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Z-7 Show Car Wash

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Designed to deep clean your paint without harsh detergents.

Rinses easily and restores gloss every time you use it.

Z-7™ Show Car Wash is a concentrated blend of special cleaners, conditioners and our famous Show Car Polish ingredients that clean and enhance the gloss of painted surfaces. Z-7™ Show Car Wash gently cleans your car without using harsh detergents, alkali or acids. Plus, our special water-based lubricants buffer the paint to prevent scratching and reduce the risk of swirl marks, even on black and red cars.

Our unique formula produces loads of suds, even in hard water conditions. And, the suds last and last. With Z-7™ Show Car Wash, you won't have flat wash water before you're finished washing your car.

To keep your car looking its best, Z-7™ Show Car Wash includes Ultra-Gard™ UV(40), to renew protection from the sun's harmful rays, and several polymer ingredients from our Show Car Polish systems. You will love the results.

The Z-7 bottle contains 16 fl. ozs. (473 ml.)


  1. Wash the tires and wheels first. If you wash the car body first, the water will dry and spot your car before you can finish washing the tires and wheels. Do not use the same wash water on your car's paint as you do your tires and wheels. Throw it out and refill your bucket.

  2. Mix one cap full of Z-7™ Show Car Wash per gallon of water in a clean wash bucket.

  3. Make sure your car is cool. If possible, work in the shade. A hot surface causes the wash and rinse water to evaporate too quickly, increasing the likelihood of water spotting.

  4. Start by thoroughly wetting the car's finish with a medium spray of water to remove loose grit and surface dirt. One trick is to park on a slight incline. This allows rinse water to run off moldings, trim, and recessed areas better.

  5. Use only 100% cotton, made in the USA towels. Synthetic (flat sided) sponges and wash cloths can trap dirt, grit, and grime on the surface, which can scratch your car's paint.

  6. Start washing from the top down and rinse the car often. Frequent rinsing is important if you are washing on a warm day. Do not allow the soapy water to dry on your paint.

  7. Use a final rinse of free-flowing water (nozzle off the hose) allowing the water to sheet off the car.

  8. One 16 ounce bottle of Z-7™ Show Car Wash will wash approximately 12 mid-size cars.

Customer Testimonials Add Your Testimonial (23)

This stuff is awesome by Frank E. from Las Vegas
I believe alot of zaino products are top of the line, some other brands are just as great so most top brands produce excellent results. However, this car wash is down right amazing. I wash my car straight after a drive threw wash wash to really test the ability of the car wash liquid. It produce a shine and zero residue afterwards and cleaned the tires and wheels so fast it blew my mind. I highly recommend this stuff as it domonates dirt, greasy oily residue's and other products so you can apply zaino's.
Simply the Best by Walter from Freehold, NJ
I have been in the auto and RV business for 30 years and know a little bit about car products.
Zaino's complete line up is second to none. Sal's experience shines as bright as my cars after using the products.
The easy application and follow up to maintain show car appearance is what sets Zaino products apart from most.
Inexpensive alternative to the many so called name brands who spend more money on promotion then actual testing.
Our new 2010 BMW 5 series has just received its first Zaino treatment and looks better than it did on the showroom floor. You will love these products.
Thank you Sal!
Love it! by Joseph C. from San Francisco, CA
Helps keep my car looking new!
i love the smell of the product, makes me look forward to wash the car everytime -09 Nissan 370z
Just What I Wanted by Gail M. from Simpsonville, SC
Love the Car Wash; it does a wonderful job! The bonuses are that it smells great and is kind to your hands.
Z-7 Show Car Wash is amazing!! by Gary S. from Eugene, OR
I love this wash product!! It removed some grim and tar spots that I've been struggling to get off for nine months. One wash with this stuff and only slightly moderate elbow grease and it the grime and tar came right off. It is simply amazing!
Bigger bottle would be nice by James D. from Buena Park, CA
I Love this stuff. All of your products are amazing. Just wish you would sell a bigger bottle of the Z-7 Show Car Wash. That is the only thing that would make it a better product. Thanks.
Z-7 Show Car Wash by Philippe H. from Ramona, CA
I love your products, especially your car wash soap. In San Diego, the water is very hard. The soap really prevents water spots from forming. - 2002 BMW 530i Sport
Z-7 Show Car Wash by Alex M. from Pinehurst, NC
Your show car wash is got to be one of the best on the market! - Lexus, GS300, 99
Z-7 Show Car Wash by James R. from Anaheim Hills, CA
Great Products. I give your car wash as gifts to some of my friends, they love it! Thanks - Ford Lightning 1999, Porsche 997S 2005, Mercedes E550 2007
Z-7 Show Car Wash by paul g. from south attleboro, MA
I have been using your product for over a year, I am very pleased with Z7 car wash & your Z2 polish. - chevy corvette 2003
Z-7 Show Car Wash by Jodi W. from Richmond Hill, GA
We have only used Zaino Car Wash on these vehicles and love the results. Wouldn't use any other brand. - 2005 Lotus Elise, Chrome Orange & 2004 Honda S2000, Yellow
Z-7 Show Car Wash by David Q. from Redmond, WA
I love your car wash. - 1998 Mercedes S500, 2005 Mercedes E320cdi
Z-7 Show Car Wash by Todd R. from Sterling, VA
Once again, your products stand alone at the top. after testing, I found Z-7 has a neutral PH, unlike Meguiars washes that have a PH closer to Dawn than Z-7!
Z-7 Show Car Wash by thomas k f. from middletown, MD
Won't use anything else - Won't wash my car until I receive an order because I am out of Z-7. - 1999 SS Camaro Chev and 1997 BMW 740iL
Z-7 Show Car Wash by andrea p. from highland, CA
I love your'e products. After using the car wash & wax, I could see myself in the refection of my car (mirror like) It was unbelievable!! Thank you Zaino! One very happy customer! - 2005 altima 2.5
Z-7 Show Car Wash by Greg B. from Auburn, AL
I have an Electron Blue Z06 and I have been using Meguiars wax and polish. I have used Zaino Car Wash in the past but I started using the Meguiars Tech Wash and it just isn't the same. I'm going back to Zaino even if it's more expensive. I am going to try your polishes for the first time, I hope they work as well for me as they do for everyone else. - Chevy Corvette Z06 2003
Z-7 Show Car Wash by John S. from Eugene, OR
Love your products. I turned the garage upside-down one day looking for my bottle of Show Car Wash. - 2003 Honda CRV
Z-7 Show Car Wash by Bill B. from Eugene, OR
Sal.. we're beggin' ya. Pleeaaase start offering Z7 car wash in gallons, or at least half gallons. Three cars + washed once a week = Lots of empty Z7 bottles. Thank you sir. :-) - BMW Z3 Coupe 3.0i, 2002, Bright Red! BMW Z3 Roadster 3.0i, 2001, Alpine White BMW X5 3.0i
Z-7 Show Car Wash by Bevin W. from Petaluma, CA
Really love the car wash and polish! - MINI Cooper S 2005
Z-7 Show Car Wash by JAMIE G. from WARNER ROBINS, GA
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