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Z-5 PRO Show Car Polish for Swirl Marks and Fine Scratches

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Fear not, Z-5 fanatics, we haven't forgotten about you - Z-5 PRO Show Car Polish is now available!

And we guarantee that it's been worth the wait.  Z-5 PRO represents the summit of modern paint care and protection technology, and boasts more shine, more gloss, more depth, more clarity, greater reflectivity, and improved swirl-hiding properties.  All of which deliver increased performance over our already incredible Z-5 Show Car Polish.

Z-5 PRO delivers:
• Unbelievable levels of shine, gloss, depth, clarity, and reflectivity
• Enhanced swirl-hiding capabilities
• Unbeatable durability - lock in that show car shine for months
• Improved ease of use - wipe on, wipe off
• No dust, no staining, no streaking
• Greater value

Z-5 PRO is the perfect choice for detailing enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals alike.  Thanks to its advanced, non-abrasive, micro-filler polymer technology, Z-5 PRO fills and hides minor surface imperfections even better than before - owners of dark cars (black, blue, green, red) will take delight in knowing that with just a few simple applications, swirl marks, spider webbing, and other surface headaches will become nothing more than a distant memory.

Speaking of memories, forget about spending hours and hours each weekend trying to perfect your vehicle's finish - Z-5 PRO is easy to use.  There simply isn't a product that's easier and more effective to use than Z-5 PRO Show Car Polish.  Our beta testers report being able to polish an entire car to perfection in less than 30 minutes with Z-5 PRO and our revolutionary ZFX catalyst.

Best of all, Z-5 PRO's mile-deep, crystal clear, mirror-like results will last and last, thanks to the most advanced polymer protectants available.  Expect months of durability from Z-5 PRO, rather than weeks of quickly fading protection like those of our competitors.

Zaino's paint care systems have revolutionized the industry and set the bar for perfection to an all-time high - Z-5 PRO creates a finish that's simply unlike anything you've ever seen before, with unmatched durability, and unbeatable optical qualities.

And like all Zaino Show Car Polish protectants, you can layer Z-5 PRO for even greater results. Because Z-5 PRO contains no abrasives, it can be successfully layered, unlike other products that contain cleaners and cheap oils.  Layering improves the uniformity of the surface, hides and fills imperfections even better, and will improve the gloss, depth, shine, and "wetness" of your vehicle's paint with each subsequent application.

Z-5 PRO also contains Zaino's proprietary, state-of-the-art Ultra-Gard UV-40 sunscreen protection to ensure that your vehicle's finish stays looking as brilliant and vibrant as the day it left the showroom.

So if you're looking to take your vehicle to "the next level," look no further than Zaino Z-5 PRO Show Car Polish.  For the deepest black, the most brilliant blue, or the most captivating red, there is no alternative - Zaino Z-5 PRO will deliver stunning results that'll turn heads, drop jaws, and solicit envious looks no matter where you go or what you drive.  It's that good.

The Z-5 PRO bottle contains 8 fl. ozs. (236 ml)


• Evaluate the surface of your vehicle. If swirl marks and other defects are moderate or severe, take time to prepare your surface with an appropriate swirl mark remover.

• Layer Z-5™ PRO Show Car Polish as necessary to hide minor swirl marks, defects or spider webbing.

• For maximum gloss, follow Z-5™ PRO Show Car Polish with one or more coats of Z-2™ PRO Show Car Polish. Z-2 will provide an even higher gloss finish than Z-5. Always use Z-6 Gloss Enhancer Spray or Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal between each and every coat of Z-5 and Z-2.

• Maintain with Z-7™ Show Car Wash and Z-6™ Quick Detailer or Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal as necessary.

• It is best to avoid the use of abrasive products as much as possible. However, with deeper swirls and fine scratches, sometimes they are necessary. If you don't see a visible difference after 1 to 3 coats of Z-5 PRO, you need to use Z-PC™ Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover .




  1. Z-5™ PRO Show Car Polish is very easy to use. There's no need to rub hard or use a machine.

  2. Thoroughly wash your car. For best results, it is critical to enable Z-5™ PRO Show Car Polish with ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive. See ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive for details.

  3. Apply a thin coat of Z-5 PRO to your entire car using a 100% cotton cloth or applicator pad. On top panels, use front-to-back hand motions. On side panels, use up-and-down hand motions. This helps improve reflectivity. Heavy rubbing is not necessary.

  4. Use a clean, 100% cotton, made in the USA towel to buff off Z-5 and reveal the hidden beauty of your paint.

  5. As you become more familiar with Z-5™ PRO Show Car Polish application, one eight ounce bottle will do a Corvette 20 times. The key is even and thin layers.


