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Z-9 Leather Interior Cleaner
Dan Bouet
I use this to clean all my vehicles interior surfaces- from the dashboard to center console to seats. Follow right behind the sprays with a wipe down with a microfiber cloth. Works amazing and gets rid of cigarette smell too!
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Finding Z-AIO an excellent prep before using Z-2 and Z-5 when a heavy abrasive is not necessary. I've been using Zaino products since 2005. Always satisfied with the results.
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Best product ZAINO
James Degree
After a friend told me about Zaino a few months ago I've decided to give it a try. I followed all the steps and wow what a show room finish. My friend's and coworkers ask who detailed your truck? I told them I did with Zaino show car polish. Zaino is definitely the greatest polish I've ever used and the only polish I would put on my truck. Thank you Zaino.
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Try some Z8
Dan McDonald
Z-8 worked miracles for me. My 2008 300C was nothing special before I started using Zaino products. After prepping the finish with the other Zaino products and a final application of Z-8, I got a best paint award at a large Mopar car show. This is with original paint that had been neglected for three years before I got the car. Unbelievable!!!!! One thing to keep in mind though...heed the warning about using this product on a hot surface in the sun. This will only cause you more work. Just follow the instructions and you will be highly satisfied
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Never go back to anything else
Jasiu Osakowicz
This is the third time in 10 years I’ve used zaino on my 2001 mustang. I usually only put a few hundred miles on my car per year so I don’t need to apply it every year. The wax holds up so well, there really isn’t a need to. It is a time consuming endeavor to do it right, and it it is more costly than other waxes put you get tremendous results. What’s the point of spending less money on an inferior product that gives you mediocre results?
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Mirror Finish
billy Sherar
2003 Black Mercury Marauder over 200,000 miles. All vertical surfaces, Door & Fenders, are OEM paint. Use Z-CS and Z-8. Can clearly see myself well enough to shave! Holds up to the heat and does not melt off. Using Zaino for 12 years. Very easy to apply and maintain
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Great protection over the years
So here is my Zaino PSA. I know pics are worth a thousand words, but there is no place to post a pic here. Anyways, I have a 2003 50th anniversary corvette with pace car graphics. Have been using Zaino since nearly day one. My car now has 29k miles and the graphics are still perfect. What I like so much about this polish is I have never had to detail around the edges of the graphics. I can apply Zaino directly to the graphics and still don't get the caking effect you would get with typical wax.
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Never let me down
John Lanzetta
I've used Zaino products EXCLUSIVELY on my 2002 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage black coupe for the past 15 years. I've shown it for judging at auto concours (and have come in first or second in its class), and often just display the car at auto events. Since my first full application of Z products back in 2003, I've never had to "remove" the finish but just "refresh" it with Z-7 washes and, about once a year, a coat or two of Z-5 or Z-2 Pro with intermittent touch up sprays with Z-6 or Z-8. Sure, I keep the car covered (cats!), but the primary credit goes to Zaino. It's a relief not to be tempted by all the "pretty good" products clamoring for attention out there because, for me, Zaino is my reliable number one.
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Ultimate in finish protection & shine
Davide May
Bought the Total Protection Show Car Kit for my 2011 Corvette Torch Red, people pull up to me at stop lights and marvel at the color and finish, and this is just a base Corvette coupe, nothing fancy, a lot of work but absolutely worth it, the clay bar made a huge difference on windows too.
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Best Polish System Around
Shawn Klawitter
I have been using the Zaino system since 2011 when I got my Challenger. Following all directions Every two years I stripped off old polish and added successive new polish along with occasional Z-8 spray downs before car shows. After 6 years I traded off the Challenger for a new Jeep. Right before the sale was complete I performed a final wash and polish. The beading of the water was phenomenal. Even the dealer commented on how well the paint looked after 6 years. I have already started my base coats on the new car. This system is the real deal! Well worth the money spent!
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Effort = Reward
I have been using Zaino exclusively on all 8 of my vehicles I have owned over the past 18 years and can declare without hesitation that the results have been consistently rewarding and long lasting. I would book a full day and a half to give the car the full "spa treatment". The good news is that I only need to do that once per year! In comparison to the latest fad in car protection (coating/film), Zaino is a strong competitor/alternative due to its low cost and comparable results (at least to coatings). When it does wear out, you simply reapply, unlike coatings/film that have a messy and expensive removal process.
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Paul Mason
First of all I've been using Zaino products for years from the car wash to Z-2, Z-6, Z-8, Z-12 and Z-16 and as of yesterday, 7/13/17, Z-CS. Just got my new Raptor on Monday and had to get to work getting it waxed. Checked the website and saw the Z-CS, and of course ordered it. All I can say is WOW, does this thing POP now after waxing it. It takes very little with no effort at all to apply. As big as my truck is, it only took less then 10 minutes to do the whole thing. All you do is put it on and it does everything else for you. This product is a must for keeping your vehicle looking brand new. Thanks again for such an assortment of GREAT PRODUCTS.
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Z-2 amazing clarity!
I bought a new 06 gto, and wanted to apply a good wax. Instead I was lead to Zaino. The initial steps for applying the first time take some time, but the after result is phenomenal!! I use 2 coats of Z-2 yearly on it since about the time I bought it. I continually get the question. Is that the original paint? I laugh, and say yes. It is Zaino! Check it out. I had something get on the fender, and eat through the paint. The dealer said we can not get exact match. The car is 9.5 years old with paint fade. He was wrong. 100% match! They had to apply extra clear coat. Z-2 uv protection saved me. Hands down the best I have used. So I bought a 2017 truck. I applied 2 coats of Z-2, and bam! The color just amplified, and I get more questions. I say ZAINOSTORE.COM. Check it out!
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Never Better
I've been using Zaino products happily for about 7 years, now, on 3 different cars. Fantastic stuff, and my results keep getting better as I get more experience with the line. Z-CS provides the final step for gorgeous, wet-look perfection! I couldn't be happier with this product and the results.
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Unbelievable..a bottle of leather magic
Ed H
I have wasted so much money in the past trying to find a Leather Conditioner that actually smells like leather an to no avail. They all smell of chemicals or fake leather. I ordered the Z-10 an am blown away by the conditioning AND wonderful leather scent. I took my bottle to the car dealers in town in hopes they will start using this. I rarely rate products but THIS Z-10 deserves a rating. This is the epitome of leather care
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Not just for tires
Amy J
While this is awesome on tires & lasts forever, it's also great on rubber seals & plastic parts (like front bumper trim). I use it on window seals & the gaskets on a hard top convertible, it keeps everything soft & pliable without running down when it gets wet (& even if it did, I know it won't harm the paint).
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Amy J
Zaino gets used on all our vehicles, but it was really special on a used one owner car that my dealer had delivered new (one that came from the factory in an enclosed carrier & covered with protective plastic). The car was well taken care of but hadn't seen Zaino yet. After using Z-PC & putting a layer of Z-5 on every time I washed it, I took it back to the dealer & stunned them, as they said it looked better than when it was delivered!
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The real deal!
Amy J
I've been using Zaino everything for the last 10 years, but hadn't tried this because it was pricey and I honestly thought nothing could improve on the Zaino shine I already had. Boy was I wrong! Tried it on our black roadster first & it literally made the paint look like liquid. Moved on to our red cars & it was just as good. In fact, when we took our red GT500 to the dealer they were blown away & said they had NEVER seen one with paint that shiny before. Believe the hype!
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For a Showroom Shine
Guylaine Miller
I started using Zaino back in 1999 we had bought a black Suburban I was so scared of Swirl marks at the time I worked for a Dentist that had a black Corvette and it always looked AMAZING! So I asked him what he used and he said Zaino Bros. So I ordered up and have been a believer since. I know own a 2016 Chevrolet SS Sedan it Silver and that's the first thing I did the whole program starting with the clay bar. Needless to say it looks Amazing. Showroom finish. I never leave the garage without wiping it down with Z-6 Goss Enhancer or Z-8 Grand Finale. Thanks for a great product. We are excited going to an SS meet up in Southern California I will be sure to spread the word. By the way my 2012 Chevy dually gets the same treatment.
