Z-12 Clear-View Glass Polish

Z-12 Clear-View Glass Polish

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We searched for years trying to find a glass polish that really works as advertised. Frustrated with the results, we decided to engineer our own. Introducing Z-12 Clear-View Glass Polish™. Formulated with mild abrasives, Z-12 Clear-View Glass Polish™ deep cleans and polishes all glass surfaces with ease. It quickly removes acid rain spots, hard water spots, road film, stubborn bird stains, and that annoying interior glass film. Z-12 Clear-View Glass Polish™ is so effective, it even removes fine to medium scratches. We have yet to find a stain that Z-12 Clear-View Glass Polish™ did not remove from glass. It leaves glass crystal clear and sparkling.
Worked great on my headlightd!
After doing the massive windshield on my Dodge Sprinter, I decided to try it on my headlights that hazed over again after its last, laborious polishing. In a matter of minutes, they glistened like new and looked at least as good as when I polished them previously after just a fraction of the effort. So, I tried it on my newer vehicles where that hazed and it did the same great job.
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Good for table tops, home windows…
I was a union glazier for a few years and learned many tricks in the trades, learned about this from detailing my car with it, but if you have an old table top that dat under a prince tree outside for a couple years, this product will make it shine again given it’s a quality piece of glass.
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Not just for Auto Glass
This stuff obviously works great on my cars. But it has many other uses too. My wife stole a bottle for her glass top range. The only thing that truly worked on her stove top!
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Great Glass Polish
This past weekend I washed my new class c motorhome to get it ready for the camping season. After it was washed I used some ceramic coating polish which is supposed to be used on all surfaces of the vehicle. After it was done I noticed streak marks on all the windows. I attempted to clean them with regular glass cleaner with no success. Like another customer I remembered that I had a bottle that I purchased back in 2014 and decided to give it a try work great in removing the streaks. Unfortunately while up on the ladder the bottle fell and shattered luckily I was able to salvage enough to complete the job. I’ve ordered a new bottle I took away one star for the $8.95 shipping kinda high In my opinion.
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Hard Water Deposits
Z-12 is honestly miracle in a bottle! I purchased a 2010 Corvette and once I took delivery of it I noticed that it had obviously spent some time under a sprinkler system. I have literally used everything to try and get the water spots removed, then I came across Zaino Z-12, yes I was skeptical, but now I am a true believer. I am tossing out all my other cleaners, waxes etc., and only using Zaino products from now on. This stuff works!
Jeff S.
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This stuff is awesome. Removed water spots with ease.
Aldo Lara
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