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Z-PC Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover

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Introducing Zaino Fusion - Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover

• Safely removes minor scratches, swirls, oxidation, wax buildup and other blemishes
• Features the world's first true self-dissolving, fused tri-particulate, diminishing abrasive system
• 100% compatibility with all painted surfaces and Zaino paint products
• Water-based formula means no mess, no staining, and easy clean up - no fillers or oils
• Can be used in sun or shade on cool surfaces
• VOC compliant
• Perfect your paint with Zaino Z-PC Fusion

NOTE: Zaino Z-PC Fusion IS ABRASIVE and should only be used when necessary. Z-PC Fusion is not intended for frequent use.

For years, visual imperfections such as swirl marks, scuffs, scratches and buffer holograms were the scourge of perfectionists everywhere. They infected vehicles without any discrimination - show cars, daily drivers, imports, domestics and custom vehicles all suffered. But worry no more - Zaino, the world's leader in paint care technology, has the antidote for all of your paint ailments: Zaino Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover ("Z-PC").

Featuring the world's first (and only) true, self-dissolving, fused tri-particulate, diminishing abrasive system, Zaino Z-PC Fusion is just what the paint doctor ordered for your vehicle. Whether your paint is suffering from spider-webbing, minor scuffmarks, or a fully developed case of the swirls, Zaino Z-PC Fusion has the cure. And best of all, it works equally well when used by hand or machine, making it as versatile as it is effective!

Thanks to Zaino's advanced, fused tri-particulate, self-dissolving diminishing abrasive system, swirls and other defects are safely removed from your vehicle's paint. The ultra-intelligent abrasives gently and carefully knockdown high spots on your car to reveal an extremely smooth, super-reflective, mile-deep shine. Swirl marks and other blemishes will literally disappear before your eyes, and they'll stay away - Zaino Z-PC Fusion contains no fillers or oils.

With Zaino Z-PC Fusion, you'll be amazed by how deep, glossy, clean, and blemish-free your paint looks, and you'll love the compatibility that it provides. Unlike other paint prep products that are typically loaded with cheap oils and fillers, the water-based formula of Zaino Z-PC Fusion requires no washing afterward - just apply and remove Zaino Z-PC Fusion and go straight to applying your favorite Zaino protectant. Further, there's virtually no effort required to apply and remove Zaino Z-PC Fusion. Just wipe it on, work it in (either by hand or machine) and wipe it off.

Zaino Z-PC Fusion is perfect for any type of paint - from single-stage paints to clear-coated finishes to gel-coats, Zaino Z-PC Fusion will bring out the best in your paint. Metallics will sparkle! Pearls will pop! Reds will scream, "Pull me over," and your black paint will never have looked so smooth. It's perfect for domestic cars, European cars and imports. So whether you're driving a super-exotic performance car or just running the kids around town, be confident that no other paint cleaner is as advanced, effective and easy to use as Zaino Z-PC Fusion is.

So say good-bye to swirl marks, scuffs, spider-webbing, and other annoying paint defects. Zaino Z-PC Fusion takes your paint to a whole new level - one that's certain to drive other enthusiasts insane with jealousy!

The Z-PC bottle contains 8 fl. ozs. (236 ml.)


Note: For best results, use on a cool surface, out of direct sunlight. Product may be used in the sun or on a hot surface, but more dusting and minor streaking may occur.

  1. Wash and dry your vehicle as normal.

  2. For HAND use: apply a small amount of Zaino Z-PC Fusion to a cotton or foam applicator pad (draw an "X" from corner-to corner of your pad). Work a small area (no bigger than 2' x 2') with the Zaino Fusion, using firm motions. Work the product for as long as necessary - stop to occasionally check your progress. Circular motions may be used, but always finish with front-to-back or up-and-down motions. When satisfied with progress, continue to step 4.

  3. For MACHINE use: Can be used by random orbital or (for experienced users) rotary. Select a moderate speed (RO - 4.5; Rotary - 1200rpm) and an appropriate cutting or polishing pad. Apply Zaino Z-PC Fusion to the buffer pad in a "star" pattern. Start machine slowly to reduce sling. Work a small (2' x 2') area with moderate pressure until satisfied with results.
  4. Buff the area clean with a soft, lint-free, non-marring towel. If satisfied with the results, proceed to next section. If more buffing is required, repeat either step 2 or 3. Problem areas like door handles (where keys often scratch) may require a few applications for best results.
  5. When done, apply either: Zaino ZFX enabled Z-2 PRO, Z-3, or Z-5 to the surface for a long lasting, great looking shine that will lock-in the results of your work with Zaino Z-PC Fusion.