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Z-6 ... Best in show!
Bobby Porter
Since my neighbor (who has a 16 year old Audi that's showroom new in appearance) introduced me to the Zaino phenomenon 4 years ago, I have subsequently converted 8 additional friends and family members to the Zaino family. My Audi will never be touched by anything other than Zaino products. If I had to choose the MVP ( most valuable product ) of the line, I'd go with Z-6. It's fast, easy and very effective. Bobby P. Orange, CA /Users/bobbyporter/Desktop/Mail Attachment.jpeg /Users/bobbyporter/Desktop/026_23.jpg
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Great Products
Jerry Uttrachi
A product manager and I parked our Corvettes at the far end of our 800 employee parking lot. His always looked better than mine. he used Zaino, mixing, several coats etc. At the time thought it was too much work. When I got my new C7 in 2013 found a way to use the products in a simplier way. because of my dark red color Sal recommended Z-5. He said what I found was accurate, I could use it without mixing and apply Z-CS immediately over the buffed Z-5 which I did. He also suggested I could immediately apply Z-6 for an enhanced shin. Boy has that approach worked. Just sold the 2014 C7 and the buyer said it looked showroom new! For my new Grand Sport on order I'm going to add one more product! after washing and Clay, I'll apply Z-AIO and follow that with Z-2Pro (this one is White.) Again no mixing. Will follow with Z-CS. In fact love that product, It's apply and let dry - 5 minutes in total. I have Z-6 so will use it for a final on this first application. In between my applications 3 or 4 times per year, after washing I often apply Z-CS on the wheels and side skirts. Will do the same with the new Grand Sport.
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Superior protection, superior shine.
David S
My experience with Zaino over 14 years: I bought a brand new BMW 330i in 2003 - Loved this car for 14+ years - manual transmission, titanium silver paint, sport package.... perfect. I just sold it and bought a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock (that's the crazy part, but I do love the new Jeep). I wanted something different, and the Jeep is about as different as it gets. So, here's the part that might interest you: My 14 year old BMW sold for $11,999. Yes, really... a 14+ year old car. Not an M3 either. The main reason: I take care of my cars, period. That means Zaino from day one of ownership. I exclusively used Zaino on my BMW for 14 years. When I sold the BMW the condition of the paint was perfect. I don't mean good, I don't mean great - I mean 100% flawless. No signs of age at all. The paint on my 14 year old BMW was factory fresh in every way. I want to say thanks for getting me a serious resale bonus on my BMW. Really, Thank you - without Zaino car polish I think it would have sold for much, much less. Now I'm waiting for good weather here to start the new Jeep on your car polish. I know most folks don't worry about Jeep paint but I DO! So, in summary: 2003 BMW 330i - Zaino from day one (Sold for $$$$) 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee - paint still looks new in 2017. It's my trail beater but it shines! 2003 Acura TL (my son's car, bought used in 2016) - Sparkling black with multiple layers of Zaino, applied by teenager's hands. He's proud of the shine! 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee that my wife drives - she loves the shine (It's me and Zaino that makes it shine, and she owes me.) 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock edition - white with black hard top - waiting patiently for first layer of Zaino this Spring.) So, thanks Sal. -David S Kansas
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Fantastic shine!
Steven S.
Have been using Z-2 and Z-5 for over 16 years. Compared to other products I have tried this is the best. Goes on easy, comes off easy, and the shine lasts for months. Also, it seems to hide fine scratches in the clear coat. Keeps the paint looking like new. Plus, you only need a small amount (like the size of an eraser head) for each panel. So each bottle lasts for years.
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amazing product
Charlie Borowski
I started using Zaino products after buying my wife a 2004 Sunset Orange 350-z convertible and have used your products ever since on all my vehicles. I tried the Z-CS on my 2011 black Dodge Ram crew cab and was blown away by the ease and the shine that has remained on the truck for nine months. My truck sits outside but you would think it is a showroom queen. It looks brand new. Thanks for a wonderful product. I don't even think about using anything else.
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Z6 is the best out there!
P Ruble
I bought the full show car Zaino system for my Vette last fall after a friend told me it was the only way to go. He was absolutely right! Plus, Zaino's website is right about only needing 1/2 ounce for the whole car. One year later, I am about to order a new bottle even though I have 3 or 4 more applications in the original bottle. It also does a great job getting rid of water spots after drying and is fantastic at maintaining the shine and repeling dust. I'm now a confirmed Zaino enthusiast!
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Betsy S
I have been a faithful user of the complete array of Zaino products for over 10 years now. I wrote a testimonial when I first experienced Zaino because I had never seen anything work like Zaino did on my car's finish. I hadn't written any testimonials any more recently than that because there was nothing I could say that hundreds of others hadn't already said. But today, I found something new to say. On my last order, I got the Border Free towels (which I am sorry I did not order sooner because they are simply excellent) and the Grand Finale Spray - and WOW. First, let me back up. I have a black car that's two months old. I've been using the Zaino Car Wash, Z-2, Z-5, and Z-6 Gloss Enhancer every time I have a few hours to put into doing it. I think my car probably has 5 coats of Z-5, 5 of Z-2, and 1 coat of the Z-AIO All-in-One on it. Last week, after the Zaino Car Wash; the Z-5, the Z-2, and a round of Z-6 Gloss Enhancer, I finished up with The Grand Finale. For starters, it took 2 people to put on the car cover because the finish was so slippery it was impossible with one person. Second, and this is what I want everyone to know: After using The Z-8 Grand Finale last week, I drove my car from Virginia to Georgia and South Carolina. So you have a good idea of the bug splatters I accumulated, right? I returned Saturday and took my car to a self-service pressure wash booth today. What you see in these pictures IS NOTHING MORE THAN A PRESSURE RINSE. NO SOAP, NO SPONGES, NO JOKING. The Grand Finale is like nothing I have ever used. If I hadn't experienced this myself, I wouldn't believe it was true. Thanks for creating such a GREAT product! Sincerely, Betsy S.
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Hard Water Deposits
Jeff S.
Z-12 is honestly miracle in a bottle! I purchased a 2010 Corvette and once I took delivery of it I noticed that it had obviously spent some time under a sprinkler system. I have literally used everything to try and get the water spots removed, then I came across Zaino Z-12, yes I was skeptical, but now I am a true believer. I am tossing out all my other cleaners, waxes etc., and only using Zaino products from now on. This stuff works!
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Fantastic Products
Bill Hawthorne
I have been using Zaino products for more than 12 years now. They are by far the best detailing products that I have ever used. They do a superb job. I apply them as recommended, staring with Z-AIO and following up with Z-5 and Z2. I am about to try Z-CS for the fist time and expect the usual great results. I have had total strangers approach me in a parking lot and ask me where I get my car detailed. When I tell them that I do it myself they are astonished. I then tell them about Zaino and refer them to the website. All my friends have now become die-hard Zaino users as well. I'm picking up a brand new BMW X4 next week. As soon as I get it home I will wash it with Dawn and start the Zaino process. I'm sure it will look even better than it did when it left the showroom.
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Zaino - the very best for your show car
Paul Youdelis
I first tried Zaino on my 2010 Challenger. It was really a long hard process the first time, with the wax removal, clay blocking, multiple coats of Zaino with ZFX and gloss enhancer, but in the end, my car's finish never - including the day I got it - has looked better. It is like a Hemi Orange mirror! Since the first application, keeping it up has been simple. An occasional wash or detailing with Z-6 Gloss Enhancer. I have done only one reapplication of the Z-2 with the Gloss enhancer since that first day. The car still glows.
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Z-16 Perfect Tire Gloss is the Best On the Market!!!!!
Dan Fletcher
Z-16 is the best tire dressing I have ever used. It lasts a long time and does not sling of like all the others I have used! However, the sponge I received was wasn't so good. It fell apart after two applications. ZAINO ROCKS!
