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Zaino Total Protection Show Car Kit

Zaino Total Protection Show Car KitQuantity in Basket: none
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Shipping Weight: 5.40 pounds

For the ultimate in show car appearance and total protection, here are the Zaino products that you'll need to make it happen. Included in the Zaino Show Car Kit are everything pictured including the following:

  1. ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator Additive
  2. Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes
  3. Z-5 PRO Show Car Polish for Swirl Marks and Fine Scratches
  4. Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray
  5. Z-7 Show Car Wash
  6. Z-18 ClayBar
  7. Zaino Metallic Silver Decal
  8. & TWO Zaino Custom Polish Applicator for FREE!
    All orders over $25 (in product) will automatically receive a free Zaino Custom Polish Applicator! To qualify for the free Zaino Custom Polish Applicator, your subtotal before shipping must be greater than $25. This free Zaino Custom Polish Applicator will not appear in your basket, but we'll include it in your order when we ship it.

Sorry, we can't make any product substitutions to the Zaino Show Car Kit.

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Customer Testimonials Add Your Testimonial (58)

Buy the best and you will never be disappointed.. by Jason P. from The Center of the Universe, New York
After using your products on my Brilliant Silver MB CLK 500, the title of this review rings as loud as a bell.

These products are easy to use...LESS IS MORE! They turned my well-kept daily driver into better than showroom condition. As long as you have some patience, read the directions, and are willing to commit yourself, you too will have the same amazing results as I.

Water FALLS off.

The finish is so optically perfect that the sun brings out colors I have never seen before.

I have had people comment that my car looks like I just washed it after a week of rain!

If you want something to just get by, MOVE ALONG! If you want a product that you can use with pride and yield equally as impressive results, ZAINO IS FOR YOU.

I'm a believer! by Mark P. from Red Lion, PA
I've been reading all the glowing reviews on the Corvette Forums about your products. All I gotta
say is... I believe!!!

