Zaino Show Car Polish Introduces Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish


Zaino Show Car Polish Introduces Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish

Howell, NJ (December 10, 2004): Zaino Show Car Polish ("Zaino"), a leading manufacturer of the world's most advanced car care products announced the release of Z-2 PRO Show Care Polish. Named as the successor to the very popular Z-2 Show Car Polish, Z-2 PRO boasts many new improvements over its predecessor.

"We're extremely proud of Z-2 PRO," said Sal Zaino, president and founder of Zaino Show Car Polishes. "Z-2 PRO represents the very best of both worlds - stunning optical qualities and long lasting durability and protection from the elements. It's quite an amazing product."

Z-2 PRO has been in development for more than 12 months and has undergone extensive and rigorous testing, revision and refinement. Z-2 PRO will provide the highest amount of shine and gloss possible, while providing unparalleled durability and protection from the elements and environmental fallout. According to Zaino, Z-2 PRO should provide at least 6 months of protection in most operating conditions.

Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish achieves this amazing durability through the use of highly specialized polymeric ingredients, many of which are unique to Z-2 PRO. These unique ingredients are responsible for Zaino's legendary durability, including the signature Zaino water beads. Water beading is one of the best methods for determining the level of protection afforded by a protectant, and Zaino's beading is legendary. According to Sal Zaino, "Z-2 PRO beads like nothing you've ever seen. We're seeing the tightest, deepest water beads ever, and they're going months without any change."

Z-2 PRO Show Car Polishalso boasts improved optical qualities over its predecessor. Z-2 PRO was designed to deliver maximum levels of shine, gloss, clarity, reflectivity, depth and optical detail. With 99.9% optical clarity, Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish won't distort or detract from the look of a vehicle. Instead, it will enhance a vehicles' finish by bringing out the qualities and characteristics of the finish. "You'll see your paint the way it was meant to be seen, with no oily residue or muted shine," says Sal Zaino.

Zaino has also improved the user experience with Z-2 PRO. According to Sal Zaino, "Z-2 PRO is easier to work with than previous versions of Z-2. When used with ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator, Z-2 PRO is as easy to use as wipe on, wait a few minutes and wipe off." Z-2 PRO eliminates the need for heavy rubbing and leaves no dust or residue. Z-2 PRO will not stain plastic trim or rubber pieces, and that translates into less work for the user.

Z-2 PRO is on sale now at Zaino's online store ( As the user becomes more familiar with Z-2 PRO, a single, eight ounce bottle should provide enough product for twenty applications to an average size vehicle. Z-2 PRO, along with all other Zaino products are available exclusively from the Zaino factory and from authorized Zaino distributors. Technical questions should be directed to: 732-833-8800.