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Z-18 ClayBar

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Quickly and safely removes contamination. Makes your paint feel smooth as glass!

Z-18 ClayBar™ is a pliable, synthetic bar that quickly and safely removes imbedded contamination from all glass and painted surfaces. Used for years by automobile manufacturers and auto body shops, paint cleaning clay is an excellent choice for removing contamination that cannot be removed using conventional cleaning methods.

Z-18 ClayBar™ is non-abrasive and works like no cleaner, compound or chemical can. When used as directed, it is safe for use on all paint finishes.

Use Z-18 ClayBar™ to help remove the following:

  1. Rail dust - Tiny, sharp bare metal shavings that can adhere and imbed into the paint finish and cause serious damage when left untreated. Over 70% of new vehicles are transported from the factory using the rail system. In many cases, new cars are stored near a railroad and becomes infected with rail dust.

  2. Brake Dust - Similar to rail dust, brake dust is also in the form of tiny, sharp metal shavings. In recent years, asbestos brake pads were replaced with metallic brake pads, which are actually brake pads made from tiny metal or metallic shavings. Anytime a vehicle is braking; brake dust is disbursed into the air and onto the paint finish. Since the brake dust is now actually tiny particles of bare metal, this form of brake dust can seriously damage the paint finish when left untreated.
  3. Industrial Fallout - A general term used for pollution and can be found in many forms. Eventually, pollution settles onto the paint finish of all vehicles and can cause serious damage when left untreated.
  4. Tree Sap, Road Tar, Bug Residue, Paint Overspray, and Acid Rain Deposits -- These contaminants adhere to or imbed into the paint finish. Left untreated, they will cause permanent damage to your car's paint work by staining and weakening the protective properties.

Z-18 ClayBar™ is highly recommended as the ultimate way to clean and prepare your car's finish prior to using the Zaino Show Car Polish system.

The Z-18 jar contains 4 ounces (two 2 ounce bars).


  1. Before using a Z-18 ClayBar™ on your car, you must thoroughly clean and dry your car to remove any loose dirt. Direct sunlight should not fall on your car's surface, and it's best if the work area is relatively cool to prevent rapid evaporation of the clay lubricant. Do not risk scratching your car; if you drop your clay bar, throw it away!

  2. To use Z-18 ClayBar™, you spray a water-based lubricant on a small area of your car and rub the bar back and forth with light to medium pressure. If the lubricant begins to dry, you'll need to spray more. Z-18 is fairly sticky, and cannot be used dry. If you try using it dry, you'll make a big mess. We suggest mixing one cap full of Z-7 Show Car Wash with water in a 16 ounce spray bottle. Z-6 also works as a lubricant for Z-18 ClayBar, but Z-7 Show Car Wash is much more cost effective.

  3. After a few passes with the Z-18 ClayBar™, rub your hand over the area to feel if the surface contamination was removed. Keep rubbing until all contamination bumps are gone. Finally, wipe the clay residue off with a soft terrycloth towel, and buff to a nice luster. Just like polishing with Zaino Show Car Polish, work in small areas.

  4. Check your Z-18 ClayBar frequently for hard particles. When found, pick them off. Make it a habit to occasionally knead and reform the bar so that a fresh portion of the bar contacts your car's paint. If you drop your bar of clay on the ground, it's history. Toss it out. Don't take any chances, discard the clay bar if it becomes impregnated with grit.

  5. Do not overuse. A single bar will do 3-4 medium size cars with moderate contamination. If you are removing heavy overspray or rail dust, use the bar once and throw it away.

  6. When you're finished claying your car, you should wash it with Z-7 Show Car Wash to remove the lubricant film. Finally, seal your freshly cleaned paint with your choice of Z-2 Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes, Z-3 Show Car Polish for Non-clear Coated Paint, or Z-5 Show Car Polish for Swirl Marks and Fine Scratches.

Customer Testimonials Add Your Testimonial (23)

