Zaino Maintenance Pack (Qty:2 Z-6 & Qty:4 Z-7)

Zaino Maintenance Pack (Qty:2 Z-6 & Qty:4 Z-7)

Product Details

By popular demand, here's a convenient pack for your regular maintenance desires and requirements. Regular use of Z-7 Show Car Wash and Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss enhancer Spray will keep your car looking good for months. Included in the maintenance pack are:

Qty: (2) Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray
Qty: (4) Z-7™ Show Car Wash

Unbelievable Protection
I have a black 2015 Impala that I bought new. It has had to sit outside because of limited garage space. Like all my cars, I have always used Zanio on it. After 7 years the paint on the car still looks like new. I really doubt that the garage would have protected the car's paint any better than Zanio Z2!!! Tom
Tom Wallace
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