Z-CS Clear Seal

Z-CS Clear Seal

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Zaino is pioneering the industry with Z-CS, a self curing transparent sealer that doesn't require any buffing or final wiping. Z-CS dries clean and without residue. Use Z-CS on paint, glass, wheels, plastic, or trim for the protection, durability, slickness, and gloss that Zaino is most popular for. All surfaces are protected against potentially damaging exposure to sun or ultra-violet light with our best UV inhibitors.
Wayne P.
This stuff is fantastic!! I use it on both my cars and the shine is so deep, you are amazed by it just by looking at it.
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Mirror Finish
billy Sherar
2003 Black Mercury Marauder over 200,000 miles. All vertical surfaces, Door & Fenders, are OEM paint. Use Z-CS and Z-8. Can clearly see myself well enough to shave! Holds up to the heat and does not melt off. Using Zaino for 12 years. Very easy to apply and maintain
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Paul Mason
First of all I've been using Zaino products for years from the car wash to Z-2, Z-6, Z-8, Z-12 and Z-16 and as of yesterday, 7/13/17, Z-CS. Just got my new Raptor on Monday and had to get to work getting it waxed. Checked the website and saw the Z-CS, and of course ordered it. All I can say is WOW, does this thing POP now after waxing it. It takes very little with no effort at all to apply. As big as my truck is, it only took less then 10 minutes to do the whole thing. All you do is put it on and it does everything else for you. This product is a must for keeping your vehicle looking brand new. Thanks again for such an assortment of GREAT PRODUCTS.
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Never Better
I've been using Zaino products happily for about 7 years, now, on 3 different cars. Fantastic stuff, and my results keep getting better as I get more experience with the line. Z-CS provides the final step for gorgeous, wet-look perfection! I couldn't be happier with this product and the results.
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amazing product
Charlie Borowski
I started using Zaino products after buying my wife a 2004 Sunset Orange 350-z convertible and have used your products ever since on all my vehicles. I tried the Z-CS on my 2011 black Dodge Ram crew cab and was blown away by the ease and the shine that has remained on the truck for nine months. My truck sits outside but you would think it is a showroom queen. It looks brand new. Thanks for a wonderful product. I don't even think about using anything else.
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One great product.
Ralph Turczynski
I have been using Zaino products for a few years now and will not use anything else. I traded in an 08 Tundra and it looked like the day I brought it home. After parking it outside thru Wisconsin winters for 7 years. I bought a 2015 Tundra in Bronze Mica and already applied several coats of Z-2. I figured I'd try the Z-CS to see if it would improve an already great shine and it certainly did. I could not believe it even brought out the metallic paint even more to an great gloss look. And then sprayed Z-8 to enhance the gloss even more...UNBELIEVABLE...Now I'll apply a few coat of Z-2 and can only imagine how my truck will look then... And also the leather and glass products are top shelf...I will be a customer for life...Thanks Sal....
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It's a mirror!
I did the recommended trick with Z-CS and Z8. I could shave in the reflection. My favorite part is that I only wipe once and I have perfect long lasting protection. The AZ sun here destroys paint, but not through Zaino products.
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It's so easy to use!
Ron Bosco
Tried it out on my Dodge Hellcat after using Z-2 and Z-6,I put on Z-CS and Wow! so wet looking,very,very happy will be using it on my other garage queens. Also use a very little as instructions say..
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Best car wax/polish/car protectant I've ever used!!
Over the past 25 years I've tried nearly everything and nothing works like Z-CS. When you factor in ease of application, durability and finished looks nothing comes close. If you get the car nice and clean then application is super easy and all you need to do is let it dry. Then I usually apply Z-6 in between 2 or 3 coats of Z-CS for a really good deep shine. Site says it lasts for up to 9 months but I have at least one car that it's going on 16+ months and it's still there!!
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This is the Sh@#
Joe venezia
Applied Z-CS to my brand new Shark Gray C7, the stuff is the best darn product I have ever seen and used. Applied over Z-5, Z-2 and finished off with Z-6. To bad its been raining here in Dallas ever since I finished. I tell everyone I meet about these Zaino products, then just tell them look what its done for me.
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Z-CS Outstanding!
Matt Reed
I just washed my 2010 Camaro SS and I was blown away by the results. I was turned onto your products from a friend who only uses Zaino. He showed me the Z-10 “Leather in a bottle” product and I thought that it was really awesome the way it smelled so much like new car leather. I researched your site and I found a product called “Z-CS”. I applied Z-CS as my final product and I was blown away by the shine and reflection of my paint. This product is the first product I have tried that really shows a difference. I am extremely grateful that you have marketed such a fantastic product! The shipping was super fast and I am obviously very satisfied with the results. I will make sure to talk about your product at car shows this year.
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2002 corvette
Bob Sylvester
Wash with Zaino Car Wash, then use Z2 polish, buff out with micro towels. Put on Clear Seal and go right over with Z8. No waiting just do it for the BEST Shine you'll ever see. I've been using Zaino Products for the last 4 years, nothing else will ever touch my car. Thanks for the Tip Sal Bob S Cape Coral Florida
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It really does last
Joe Young
I bought a 2014 Mazda 6 in March. I put on a coat of Z2, then followed it with the Z-CS. I'm writing this in mid September, and the car still beads water like it did the day I first treated it. My car is white, so it's not as "eye popping" as it is on darker colors, but it's still the best looking Mazda 6 in Kansas City. I've used Zaino products in the past, but this is the first time I've used the Z-CS. I'm going to reapply it this weekend to carry me thru the winter months. But I've never seen anything that has lasted as long as this does.
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Z-CS Really Works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bill Hartling
Over the years I've used too many products to count that all worked to a degree but not good enough to make me "feel warm and fuzzy."Then after a magazine article I decided to give Zaino a shot.WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!! Extremely easy to use and leaves an "Eyeball Blasting"shine that seems"Bulletproof"as well.You should see the looks at we get at stoplights.It ,2009 Subaru Outback that"shinewise" blasts most of the others to pieces.The real shocker is that I'm almost 70 years old.
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