Zaino Ultimate Protection Show Car Kit

Zaino Ultimate Protection Show Car Kit

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For the Ultimate in paint protection, interior and tire protection and an incredible Show Car finish, here are the Zaino products that you'll need to make it happen.
WOW the Pearl Pops!
Tim M
Been using ZAINO for almost 20 years! Amazing how easy to use and how it transforms your vehicle‚Äôs appearanceūüĎć Just finished helping my dad with his 2018 CAMRY SE in Ruby Flare Pearl. Clay bar, ZAINO A1O, coat of Z5 and a buffed coat of Z5 again, see the Pearl POP! Enhances the color so much and the sparkle is incredible. Easy to maintain and keep looking GREAT! Myself, brothers and dad been ZAINO satisfied for years! It really is an easy to use appearance systemūüėé. Thanks ZAINO team!
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Neil Norris
I always say, you get what you pay for. I just detailed my black C7 Vette with the Zaino system. Two coats of Zaino 5 and one coat of Zaino 2. The results are jaw-dropping. I am a Zaino convert from this moment on! Excellent and easy to use when the instructions are followed. Thank you for great products Zaino!
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Going on 7 years of Zaino
I've been using Zaino for 7 years now. It's the only car washing & polishing product I recommend if you are trying to achieve that deep glossy look and protect your paint at the same time. Before you begin using it though, I suggest carefully reading the instructional guides because they offer techniques and tips that help you get the most out of your Zaino products. When they say a little bit goes a long way, they mean it! This kit has everything you need to get started and will last you quite some time if you use the products efficiently.
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Best product ZAINO
James Degree
After a friend told me about Zaino a few months ago I've decided to give it a try. I followed all the steps and wow what a show room finish. My friend's and coworkers ask who detailed your truck? I told them I did with Zaino show car polish. Zaino is definitely the greatest polish I've ever used and the only polish I would put on my truck. Thank you Zaino.
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Never go back to anything else
Jasiu Osakowicz
This is the third time in 10 years Iíve used zaino on my 2001 mustang. I usually only put a few hundred miles on my car per year so I donít need to apply it every year. The wax holds up so well, there really isnít a need to. It is a time consuming endeavor to do it right, and it it is more costly than other waxes put you get tremendous results. Whatís the point of spending less money on an inferior product that gives you mediocre results?
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2016 Challenger Scat Pack
Dear Sal and the Zaino Team, As I was sitting at the dealer purchasing my car and they asked if I was interested in a paint protection package, so I asked what the price was. When he told me $850, I almost passed out and said 'No Thank You"! When I got home, I started researching paint protection and came across Zaino. I remember a friend used it on his car and decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did! I bought the Ultimate Protection Kit and a bottle of Z-8 Grand Finale Spray. The results were truly AMAZING. I was really surprised how much nicer a brand new car looked after applying the Zaino products. And the Z-16 Tire Gloss is perfect. I applied it and drove it immediately afterwards and there was no slinging off like most of the other products on the market. I'm a customer for life! Thanks for great products! Sincerely, Dan
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Northwest Ohio
Friend told me about Liquid Luster for my 2003 Vette. I was just about to order some and started reading reviews about Zaino products. I was a little hesitate to order anything I didn't know about. All reviews said better than Luster so I bought the beginners package. Followed all directions accordingly and what a beautiful outcome. Then I proceeded to my 2013 Cadillac. What a shine and worked terrific. Only reason I didn't give it a 5 star was I haven't seen a rain on either car yet and don't know how long it will last. I am a Turtle wax and Mothers wax guy and wont go back. Never did use Liquid Luster, no reason to now.
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Long term care champ
I've been waxing cars for over 50 years, always used multi step methods. Zaino has been the system I use for over 10 years. My 2005 F350 lives outside and Zaino protects it. I get comments that it looks like new. Sal has photos that show amazing depth of shine.
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The Best Ever
Phil Greek
I have been caring for my cars for years. In the day, we had a clear type liquid wax you'd apply, let it dry, and rub like hell to get it off. Terrible. Been through many waxes, with less than satisfactory results. Now that I have found Zaino, years ago, I have used nothing else. Love the products and am a happy camper at 72 yrs.
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