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Z-CS review and application
I purchased this trio a while back. I have used all the Zaino products except the Z-CS.I was a little reluctant to use the Z-CS at first. I had read about other one step coatings and how particular the application process was. Most other coatings want the car to be free of all wax before coating. This product is to be applied over the other Zaino wax and polishes. So I decided to try it out on my truck, which is black. I figured if I can make it look good on black other colors should be easy. I had just finished detailing a 2004 black Corvette for shows. This was not done with Zaino products. Step I used on the Corvette. Clay bar-compound-swirl mark remover-glaze-sealant-carnuba wax. The car turned out very nice. Step used on the truck: Clay bar-compound-ZPC Fusion-Z-CS-Z-8 This took a lot less work and less time. The results was just as nice as the Corvette. I wanted to compare it to the finish on the Corvette. The next car I do I will use Z-2 and Z-5 before applying the Z-CS Application: I went over the surface with a tack rag to remove all dust and lint before applying the Z-CS. I personally do not like the 314 applicator for this product. I seems to put lint on the surface. I used a micro fiber wax applicator and saw no lint. I primed the pad with one spray and one spray per panel. I went over panel once in a circular motion over the entire panel then straight back and forth motion. I allowed about five minutes cure time then sprayed panel with Z-8. Using a Micro fiber towel for glass, thin and small nap, will very very light pressure go over the panel. This will level out the coating and it really looks wet. Can not wait to see what it will look like when used over other Zaino products.
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Best product out there
Donn Malwick
I have been using Zaino products on my Vettes since 2000-on my 4th Vette (currently a 2017 Grand Sport Torch Red) started using Z-CS to top off in 2015 and can't believe how much deeper & wetter it looks after the Z-CS is applied. I also started using the Zaino system on our new Traverse (daily driver) also with Z-CS that I applied in January and still looks fantastic (will apply another coat in the next month but first have to finish the Vette). My base coat is usually Z-AIO then 3-5 coats of Z2Pro followed by -ZCS. My cars next to the same year & color are always deeper, wetter & shine way more than the others & am almost always asked how I got it to shine like that & that usually results in another Zaino customer. I will submit a few pictures when Vette is done.
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Feel the Cotton
William Williams
I saw a preview where the guy used ALL the other brands: and said Zaino out shined them all .. that you could talk to Mr. Sal Zaino for help...i knew all this and did talk to Mr. Zaino.. but the guy writing the review didnt say anything about the towels... i carry one in my car at all times and always use them washing my SC430...but here's a warning ..never cut them in half.. amazing products...
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Best Tire Dressing!
William zisk
Being a person who wants people to notice how I take pride in what I drive and that it draws attention, this is far the best product I have ever used, keep producing a great line of car products!
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Awesome Easy to Apply!
Peter Lancaster
Love ALL Zaino products. I've used pretty much every product including the towels and have LOVED every product. The polishes are extremely easy to apply and the results are amazing. My Range Rover looks brand new. I can't get over the shine. I've tried many other products over the years and Zaino is the best!
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BOSS 302 is truly a BOSS now with a Zaino mirror finish!
Andrew Loucas
I have never been able to successfully polish any of my old cars when I used Auto part store" waxes and pastes. I ordered the Zaino total protection show car kit after a few members of my Mustang/Shelby club recommended it. So I ordered it for my myself for Father's day and I just got to testing it yesterday on my 2013 Boss 302 in Gotta Have it Green tri-coat paint finish and the car glistens! In fact when I took pictures of it and posted them on Facebook, a friend of mine was able to see in great detail the reflection of my neighbor's house in the paint! And it was really easy to apply. I washed, clay bared, and polished the car 2x and I was done in about 5 hours (that's with pulling off the wheels and getting in the wheel wells too). I highly recommend it!
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Absolutely Amazing
I’ve been using Zaino products for approximately 15 years, and is by far my number one choice. I've used Z-2 PRO from day one on my 50th Anniversary Corvette, the depth of shine is amazing. I shudder to think of the dollar amount I've spent on other products, which can't touch the quality of Zaino show car products.
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What a great product!
Earle Kirkley
I have a 2015 Corvette which I absolutely love. A few months ago, I was washing it at home and before I could dry it off, I had to stop to help my wife with something. I came back about 20 minutes later and figured I would hose the car back off and then dry it. When I was done drying, I noticed I had water spots on several of the level surfaces of the car. I knew they had just happened so I tried to re-wash those areas thinking they had not set it, but they had. For the next few months they really bothered me and I tried a couple of non-invasive approaches to removing them but nothing worked. I wasn't sure how far I could go with removing them from a fiberglass body. At one point I took my car to a detailer. They said they could remove the water spots if I left my car with them for 3-4 hours and that it would cost $210. I would have done it but I didn't have the time. One day I went on to a Corvette Forum site to see if anyone else had experienced this problem. A few people had and one guy recommended something called Zaino Z-PC. I decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did. It cost $14.95 a bottle. I applied it according to the directions and tried a small area. I gently worked it in for a minute or so then cleaned the product off. The spots were gone and the gloss shine was beautiful. I couldn't wait to do the rest of the car! I did the hood, the back trunk area and some of the flat spots on the upper side. All the areas I did looked better than the rest of the car (and I thought it already looked great!) and it was very easy! I will be using Zaino products on my cars from now on!
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Awesome Protection
Marc Bellavia
I'm a long time user of Zaino but I continue to be amazed by the results. I start with dawn, clay bar the car, use Z-AIO and follow with Z-5 and Z-6. I just did my wife's car for the first time (came out amazing) and was considering reapplying Z-5 to my car. Admittedly, my car doesn't see much bad weather but after a year water still beads. A year!!! That's incredible. Zaino is a great product, easy to apply and has unbeatable durability. I also love that you don't really have to tape anything off as it can get on plastics and rubber. That's a big time saver. For someone without a ton of time on his hands and can't "wax" cars once every 3-6 months, its the way to go and worth the price.
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2016 Challenger Scat Pack
Dear Sal and the Zaino Team, As I was sitting at the dealer purchasing my car and they asked if I was interested in a paint protection package, so I asked what the price was. When he told me $850, I almost passed out and said 'No Thank You"! When I got home, I started researching paint protection and came across Zaino. I remember a friend used it on his car and decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did! I bought the Ultimate Protection Kit and a bottle of Z-8 Grand Finale Spray. The results were truly AMAZING. I was really surprised how much nicer a brand new car looked after applying the Zaino products. And the Z-16 Tire Gloss is perfect. I applied it and drove it immediately afterwards and there was no slinging off like most of the other products on the market. I'm a customer for life! Thanks for great products! Sincerely, Dan
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I will use nothing else.
Ralph Turczynski
I drive a 2015 Tundra in the sunset bronze mica color. I have never found a wax or polish that brings out the metallic paint the way Zaino does. It's unbelieveable how deep the gloss finish looks with Z-2 and then add the Z-6 (gloss enhancer) it makes it look even deeper. I have to park my truck outside and after using Zaino for 7 years on my old truck. The finish looked like the day I picked it up when I traded it in...Try it you'll like it!!!!!
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The best hands down
david tobin
I have been using Z-8 as a final finish on my cars for a couple of years.I have enough protection on them but want that extra Pop I find it easy to use and do use it sparingly as a little goes a long way. Nothing comes close to the shine it it
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Superior Product
Karen Williams
I've used Zaino exclusively on my 2003 MINI Cooper for 13 years and she still looks like new. People are amazed when I tell them how old she is. Would be a waste of effort and money to use anything other than Zaino products.
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Steve Powell
Just finished an application of Z-5 with ZFX. Completed in 28 minutes including wheels. In 14 months I have completed close to one hundred applications and have nothing but good things to say about your product. I use it at least weekly . Thanks for a great product !
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Great results in a short amount of time
Tom R.
These are the products I've used for years. Great to get a discount buying them together. Z-AIO goes on easily and comes off really easily. Z-CS goes on effortlessly, looks amazing, and protects my car through Chicago's winters. In the past, I waited for Z-CS to dry before going back with Z-8. After getting Sal's email, I'm no longer waiting for the Z-CS to dry before applying Z-8. Same great results in much less time.
