Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes

Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes

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We've accomplished the impossible! Z-2 PRO™ is here! We've managed to do what no one else has ever done - we've made a product that's vastly superior to Zaino Z-2™, and we call it Z-2 PRO™. Z-2 PRO™ has been designated as the replacement for Z-2™, but don't worry - as much as you loved the old Z-2™, you're going to love Z-2 PRO™ even more!
Please note that if this is your first time using the Zaino system, ZFX or Z-AIO is mandatory for use with Z-2 PRO, Z-3, or Z-5 PRO.
Long Time Zaino user
John B
Verified Buyer
I have been using Zaino for many years. It gives the best show car shine out there! Easy to apply and so satisfying. My cars have always won awards when Zaino has been used. This is my new 20 year old ride but it looks amazing!
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Zaino just plain works just like it says
David wert
Verified Buyer
I have a 2017 Cadillac ct6 35000 miles it's a daily driver and u can put a microfiber on car without it falling off !!!!!
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I love love Zaino! Its so easy to use even for a busy working mother of two. I use the ZFX, Z 2, Z6, Z8, and last Z clear coat. My car feels so smooth and it shines like to other. I only use Zaino for my cars and been using it for years!
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Long time ueser
Bob (not the builder)
Verified Buyer
Around 20 years ago or so, the Grand Prix group I was in suggested trying Zaino. I figured they were exaggerating on how good it was, but I decided to give it a try. Back then, there was the surface prep "primer" that was used instead of the accelerator. I got rid of the old wax with a few washings with Dawn, dried it and applied the surface prep. Then a coat of Z-2, using sparingly as instructed. I thought I wasn't using enough, of course, but 1 ounce did the entire car. After drying, I removed it. Much easier than whatever I was using before, where the white residue was a pain. I applied several more coats over the next week. I'd never seen the purple paint shine with such a deep finish. The Grand Prix is long gone and I'm on my third car since then,the same with my wife, but I've always used Zaino products. Never had a mediocre experience. I spread the Zaino "religion" whenever I can, and nobody has a bad word to say, once they get used to applying it sparingly and find out it's really very inexpensive to use, easier to apply and remove, and gets better results.
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Easy to use and great results
Verified Buyer
I have used Zaino products on my vehicles since 2003. A good friend turned me onto it when I had my first Vette. It literally looked like you pour hot glass over my car. The depth, shine, and slick feeling were phenomenal. I just purchased a new Tundra truck this month. I used the wash, clay bar, AIO polish, Z6 gloss spray, and finished up with good ole Z2 polish. My truck looks great! The tips and tricks sheet that came with my order made using everything very easy and with great results. I just stocked up on everything but when it’s gone I will be back!!
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2005 LEXUS LS430! 165,000 miles. Runs Like New. Now Looks Like New because of Zainobros.
Frank Arena
People see my Lexus LZ430 and can not believe it is 15 years old and has 165,000 miles. The reason, I tell them, is Zaino. Specifically Z2 (with ZFX) coupled with Zaino Z6. Unbelievable results! Case Closed. End of story.
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Great product
David Wall
Verified Buyer
I have been using Zaino products for years. The ease of application combined with the results makes it the only product I will use. The best part of using the Z2 is that it doesn't "white" the black plastic trim.
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Love using Zaino products
Bob Schneider
Verified Buyer
I've been using Zaino Z2 and other products now for over 10 years. I have a red 2006 Corvette and I've received so many compliments on the shine on my car. People ask me where I got the car ceramic coated. Can't believe that it's Zaino products! Thanks Sal
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Best shine, and easy to use
Richard Baker
Verified Buyer
Been using Z2 for years. This year was the first time using the ZFX accelerator kit; and will use this every time. Heck, spent the time washing/cleaning the car, may as well do 2-3 coats now. Used on my wifes new 2019 Highlander; looks newer than new and I know it will always look new using this product.
