Zaino Triplet Kit (Z-AIO, Z-CS, Z-8 & 314)

Zaino Triplet Kit (Z-AIO, Z-CS, Z-8 & 314)

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Zaino offers some of the newest and most exciting products as a convenient package.
Z-CS review and application
I purchased this trio a while back. I have used all the Zaino products except the Z-CS.I was a little reluctant to use the Z-CS at first. I had read about other one step coatings and how particular the application process was. Most other coatings want the car to be free of all wax before coating. This product is to be applied over the other Zaino wax and polishes. So I decided to try it out on my truck, which is black. I figured if I can make it look good on black other colors should be easy. I had just finished detailing a 2004 black Corvette for shows. This was not done with Zaino products. Step I used on the Corvette. Clay bar-compound-swirl mark remover-glaze-sealant-carnuba wax. The car turned out very nice. Step used on the truck: Clay bar-compound-ZPC Fusion-Z-CS-Z-8 This took a lot less work and less time. The results was just as nice as the Corvette. I wanted to compare it to the finish on the Corvette. The next car I do I will use Z-2 and Z-5 before applying the Z-CS Application: I went over the surface with a tack rag to remove all dust and lint before applying the Z-CS. I personally do not like the 314 applicator for this product. I seems to put lint on the surface. I used a micro fiber wax applicator and saw no lint. I primed the pad with one spray and one spray per panel. I went over panel once in a circular motion over the entire panel then straight back and forth motion. I allowed about five minutes cure time then sprayed panel with Z-8. Using a Micro fiber towel for glass, thin and small nap, will very very light pressure go over the panel. This will level out the coating and it really looks wet. Can not wait to see what it will look like when used over other Zaino products.
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Great results in a short amount of time
These are the products I've used for years. Great to get a discount buying them together. Z-AIO goes on easily and comes off really easily. Z-CS goes on effortlessly, looks amazing, and protects my car through Chicago's winters. In the past, I waited for Z-CS to dry before going back with Z-8. After getting Sal's email, I'm no longer waiting for the Z-CS to dry before applying Z-8. Same great results in much less time.
Tom R.
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