Customer Testimonials Add Your Testimonial (48)

Z-18, Z-5 and Z-6 by Ron V. from Holden Beach, NC
I used Z-5 and Z-2 on a 2001 Miata 6 years ago. It hasn't been treated since and the depth of the shine is still apparent. When I got my 2009 Hyundai Genesis, there was no doubt that Z-5 was the way to go with a black paint job. The car was built about 14 months before I bought it, then for 6 mos we had winter. The clay bar certainly set the paint up for a great Z-5 application. Z-6 and Z-8 finish the job so perfectly that you can't believe the depth of the shine before your eyes. Thanks, Sal, for all of your hard work in developing these superior products.
My 2010 Camaro 2SS on ZAINO!ds by Rick F. from Logan, OH
I just put my Camaro through the Zaino system, and all I can say is WOW! ...even though the car is new I decided to start with the claybar and could feel the gritty contaminants coming off, leaving a silky smooth finish. After the claybar I applied two coats of Z5 and a coat of Z2, finishing with a wipe down of Z8. The mirror like finish is absolutely incredible! Hard to believe results like this with what seems like so little effort!!!
show winning finish. by Jonathan H. from Naperville, IL
Z5 along with, Zaino's show car kit, are miles better than anything else i have tried. it makes me feel like my car belongs on the show car level at cruise nights. get ready to see people take photos of your car randomly at stoplights, it's unreal the attention a great finish gets. your products are a must for black car owners.

Z-AIO + Z-5 and Z-8 to finish... by Kyung Tae from Teajeon, South Korea
ZAINO is Fantastic experience..
Bullet proof. by Mike Hodel from Phoenix, AZ
I thought you might enjoy a couple photos of a recent incident I encountered in my 2008 Crystal Red Corvette which highlights the great protective quality of your products. The car was last polished about a year ago (oops!). The first photo shows my passenger door after running over what I can only guess was a spray can of fluorescent green utility paint.

The red stripe through the green paint was wiped clean using a wet paper towel about five minutes later. The paint was already drying in the low humidity climate of Phoenix. I immediately purchased some low impact remover and used that to completely remove the green paint. I really thought I may be looking at a new paint job.

The second and third photos show the results after about a half-hour of emergency work with the remover and microfiber towels - BETTER THAN NEW FROM THE FACTORY AGAIN! I am not a paint expert, but I am pretty convinced the outcome would not have been so nice if I had used regular wax. I've used Zaino since I bought my first C5 Vette in 2002. I've always loved your product, but this takes it to a whole new level! Thank you!

Mike Hodel
2009 Porsche 911S and Z-5 by Jon A from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Your product is simply amazing. I had been using Liquid Glass for years but it always left a white powder residue everywhere. Z-5 did not stain any of the plastic nor did it leave a residue. After taking possession of my car a few weeks ago, I used the AIO, then the Z-5, and then Z-6 to touch up here and there.

Enclosed are a few photos - feel free to post them as you see fit.

Black Car - No Problem! by James B. from Chicago, IL
Sal, Just placed another order for your products - I've been using them exclusively, starting with Z6, on my black 2000 Vette since new (after the mistake of trying to use Raindance!!!! and other products). This is pretty much a daily driver in the summer, with several track days each year. This car is not a garrage queen, but most of the time it looks like one thanks to your products. Check out the attached photo - this is a 6 year old car with 38,000 miles on it. Thanks again for the great stuff!
2007 Rolls Royce Phantom shined by Z-5 PRO by TL from Kansas City, KS

Click the image for more photos:

My wife's favorite color is 'shiny'. by Jeff M. from Elizabeth City, NC
Thanks for making and selling a great product. I've included a photo of my wife's 2003 Chevy Tahoe after two coats of your Z-5 Pro. The paint is now 5 1/2 years old and I've been able to revive it with Zaino. I can hardly wait to get a few coats of Z-2 on it!

Zaino Z-5 Black Tahoe

Zaino is the only way to go!! by Bobby G. from Dumont, NJ
I recently acqired a 2008 Pontiac G8, black metallic. I began applying the Zaino AIO, Z-5 Pro, Z-2 Pro and Z-8 to my car. I get looks and thumbs up from Corvette to BMW drivers as they drive by. One guy in a Vette stopped me to admire the shine. Told him who to contact. I've become a Zaino fan and have given away my Maguire polishes to my nephew. Applied it to my girlfriends Honda Accord recently; what a shine!! I strongly recommend the Zaino products.
Z5 Exceeds Expectations by Marvin Henderson from Broken Arrow, OK
I spread the word about your products to all my “car friends” at work (American Airlines – Tulsa). Z5 makes the red paint on my 2000 SS Camaro convertible absolutely glow! Nothing touches this car unless it has Zaino on the label!