I expected hours and hours of labor to get the 'dipped in glass' look on my 2005 Machine Silver Vette. I'd used the OTC stuff from the auto parts stores and had gotten the odd complement on the shine but that was nothing compared to the Zaino look!!! A wash with Dawn, clay bar'd it (again!), a coat of Z-5 then just one coat of Z-2... I was a convert and I was done much sooner than I expected. Oh... The Zaino bucket was a very comfortable
stool and just the right height!!! I need to get a couple of more coats of Z-2 to see how 'deep' I can get the paint to look!!!
Just buy it already! by Jimmy Batte from Aiken, SC
Just started using Zaino last year since we got a new vehicle. I thought how much difference can it really make? Well I used it and the results are pretty amazing. My '01 Ford Mustang GT looks and feels like new when you run your fingers across then paint. Our new Chevy Avalanche looks even better than it did when we bought it from the dealer. The products really work great together and have easy to follow directions. You will be amazed by the size of the water drops that form when it rains and even when you wash your car. Take the plunge, and get Zaino'd!
The Best Finish You Will Ever Find! by Ginger L. from Loranger, LA
I have used Zaino since 1999 on my WS6 Formula and will never use anything else. It goes on and removes with ease and the results are crystal clear. Nothing sticks to the surface of my cars not bugs, road tar or even sap it all comes off with just a wipe. I use all of the Zaino products and pack them for all the shows we go to. Every time a car comes into our home one of the first things I do is Clay bar it and then it gets started on a Zaino life and we now have 6. Thanks Sal for this great product and keep them coming.
AMAZING!! by Kevin from Myrtle Beach, SC
I just used the total protection kit on my Imperial Blue Metallic Camaro and it is absolutely amazing. The instructions on the website make it very easy to do. I used the Clay Bar, followed by Z-7 with a coat Z-6 initially and 3 coats of Z-5 with Z-6 in between and at the very end. The car looks like a mirror.
The blonde towels leave a small amount of lint behind to start out with but it goes away after a minute or two. They are very soft and are as good as new after running through the wash once.
I recommend this kit very very very highly.
2010 Harley Fat Boy Lo by Tom L. from Carlsbad CA
I used the Show car kit and all its products on my red 1988 BMW M6 with amazing results. When I recently purchased a 2010 Harley Fat Boy Lo, before I even took delivery I ordered a kit for it. I now have about 20 coats of 2 & 5 on it after claying it. This occured right after we rolled it off the trailer from delivery! I have tried every product out there. There is nothing anywhere close to Zaino, I'm a lifer!
2010 Camaro 2SS/RS by Randy K. from Denver, Co.
I have used several of your products for about 10 years now. Zaino has never let me down, even when I cheat and use my Porter Cable 7424. I was starting to get some swirls in my new baby, 2010 Chevy Camaro 2SS/RS, after a few month of owning it. As always I turned to my trusted friend the Zaino clay bar and several coats of Z-5 pro, followed by 3 coats of Z-2 pro. Then I finished it all off with Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal. As always, I was not let down. The paint looks wet! I also use Zaino products on my 2002 black GMC Sierra with 127,000 miles on the clock. People are always telling me that the truck looks new and there is no way it has that many miles on it.
2010 Camaro 2SS/RS by Randy K. from Denver, CO
I have used several of your products for about 10 years now. Zaino has never let me down, even when I cheat and use my Porter Cable 7424. I was starting to get some swirls in my new baby, 2010 Chevy Camaro 2SS/RS, after a few month of owning it. As always I turned to my trusted friend the Zaino clay bar and several coats of Z-5 pro, followed by 3 coats of Z-2 pro. Then I finished it all off with Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal. As always, I was not let down. The paint looks wet! I also use Zaino products on my 2002 black GMC Sierra with 127,000 miles on the clock. People are always telling me that the truck looks new and there is no way it has that many miles on it.
2nd to None!! by Gary from Buxton, ME.
This is the first time I've used your products after hearing great things in the past. Let me say, WOW!! It had been a while since I washed my car, and it was really looking horrible. I did as I was supposed to do. Washed first with dawn, clay barred it, did the two coats of polish. What a difference. My friend has one of your new products to remove scratches and blemishes as I had a few from winter. My vehicle was the test for this as he had not tried it on his own car yet. Worked like a charm. I am ordering some of this myself to have in the future. Keep the great work over there, we all appreciate everything you do.
The look is unbeatable! by Nathan Jarvis from Vermont
I've tried many different products to no avail. My Uncle referred me to this website and said you guys did amazing stuff with dark colors. He wasn't lying! My 06 Charger SRT-8, although used, looks amazing once again. I had trouble with other products not doing anything to the car. But the show car kit; the wash, the polish, and the spray, was completely worth it! Everything is shiny, looks like it's still wet, and reflects everything.

love it by Chris Cieri from Phoenix Arizona
Dear Sal, I have used your product for the first time and i cannot believe the shine i got after just one application. My car has always had a nice look to it but your product just blew me out of the water. Here are some shots of what your fantastic product did to my 2003 Mini Cooper.
Thank you so much
Continuously Impressed! by Damon E. from Dallas, Texas
I have been a regular user of Zaino for the past few years. I have always been impressed with the shine and finish capabilities of these products. I use Z5, Z2 and Z6 regularly (weekly) and absolutely love the finish and results I get. This detail package is a very good starter kit for anyone wanting to give these products a try, or when you deplete your supply of products like I had.

The reflections are striking and the paint has a continuous wet look and is very slick and smooth (smoother then my windshield) to the touch. I recommend Zaino to everyone that I talk to when they ask about my car's finish.

Some photos are linked below.

Thanks Sal!

Hood shot from my indigo Blue 2004 Chevy Trailblazer (2 coats of Z2 and 2 coats of Z5 - countless applications of Z6)

Car shot of my 2001 BMW 325Ci (6 coats of Z2 and 3 coats of Z5 and countless applications of Z6)

Works great even on light colored vehicles by Eddy from Lake Forest, CA
Hello Staff at Zaino Products,

Just wanted to send a few photos. I learned about Zaino products through the on-line forums for Mercedes Benz (e.g., and initially bought and used the Zaino Total Protection Kit as initial treatment for a brand new 2006 Mercedes-Benz SLK 280 in April 2006 following the instructions that came with the kit and at the website.

