Z-5 PRO Show Car Polish for Swirl Marks and Fine Scratches

Z-5 PRO Show Car Polish for Swirl Marks and Fine Scratches

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Z-5 PRO represents the summit of modern paint care and protection technology, and boasts more shine, more gloss, more depth, more clarity, greater reflectivity, and improved swirl-hiding properties. All of which deliver increased performance over our already incredible Z-5 Show Car Polish.
Please note that if this is your first time using the Zaino system, ZFX or Z-AIO is mandatory for use with Z-2 PRO, Z-3, or Z-5 PRO.
Nothing beats a Z5 Shine!
Dan Alan Kolean
Verified Buyer
After swearing off black cars after owning one I had the opportunity to buy a 2020 VW GTI demo at a price I couldn’t refuse. The car is for my wife and she told me it was my job to keep the “Black Pearl”, as she calls it, looking good. Well, I spent the afternoon today getting the Black Pearl standing tall curtesy of Zaino show polish products (A-AIO base, Z5 polish and Z6 Gloss Enhancer). My wife was thrilled. The back story is I’ve been a Zaino junkie for the past 18 years. It started with a 1997 Windsor Blue (dark) GTI. I had been looking for a great car wax product since the 70s. Now that I had a dark colored car I needed to find something that would make it stand out without killing myself getting it done. I stumble across Zaino Brothers show polish and, after talking to Sal, I bought a package. At the time I worked in new car sales for a Volkswagen dealer. The week after I bought I drove it to the dealership on my day off pulled it into an open bay in service and spent the day giving it the works. Clayed it then applied Z2 polish followed by Z6 gloss enhancer, three applications. By the time I finished it the guys in sales and service were drooling over it and asking if I’d do their cars to which I said no and directed them to the Zaino website. Four year later on day I sold the car the buyer came in and the first thing he said “is that the car?”. He couldn’t get his money out fast enough. Now that I’ve found the holy grail of car polishes my cars have been “standing tall” ever since. The Black Pearl will be well cared for from hear on. The one thing about black is it’s hard to take your eyes off of when it looks this spectacular!
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Great shine and durability
Robb R
Used Zaino off and on for 15 years now. I’ll try something new, realize it isn’t as good or last as long as Zaino, and will come right back. My car is daily driven, love the Z5 for it. Awesome shine and it beads when it rains for much longer then anything else I can find.
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Loyal Customer - Fantastic Car Care Products!!
Been using Zaino for all of my vehicles almost exclusively for over 10 years. They make some of the best car care products in the business, and this Z5 Pro is no exception. Use all of their stuff as they suggest and you will see amazing results.
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Amy J
Zaino gets used on all our vehicles, but it was really special on a used one owner car that my dealer had delivered new (one that came from the factory in an enclosed carrier & covered with protective plastic). The car was well taken care of but hadn't seen Zaino yet. After using Z-PC & putting a layer of Z-5 on every time I washed it, I took it back to the dealer & stunned them, as they said it looked better than when it was delivered!
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Great Products
Jerry Uttrachi
A product manager and I parked our Corvettes at the far end of our 800 employee parking lot. His always looked better than mine. he used Zaino, mixing, several coats etc. At the time thought it was too much work. When I got my new C7 in 2013 found a way to use the products in a simplier way. because of my dark red color Sal recommended Z-5. He said what I found was accurate, I could use it without mixing and apply Z-CS immediately over the buffed Z-5 which I did. He also suggested I could immediately apply Z-6 for an enhanced shin. Boy has that approach worked. Just sold the 2014 C7 and the buyer said it looked showroom new! For my new Grand Sport on order I'm going to add one more product! after washing and Clay, I'll apply Z-AIO and follow that with Z-2Pro (this one is White.) Again no mixing. Will follow with Z-CS. In fact love that product, It's apply and let dry - 5 minutes in total. I have Z-6 so will use it for a final on this first application. In between my applications 3 or 4 times per year, after washing I often apply Z-CS on the wheels and side skirts. Will do the same with the new Grand Sport.
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Awesome Easy to Apply!
Peter Lancaster
Love ALL Zaino products. I've used pretty much every product including the towels and have LOVED every product. The polishes are extremely easy to apply and the results are amazing. My Range Rover looks brand new. I can't get over the shine. I've tried many other products over the years and Zaino is the best!
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Awesome Protection
Marc Bellavia
I'm a long time user of Zaino but I continue to be amazed by the results. I start with dawn, clay bar the car, use Z-AIO and follow with Z-5 and Z-6. I just did my wife's car for the first time (came out amazing) and was considering reapplying Z-5 to my car. Admittedly, my car doesn't see much bad weather but after a year water still beads. A year!!! That's incredible. Zaino is a great product, easy to apply and has unbeatable durability. I also love that you don't really have to tape anything off as it can get on plastics and rubber. That's a big time saver. For someone without a ton of time on his hands and can't "wax" cars once every 3-6 months, its the way to go and worth the price.