Best Regards
Marv Henderson
Z-5 pro on my 2000 chevy impala 9c1 by Jonathan from Quantico VA
I thought I would take a second to send you a few pictures of my winter daily driver. This is my 2000 Chevy Impala 9C1 (former police car) which I cleaned up this weekend. I purchased this car is July of 2007 with 76000 miles and I now have 92,000 on her. Just a couple weekends ago I cleaned her up and applied 2 x z5pro and 1 x z2. Just yesterday I washed her and applied some z6. As you can see this car shines really well for being 8 years old and having the original paint.

Amazing Z-5 w/ ZFX and Z-6 to finish... by W. Joseph Jr. from Honolulu, HI
2007 Titan Black... when I bought this truck I was so caught up in the moment I didn't noticed all the swirls marks created by the dealer! On top of that I knew nothing about BLACK cars! But basically they were using a chamois with a bucket of water to clean most of the cars on the lot!

The marks were very noticeable in direct sunlight, which is most of the time in Hawaii!;-) I've tried a number of waxes and scratch removers from name brands I'm sure you've all heard of. They would never do what they said it would after 2 or 3 coats you could still see the swirls marks no matter what I try! Not so with Z-5. I am so happy with this product!

Thank you!
Adding shine and value by Scott R from New Hampshire
I have been using Zaino and specificly Z2 on my vehicles for the last 2 years. I used to detail everything from cars to airplanes to pay for college so I have spent a ton of time behind a buffer, used all kinds of products and found my favorites but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compares to the Zaino product. My wife has an 03 burgandy Yukon XL and even when it was new it just didn't look great, lots of swirls, haze etc. After an extensive search for something new I found Zaino and have thrown out all my bottles of carnuba goo, retired my orbital buffers and simply use the Zaino Z2, Z5, Z8 to get the job done. I have never had such a wonderful finish on a car and the best part is it LASTS! Now my wife claims that the truck gets more looks then she does! She'll get over it! Thanks Sal for all your hard work, I tell everyone I know.
Took awhile to see the "light" (Shine) by Tom B. from Myrtle Beach, SC

My brother has been trying to get me to use your products for years. He has a 69 Vette and shows it all over and is extreme with regard to the detailing process.

I never had a fancy or show car worthy of the expense. Just normal every day drivers.

I recently bought a black HHR. My brother shuddered knowing how I am NOT with regard to detailing. I actually see this car as more then just a car and found it can be customized like my bike. So I took more interest in it.

I called him and he told me what to get. A little ZPC with the Ultimate Detail Orbiter followed by EFX in some Z5. Three coats (and not a whole lot of elbow grease) later Black looks like Chrome.

Even a "lowly" Chevy HHR can look like a show car.......Well maybe thats a stretch but at least it looks that way to me.


z5 pro wowwwww by Steven from Switzerland
that is my baby a 2002 ferrari 360 spider f1 tdf blue i love how the color looked after even the first z5 pro coat it was really a big diference,my car goes many times to shows or ferrari meetings and ist very important that the car gets a strong shine,reflections,deep look...with zaino all that is any problem its simply amazing ist difficult to explain it with words.
Less is more by Jorge from Chicago
I have a 1994 black BMW and wanted a product that was non abrasive but lasted better than the conventional oils that make up swirl removers etc. I highly recommend this product. I applied by hand, its non abrasive, which is important if your finish is in good condition like mine. Do take heed, less is more. Resist the temptation to pile it on like conventional wax. It works best when used very sparringly, if you are a neurotic freak like me, just layer it with multiple applications.
The SHINE says it all by Jim D from Virginia
This is my 1999 Mercedes SLK230 Sport. I really don't want to mince a lot of words here. I use the FULL line of Zaino products. All I could ever tell you about Zaino is contined in this picture...The SHINE says it all!!! A life customer.
The effects of Zaino by Alton D. from Texas
A Zaino wash and two coats of Z-5 only.

Testimonial by Brian R. from Shawnee, KS

I just wanted to say thanks for such a great product. I have a 1996 Harley Fatboy (see the attached pictures) and could not be more impressed with the Z-7 Wash and the Z-5 Polish. The Z-5 was extremely easy to use once you got a handle on using such a small amount. To date I have put on 6 coats of the Z-5 and can’t wait to add more. The tank finish just seems to pop out brighter every time I put on another coat. I think the wife is becoming concerned that I am getting so excited detailing my bike with the Zaino products. Can’t wait to try some of the other products you offer. Hopefully you will all start developing other cleaners for bike owners.


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