Great for Door Scuffs by Nick from Princeton, New Jersey
I've been a loyal user of Zaino products for almost 10 years now. First on my G35 Coupe, now on my Land Rover LR2. I recently moved from Virginia to New Jersey, and I started noticing that I was getting A LOT of door scuffs on my white LR2 after parking in the lots around town. Seems NJ drivers aren't as concerned about it as VA drivers seemed to be. Regardless, a quick spray of water or Z-6 and a little rub of the Z-18 clay bar, and all the door scuffs came right out with little effort. If you have scuffs (not dents) from careless car doors, this product works GREAT.
Best stuff ever!! by Chris from Elizabethtown, KY
I used this stuff on my 1980 Ford Pinto. All original baby blue. Used the clay bar and polish and brought out the shine!!! I could not believe it. I haven’t seen it that clean since the day I bought it. Thanks Z!!!
Awesome by Sarah from Bronx, NY
I just bought your claybar. I spent Saturday washing and claybarring my 06 Rav 4, Nautical Blue. I've never seen or felt such a smoother looking car. I was so very pleased and can't wait to clay bar my mother's 02 Subaru Legacy. I plan to buy some more products..thanks a million Sal for making such an exquisite product.
Z-18 ClayBar by Alan from San Francisco, CA
Used clay-bar on a 1995 Corolla. I never knew my Corolla had such a nice smooth surface! Since my car was so old, it took a long time, but the outcome was fabulous. Afterwards I waxed it and it looks brand new! (Maybe not exactly brand w/ some dents here and there but you get the point.)
Best cleaner by Robert Z from Nashua, NH
This was my first time using Zaino products. I cleaned the car using Dawn washe and then the clay-bar. First I did not see clay bar working (I did apply plenty of Z7-water mix). Then I realized as I rubbed problem areas all those deposits were disappearing like a magic WITHOUT harming the paint around it, Amazing. Only problem I ran into was I could not tell when imperfection was in paint or above the surface (inside paint problems can't be removed with claybar). Overall it took away most surface contaminations on my 4 yr old 2003-MDX. It's really worth the effort.
Z-18 ClayBar by John J M. from Amherst, NY
during the Claying process I wasnt quite sure that I was doing the RIGHT thing in taking my beautifull shine away, but WOW when done!!! - 2005 CTS
Z-18 ClayBar by Herbert N. from Walnut Creek, CA
Started using your polishes on my vehicles in February 2006 and find them to be absolutely outstanding. Used the clay bar treatment first, which left the finish smooth and flawless before applying Z-2 and Z-6. Have never used anything as fine as this product. My cars looked so great my son asked me to do his 1999 Ferrari F355 Spyder. Needless to say this black beauty looks like a museum quality vehicle. - Mercedes Benz CLK 320 2004, Mercedes Benz SLK 320 2003
Z-18 ClayBar by Paul S. from Panama City, FL
There is no better polish in my opinion than what you sell. I at one time was in contact with you about some fallout type material that was on my Camaro's paint that was actually a type of concrete sealer that was being applied to a high rise office building. I eventually got it all off using your clay bar material. Thanks. - 05 H.D. Low Rider Custom Build, 02 Chev. Camaro SS, 00 Chev Tahoe LT 4x4

Z-18 ClayBar by Timothy Holland 6. from Mattapan, MA
I recently clayed the lexus and the outcome is phenominal! - 2003 lexus gx470, 1991 mercedes 300e, 2005 acura TL
Z-18 ClayBar by scott m. from sacramento, CA
as scary as it was to try out your clay bar on my new Mercedes, I finally broke down and did it----OH MY !!!!!!! -- I cant even begin to tell you what that did for the finish of mt car-i am SO pleased! - 46 Packard, 56 Nash Rambler Cross Country Station Wagon, 58 BMW isetta, 58 Ford Skyliner, 61 Rambler
Z-18 ClayBar by Dan K. from Holland, MI
The guys in detail love your clay bars! The best they've ever used. - New car predelivery prep. Volkswagen Toyota Mitsubishi
Z-18 ClayBar by Jason H. from Shelby Township, MI
Your products are amazing, they have kept my truck looking better than showroom fresh, and it spends everyday outside! I am going to re-clay bar it for this summer, and I can't wait to have that smooth-as-glass finish again. Thanks for creating such great products! - 2003 Silverado SS, 1969 Camaro Z/28, 1969 Camaro RS
Z-18 ClayBar by Jane C. from Fishersville, VA
We switched from Meguiars to Zaino very soon after acquiring the '99 coupe. '01 Z06 has never had anything but Zaino. My husband had been struggling with some other brand of clay, and emailed a question to your company. He was totally astounded when Sal called him one Saturday morning to give him personal coaching on how to use clay. This level of customer service and your excellent products have made us permanent Zaino users. - 2001 Corvette Z06, 1999 Corvette coupe
Z-18 ClayBar by Vicky M. from Bunnell, FL
Borrowed the clay bar from neighbor with a Corvette to take off unknown spots that the car wax couldn't and the clay bar worked great! - 2005 MINI Cooper
Z-18 ClayBar by Karen F. from North Collins, NY
The Claybar is amazing. With Western NY winters, tar residue from salting our roads quickly came off. Unlike the regular bug & tar removers where you need to really crank on the surface to get anything removed, Zaino's Claybar was effortless. - 2003 Pontiac Grand Am GT1
Z-18 ClayBar by Jay F. from Peabody, MA
Zaino is the best ever! Absolutely love the products - especially the clay and Z6! - BMW X5 4.4 Sport 2004
Z-18 ClayBar by Rex S. from Aloha, OR
Best Wax I ever used. Love the claybar finish - '01 PT Cruiser
Z-18 ClayBar by Roy P. from Tacoma, WA
I was skeptical of the whole concept of claying the paint, but now I am sold. My paint came out unbelievably smooth. I love the wax and car wash soap, too. - Nisan Maxima 2004
Z-18 ClayBar by Raymond J. from Lubbock, TX
Z-18 clay bar is amazing. It restored my paint to the way it should be. - 1996 Ford SVT Cobra
Z-18 ClayBar by John F. from St. James, NY
Your products are by far the best I have ever used. I never heard of Claybar until my friend demonstrated it. I can't believe how much better the shine is after a Claybar treatment! - 1995 Ford Mustang GT
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