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Unsolicited Customer reviews & photos using #1 rated Zaino products to achieve fantastic results.

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Good Job

Hi to whomever this goes too. I just wanted to comment about the Zaino products and in this case, Z-2. About three months ago, I was transitioning from one freeway to another here in S. Calif.. Without warning, a car in front of me had passed over what appeared to be a 2 foot square sign of some type. Spit out from under that car, it smacked the front end of my '07 Corvette. Hitting the front which was protected with a clear bra, then both the protected and non-protected hood and finally the windshield before passing overhead at high speed and disappearing.

When I got to work and was able to examine the damage, I saw the clear bra took the brunt of the impact but this sign thing, also hit the non-clearbra protect hood area. The entire car is coated with Zaino Z-2. My first thought is that non-clearbra area was trashed and the hood would need repainting. To my surprise, that paint transfer or whatever it was, wiped off the hood. The clearbra didn't do as well by far but did its job. Again, my surprise was that the non-protected area other than having Zaino on it, was perfect.

Maybe I simply got lucky or maybe that Zaino'd surface was so slippery, it didn't have a chance to get damaged. I'm impressed and trust me when I say, it takes a lot to impress me. The clearbra was just replaced a week ago and the bumper and hood look like new.

Thanks for a great product. :)


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