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Great protection over the years
So here is my Zaino PSA. I know pics are worth a thousand words, but there is no place to post a pic here. Anyways, I have a 2003 50th anniversary corvette with pace car graphics. Have been using Zaino since nearly day one. My car now has 29k miles and the graphics are still perfect. What I like so much about this polish is I have never had to detail around the edges of the graphics. I can apply Zaino directly to the graphics and still don't get the caking effect you would get with typical wax.
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Never let me down
John Lanzetta
I've used Zaino products EXCLUSIVELY on my 2002 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage black coupe for the past 15 years. I've shown it for judging at auto concours (and have come in first or second in its class), and often just display the car at auto events. Since my first full application of Z products back in 2003, I've never had to "remove" the finish but just "refresh" it with Z-7 washes and, about once a year, a coat or two of Z-5 or Z-2 Pro with intermittent touch up sprays with Z-6 or Z-8. Sure, I keep the car covered (cats!), but the primary credit goes to Zaino. It's a relief not to be tempted by all the "pretty good" products clamoring for attention out there because, for me, Zaino is my reliable number one.
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Effort = Reward
I have been using Zaino exclusively on all 8 of my vehicles I have owned over the past 18 years and can declare without hesitation that the results have been consistently rewarding and long lasting. I would book a full day and a half to give the car the full "spa treatment". The good news is that I only need to do that once per year! In comparison to the latest fad in car protection (coating/film), Zaino is a strong competitor/alternative due to its low cost and comparable results (at least to coatings). When it does wear out, you simply reapply, unlike coatings/film that have a messy and expensive removal process.
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Z-2 amazing clarity!
I bought a new 06 gto, and wanted to apply a good wax. Instead I was lead to Zaino. The initial steps for applying the first time take some time, but the after result is phenomenal!! I use 2 coats of Z-2 yearly on it since about the time I bought it. I continually get the question. Is that the original paint? I laugh, and say yes. It is Zaino! Check it out. I had something get on the fender, and eat through the paint. The dealer said we can not get exact match. The car is 9.5 years old with paint fade. He was wrong. 100% match! They had to apply extra clear coat. Z-2 uv protection saved me. Hands down the best I have used. So I bought a 2017 truck. I applied 2 coats of Z-2, and bam! The color just amplified, and I get more questions. I say ZAINOSTORE.COM. Check it out!
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For a Showroom Shine
Guylaine Miller
I started using Zaino back in 1999 we had bought a black Suburban I was so scared of Swirl marks at the time I worked for a Dentist that had a black Corvette and it always looked AMAZING! So I asked him what he used and he said Zaino Bros. So I ordered up and have been a believer since. I know own a 2016 Chevrolet SS Sedan it Silver and that's the first thing I did the whole program starting with the clay bar. Needless to say it looks Amazing. Showroom finish. I never leave the garage without wiping it down with Z-6 Goss Enhancer or Z-8 Grand Finale. Thanks for a great product. We are excited going to an SS meet up in Southern California I will be sure to spread the word. By the way my 2012 Chevy dually gets the same treatment.
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Superior protection, superior shine.
David S
My experience with Zaino over 14 years: I bought a brand new BMW 330i in 2003 - Loved this car for 14+ years - manual transmission, titanium silver paint, sport package.... perfect. I just sold it and bought a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock (that's the crazy part, but I do love the new Jeep). I wanted something different, and the Jeep is about as different as it gets. So, here's the part that might interest you: My 14 year old BMW sold for $11,999. Yes, really... a 14+ year old car. Not an M3 either. The main reason: I take care of my cars, period. That means Zaino from day one of ownership. I exclusively used Zaino on my BMW for 14 years. When I sold the BMW the condition of the paint was perfect. I don't mean good, I don't mean great - I mean 100% flawless. No signs of age at all. The paint on my 14 year old BMW was factory fresh in every way. I want to say thanks for getting me a serious resale bonus on my BMW. Really, Thank you - without Zaino car polish I think it would have sold for much, much less. Now I'm waiting for good weather here to start the new Jeep on your car polish. I know most folks don't worry about Jeep paint but I DO! So, in summary: 2003 BMW 330i - Zaino from day one (Sold for $$$$) 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee - paint still looks new in 2017. It's my trail beater but it shines! 2003 Acura TL (my son's car, bought used in 2016) - Sparkling black with multiple layers of Zaino, applied by teenager's hands. He's proud of the shine! 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee that my wife drives - she loves the shine (It's me and Zaino that makes it shine, and she owes me.) 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock edition - white with black hard top - waiting patiently for first layer of Zaino this Spring.) So, thanks Sal. -David S Kansas
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Fantastic shine!
