Zaino Show Car Polish Releases Z-CS Clear Seal

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Zaino Show Car Polish Releases Z-CS Clear Seal
Synthetic Protectant

Howell, NJ (February 7, 2007): Zaino Show Car Polish (“Zaino”), a leading manufacturer of the world’s most advanced car care products announced the release of Z-CS Clear Seal. Z-CS Clear Seal is the industries first self curing transparent sealer and protectant that does not require wiping off or removal of any residue.

“Just apply & let dry!” said Sal Zaino, president and founder of Zaino Show Car Polish. “There’s no other product like Z-CS Clear Seal in the industry. Just imagine a true single step product that is simply wiped on, and you’re done! Imagine the time and effort saved. Just wipe on, and walk away. It’s now a reality.”

Zaino reports that the concept has been around for decades. Many manufacturers have attempted development of a product with some of the same characteristics, but “what we have accomplished is a no compromise approach to cutting edge development resulting in simplicity of application with the industry leading gloss and durability that we’re known for,” says Sal Zaino.

After using a pre-release sample, a respected independent detailer and enthusiast reports, "I stood there shaking my head in amazement. The concept and technology behind Z-CS is far more advanced than any other detailing product that I’ve seen."

Starting with a properly clean and dry vehicle, application of Z-CS Clear Seal with a soft cotton applicator pad can take up to 5 minutes. Designed to work equally well on paint, glass, wheels, plastic, or trim without staining, about ¼ ounce of product will complete an average sized vehicle.

Application simplicity aside, equal if not more important factors for consumers are gloss, protection, slickness, and long term durability. Independent detailers report, "Z-CS Clear Seal, used by itself, rivals the gloss, protection, and slickness of any product by any other manufacturer." While environmental and driving characteristics vary, independent testers have witnessed up to 9 months of durability with Z-CS Clear Seal.

Since some car care enthusiasts prefer to adopt systems of maintenance, Z-CS Clear Seal offers the ultimate in paint and surface gloss and durability when used with the full line of Zaino products. “You’ll be amazed with the results using Z-CS by itself. Just imagine incorporating Z-CS into the Zaino system of products,” says Sal Zaino.

While Sal Zaino confesses that Z-CS Clear Seal also adds gloss and durability to competitors products, “I’m not in the business to make someone else’s products better, but yes, it does work.” Using Z-CS Clear Seal over any fully cured wax or sealant product will extend gloss and durability. However, Z-CS was designed and engineered for use with Zaino Show Car Polish Products.

Show car or not, quality car care need not be complicated. New releases and development in process at Zaino represent the commitment to the consumer as well as industry innovation. “We’re aware that Zaino raises the bar for development and technology. We strive to manufacture the most advanced products that consumers can imagine or desire. Zaino is looking forward to upcoming advances and are confident in the future success with products like Z-CS Clear Seal.”

Zaino Z-CS Clear Seal is available now at Zaino’s online store (, or by telephone at 888-999-9870. Technical questions should be directed to: 732-833-8800.