Tip: If more "bite" is desired, you can mist a slight amount of clean water (from a spray bottle) while using Z-PC Fusion. The water will interfere with the buffers that encapsulate the abrasives and will produce a slightly stronger result. Water can also be used to minimize dusting when using a machine buffer (random orbital or rotary).


Does Z-PC replace Z-5?
No. Z-5 is not an abrasive and can be used as often as you like. Z-PC contains diminishing abrasives that are not intended for frequent use on paint finishes. Z-PC also does not have any protective qualities, so you must use a Zaino product like ZFX enabled Z-2 PRO, Z-3, or Z-5 for durable and long lasting protection.

When would I use Z-PC verses Z-5?
We prefer to attempt the least or non-abrasive process prior to moving on to Z-PC. If after 1 or 2 coats of Z-5, you are not satisfied with the surface condition, you will need to move onto Z-PC.

Will Z-PC remove Zaino Z-2 PRO, Z-3, or Z-5?
Yes. By it's very nature as a diminishing abrasive, Z-PC breaks down the finish including Zaino polishes.

I used Z-PC and now the paint looks hazy. Is this normal?
Dark color surfaces, especially black, will sometimes leave you with a slightly hazy or milky surface after using Z-PC. Z-PC Fusion does not have any fillers or oils. To make the surface crystal clear, apply your ZFX enabled Z2 or Z5 to make this milky look go away, leaving a perfect, crisp, clear, BLACK and scratch free finish.



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Customer Testimonials Add Your Testimonial (16)

Amazing product by Jim W. from Cleveland, OH
This product is the bomb! It has just the right amount of bite to safely and gently remove fine scratches and scuffs with ease. It can also be used for more problem areas with multiple applications.

Using Dawn, C-18 Clay bar, and Z-PC Fusion restored the paint on my BMW to miraculous condition.

Well worth the money. I applied it by hand and it is very easy to use.
Z-PC is amazing! by Matt H. from Colonia, NJ
I had recently detailed my aunt's '96 or '97 Ford Ranger which--because they live down the shore--is exposed to salty air all year around. I saw this as an opportunity to see how good the Z-PC really was. I had faith that it would work, but thought the paint was doomed no matter what I tried. But sure enough, as I worked my way from panel to panel, I couldn't help but to stop and stare at the areas that I had already done. I took some pictures of my progress, as well as a before/after set. The results are like night and day. Amazing product.

Note that these pictures are only a comparison of the truck before Z-PC and after Z-PC, the pictures don't include a coat of ZAIO or any other seal, spray or polish (although I did apply a coat later on that day)

Once again, amazing product, it's fun to see how a single product can rejuvenate years of oxidation and faded paint.
Zaino saved the day by Russell O'Neal from Lake Charles, Louisiana
I just bought my wife an 09 Accord coupe with the black pearl finish. Although the paint looked great, I noticed something that looked like water spots all over it. I used a host of different cleaners and even claybarred the entire car. I was about to go back to the dealer with the problem when I pulled Z-PC out of my Zaino box. It took the spots right off with very little effort! I then followed with Z-5, then Z-2 Pro. That black car's shine will hurt your eyes to look at it. Thanks for saving the day Zaino.
This product is absolutely incredible!! by Shawn G. from Huntersville, NC
This product is just incredible! Today I discovered the dreaded first scratch on my new car, after checking the depth with my fingernail I decided to give the Z-PC I purchased a few weeks back a try. I was absolutely floored by the results. The scratches were approx 1.5" long and fairly deep and after three passes with Z-PC applied by hand (without much pressure) they totally disappeared! I could not believe my eyes! I have tried most of the major competitor's scratch removers and been less than excited with the results but this product is the real deal. Afterwards I put a few coats of Z-2 over the area and finished with Z-CS and it is truly like the scratch never happened!
Z-PC Testimonial by John M. from Bear, DE
I was able to correct severely damaged paint by using Z-PC (by machine).
Traditionally you need to use several 'grades' of abrasives polishes to correct deep scratches and scars on the finish. This could mean using up to 3 different products (Compound, Swirl Mark Remover, and Finish polish). Z-PC did it all! I didn't have to deal with compound dust or deal with hard to wipe polish residue. Z-PC is easy on / easy off. At the end of the day, I'm after results. The high gloss, swirl free finish Z-PC produces is off the charts.

Another home run for the folks at Zaino!

Before Z-PC:

After Z-PC, and protecting the finish with Z5Pro and Clear Seal

Another Happy Customer
22 year old paint job and some Zaino... by Jay from Finland
What do you guys think?