Steven S.
Have been using Z-2 and Z-5 for over 16 years. Compared to other products I have tried this is the best. Goes on easy, comes off easy, and the shine lasts for months. Also, it seems to hide fine scratches in the clear coat. Keeps the paint looking like new. Plus, you only need a small amount (like the size of an eraser head) for each panel. So each bottle lasts for years.
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Fantastic Products
Bill Hawthorne
I have been using Zaino products for more than 12 years now. They are by far the best detailing products that I have ever used. They do a superb job. I apply them as recommended, staring with Z-AIO and following up with Z-5 and Z2. I am about to try Z-CS for the fist time and expect the usual great results. I have had total strangers approach me in a parking lot and ask me where I get my car detailed. When I tell them that I do it myself they are astonished. I then tell them about Zaino and refer them to the website. All my friends have now become die-hard Zaino users as well. I'm picking up a brand new BMW X4 next week. As soon as I get it home I will wash it with Dawn and start the Zaino process. I'm sure it will look even better than it did when it left the showroom.
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Zaino - the very best for your show car
Paul Youdelis
I first tried Zaino on my 2010 Challenger. It was really a long hard process the first time, with the wax removal, clay blocking, multiple coats of Zaino with ZFX and gloss enhancer, but in the end, my car's finish never - including the day I got it - has looked better. It is like a Hemi Orange mirror! Since the first application, keeping it up has been simple. An occasional wash or detailing with Z-6 Gloss Enhancer. I have done only one reapplication of the Z-2 with the Gloss enhancer since that first day. The car still glows.
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Best product out there
Donn Malwick
I have been using Zaino products on my Vettes since 2000-on my 4th Vette (currently a 2017 Grand Sport Torch Red) started using Z-CS to top off in 2015 and can't believe how much deeper & wetter it looks after the Z-CS is applied. I also started using the Zaino system on our new Traverse (daily driver) also with Z-CS that I applied in January and still looks fantastic (will apply another coat in the next month but first have to finish the Vette). My base coat is usually Z-AIO then 3-5 coats of Z2Pro followed by -ZCS. My cars next to the same year & color are always deeper, wetter & shine way more than the others & am almost always asked how I got it to shine like that & that usually results in another Zaino customer. I will submit a few pictures when Vette is done.
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Absolutely Amazing
Ive been using Zaino products for approximately 15 years, and is by far my number one choice. I've used Z-2 PRO from day one on my 50th Anniversary Corvette, the depth of shine is amazing. I shudder to think of the dollar amount I've spent on other products, which can't touch the quality of Zaino show car products.
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Superior Product
Karen Williams
I've used Zaino exclusively on my 2003 MINI Cooper for 13 years and she still looks like new. People are amazed when I tell them how old she is. Would be a waste of effort and money to use anything other than Zaino products.
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I Returned
Steve Powell
I have used Zaino for over 5 years exclusively. In December i began using another product. Three months later I noticed what appeared to be imperfections in the paint that I know were not there with Zaino. My 2015 Z06. With 3200 miles is garaged and never driven in the rain. I washed it with Dawn and began the reapplication of Zaino Polish. . My shine and gloss is back. After several layers it's right back where I want it. Thanks Sal for a great product.
