal
Just wanted you to know that I continue to be amazed by the finish I am able to produce on my vehicles with the Zaino products. After initially trying the Z2, Z5, Z8, and Z-CS with great results, I recently tried the ZAIO and ZFX to see if I could improve the finish even further. The ZFX definitely kicked the gloss level up when added to the Z2 and Z5, plus it applies like a dream. Yesterday I tried your website tip for the "extreme enthusiast" on my metallic gray Focus. 1 coat of ZAIO, 1 coat of ZFX enabled Z5, 1 coat of ZFX enabled Z2, and 1 coat of Z-CS. Followed up with a Z8 wipedown after 8 hours. This car, with basic Ford clearcoat paint, looks like it was just dipped in clear lacquer. A friend of my described it as "hard candy". I tried to capture the gloss and depth of shine with the enclosed pics, but I don't know if they do it justice. You can clearly see my Explorer which was 10 feet away. The finish on this vehicle is superior to just about anything I see on the road these days. The protection level so far has also been outstanding. Water beads the size of silver dollars still form on the hood and roof.
Also, after 2 coats of Z5 and 2 coats of Z-CS in late August, the gelcoat on my boat is still looking great and beading water, despite sun, salt, and numerous washings. Amazing stuff. Thanks again, Sal.

Mike W.
South Jersey

redirect the looks!  

I have been using Zaino and specificly Z2 on my vehicles for the last 2 years. I used to detail everything from cars to airplanes to pay for college so I have spent a ton of time behind a buffer, used all kinds of products and found my favorites but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compares to the Zaino product. My wife has an 03 burgandy Yukon XL and even when it was new it just didn't look great, lots of swirls, haze etc. After an extensive search for something new I found Zaino and have thrown out all my bottles of carnuba goo, retired my orbital buffers and simply use the Zaino Z2, Z5, Z8 to get the job done. I have never had such a wonderful finish on a car and the best part is it LASTS! Now my wife claims that the truck gets more looks then she does! She'll get over it! Thanks Sal for all your hard work, I tell everyone I know.

Joe Brausch
Scarborough, Maine

The missing link.  Rating: 4  

I had been using Z5 and Z2 without Z6 for a while until I tried Z6. All I can say it is the missing link to bring out that Zaino shine. Excellent product.

Edwin Lee

Z-12 + 1 12"x12" lint free cloth = bliss  

Title says it all. We had trouble find anything less than fine steel wool to remove unwanted hard water spots from the windows on 3 of our cars and a neighbors car. I got 2 bottles to combat this mess and my goodness what a difference. Not only took the water spots off but left a silk smooth feeling to the windows. I even did my shower doors and it worked! HATS OFF!!

Steve Mosher
Modesto, CA

Mirror Like Shine Everytime!!  


I wanted to take a quick moment and thank you for providing a fair priced product that actually does what is advertises.
I bought your show total protection show car kit and followed your directions. At first I was a little afraid of applying it to my 2002 Pontiac Trans Am WS6. I had never applied any wax/polish to my car for fear the result would be swirls and/or scratches. I washed it with dawn, used the clay, washed with Z7, and began polishing. I used the Z5/Z2 with ZFX and alternated the Z6.
After my first application I could already see the difference. My neighbors, whom I never talk to, started coming over to take a closer look!
I've never been more pleased with a product. For anyone on the fence about what polish to use on their vehicle I only recommend Zaino. Zaino is a product for people who really care about their vehicles and what they put on them!

Thanks Again,

St. Cloud, MN

Stress relief

Wow where should I start , I just purchase a new 07 corvette, black, the day I picked it up from the dealer it rained for a week, when I washed it, the paint looked like carp, swirls on the hood and trunk, took it back to the dealer, they had the body shop wheel it out , it looked ok for a week , then I spent $150 on a professional detail shop, looked good for a few weeks, same thing, swirls. I found some z-2 in my garage form my 02 corvette, let me tell you , could of saved my self hours of aggravation if I just would of used Z-2 in the first place,

Wow where should I start , I just purchase a new 07 corvette, black, the day I picked it up from the dealer it rained for a week, when I washed it, the paint looked like carp, swirls on the hood and trunk, took it back to the dealer, they had the body shop wheel it out , it looked ok for a week , then I spent $150 on a professional detail shop, looked good for a few weeks, same thing, swirls. I found some z-2 in my garage form my 02 corvette, let me tell you , could of saved my self hours of aggravation if I just would of used Z-2 in the first place,


Eau De Mantown  

I have tried quite a few leather conditioning products on my cars, and nothing compares to the Z10. It leaves the leather clean and non-greasy, looking AND smelling like new. I almost feel compelled to dab a bit behind my ears before heading out of the house... If only you could produce it in spray form, and perhaps add the sent of burnt clutch, brakes, and a touch of unburnt gasoline. You'd really have a winning cologne on your hands, that would surely be a hit with the ladies.

2003 Honda S2000, 1999 BMW M3

Matthew S.
New Jersey

Z-12 Clear View Glass Polish  

Had stubborn water spots from dried hard water. Tried many different solutions including windex, vinegar, goo-gone and many others. Zaino Glass Cleaner created a crisp clean and water spot free window in less than 20 minutes for the whole car.

Keith B.
San Clemente, CA


I recently purchased only the Zaino All-In-One, and the shine it has given both my Xterra and now my Subaru Impreza is just unbelievable! I've never used a wax or polish that works this well this easily. I am truly a believer now and plan in the spring to use the full arsenal of Zaino products on my vehicles, not just the AIO!