After ZPC..way beyond amazed by Ryan (rydawg) from NH/MA
Hi my name is Ryan and I am a pro detailer. This is a car that I had done and it was one of the hardest jobs I have done in 15 years with badly neglected paint. I did use many different products on it and had a very hard time using them due to marring left behind. I used a light compound and a wool pad first to bring the paint to a scratch free surface, but left marring bad from the compound and wool pad. I then took a porta cable random orbital machine with a Lake Country white pad with ZPC. I was beyond floored with amazement with the extreme flawless results I got from ZPC and how easy it was to use and how easy the cleanup after using was also. I know that I am a pro, but ZPC is so easy to use with a PC and takes very little effort. The finish left behind was absolutly swirl free, vibrant, extremely glossy and very bright with no oily feel at all. It was a real finish that was rock hard like candy and trust me I had a smile from ear to ear. I had used ZPC before a bunch of times with great results too, but this car had something wrong with the chemical in the paint and had a defective paint job and ZPC won and made it look flawless with no marring at all and I mean nothing. I know you have heard this a bunch of times, but this stuff saved me big time and I could not thank you enough. It got me a bunch of jobs and a very good tip. The guys did not think I could do it at all and were wanting me to fail. ZPC and I worked easily together and won the battle with ease. Here are the before and after pictures. The after pictures are after ZPC without any other zaino products. These were the final inspection pics Before Z6 wipedown and Z5. Notice the first pic is with one light on 350watts. Notice the last picture with 1500 beaming watts quad beams. Nothing can hide under Quad halogen beams and I mean nothing! Just brilliant! Funny part it was easy to do after using ZPC.

It has also been a pleasure to use all your products with beyond excellent results in giving me the best results I have had in the 15 years of detailing!


Z-PC Fusion is a Miracle product by Stephen from Memphis, TN
Dear Sal,
Had to let you know that, without a doubt, your new Z-PC Swirl Remover is a miracle product. My wife's 2003 MINI had arrived from the factory with a badly painted roof and when it returned from the local paint shop they had done a fine job of painting, but left a ton of swirl marks in the
flat black roof. For several years, I've covered them nicely (at least I thought so) with Z-5 and Z-2, but I recently bought a new car and ultimate-zaino'd it and my wife was jealous that her car still had the swirl marks.

A weekend of work and her roof has never been this beautiful. The Z-PC removed every single scratch and swirl and four coats of Z-5 with three coats of Z-2 pro (with the obligatory Z6 in between each coat) has left her car a sparkling wonder. The only problem now is she wants me to do the same for the entire Pepper White body. OMG you've created a monster.
Black Porsche pics.. by Bryan B. from unspecified
I polished this black porsche twin turbo with Z-PC, a white Lake County VC pad and my Porter cable (PC) polisher. I applied 4-6 pea sized dots of Z-PC to the pad, spread it around at speed 4.5 on the PC, then worked it in at speed 6 on the PC. The finished looked so good. I then applied a few coats of Z5pro w/ ZFX.



Z-PC Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover by Scott R. from Lawrence, KS
WOW! This stuff is AWESOME! THANKS and keep up the good work!!
Z-PC Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover by Edward W. from Norwalk, CT
Finaly got rid of swirls with Fusion!!! - 2006 Toyota Avalon
Z-PC Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover by Kurtis B. from Brownsburg, IN
Thanks for such great products. I love your new Z-PC! I have already detailed several friends' cars with great results. It works much better than the 3M product I used to use for buffing. - 2001 Sapphire Viper GTS
Z-PC Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover by Vincent F. from Bellevue, WA
Just Detailed my kid's cars with all your products - Nissan Armada - black, GMC Envoy - black, Nissan Pathfinder, silver, Nissan Maxima, silver. All vehicles were in dire need of help, but with claybar, Fusion, Z5 and Z2, they all look better than when new!! Thank you for all your hard work to design and engineer such wonderful perfect, products !!
Z-PC Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover by Jerry I. from Livonia, NY
The combination of your clay bar, Z-PC, Z-3 and Z-8 products produced a result that is nothing short of miraculous. In the past, nothing would get rid of the white oxidation in the car paint so the final color would
always look hazzy. Now, the car has a deep rich red color, like it was new. The finish is as smooth as glass. I am simply amazed that a 13 year old car can look so good. Your products are truly fantastic.

Toyota, MR2, 1993
Z-PC Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover by Paul A. from West Haven, CT
A friend gave me some Z-PC to get some tough stains off my car and it worked great....without scratching. I'm hooked, your other products must be excellent as well. - 2005 MINI Cooper S
Z-PC Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover by John M. from Roseville, CA
Great Stuff.... Love the new paint cleaner and sealer - 2001 Corvette

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