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Long Term Use - Outstanding Results
Doug Wiley
I've used Zaino products on all my cars (including those with dark or black paint) and the results are outstanding. So easy to use without the effort that many waxes require. You don't need a buffer to put it on or take it off because it goes on and comes off with ease. Every product I have used from Zaino has been excellent.
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Amazing Mirror Shine!
B. Young
I put two coats of Z-2 with the ZFX accelerator on my Hellcat today and the results are amazing. I highly recommend this product.
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I'll Use Nothing Else!
I've been using Zaino products for 10 years; ever since I bought my 2006 Mustang GT brand new from the factory. Zaino Z-2 has provided and maintained a deep gloss shine to my beloved pony since day one! I'm constantly getting compliments on how great my car looks. Yes, I'm hooked for life: Zaino sells the only polish I'll ever use on my vehicles!
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Barry Jones
I have a 29 year old Jaguar that is all original. This product really brought back the old finish and gave it the bling it needed. Most people think the car is re-painted!
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Best polish around
David Hall
I've been using Zaino for years and love how it makes my cars look. I had tried multiple other waxes before discovering Zaino and nothing else compares to the shine and protection that Z-2 provides. Follow the directions and tips given and stand back and say WOW!
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The BEST wax product on the market!
This wax is several steps above the rest of the products available on the market. It is extremely easy to apply, and for someone that lives in Florida, being able to apply in direct sunlight is a huge convenience. It is by far the shiniest and longest-lasting wax I have ever used in my several years of extensively detailing my automobiles. It made my silver paint so shiny that I cannot even see the few fine scratches that I have. I always say there are regular cars, clean cars, extremely clean cars, and then Zaino-ed cars - just ridiculously shiny and brand new-looking, no matter now old the vehicle is. I have made a 2006 vehicle shinier than brand new vehicles with this product. Absolutely amazing.
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Customer since the early 90's
Lewis Fishman
Over the years I have and continue to use many of the Zaino Products (Z-2,5,6,7,8,ZFX.9.& 10. They work well and the claims by Sal and his team are true. During that time I have "strayed" and tried other products, but I always come back to Zaino!! My cars look great!! I have recommended Zaino products and friends and I have never heard a complaint.
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Not Just For Show Cars
I have a 17 year old every day driver that I have been using Z-2/ZFX on since 1998. I put 3 coats on in April, and three coats in October. It has been through Chicago winters and always looks great and beads water year round. It will last for 6 months. After 17 years of using Zaino, I never have felt its not worth every penny. I've used ZFX/Z-2/Z-5/Z-6/Z-7/Z-9/Z-10/Z-12/Z-16/Z-18. Completely satisfied with ALL products. You cant go wrong with anything Sal sells.
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Intense gloss, easy application, long lasting
Chris Winters
I've used Zaino products for years and the Z-2 Pro is fantastic! It produces a deep, rich gloss, is easy to apply, and buffs off easily. A little truly does go a long way, and it really lasts. I prime my applicator pad with a bit of with a bit of Z-6 so the pad doesn't soak up a lot of Z-2.
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Been using for a long time decided to share how happy I am with it.
Ron Bosco
Been using it on everything from my 91 Ford Taurus wagon,2003 Mini Cooper s to my Hellcat very easy to use and no white mess anywhere! Even do my windows and wheels with it...
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Tom M
I have been using Zaino products on my collector cars and daily drivers for over 10 years. My 05 CTS, daily driver, looks better than any new cars I park next to. I also have a concours level 87 GN. I have only used Z-2 on it. People don't believe it, is the original paint on the car. Keep up the good work,Sal.
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Best Ever
Jeff Ammon
I have been using your products since 2005 on a 2005 car and the car still has the same shine as when I first purchased the car. I still have the car, but I now also have a 2014 Subaru BRZ. Both cars have the best finish using your products. Many of my friends were so impressed, that they have ordered your products--all are very pleased. Thank you for a great product line.