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Aldo Lara
This stuff is awesome. Removed water spots with ease.
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My car is beautiful again!
Before ordering Zaino anything, I'd tried so many other products, to no avail. I have a 2006 RX8 Copper Red Shinka edition, not a common paint or leather, and keeping it top shape, living by salt water and having two pre-teens getting in and out of it, is double difficult. There were awful swirls all over the car, some pretty deep, the gloss had started to fade and appear almost a matte around the plastic bumpers and bottom of the car, tree sap stuck to it, I mean she was a mess. I used this kit, with two rounds of the wax and gloss enhancer, and she is amazing again! The swirls are 90% gone, the shine has returned around the spots where it had faded, and there isn't a thing stuck to my paint anymore. The sides look like a mirror, I can see my detailed reflection in the PLASTIC bumpers! Pollen, for the most part, just blows right off when I drive, water beads up and rolls off, it's beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I worked hard on this for 5 hours, but the end result was well well worth it. I also ordered the leather treatment, which is so far repelling everything my kids have thrown at it, and my interior has that fresh leather smell again. Thank you Zaino team for the great products, will continue to use them!
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Northwest Ohio
Friend told me about Liquid Luster for my 2003 Vette. I was just about to order some and started reading reviews about Zaino products. I was a little hesitate to order anything I didn't know about. All reviews said better than Luster so I bought the beginners package. Followed all directions accordingly and what a beautiful outcome. Then I proceeded to my 2013 Cadillac. What a shine and worked terrific. Only reason I didn't give it a 5 star was I haven't seen a rain on either car yet and don't know how long it will last. I am a Turtle wax and Mothers wax guy and wont go back. Never did use Liquid Luster, no reason to now.
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Cleaned Blue Stain
Jerry Uttrachi
Wife has BMW X5 with white leather interior. She had been wearing new Jeans and had a blue stain on the bolster. After trying to clean with no success. Was surprised when she asked what I use on my Kalahari interior on my C7 Corvette, she never asks me about cleaning anything (logically!) I bought Zaino Z-9 and Z-10 when I got my C7 since I love their exterior products and thought I would give them a try. The Z-9 completely removed the blue stain from her seat!
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I Returned
Steve Powell
I have used Zaino for over 5 years exclusively. In December i began using another product. Three months later I noticed what appeared to be imperfections in the paint that I know were not there with Zaino. My 2015 Z06. With 3200 miles is garaged and never driven in the rain. I washed it with Dawn and began the reapplication of Zaino Polish. . My shine and gloss is back. After several layers it's right back where I want it. Thanks Sal for a great product.
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Long Term Use - Outstanding Results
Doug Wiley
I've used Zaino products on all my cars (including those with dark or black paint) and the results are outstanding. So easy to use without the effort that many waxes require. You don't need a buffer to put it on or take it off because it goes on and comes off with ease. Every product I have used from Zaino has been excellent.
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Hooked on the shine
Roger H.
Zaino has to be the easiest way to get the mirror/wet look on the market. I always used another wax (starts with M) which was hard to use. With Zaino it's easy to get a pro looking gloss without working yourself so hard, easy on, easy off. Would recommend to anyone. Happy with the shine, and beads water like no other. Thank you to Sal and the Zaino team for a great product! Would upload photos, not sure how.
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This Stuff Is Phenominal!
Ryan Eakins
I usually buy light colored vehicles. White, Pearl White Metallic, Cashmere Pearlescent Tri-Coat Metallic... but for some reason I recently purchased two that are dark colors. A Tuxedo Black Ford F-150 and a most resent, a Bordeaux Reserve Metallic Lincoln MKZ. I have tried just about every wax and detailing product you can buy from the auto stores and had started regretting getting these dark colored vehicles. Then a buddy of mine told me about your amazing products. He recommended the All In One, Show Car Wax and the Worlds Most Amazing Wax in the White bottle. These 3 ran me 60 bucks... But I thought, if it's as good as he says it is, I don't care what it costs. When the package arrived I read all the instructions and washed/dried my Lincoln as directed. Then I started racing the clock against because the sun was setting and I wanted to get step one completed. When finished, all I could say was... OMG! The car looks like it's wet - and it feels like it's lubricated! I was so excited I sat outside starring at the car well into the night. Just in awe at how phenomenal this stuff is! So the weekend came and I did both vehicles. I couldn't be happier and I've ttold all my Facebook friends about your wax and shared your website. Nothing and I mean nothing has ever made either of them look so amazing. It's almost as if they are made of glass now. I find myself just standing and looking at them.
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Best bike windshield cleaner/protector ever
Randy Fox
I've been using this, and other Zaino products, since my bike was new in 2003 (and on my prior bikes, too). Z-14 Plastic Magic goes on/off like normal wax, and definitely fills little scratches and clears fogging. But what I like best is how easily bugs and dirt clean off for weeks (if not months) afterwards. Just a minor touch-up with Z-6 Gloss Enhancer Spray on tough spots, and I'm good to go.
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Amazing Mirror Shine!
B. Young
I put two coats of Z-2 with the ZFX accelerator on my Hellcat today and the results are amazing. I highly recommend this product.
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One great product.
Ralph Turczynski
I have been using Zaino products for a few years now and will not use anything else. I traded in an 08 Tundra and it looked like the day I brought it home. After parking it outside thru Wisconsin winters for 7 years. I bought a 2015 Tundra in Bronze Mica and already applied several coats of Z-2. I figured I'd try the Z-CS to see if it would improve an already great shine and it certainly did. I could not believe it even brought out the metallic paint even more to an great gloss look. And then sprayed Z-8 to enhance the gloss even more...UNBELIEVABLE...Now I'll apply a few coat of Z-2 and can only imagine how my truck will look then... And also the leather and glass products are top shelf...I will be a customer for life...Thanks Sal....
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I purchased the Zaino Ultimate Protection Show Car Kit a little while back for a Red 2001 Chevy Silverado and was AMAZED at how great this worked. The change in the depth of the color was unbelievable. My Co-Workers and I had talked about this product a few times so I bought the kit without telling them and did my truck over the weekend. When I went back to work on Monday, I was asked by 2 different people if I had my truck painted over the weekend......they purchased Zaino products as well. Great product.....I don't use anything else. The glass cleaning product is also the best I have ever cleaned what no other glass cleaner, vinegar, etc would do.
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Z-8 & Z-CS
Phil Johnson
I received an e-mail tip from Sal last week. He said to use the Z-CS as usual going sparingly over the vehicle. Then, wait a minute and apply Z-8 as usual. So I did that. I have all the painted parts off my 2011 FLHTK in the basement. The shine and slickness of the surfaces is far better than just using the Z-8 by itself. What a difference! I will be using this process on my 2009 F-150 also. Thanks for a great tip Sal!!
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Don't Bother with Others...
I've tried several other products that claim to protect, smell like leather, etc. There is simply nothing close to Z-10 Leather In A Bottle. The stuff does an amazing job of rejuvenating tired leather. It smells great. And it lasts a surprisingly long time. Don't bother with all the other stuff out there...
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I'll Use Nothing Else!
I've been using Zaino products for 10 years; ever since I bought my 2006 Mustang GT brand new from the factory. Zaino Z-2 has provided and maintained a deep gloss shine to my beloved pony since day one! I'm constantly getting compliments on how great my car looks. Yes, I'm hooked for life: Zaino sells the only polish I'll ever use on my vehicles!
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I am a Zaino convert.....
Phil Coppin
Upon the recommendation of a friend who is a car collector, I tried Zaino on my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I've been using a competitors product for many years but decided to give it a go. I had some overspray on the paint and the sunroof and when I called Zaino, they recommended their clay bar then the Daily Driver Protection Package. It arrived in a couple of days (great service!) and I spent yesterday washing, clay barring and "Zaino-ing" the car. I did put two coats of Z-5 on it and the net result is WOW I am extremely pleased with the end product! The paint overspray is gone, the paint now has a deeper shine than before and it feels like silk!