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Steve Powell
Just finished an application of Z-5 with ZFX. Completed in 28 minutes including wheels. In 14 months I have completed close to one hundred applications and have nothing but good things to say about your product. I use it at least weekly . Thanks for a great product !
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This Stuff Is Phenominal!
Ryan Eakins
I usually buy light colored vehicles. White, Pearl White Metallic, Cashmere Pearlescent Tri-Coat Metallic... but for some reason I recently purchased two that are dark colors. A Tuxedo Black Ford F-150 and a most resent, a Bordeaux Reserve Metallic Lincoln MKZ. I have tried just about every wax and detailing product you can buy from the auto stores and had started regretting getting these dark colored vehicles. Then a buddy of mine told me about your amazing products. He recommended the All In One, Show Car Wax and the Worlds Most Amazing Wax in the White bottle. These 3 ran me 60 bucks... But I thought, if it's as good as he says it is, I don't care what it costs. When the package arrived I read all the instructions and washed/dried my Lincoln as directed. Then I started racing the clock against because the sun was setting and I wanted to get step one completed. When finished, all I could say was... OMG! The car looks like it's wet - and it feels like it's lubricated! I was so excited I sat outside starring at the car well into the night. Just in awe at how phenomenal this stuff is! So the weekend came and I did both vehicles. I couldn't be happier and I've ttold all my Facebook friends about your wax and shared your website. Nothing and I mean nothing has ever made either of them look so amazing. It's almost as if they are made of glass now. I find myself just standing and looking at them.
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A lasting shine
If you could attach my photos, that would sum up this review instantly. Let the pics speak for this product. Ive used many waxes before and none made dark colors pop like Z-5. This product is also the only product that lasts for months with this shine. The daytime photo was taken a month after waxing; it was just washed that day. This paint is factory; you can tell from the orange peel. It had the factory swirls too. This isn't show paint or cut down at all.
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Richard K. Acquistapace
Dear Sal, Disregard my last email regarding my 2014 Chevrolet Cruze and the scratches on the hood of my car. I used your Z-5 PRO on the scratch marks and it was like magic! I followed the directions you posted and viola! The scratches just disappeared! I cannot believe how awesome your products are! You are the greatest and your products speak for themselves. I am very pleased that I did not have to let a body shop charge me $50.00 dollars to "burn" and "buff" my paint with minimal results. I am quoting the man who said he would work on the scratches when he said, "I can buff it out but the scratches will still be noticeable". Your product did exactly as advertised. I only would have liked to taken before and after pictures so you could post the results on your site. Please post this email so other customers and potential customers can review my "mind-blowing" results. I am so happy with your waxes and polishes. I just put on a coat of Z-2 PRO and in a few hours will use your cotton towel to remove, buff and let that finish shine. Tomorrow, I will use your Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray prior to applying another coat of Z-2 PRO. The finish just gets better and better after each use of the two products. There are NO OTHER products on the market that can do what yours can. I used to detail cars and I know from experience. Your faithful customer for life, Richard K. Acquistapace
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Ex Liquid Glass User
Joseph Moses.
I have been a liquid glass user for years. I recently bought a new Porsche and decided to update my knowledge of car care products as well as my car. I spent a lot of time researching products online and in forums and the product that everyone loves to hate is Zaino. I called your tech support numbers and told the person who answered about my needs and he recommended. Z-AIO, Z-5, Z-6 and Z-7. I purchased all but the Z-7. After all it is just car wash soap right. I cleaned my car with dawn. Clay barred it and used the AIO and Z5. The results were stellar. I have thrown away my liquid glass and ordered the Z-7, Z-2, Z-CS Clearseal. Glass polish, and leather in a bottle as well as two more bottles of Z-6. A product that performs beyond expectations is rare in today's marketplace. Thank you for providing one. It doesn't hurt that Zaino products smell terrific too.
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The best there is
Chuck Kay
Zaino products are simply the best made. The protection is incredible. The shine is rich and deep. I can go months without washing my car, etc ... and the protection just lasts. When it rains, even months afterwards, the water just beads up. I have a 3 year old black Acura TL, and i get compliments several times a week. After using Z5 and other products, the shine is so great, it almost doesn't look black. What I mean, is the reflection is great and mirror like, you see clouds, grass, whatever is around, pop in the paint and surface of your car. I use Z-AIO, Z5, Z2, Z6, Z8, CS ... heck, I use them all. :-) The Border-Free towels are the best made. Zaino products are very economical too. A little really goes a "LONG" way. Still have several of my products 3 years later.
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