Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal

Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal

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Warning: Use of Z-8 Grand Finale™ Spray Seal may cause you to attract more attention than you ever did before. As a result, it may take you longer to fuel-up your vehicle, run through the drive through, or pass the keys to the valet. Everyone will want to know what you're using on your car, and how you maintain that show car shine. Don't say we didn't warn you....
El mejor Sellador #1
Juan Yasielski
Utilizo el producto hace mas de 9 años. Nunca me defraudo, un acabado y brillo increíble. Hasta ahora lo sigo usando en todo tipo de colores y auto. Producto inmejorable!!!!
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Fantastic results!
Dave from Denver!
Verified Buyer
I used the Grand Finally and it left an amazing shine with impressive optics in the depth of the shine. I will continue to use the entire process for Zaino products. My ZL1 is more impressive and simply more amazing in its appearance now! You won’t be disappointed!
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Zaino.... Best car product by far!
Roger Andria
I have been using Z Car Polish for swirl & light scratches on my 2003 Medium Spiral Gray Corvette since 2004 with AMAZING results. There is literally no swirls and the paint finish still looks new with more shine and luster. It`s hard to believe that applying "Z Grand Finale" could enhance the finish, "But It Does!' Oh, did I mention how easy Zaino Products are to apply? Just try them, you will be amazed!!!
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Like New
john p kneeland
2014 Cadillac XTS-V Platinum. Parked it next to a 2019 CTS (brand new) and there was no comparison! The Z-6 after 5 years and 5 applications showed better than a new car....by far!
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Try some Z8
Dan McDonald
Z-8 worked miracles for me. My 2008 300C was nothing special before I started using Zaino products. After prepping the finish with the other Zaino products and a final application of Z-8, I got a best paint award at a large Mopar car show. This is with original paint that had been neglected for three years before I got the car. Unbelievable!!!!! One thing to keep in mind though...heed the warning about using this product on a hot surface in the sun. This will only cause you more work. Just follow the instructions and you will be highly satisfied
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Best Polish System Around
Shawn Klawitter
I have been using the Zaino system since 2011 when I got my Challenger. Following all directions Every two years I stripped off old polish and added successive new polish along with occasional Z-8 spray downs before car shows. After 6 years I traded off the Challenger for a new Jeep. Right before the sale was complete I performed a final wash and polish. The beading of the water was phenomenal. Even the dealer commented on how well the paint looked after 6 years. I have already started my base coats on the new car. This system is the real deal! Well worth the money spent!
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The real deal!
Amy J
I've been using Zaino everything for the last 10 years, but hadn't tried this because it was pricey and I honestly thought nothing could improve on the Zaino shine I already had. Boy was I wrong! Tried it on our black roadster first & it literally made the paint look like liquid. Moved on to our red cars & it was just as good. In fact, when we took our red GT500 to the dealer they were blown away & said they had NEVER seen one with paint that shiny before. Believe the hype!
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Betsy S
I have been a faithful user of the complete array of Zaino products for over 10 years now. I wrote a testimonial when I first experienced Zaino because I had never seen anything work like Zaino did on my car's finish. I hadn't written any testimonials any more recently than that because there was nothing I could say that hundreds of others hadn't already said. But today, I found something new to say. On my last order, I got the Border Free towels (which I am sorry I did not order sooner because they are simply excellent) and the Grand Finale Spray - and WOW. First, let me back up. I have a black car that's two months old. I've been using the Zaino Car Wash, Z-2, Z-5, and Z-6 Gloss Enhancer every time I have a few hours to put into doing it. I think my car probably has 5 coats of Z-5, 5 of Z-2, and 1 coat of the Z-AIO All-in-One on it. Last week, after the Zaino Car Wash; the Z-5, the Z-2, and a round of Z-6 Gloss Enhancer, I finished up with The Grand Finale. For starters, it took 2 people to put on the car cover because the finish was so slippery it was impossible with one person. Second, and this is what I want everyone to know: After using The Z-8 Grand Finale last week, I drove my car from Virginia to Georgia and South Carolina. So you have a good idea of the bug splatters I accumulated, right? I returned Saturday and took my car to a self-service pressure wash booth today. What you see in these pictures IS NOTHING MORE THAN A PRESSURE RINSE. NO SOAP, NO SPONGES, NO JOKING. The Grand Finale is like nothing I have ever used. If I hadn't experienced this myself, I wouldn't believe it was true. Thanks for creating such a GREAT product! Sincerely, Betsy S.
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The best hands down
david tobin
I have been using Z-8 as a final finish on my cars for a couple of years.I have enough protection on them but want that extra Pop I find it easy to use and do use it sparingly as a little goes a long way. Nothing comes close to the shine it gives..love it
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Z-8 & Z-CS
Phil Johnson
I received an e-mail tip from Sal last week. He said to use the Z-CS as usual going sparingly over the vehicle. Then, wait a minute and apply Z-8 as usual. So I did that. I have all the painted parts off my 2011 FLHTK in the basement. The shine and slickness of the surfaces is far better than just using the Z-8 by itself. What a difference! I will be using this process on my 2009 F-150 also. Thanks for a great tip Sal!!
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Carmen Andreasen
We use Z-8 (along with all other Zaino products)on our 2009 Mustang GT. Their warning that it will attract lookers to your car is exactly what happens! Everyone wants to know what we use and we get more compliments than when we were using other products. We will never use anything but Zaino on our show car!!
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75 trophies in three years and counting, including
Bill Duvall
I use only z-8 (never been waxed or completely washed in 8 years) on my red 1965 Mustang resto-mod. I get a kick at cruises when parking beside some late model Vetts and having all the folks flock to my car for pictures. If I charged a buck a shot, I could have paid for my car. I use about 10 pumps once a week at shows, the look is stunning!! I would love to send you a picture as proof!!
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