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A lasting shine
If you could attach my photos, that would sum up this review instantly. Let the pics speak for this product. Ive used many waxes before and none made dark colors pop like Z-5. This product is also the only product that lasts for months with this shine. The daytime photo was taken a month after waxing; it was just washed that day. This paint is factory; you can tell from the orange peel. It had the factory swirls too. This isn't show paint or cut down at all.
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Barry Jones
I have a 29 year old Jaguar that is all original. This product really brought back the old finish and gave it the bling it needed. Most people think the car is re-painted!
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Fantastic products
Been using Zaino products for the past 5+ years. I have never before found car care products with the quality and results I have seen with Zaino. I am a " car guy" and tell anyone willing to listen the value, quality and results I get from all Zaino products I have used. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK Sal
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Pleasantly Surprised
Jason D
This is not a high gloss product, more of a natural medium gloss, exactly what I was looking for. When I first tried the product I thought I wasted my money on this but boy was I wrong. It is a thin liquid but only takes a small amount to leave a great long lasting coat. Doesn't sling off like typical tire products.
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Z-AIO Lives Up To Its Name
I think highly of all the Zaino products I've used (including Z-PC, Z-2, Z-5, the Z-7 Car Wash, and the Z-16 Perfect Tire Gloss, but the Z-AIO enters the realm of magic. While sometimes I enjoy taking the time to apply several layers of the other Zaino products, the results from a quick and simple wash, coat of Z-AIO, and Z-CS finish are just awesome (I haven't timed it, but I bet this can be done in less than 2 hours from getting the hose out to used rags in the laundry). No doubt that taking the time to clay and layer with other products is rewarding, but in terms of results for your time, Z-AIO can't be beat in my book. For reference, I've used synthetic waxes and sealants from several other auto store brands in the past. Also, I was very impressed to get a speedy and helpful response to a recent tech inquiry. And to any first time users, while the directions/steps on the website can at first seem daunting, spend just a bit of time familiarizing yourself with the Zaino terminology, and the system becomes very logical. With a basic understanding of the products, the website is extremely helpful.
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REALLY Super Slick!
Just finished the final coat on my Mustang. As I'm standing back admiring my work, a fly tried to land on the incredibly slick surface. AND IT SLID OFF . . . REALLY . . . IT SLID OFF. I'm still laughing about it. WOW!
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It's a mirror!
I did the recommended trick with Z-CS and Z8. I could shave in the reflection. My favorite part is that I only wipe once and I have perfect long lasting protection. The AZ sun here destroys paint, but not through Zaino products.
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Cheap Glass Repairs!
Lorne Serpa
I purchased a beater Ford Ranger for my son for his first vehicle. The side windows were in desperate need of replacement due to massive dust scratches from New Mexico's dusty desert environment. I see cars all day long with horrid windows. They were so scratched that they were literally unusable. I just figured I use some money I saved to replace them. I called around to see if any local shops would polish them before I spent money to replace them. No one would polish the windows. The next week, I remembered I had some Zaino Z-12 Glass polish left over from 4 years ago when I polished out some tape residue from my car window. I put some Z-12 on my dual action polisher and went to town. I hit the driver window with the couple of tea spoons of Z-12 polish in the bottom of the bottle and it worked flawlessly! My window is like new. Unbelievable! It was so bad, I had no hopes of fixing them. I wanted the Zaino Z-12 to make the windows "good enough" till I get around to replacing the glass. The window turned out perfect. Unfortunately I only had enough to polish a 12 inch circle on the passenger window for my son to see the side view mirror. A new bottle is on the way to finish the other window. Thanks for saving me the money on window replacements.
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Best polish around
David Hall
I've been using Zaino for years and love how it makes my cars look. I had tried multiple other waxes before discovering Zaino and nothing else compares to the shine and protection that Z-2 provides. Follow the directions and tips given and stand back and say WOW!
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A fantastic shine!!
joseph jubb
I just used this Z-7 Car Wash for the first time...upon arriving at a convenience store, where a friend works he commented on my recent "polish" job on my car...he was shocked to find out it was just a simple car wash on the car!! It looks that fantastic, and I'm very pleased with it's finish on the car!! Would recommend this product to anyone and that hands down it's the best car care product out there!!
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The BEST wax product on the market!
This wax is several steps above the rest of the products available on the market. It is extremely easy to apply, and for someone that lives in Florida, being able to apply in direct sunlight is a huge convenience. It is by far the shiniest and longest-lasting wax I have ever used in my several years of extensively detailing my automobiles. It made my silver paint so shiny that I cannot even see the few fine scratches that I have. I always say there are regular cars, clean cars, extremely clean cars, and then Zaino-ed cars - just ridiculously shiny and brand new-looking, no matter now old the vehicle is. I have made a 2006 vehicle shinier than brand new vehicles with this product. Absolutely amazing.
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Totally exceeding expectations
Hans Krober
I have been using Zaino for many years and have always been impressed with the shine and protection it brings to my vehicles. In addition I have learned that it can do an amazing job restoring paint defects. Just recently I got a door ding taken out by a PDR technician. Unfortunately I did not stop him to use a simple buffer as his final step. And sure enough, the damage was done. In sun light there were holograms in the paint. I asked Zaino technical support if I should use Zaino Z-PC Fusion Paint Cleaner. The advice was to start with Zaino Z-AIO All-In-One (least abrasive method). I washed the car with Z-7 and then used the Zaino Z-18 clay bar over the area with the holograms. After that I used a layer of Zaino Z-AIO and let it dry. When I wiped it off I could not believe that the holograms were gone. I for sure thought I needed to go to a professional detailer to get them out. Zaino to the rescue! I am super impressed! Thank you!
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Best cleaner/polish going
J. Young
I have used Zaino products since 2000. I've gotten a bit older and really detailing a car takes a lot out of me, but I still like my car to look nice. I tried Z-AIO and Z-CS on my 2014 Mazda 6. It's about a year and a half old now, and I just put it's third application on. After just washing the car - it looked good, but I wanted to get it protected for the coming winter. I was amazed at how much grime came off my car with the application of Z-AIO - It's hard to believe that a "clean" car can hide so much dirt. My car looks like I spent hours working on it - in reality - the longest part was letting it dry - It took less than an hour of actual work to get what looks like a show car finish. I finish it off with the Z-10 leather in a bottle. It looks and smells better than it did they day I drove it off the dealers lot.
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Customer since the early 90's
Lewis Fishman
Over the years I have and continue to use many of the Zaino Products (Z-2,5,6,7,8,ZFX.9.& 10. They work well and the claims by Sal and his team are true. During that time I have "strayed" and tried other products, but I always come back to Zaino!! My cars look great!! I have recommended Zaino products and friends and I have never heard a complaint.
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Not Just For Show Cars
I have a 17 year old every day driver that I have been using Z-2/ZFX on since 1998. I put 3 coats on in April, and three coats in October. It has been through Chicago winters and always looks great and beads water year round. It will last for 6 months. After 17 years of using Zaino, I never have felt its not worth every penny. I've used ZFX/Z-2/Z-5/Z-6/Z-7/Z-9/Z-10/Z-12/Z-16/Z-18. Completely satisfied with ALL products. You cant go wrong with anything Sal sells.
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Chris Gorris
So impressed with your product. Should be pronounced Zay-no-my-God-Look-at-that-shine! This is some serious shiny guys. This car was my dads and the first car I drove so needless to say I wouldn't use just anything on it. But I have complete confidence in your products. Thanks for an amazing product that lives up to the hype. Never before has waxing been as easy or results so out of this world spectacular. I'm just finishing my 1970 AMC Javelin SST after Z-5-Z-6-Z-2-Z-6..... final Z-2 coat is drying then will follow with grand finale spray. I am so excited to see the final results.
