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Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes

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We've accomplished the impossible! Z-2 PRO™ is here!

We've managed to do what no one else has ever done - we've made a product that's vastly superior to Zaino Z-2™, and we call it Z-2 PRO™.  Z-2 PRO™ has been designated as the replacement for Z-2™, but don't worry - as much as you loved the old Z-2™, you're going to love Z-2 PRO™ even more!

Z-2 PRO™ offers:
  • Unbeatable gloss, shine, depth, clarity and reflectivity
  • Durability and protection that's out of this world
  • Improved user friendliness
  • Easy on, easy off, no waiting
  • No dust or residue to stain your trim
  • Greater value

Whether you're a beginner, a weekend detailer, or a certifiable car nut, Z-2 PRO™ is sure to impress you.  Z-2 PRO™ boasts the most advanced levels of shine, gloss, reflectivity, clarity and depth, and it locks those optical qualities in for months, thanks to the most sophisticated system of synthetic polymeric-based protection available.

Z-2 PRO™ was created to enhance the finish of any vehicle. We engineered Z-2 PRO™ to be easy to use and long lasting while delivering sizzling looks that are sure to get you and your car noticed.

Say good-bye to spending frequent weekends waxing and protecting your vehicle. Z-2 PRO™ provides months and months of protection with just a single application, and that's no exaggeration. Our testers have reported 6-plus months of honest protection in even the most extreme environments. Z-2 PRO™ includes our most advanced sunscreen, Ultra-Guard™ UV(40) to protect against shrinking and fading caused by sun and ultra-violet light.

Z-2 PRO™ is optically perfect and won't negatively impact the look of your vehicle. In fact, Z-2 PRO™ will do something no other product can do - it will show off your paint the way it was meant to be seen. Z-2 PRO™ contains advanced, state-of-the-art optical enhancers and gloss additives that will bring out the true color and clarity of your paint.

Z-2 PRO™ will not leave behind messy residue, and it won't stain your plastic trim or rubber pieces. Our special flex-additives help keep your paint resilient and elastic, and can breathe new life into dull or faded rubber and plastic trim pieces.

And while a single application of Z-2 PRO™ should provide months of long lasting good looks, Z-2 PRO™ can be layered for even greater results. With each subsequent coat, the finish on your vehicle will become more glossy, more reflective and more deep.

Z-2 PRO™ will give your vehicle's paint total environmental protection and a long lasting, impressive show car shine. Simply put, it is the only protection your vehicle's paint will ever need. Z-2 PRO™ will out perform, out protect, outshine and outlast anything on the market today, guaranteed! Try it today and find out what we're all so excited about.

The Z-2 PRO bottle contains 8 fl. ozs. (236 ml.)


  1. A little goes a long way. We've engineered Z-2 PRO™ to be extremely efficient. While applying Z-2 PRO™, do your best to apply very thin, even layers. As you become more familiar with the product, a single eight-ounce bottle will do a Corvette 20 times. Remember - when in doubt, use less.
  2. If your car's surface isn't in optimal condition, take the necessary steps to correct any imperfections before applying Z-2 PRO. For best results, always precede an application of Z-2 PRO™ with a Z-7 Show Car Wash. This will ensure the surface is free of any contaminants or incompatible oils/deposits. Z-2 PRO™ contains no cleaners, and no abrasives, therefore the surface must be in good condition before you apply Z-2 PRO™.
  3. For your initial application, enable Z-2 PRO™ by mixing with ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator as directed by the instructions included with ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator. It is critical that you use ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator with Z-2 PRO™ for the initial application, or if multiple layers are to be applied within a 24 hour time period.*
  4. Apply a thin coat of Z-2 PRO™ to your entire car using a 100% cotton cloth or applicator pad. Heavy rubbing is not necessary. Remember: Z-2 PRO is extremely concentrated. 1 oz of Z-2 PRO can do the average sized vehicle 1 to 2 times including the rims. Less is better. Use as little product as possible.
  5. Allow Z-2 PRO™ to haze (this should take 10-15 minutes in normal conditions), then by using a clean, 100% cotton, made in the USA towel to buff off Z-2 PRO™ and reveal the hidden beauty of your paint.

NOTE: Z-2 PRO™ is extremely durable and should provide at least 6 months of protection for your vehicle. If your goals are maximum shine and maximum protection on everyday vehicles, we recommend 3-4 applications per year. For show car owners, multiple coats will provide the wettest-looking, deepest, most distortion-free finish you can imagine.

* Note regarding ZFX and Z-2 PRO™ : For a more dramatic appearance and improved durability, Z-2 PRO™ can be layered multiple times. We recommend no more than 3 layers be applied over a 24-hour time period. Whenever you layer Z-2 PRO™, you must activate it with ZFX. For additional information, refer to the ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator page.