The results are amazing even for a relatively light colored car (Pewter). I've been using Zaino products since (a former M product user, M= Meguair's). I've traded the SLK 280 for the 2008 SLK 55 (2 pictures attached) and did the claybar, Z5,Z6,Z2Pro, Z6 sequence within a week of taking delivery. Except for the claybar, I do the above sequential treatment every 3 or 4 months, with the Z7 carwash and Z6 treatment (after carwash) every 1 -2 weeks.

Hope you all like the picture (SLK 55) and thanks for a great line of products.

Ounce for ounce, best thing out there! by Kevin B from Lewisville, TX
I was a loyal Zymol user for about 10 years.
About a month ago, I "Iced" (Turtle Wax) my 2007 MINI Cooper. What a pain that was! My MINI is Pepper White with a Black roof and the streaking kicked my butt!

Not with Zaino! This stuff is worth every cent! No streaking and color depth beyond your dreams. I need to change the color of my roof from Black to Onyx. It is unbelievably deep. Unlike other polishes and wax, removing Zaino is a breeze and you can use it on your black trim as well. The only thing better would be if a Genie popped out of the bottle and did the work for you!

Awesome product Sal! Keep 'em coming!
Jaw-Dropping by Alex F. from Paris, France
Hello guys,

I just put Zaino on my Audi A3 and the result is absolutely amazing.

Im actually living in France, I always buy your products when I come to the states, its worth the trip.

Take care,
Awesome by Tim Olson from Traverse City, MI
I was very skeptical buying this expensive product. I figured with all these reviews and not one bad review it must be a set up. I finally caved in and said screw it and i bought it. It arrived exactly three days later exactly on time and properly packaged. I followed the directions (dawn ultra, claybar, z5 with zfx, with z2 on between coats) after the first coat i didn't think it was any better than any other wax but i put the next two coats on and over the next few days went on to put 10 coats on. after the third coat i noticed that it looked really shiny and after the 10 coats i'm amazed how good it looks. after all the coats all i want to do is keep adding coats and not drive my car. main thing to remember dont use too much b/c it just takes longer to take off. please don't ever stop making this product.
Mini + Zaino = pure car love!! by Paula from Canterbury, CT
My Mini is shinning like a new copper penny now thanks to Zaino products!! Although it took me a few hours as this was my first time using the whole kit. I have done the inside on many occasions and love the smell of the leather products! I was hesitant about using Dawn and stripping the old wax off and doing the clay and then two coats of wax. But I must say, once I got the hang of using the clay and getting the gunk off the paint and applying the wax, it was worth ever minute!! I loved the ZFX Flash Cure Additive!! It made the waxing the easiest thing of the day!! Thanks Zaino! Bad thing is now my brother is swiping my Zaino instead of the other way around.
This is the best I have used!! by Richard from Kings Bay GA
My wife bought me this kit for Christmas. All I can say is WOW!! Zaino actually does everything it advertises and then some.

My wife knows how much I love to polish my car and thought this would be a great gift idea. I spent the entire weekend washing and polishing and I am completely blown away by the results. The results are unbelievable and leave a completly mirror like shine, even on a 2 year old paint job. It really adds depth to the World Rally Blue paint job on my STi. If you feel you are paying a lot for this product, you are not. It is worth every penny.

Mirror Like Shine Everytime!! by Mitch from St. Cloud, MN

I wanted to take a quick moment and thank you for providing a fair priced product that actually does what is advertises.
I bought your show total protection show car kit and followed your directions. At first I was a little afraid of applying it to my 2002 Pontiac Trans Am WS6. I had never applied any wax/polish to my car for fear the result would be swirls and/or scratches. I washed it with dawn, used the clay, washed with Z7, and began polishing. I used the Z5/Z2 with ZFX and alternated the Z6.
After my first application I could already see the difference. My neighbors, whom I never talk to, started coming over to take a closer look!
I've never been more pleased with a product. For anyone on the fence about what polish to use on their vehicle I only recommend Zaino. Zaino is a product for people who really care about their vehicles and what they put on them!

Thanks Again,

Simply the Best! by Ken Hogan from Weymouth, MA
I have used alot of prodicts over the years. This is by far the easiest most deep mirror shine I have ever achieved. My 2007 Black Mustang Convertable is stunning. I get compliments on the finish everywhere I go.
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