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Richard K. Acquistapace
Dear Sal, Disregard my last email regarding my 2014 Chevrolet Cruze and the scratches on the hood of my car. I used your Z-5 PRO on the scratch marks and it was like magic! I followed the directions you posted and viola! The scratches just disappeared! I cannot believe how awesome your products are! You are the greatest and your products speak for themselves. I am very pleased that I did not have to let a body shop charge me $50.00 dollars to "burn" and "buff" my paint with minimal results. I am quoting the man who said he would work on the scratches when he said, "I can buff it out but the scratches will still be noticeable". Your product did exactly as advertised. I only would have liked to taken before and after pictures so you could post the results on your site. Please post this email so other customers and potential customers can review my "mind-blowing" results. I am so happy with your waxes and polishes. I just put on a coat of Z-2 PRO and in a few hours will use your cotton towel to remove, buff and let that finish shine. Tomorrow, I will use your Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray prior to applying another coat of Z-2 PRO. The finish just gets better and better after each use of the two products. There are NO OTHER products on the market that can do what yours can. I used to detail cars and I know from experience. Your faithful customer for life, Richard K. Acquistapace
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Excellent gloss and anti-static
Chris Winters
I have a couple of dark colored cars and always use Z-6 when drying. Z-6 easily removes water spots, improves the shine, and really helps keep the car clean longer. I've tried a couple of others, but Z-6 is so much better!
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Intense gloss, easy application, long lasting
Chris Winters
I've used Zaino products for years and the Z-2 Pro is fantastic! It produces a deep, rich gloss, is easy to apply, and buffs off easily. A little truly does go a long way, and it really lasts. I prime my applicator pad with a bit of with a bit of Z-6 so the pad doesn't soak up a lot of Z-2.
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Been using for a long time decided to share how happy I am with it.
Ron Bosco
Been using it on everything from my 91 Ford Taurus wagon,2003 Mini Cooper s to my Hellcat very easy to use and no white mess anywhere! Even do my windows and wheels with it...
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It's so easy to use!
Ron Bosco
Tried it out on my Dodge Hellcat after using Z-2 and Z-6,I put on Z-CS and Wow! so wet looking,very,very happy will be using it on my other garage queens. Also use a very little as instructions say..
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Tom M
I have been using Zaino products on my collector cars and daily drivers for over 10 years. My 05 CTS, daily driver, looks better than any new cars I park next to. I also have a concours level 87 GN. I have only used Z-2 on it. People don't believe it, is the original paint on the car. Keep up the good work,Sal.
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Zaino Z-6 and the Drought
Greg Lugo
Hey Sal. Finally got around writing a few words about your Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer. With water out here in CA at a premium, I can use about a quart of water to wash my 1 ton Ram dually, because I have applied your Z-AIO All In One and Z-CS Clear Seal to the truck first. Wet wipe the dust off with one wet towel, dry it off with a dry towel in the other hand. Quick, no water spots, and effective. Finish up with Z-6 or Z-8 if showing. Using his process, I achieved a "People's Choice" award over about 80 other trucks. Only Zaino!
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Good Stuff
I was told about this product by a relative years ago. I thought it was expensive but went ahead and tried it. I spent a whole day going through the process and while it was a lot of work I now just do a touch up twice a year and it keeps my car looking like new. It really enhances the factory finish a lot.
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Best car wax/polish/car protectant I've ever used!!
Over the past 25 years I've tried nearly everything and nothing works like Z-CS. When you factor in ease of application, durability and finished looks nothing comes close. If you get the car nice and clean then application is super easy and all you need to do is let it dry. Then I usually apply Z-6 in between 2 or 3 coats of Z-CS for a really good deep shine. Site says it lasts for up to 9 months but I have at least one car that it's going on 16+ months and it's still there!!
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Long term care champ
I've been waxing cars for over 50 years, always used multi step methods. Zaino has been the system I use for over 10 years. My 2005 F350 lives outside and Zaino protects it. I get comments that it looks like new. Sal has photos that show amazing depth of shine.
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This is the Sh@#
Joe venezia
Applied Z-CS to my brand new Shark Gray C7, the stuff is the best darn product I have ever seen and used. Applied over Z-5, Z-2 and finished off with Z-6. To bad its been raining here in Dallas ever since I finished. I tell everyone I meet about these Zaino products, then just tell them look what its done for me.
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Z-CS Outstanding!
Matt Reed
I just washed my 2010 Camaro SS and I was blown away by the results. I was turned onto your products from a friend who only uses Zaino. He showed me the Z-10 “Leather in a bottle” product and I thought that it was really awesome the way it smelled so much like new car leather. I researched your site and I found a product called “Z-CS”. I applied Z-CS as my final product and I was blown away by the shine and reflection of my paint. This product is the first product I have tried that really shows a difference. I am extremely grateful that you have marketed such a fantastic product! The shipping was super fast and I am obviously very satisfied with the results. I will make sure to talk about your product at car shows this year.
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Tried numerous products, came back to Zaino
Jim Weber
I've tried numerous products to get the look and staying power that I want. The product that worked the best was a solvent based Car-Brite product but my state EPA has determined that it is too hazardous to ship via the mail. So, I went back to Zaino. I prefer a shinier look than Zaino gives, but Zaino does have staying power and minimal sling-off. Not withstanding the look I used to get with the Car-Brite product, Zaino is the superior to all others I have tried.
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Amazing shine!
Greg Ostrozovich
I could not be more impressed with Zaino. I recently bought a 2008 Corvette and sought advice about what products to use. Sal promptly answered my email and I ordered this kit. The Corvette was already detailed, but I followed Sal's instructions to the letter. I stripped the wax and followed through the entire process from Z-18 Clay to Z-2 & Z-5 polish. I am flabbergasted at the results! I am in a state of disbelief, but I am seeing it with my own eyes. I have been around cars since I was a kid and I have never seen a shine like this. I ran across the mention of Zaino products on another automotive website and since I never heard of the products, I decided to look into them. What a lucky break for me! Thanks to Sal and his staff for their help and hard work. This is truly a great product line and I suggest that you also invest in the Borderfree towels. Goodbye store bought waxes and polishes!
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Rob Payne
Very easy product to use and provides a nice deep gloss - used it on my vette and new Silverado and am very impressed - truck is black and not a swirl shows now and I have only applied one coat so far
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Richard Acquistapace
I began using your wax, polish products on my 2001 Pontiac Firebird Formula in 2002, and could not believe the results. I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area all my life where the climate is very good (my plan is to return home). I relocated to NW Arkansas after my father passed away in 2002 where my mother and brother have lived since 1990. The extreme weather here can destroy a cars finish. I began working at Wal-Mart at the David Glass Technology Center as a Network Administrator and highly neglected my vehicle. I had not used your products since I purchased your Z-PC polish and the Z-2 a few days ago. I have tried off the shelf waxes that did below par results. Clearly, I had forgotten about Zaino products and the results they can accomplish. I used your Z-PC polish to remove the swirls, minor scratches, and "dead" clear coat from my vehicle. After that, I used your Z-2 protectant to enhance what the Z-PC accomplished. I am in complete, total AWE! Just the two products made my "dried up" dull paint look brand new - just as it did when I purchased the car and first used your products. I do not know if you are a chemist or a genius but your products are well worth the price of what you charge. My car is black and used to look terrible - for eight (8) years, it has only gone through automatic car washers. It is now back to the original finish! Now, it was not easy as there was so much neglect and "stains" in the finish. I have been working each section at a time and the results are unbelievable! I am not finished with the polish as I now want to apply more Z-2 coats for a show car finish. I had two bottles of Z-6 gloss enhancer and it still works extremely well. I also have two bottles of Z-9 and Z-10 leather cleaner and enhancer and my leather seats now look brand new - after they have sat for eight (8) years. I will ONLY purchase your products for my car and any car that I purchase in the future. You have the best products on the market and I thank you very much for developing such superior products. I would be more than happy to endorse your products and you can publish this review on your web site. I look forward to purchasing more products from you. In addition, thank you very much for emailing me the instructions on how to use the Z-PC polish. I would not have received the spectacular results if you did not. I get compliments every time I drive my car now - including "thumbs up" from other drivers as they drive by my car. I do not have many "heroes" on our planet but you are now on my humble list of them now. Yours very truly, Richard K. Acquistapace
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Best Ever
Jeff Ammon
I have been using your products since 2005 on a 2005 car and the car still has the same shine as when I first purchased the car. I still have the car, but I now also have a 2014 Subaru BRZ. Both cars have the best finish using your products. Many of my friends were so impressed, that they have ordered your products--all are very pleased. Thank you for a great product line.