Customer Testimonials Add Your Testimonial (182)

Could it get any easier by Jason H. from San Diego, CA
Wow! Fastest polish I've ever done on a car. The results are an incredible like new paint job, it brought my 3 year old car to looking brand new. Another great Zaino product.
Z-2 Pro outshines all others by Bob from Channahon, IL
I am truly amazed by your products. I recently applied ZAIO on my '08 Dodge Magnum. What a shine. The paint has never looked better. I am now finishing it up with a layer of Z2Pro. I can't wait to see the results. I recently purchased Z-PC to clean up my motorhome. I swear by your products!
Beats Everything Else Hands Down by Dan M. from College Park, MD
Stumbled on a review of Zaino Show Car Polish ages ago in a Corvette magazine, and gave it a try. Had been trying just about every wax and car finish product available for over 30 years - the Good, the Bad, and the downright Ugly. Nothing but the Zaino product line has touched any of my cars since. Current stable consists of an '08 Cad DTS in 'double expresso' brown metallic, and an '09 Mercedes CLS550 in light silver. Zaino keeps both vehicles gleaming and protected.

Excellent products, at reasonable prices. Helluva combo!
Zaino Products by Gary M. P. from Montgomery, AL
When I bought my 08" Mustang GT/CS I shopped at the local stores and bought whatever they recommended, Turtle Wax "Ice", The Black Box,(my car is black and a couple of other products. I was never satisfied with the results. I went to Gatlinburg, TN this past Christmas. We had a bad storm, 70 mile an hour winds in the mountains and my ride suffered shingle damage. Had the work done a local body shop here in Montgomery. The owner asked me what did I use to wash my car because he was concerned about me using something too harsh for the new paint. I told him Dove liquid dish detergent. He ran inside and brought me out a flyer. No matter what wax I was using, every time I washed it, I was just stripping everything off. He recommended Zaino products. I went on line and made my purchase. There is literally no comparison to anyhting else I have ever used. My Mustang looks great, and black is really hard to take care of. I joined Tri County Mustangs and put my car in it's first show. If you go to their website, my ride is sitting under the "Hooters" sign. There are alot of other pictures there too. I will never use anything else on my car. The proof is in the appearance and it speaks for itself. My Facebook page has alot of pictures of my too. You can't lose if you care about your car. Face it, you spent alot of money on your ride, it is an investment. Why not take care of your investment? Your just throwing your money and "time" away on anything else!!
Z-2 Pro Saves time and lasts long! by Paul Lanzilotta from Stuttgart, Germany
I've been using Zaino products for approx 7 years with different vehicles - ranging from a GM S10 Blazer, 92 BMW 325iC and most recently a 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser and a 2008 BMW 328 convertible. I was preparing to switch the BMW to winter tires a couple of days ago and took a couple of pictures.

What is interesting about the photos I am attaching is that I haven't polished the car since July 2009 (so it's been approx 3 months), and I hadn't washed the car for at least a week. It rains here in Germany pretty often and there is actually some road dirt on the car. You can't really tell though, and the attribute I love about your products shines through - the shine is robust and lasts longer than any other product I have used. This car has one coat of Z2/ZFX, and one clear seal application.

I enjoy using Zaino products and the work they save me - best of all the car turns heads no matter where I am.
Aegen Blue Jewel! by Tony from Atlanta, GA
I must say originally I was a doubter of Zaino's products. I've used everything in the past, as I had detail business. My formula was McGuire's cleaner wax, Menzerna's polish and Midnight Sun pure carnuba. I always thought my car could not look better until a went ahead and got with the Zaino plan. I dawn dishwashed the car (very reluctantly) and clayed, used the Z-PC Fusion (spectacular product) which alone almost equalled the shine I previously had, used the Z-5 polish w/ZFX to get rid of some very fine imperfections and gave the paint a mirror depth and dark richness, coats of Z-6 in between, then topped off with a coat of Z-2, Z-6, then a top coat of Z-2. Also love the leather conditioner and the Perfect Tire Gloss is the absolute best as well. All I can say is that my car is absolutely an Aegean Blue jewel!! My car has never looked so good. I can't go to a store and make it out of the parking lot without with guys (and ladies) asking me what I use on my ride. The other day I came back to my car a woman was fixing her make up looking at the side of the car. At dusk I can even see the stars in the sky starting to be visible!! I must say Zaino's products is like crack (its soooo addictive). Thank you Zaino for pimpin my ride!!!
Finally took the time... by TRM from St Louis, MO
I've been using Zaino for years, but I've never really found the time to put more that one coat on at a time. Finally this summer, I had a whole weekend with no distractions or obligations so I took the time to give the wife's new G8 a special treatment. After two coats of Z-5 followed by two coats of Z-2 (z-6 in between each) I was stunned by the depth and clarity of the shine. Fantastic product, Sal. Another customer for life.