I've used many different products through the years with pretty good result with some, but it was such a chore to do. Z-AIO is not only the absolte best cleaner/protectant I've ever used, it's the easiest to use, bar none. I've thrown all my other products away, and am now a loyal Zaino user. Thank you for making such a great product for us enthusiasts.
2003 Silverado SS, arrival blue.

Dwain Martin
Denton, TX

Easy and Amazing  

I was skeptical of Zaino even after seeing it on a friend's BMW 325xi. It did look wonderful, but I always discounted how easy it could be for a daily driver.

On a whim, I purchased the AIO. Since it is my daily driver, I figure the AIO would do the job. Boy, was I ever surprised! Even just the AIO gives me, hands down, the best shine I have ever had. People I don't even know complimented me at work about the shine I got on a white vehicle! Thank you Zaino!

Mario DelRosso

A Very Impressed New Customer

Hi Sal
I have been detailing vehicles and boats (mine and others) for 35 years, using many (and I mean many) different products over the years to try and achieve the ultimate shine and protection with the least effort. About a month ago I heard of Zaino products through a friend. After reading all the info on your website I picked up the Z2 Pro, Z5 Pro, Z-CS and Z8 Grand Finale. I have applied all 4 products to my three vehicles and my boat with remarkable results. Your products complement each other perfectly and layering them produces a finish that looks like lacquer-coated show car paint! The effort required to produce this awesome finish was minimal (my shoulders and elbows are indebted to you) and each subsequent application continues to get easier to apply. I can now do a complete Z8 wipedown and Z-CS coat in 10 minutes on each of my cars. It takes about 30 minutes to do the entire 26' boat (previously a 3-4 hour polish job)
The shine clarity, depth, and super-slick finish are amazing- like nothing else I've tried. The Z-CS and Z8 are without a doubt the ultimate in simplicity and gloss. Plus, your products are very economical to use. You are not exaggerating when you say 1/4 oz of Z-CS can do a whole car in about 10-12 sprays. I have coated my 3 cars and boat multiple times and have only used about 3-5 ozs of each product. Very impressive! If the protection and sunscreen are as effective as you say, then these products are truly miracles of modern technology. I'm still awed by the finish and ease of application every time I use them.
Thanks for the awesome results and the big savings in time and effort.

Mike Wintjen
South Jersey

Ultimate Wet Look  

I have used your products for about 6 years now on all my vehicles.
1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V (Jade Green)
1994 Mustang GT (Black)
2004 SVT Lightning (White)
2003 BMW M-3 (Steel Grey)
Regardless of the vehicle color, your products continue to impress me and my enthusiast friends. Four of whom I have converted from some of your competitors.

Chris Johnson
Columbus, Ohio

Genius Product!

I don't know how you came up with these "magic" products but I'm sure glad you did. I drive a Silver 1997 Pontiac Trans Am Comp T/A Limited Edition. Its 148 of 164 so I wouldn't use any old product on her. Anyway, I was doing a lot of research until I decided to invest in your product. I took almost a whole day washing, polishing, conditioning....By the time I was done the silver outshined most black paint jobs. Every where I go people ask when I did I have the car repainted and when I told them I didn't and that it was thanks to your product I end up ordering one for them. I have probably sold about 5 or 6 of your kits to close friends and family for you. Thanks for a great invention!

Long Island, NY


I've been trying to put Z2 on my car at least once every 2 weeks. It just keeps looking better. will never use anything else.

2004 Pontiac GTO Purple Cosmos Metallic

Dallas TX

Simply the Best!  

I have used alot of prodicts over the years. This is by far the easiest most deep mirror shine I have ever achieved. My 2007 Black Mustang Convertable is stunning. I get compliments on the finish everywhere I go.

Ken Hogan
Weymouth, MA

Z5 Pro Wowwwww  

that is my baby a 2002 ferrari 360 spider f1 tdf blue i love how the color looked after even the first z5 pro coat it was really a big diference,my car goes many times to shows or ferrari meetings and ist very important that the car gets a strong shine,reflections,deep look...with zaino all that is any problem its simply amazing ist difficult to explain it with words.


Is That A New Car?  

I have a 2002 Viper GTS ... and just about everywhere I go people ask is that new ... It's the Zaino show car polish that makes it look new.

Michael Lettini
Mercer Island WA


It took me all day to get my car this clean but it was worth it. All I can say when I look at it is wow! I used Z5 and Z2 for the first time and they passed the test. I'm going to replace my whole car washing arsenal with Zaino. Sending pic in email. 04 Mustang GT supercharged.

Devin O'Neill
Point of Rocks, MD

Best Tire Shine I have Used...YET  

Awesome tire shine! The shine is just perfect. I have ultra low profile tires cause of the stock 19s on my 07 G35-Coupe the the perfect shine from zaino makes the wheels pop out with beauty!

Haroon Beg
Pepperell, MA

Z-12 Excellent Product  

I don't know how many hours I wasted trying to remove water spots that never seemed to disappear! I did not read reviews or testimonials, I solely based my decision to use Z-12 based on the superior performance that other Zaino products have provided me over the years!

Again, you have provided another product that seems to defy the odds, and is quite simple to use!

Matthew Petsch
LovesPark, IL.


I've tried almost every car wax/polish out there. Absolutely nothing can campare to Zaino products. Just look at the results. This is my 2007 Roush Mustang in Grabber Orange. That's just one coat of Z2.

Chris A.
Jacksonville, FL

Worked Great  

After using Z-2, i really didn't think it could get any shinier until tried Z-8, it gave the mose gloss and slickness i've ever seen.

sergio valle

Zaino Products Are The best

I have used Zaino products on my redline red SSR for nearly three years. The only thing I can say is simply awesome. I continually receive nothing but very positive comments on my Zaino shine. I love this stuff.

Darvel Hodge
San Antonio, Texas