Z-7 Show Car Wash

Z-7 Show Car Wash

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Z-7™ Show Car Wash is a concentrated blend of special cleaners, conditioners and our famous Show Car Polish ingredients that clean and enhance the gloss of painted surfaces. Z-7™ Show Car Wash gently cleans your car without using harsh detergents, alkali or acids. Plus, our special water-based lubricants buffer the paint to prevent scratching and reduce the risk of swirl marks, even on black and red cars.
A fantastic shine!!
joseph jubb
I just used this Z-7 Car Wash for the first time...upon arriving at a convenience store, where a friend works he commented on my recent "polish" job on my car...he was shocked to find out it was just a simple car wash on the car!! It looks that fantastic, and I'm very pleased with it's finish on the car!! Would recommend this product to anyone and that hands down it's the best car care product out there!!
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Top-notch product!
Ryan Thomson
I am a car enthusiast who is very particular about the products that I use on my automobiles. I have used almost every brand of car wash on the market, none of which come close to the Zaino Z-7 show car wash. A small amount goes a very long way. A cap full of this product provides a very rich foamy solution that is more than enough to wash my entire car and leave it looking great. This product also works very well at cleaning wheels and tires. I highly recommend this product.
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