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Talk about a 'mirror' finish
Brian C
By far the best product I have used, long lasting, good protection, and a slick mirrored finish. Actually kind of freaked me out the first few trips out after applying it, I would catch reflections of things around me on the hood, etc. It was kind of fun parking near things (neon signs, etc) and having them clearly reflected on the surface of the car. Great info on the website and Sal provides great support. There is a lot of application tips on the website - you can find most of your answers there if you look. For those who are getting ready to use it for the first time, pay attention to the recommended quantity and coverage - he really isn't kidding on how little you need to use!
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Simply the best
Samuel Lopresti
Hi Sal, Have been using your products for a while now down here in Australia. Your Z2 polish is mind blowing, nothing else compares and I have tried many other products and they look dull in comparison. I have owned my 1974 GT Ford Coupe for 35 years now and your polish makes it look better each time. Many Thanks & Regards Sam Lopresti (Sydney Australia)
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Blown Away
vince spagnuolo
Good evening Sal , I received my order last week and so far applied 2 coats of your Z-2 products . The results on my 1989 911 was phenomenal! I have used over 20 different products over the last 15 years and by far your product is the bomb . Wet looking , deep deep shine . You hooked me !
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Glass Corvette
Jeff Bury
I have been using Zaino products for the last few years. I have a Monterey Red 2007 Corvette C6, that actually looks like glass due to Zaino car polish. Prior to discovering Zaino no matter how much I wax and buffed my car it just didnt have that perfect shine to it. Then I saw a article about Zaino polish and thought I would give it a try. I started out with Z-2 Pro Show Polish with the ZFX Flash Cure and after the first coat I was amazed at the shine! I could not believe the shine or how easy it is to use. Since that first polish I have not used anything but Zaino on my Corvette. Over the last couple of years I have picked up a few swirls in my finish, so I sent a email to Zaino about the swirls and they recommend Z-PC followed by Z-5 then Z-2. And needless to say the swirls are gone and my paint looks and feels like glass! During the summer months I show my Corvette and every car show I go to the first thing I get asked is what kind of polish I use on my car, and I tell them Zaino. I also have Z-6 and Z-8 Grand Finale that I use after I arrive at the show, that really makes my car pop! And thanks in part to Zaino, I took Best Modified in the 2014 Motor City Corvette Concours.
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gerard k
Great stuff. Truly outlasts any other wax I have ever used. 9-10 months easy. Was used since day one on my 2011 ram. Paint has held up excellent compared to other vehicles that are now the same age. My finish looks great. Super slick feel to the paint. Remember this isn't a wax with cleaners so it won't even remove water marks. Just optically pier goodness!
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Awesome for protecting Jeeps paint from mud & dirt
Jim T.
Thanks for your amazing products, makes my Jeep look like a showroom car even after driven hard. & put away wet! The Zaino Z-2 Pro offers amazing protection for my Jeeps paint, it is very easy for the dirt & mud to wash off after a hard day off road. Amazing!
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Z-2 Pro Polish
Robert Reid
I have a Red 2012 Porsche 911 and my wife has a 2014 White Porsche Cayenne. I did a side by side test on my front hood between Zymol and Zaino. The Zaino side had a better shine and it has much better protection. My car is not a daily driver, but my wife's is and Zaino holds up great! We live in Florida were the sun is insane and it rains once a day. Zaino keeps my wife's car looking like it was just waxed. This is a great product!!!
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Mike C.
Mike Ciopyk
Awesome Product! I've used a countless number of different polishes over the years, but nothing has looked better or lasted longer than Z-2! Thanks Zaino!
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3 year old Zaino!
While looking at a picture of my Z06 it occurred to me that I haven't Zaino'd it in 3 years. It has lost a tiny bit of its shine however, unless you're a fellow Zaino user, you wouldn't be able to tell. Due to relocating, changing jobs and purchasing a house that needed tons of improvements I simply haven't had much time to spend on my vehicles. Attached is a picture I took right after hand washing my Corvette. It has many coats of your products, mostly Z-2 and Z-5, however the most recent was approx. 3 years before this was taken. Great products!
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