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Talk about a 'mirror' finish
Brian C
By far the best product I have used, long lasting, good protection, and a slick mirrored finish. Actually kind of freaked me out the first few trips out after applying it, I would catch reflections of things around me on the hood, etc. It was kind of fun parking near things (neon signs, etc) and having them clearly reflected on the surface of the car. Great info on the website and Sal provides great support. There is a lot of application tips on the website - you can find most of your answers there if you look. For those who are getting ready to use it for the first time, pay attention to the recommended quantity and coverage - he really isn't kidding on how little you need to use!
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Very nice towels!
Brian C
I finally bit the bullet and bought a pack of these towels - WOW!...why did I wait so long! Extremely soft, thick and 1 towel can complete a job...I don't need a stack of regular towels to do a vehicle anymore.
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Real deal
Don T
I use this product on my 2013 Mustang GT. It does exactly what Zaino claims. The shine is just enough, and it really doesn't sling off. Great product.
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2002 corvette
Bob Sylvester
Wash with Zaino Car Wash, then use Z2 polish, buff out with micro towels. Put on Clear Seal and go right over with Z8. No waiting just do it for the BEST Shine you'll ever see. I've been using Zaino Products for the last 4 years, nothing else will ever touch my car. Thanks for the Tip Sal Bob S Cape Coral Florida
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Got guitars? Use these.
Tim Harrington
After ages of trying to find the perfect cloth for guitar finishes I realized the solution was right in front of me the entire time. I've been using Zaino's Border Free towels for polishing the soft clearcoat on my car. Then I realized the finishes on my guitars are even softer and more prone to scratching than that. These towels work beautifully on lacquer and are PERFECT for guitar finishes. Whether you're a player or a luthier do yourself a favor and buy a pack of these.
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Not just for your precious car...
Rod Branken
The internet is full of obscure methods for cleaning vinyl records, and being somewhat of an audiophile, I used one of my Blonde Borderfree Towels to dry my LP's after washing in a distilled water solution. The result was absolutely perfect with no fluff or residue left on the record and obviously no possibility of scratching. A fantastic product. I will never use anything else on my gleaming Mercedes or my records !
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Simply the best
Samuel Lopresti
Hi Sal, Have been using your products for a while now down here in Australia. Your Z2 polish is mind blowing, nothing else compares and I have tried many other products and they look dull in comparison. I have owned my 1974 GT Ford Coupe for 35 years now and your polish makes it look better each time. Many Thanks & Regards Sam Lopresti (Sydney Australia)
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Z-6 Worked Great on Vinyl Stripes
Rick Inserra
Hi Sal. Your products are great! I won't use any other product. I used the Z6 on the paint, vinyl stripes, plastic, and glass. The vinyl stripes retained the factory matte finish. Can't wait to use your leather care Z-9 & Z-10 products. Thanks
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Z-6 Ultra Clean is Amazing!!!!
I have been using Zaino products on and off for the last 10 years. I have used many other products on the market because I love finding out what works and what doesn't. I always look for new products but I always come back to Zaino. Every time I use Zaino I think why did I waste my time with all these other products? Zaino is the best car detailing line on the planet! Z-6 is no exception Its perfect for me considering I live near Chicago and hand washing your car in the winter is pretty much not going to happen. I took my car through an automatic wash, towel dried it, and finished by a wipe-down of Z-6. The clarity, depth, and shine are insane! It works great as a stand alone product but even more amazing in conjunction with the Zaino system. I will continue to try other products out because I'm an enthusiast but I will always keep Zaino as my go to product line.
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I have been using Zaino products for 18 years!! I think you need to find another grafic artist for your tshirts ...!ove Zaino
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Bill Reid
Love the shirts
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Blown Away
vince spagnuolo
Good evening Sal , I received my order last week and so far applied 2 coats of your Z-2 products . The results on my 1989 911 was phenomenal! I have used over 20 different products over the last 15 years and by far your product is the bomb . Wet looking , deep deep shine . You hooked me !
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Ex Liquid Glass User
Joseph Moses.
I have been a liquid glass user for years. I recently bought a new Porsche and decided to update my knowledge of car care products as well as my car. I spent a lot of time researching products online and in forums and the product that everyone loves to hate is Zaino. I called your tech support numbers and told the person who answered about my needs and he recommended. Z-AIO, Z-5, Z-6 and Z-7. I purchased all but the Z-7. After all it is just car wash soap right. I cleaned my car with dawn. Clay barred it and used the AIO and Z5. The results were stellar. I have thrown away my liquid glass and ordered the Z-7, Z-2, Z-CS Clearseal. Glass polish, and leather in a bottle as well as two more bottles of Z-6. A product that performs beyond expectations is rare in today's marketplace. Thank you for providing one. It doesn't hurt that Zaino products smell terrific too.
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I used the Pro system on my mini cooper which is 8 years old, the paint has so much depth it's incredible. The paint looks like it just rolled out of a paint booth. I didn't notice before but the car has a slight pearl/metal flake to it that was noticeable prior to cleaning the car. After cleaning my car I did my wife's car and again I was totally amazed at the results. Now my boss wants me to do his car.
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Glass Corvette
Jeff Bury
I have been using Zaino products for the last few years. I have a Monterey Red 2007 Corvette C6, that actually looks like glass due to Zaino car polish. Prior to discovering Zaino no matter how much I wax and buffed my car it just didn’t have that perfect shine to it. Then I saw a article about Zaino polish and thought I would give it a try. I started out with Z-2 Pro Show Polish with the ZFX Flash Cure and after the first coat I was amazed at the shine! I could not believe the shine or how easy it is to use. Since that first polish I have not used anything but Zaino on my Corvette. Over the last couple of years I have picked up a few swirls in my finish, so I sent a email to Zaino about the swirls and they recommend Z-PC followed by Z-5 then Z-2. And needless to say the swirls are gone and my paint looks and feels like glass! During the summer months I show my Corvette and every car show I go to the first thing I get asked is what kind of polish I use on my car, and I tell them Zaino. I also have Z-6 and Z-8 Grand Finale that I use after I arrive at the show, that really makes my car pop! And thanks in part to Zaino, I took Best Modified in the 2014 Motor City Corvette Concours.
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Highly recommended
Andrew W
For years I tried different types & brands of towels for my cars & I was never satisfied. They always "dragged" or soaked up too much detail spray on all 8 sides. These new towels Sal & his mad scientists have invented are top shelf. They are thick and super plush. I never go through multiple towels anymore, one stays dry enough to do an entire car (as long as you follow the provided directions.) Don't wait, get some today!
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The best there is
Chuck Kay
Zaino products are simply the best made. The protection is incredible. The shine is rich and deep. I can go months without washing my car, etc ... and the protection just lasts. When it rains, even months afterwards, the water just beads up. I have a 3 year old black Acura TL, and i get compliments several times a week. After using Z5 and other products, the shine is so great, it almost doesn't look black. What I mean, is the reflection is great and mirror like, you see clouds, grass, whatever is around, pop in the paint and surface of your car. I use Z-AIO, Z5, Z2, Z6, Z8, CS ... heck, I use them all. :-) The Border-Free towels are the best made. Zaino products are very economical too. A little really goes a "LONG" way. Still have several of my products 3 years later.
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These are the BEST !!!
Steven E Roberts
These are the BEST !!! What more can I say, I've been using Zaino products for years. Soft, fluffy, plush BEYOND 5 Stars :)
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Z10...A leather factory smell directly from a bottle
The first time I took a whiff off the bottle of Z10 Leather in a bottle, I considered calling P.E.T.A. and the SPCA. There's absolutely no way that anyone could humanely cram an entire cow into a small bottle. Man do I love the smell of brand new leather! Z10 keeps my Napa leather supple, looking fantastic, and smelling wonderful. Cheers, Ben
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It really does last
Joe Young
I bought a 2014 Mazda 6 in March. I put on a coat of Z2, then followed it with the Z-CS. I'm writing this in mid September, and the car still beads water like it did the day I first treated it. My car is white, so it's not as "eye popping" as it is on darker colors, but it's still the best looking Mazda 6 in Kansas City. I've used Zaino products in the past, but this is the first time I've used the Z-CS. I'm going to reapply it this weekend to carry me thru the winter months. But I've never seen anything that has lasted as long as this does.
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Carmen Andreasen
We use Z-8 (along with all other Zaino products)on our 2009 Mustang GT. Their warning that it will attract lookers to your car is exactly what happens! Everyone wants to know what we use and we get more compliments than when we were using other products. We will never use anything but Zaino on our show car!!
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gerard k
Great stuff. Truly outlasts any other wax I have ever used. 9-10 months easy. Was used since day one on my 2011 ram. Paint has held up excellent compared to other vehicles that are now the same age. My finish looks great. Super slick feel to the paint. Remember this isn't a wax with cleaners so it won't even remove water marks. Just optically pier goodness!
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Stellar product
Gerard k
Great stuff. Truly outlasts any other wax I have ever used. Was used since day one on my 2011 ram. Paint has held up excellent compared to other vehicles that are now the same age. My finish looks great. Super slick feel to the paint.
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Awesome for protecting Jeeps paint from mud & dirt
Jim T.
Thanks for your amazing products, makes my Jeep look like a showroom car even after driven hard. & put away wet! The Zaino Z-2 Pro offers amazing protection for my Jeeps paint, it is very easy for the dirt & mud to wash off after a hard day off road. Amazing!
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DO NOT USE ON MIRRORS!!! Most external rear view mirrors are plastic.
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The Best Leather Cleaner
I have tried most leather cleaners and this is the first one that actually worked. I actually used it on our cream leather sectional couch that is 5 years old. With a dog, you can imagine how much it needed cleaning. It looks brand new! Thanks Sal!!
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Z-16 Tire Gloss
Bill Hartling
Appears to be pretty long lasting considering what tires go through.I like the "soft shine" look.Although I want an"eyeball blasting"shine on my paint,I like satin finish tires.
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Top-notch product!
Ryan Thomson
I am a car enthusiast who is very particular about the products that I use on my automobiles. I have used almost every brand of car wash on the market, none of which come close to the Zaino Z-7 show car wash. A small amount goes a very long way. A cap full of this product provides a very rich foamy solution that is more than enough to wash my entire car and leave it looking great. This product also works very well at cleaning wheels and tires. I highly recommend this product.
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Fantastic Product!
Jeff Hawley
I love Zaino Z-10 "Leather in a bottle"! I use this on the perforated leather seats in my Mercedes C-230 and it does a great job conditioning the leather while leaving a fresh, natural leather scent... Just right... Not over-whelming or "artificial" smelling. I highly recommend this product! I know I'll be trying more Zaino products in the future...
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Z-2 Pro Polish
Robert Reid
I have a Red 2012 Porsche 911 and my wife has a 2014 White Porsche Cayenne. I did a side by side test on my front hood between Zymol and Zaino. The Zaino side had a better shine and it has much better protection. My car is not a daily driver, but my wife's is and Zaino holds up great! We live in Florida were the sun is insane and it rains once a day. Zaino keeps my wife's car looking like it was just waxed. This is a great product!!!
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Amazing shine that last
Jeremy Snyder
I have been using Z-3 for a number of years now on my boats. After many trials and errors with other name brand products I happened across Zaino. The shine is remarkable, the depth and gloss even on white is a level that the competitors can't come close to matching! The most amazing part to me is I have an older boat that I didn't take out at all last year and when I uncovered it this spring (after not being waxed in nearly 2 years) the finish still looked better than other boats that had been recently waxed. I do use Z-6 periodically which really helps to maintain the shine. I love Zaino products and can say that I will never use anything else. I just recently ordered the leather products for my cars as well as boat interiors. THANK YOU FOR SUCH AMAZING PRODUCTS!!!
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Its just the best
vince barnes
It brings out the best in the paint. Deep gloss,no dusty build up keeps the car show ready.
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Paul M Convertito
I used the Zaino products on my 2014 corvette, all I can say is WOW! The process was very easy and the end-result is just fantastic. The depth of shine, water beading and appearance are beyond expectations and superior to any product I have tried.
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B3 Concepts
Barry Smolka
I use Professional quality products on all my customers vehicles, from your everyday driver to $300k exotics, I decided to try the Zaino Z6. Let me tell you it truly is the Icing on the cake. No other product I have tried so far comes close to how this product performed. I positively recommend using this product, It's not snake oil at all
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Four years of Zaino and still no swirl sctatches
Mark Crane
I bought a 2010 F150 Platinum and used Zaino products on it. Now four years later there are still no swirl scratches in the clear coat. I use three separate wash MIT's and two buckets as well.
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Mike C.
Mike Ciopyk
Awesome Product! I've used a countless number of different polishes over the years, but nothing has looked better or lasted longer than Z-2! Thanks Zaino!
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George Tejada
Number one leather conditioner Z-10 WORLDWIDE!! in combination with Z-9. I have been using these products for a year now on my Infiniti fx50 and it's awesome. My car always smells like a brand new car that just came out of the dealer. Don't think twice about it.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE PRODUCTS.
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Fantastic Towels
Charley Hough
These towels are better than any bath towel I have used. They really are top of the line. They are very soft and thick.
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Oh my god!
My buddy at work let me try this stuff. Let me tell ya this stuff is awesome! I used it in 100 degree weather and it was no match to my normal window cleaner.
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75 trophies in three years and counting, including
Bill Duvall
I use only z-8 (never been waxed or completely washed in 8 years) on my red 1965 Mustang resto-mod. I get a kick at cruises when parking beside some late model Vetts and having all the folks flock to my car for pictures. If I charged a buck a shot, I could have paid for my car. I use about 10 pumps once a week at shows, the look is stunning!! I would love to send you a picture as proof!!
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I can't believe the shine!!!
Rob Howe
I have been using Zaino now for a little over a year and I cannot believe the shine I achieve on my cars which both happen to be black. I used to be scared of owning black cars, but not with Zaino! I have turned my family and my friends onto this as well.
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Z-CS Really Works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bill Hartling
Over the years I've used too many products to count that all worked to a degree but not good enough to make me "feel warm and fuzzy."Then after a magazine article I decided to give Zaino a shot.WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!! Extremely easy to use and leaves an "Eyeball Blasting"shine that seems"Bulletproof"as well.You should see the looks at we get at stoplights.It ,2009 Subaru Outback that"shinewise" blasts most of the others to pieces.The real shocker is that I'm almost 70 years old.
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3 year old Zaino!
While looking at a picture of my Z06 it occurred to me that I haven't Zaino'd it in 3 years. It has lost a tiny bit of its shine however, unless you're a fellow Zaino user, you wouldn't be able to tell. Due to relocating, changing jobs and purchasing a house that needed tons of improvements I simply haven't had much time to spend on my vehicles. Attached is a picture I took right after hand washing my Corvette. It has many coats of your products, mostly Z-2 and Z-5, however the most recent was approx. 3 years before this was taken. Great products!
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This stuff is amazing!
Not only does it bring out an amazing shine, it truly does decrease the dirt/dust/pollen pick up. Every Zaino product I have tried blows me away.
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The Best Ever
Phil Greek
I have been caring for my cars for years. In the day, we had a clear type liquid wax you'd apply, let it dry, and rub like hell to get it off. Terrible. Been through many waxes, with less than satisfactory results. Now that I have found Zaino, years ago, I have used nothing else. Love the products and am a happy camper at 72 yrs.
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Sean Maxwell
This is a fantastic product.
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another review
George Silas
Test Test
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