Picture link:

{{ If it's worthy, please feature this photo. Car is a 2009 Pontiac G8 GT }}
greatest products ever by ryan from Baltimore, md
i have a black 08 audi a6 and have used every product available. even the $160 small tub of the "best" carnuba. i finally switched to zaino. used the z-aio,z2 w/zfx, z6, and the tire dressing. my car looks sick and ive never seen it so glossy. hands down the best car products around
The best deep "Wet Look" finish on the market. by DPAmess from Colorado Springs, Colorado
I want to Thank You for such an amazing product. In the 24 years I have been detailing vehicles I have not found a product that gives such a deep wet gloss finish as Zaino 2 Pro Show Car Polish. I have purchased almost every product on the market from $9.99 to $199.99 that guarantees a "deep wet look finish" and have found that Zaino 2 Pro Show Car Polish is the only one that can perform to such high standards .
M.S. in Chemistry by Brian from Richmond, Virginia
OK look! Like many Americans I am not the owner of a Corvette, or a new BMW, but for those of you out there who are the average American like me, this stuff works! I spent the $25 to try a bottle of this along with the shipping of course, and applied it today. Well.. I was that amazed that I threw away my Magueires Carnuba wax, and the other " wax as you dry" stuff from Wal-Mart. I wish this stuff was vailable when I was in college and had a 69 Camaro 350cc... Al is right though the stuff goes a lonbg way, my first time using it, I prolly used 1/4 of the bottle which I know is a lot but I guess it takes practice. And to think I alsmost went to get that "Teflon" coating at the dealership hahaha.
Oh and by the way, I am a chemist and this stuff is what they say it is, so dont worry about buying snake oil! and no I was never paid to get on here and right this, I am here on my own.
M.S. in Chemistry by Brian from Richmond, Virginia
OK look! Like many Americans I am not the owner of a Corvette, or a new BMW, but for those of you out there who are the average American like me, this stuff works! I spent the $25 to try a bottle of this along with the shipping of course, and applied it today. Well.. I was that amazed that I threw away my Magueires Carnuba wax, and the other " wax as you dry" stuff from Wal-Mart. I wish this stuff was vailable when I was in college and had a 69 Camaro 350cc... Al is right though the stuff goes a lonbg way, my first time using it, I prolly used 1/4 of the bottle which I know is a lot but I guess it takes practice. And to think I alsmost went to get that "Teflon" coating at the dealership hahaha.
Oh and by the way, I am a chemist and this stuff is what they say it is, so dont worry about buying snake oil! and no I was never paid to get on here and right this, I am here on my own.
Best of the Best by Rene Berio from Orlando, FL.
I drive a 2008 Mercedes Benz E 350, I tried numerous waxes but by far, Zaino Z-2 IS THE BEST WAX period. I use this wax in my Nissan Armada and you can not believe the shine,is like my car is wet all the time. This wax last for a long time. Now I'm hooked with all Zaino products. This is a geat product.....
Very glossy and took just minutes! by Mitch Cornacchia from Hackensack New Jersey
I have a 1989 BMW 635CSI I tried the Z-2 today and was very happy with the results. Went on in minutes and came off just as easily. Can't wait to coat again to build up that deep gloss look! Great product and delivered within 2 days to my door. I will be buying more in the near future.
Z-2 pro by Todd R. from Addison, Il.
I recently purchased the Z-2 pro polish for a car show I was getting ready to attend. The polish goes on easily and a little goes a long way. I would not recommend applying in humid weather. It took three hours for the polish to dry as directed. But when I buffed the haze off my car it was like a mirror. Well worth the wait for such a beautiful shine. Also, the z-12 glass polish works better than anything I have ever tried before. It even took the film off my windshield close to the dash.
No Comparison to Mcguiars! by Sonny from Atlanta
My brother-in-law recently told me about your products. I just bought a new Mercedes SL63 AMG and put three coats of Mcguiars 26 on it the day I bought it. It looked absolutely beautiful and I didn't believe it could be improved. I decided to try Zaino and see if there was an appreciable difference. I stripped the Mcguiars this weekend and applied three coats of Z2 with coats of Z6 between each coat. WOW! What a difference. I can't explain how much deeper and richer the finish is with Zaino. Just to prove to myself that I was not patting myself on the back for all of the hard work, I took the car back to the Mercedes dealer and parked it beside a new black SL550. The new car looked like a Macco paint job in comparison. Thanks for the great product Sal, I am a believer.
2006 Vette Roadster by George from Tucson
I just finished my car using the newer Pro series of products, including the Z-2Pro; AIO and and Z-CS. This time I also bought the ZFX (should have years ago).
Now in one day, I finished my car. The paint looks fantastic. Just two coats of Z-2Pro so far, but more will be added soon.

These are fantastic products.
Thank you
Great Products and Service by Don from Houston, Texas
Hello Sal,

It is easy to comment on your products and service when the only word that is necessary is "excellent". I have been using your products for 5 or so years with great results. When I order the products it is easy, I get immediate confirmation, and then a follow-up on shipping. I don't normally feel compelled to comment but when a business has great products and service they deserve the kudos.

Best Regards,
Love This Stuff on my Z06 by Mark from Dallas
Sal Zaino:

I just wanted to thnk you for such a wonderful product line. I have been using Z1, Z2, and Z8 for a while now and its simply amazing how my Silver Z06 looks "wet" all the time. Its HARD to make a silver car look like this, but your products make it so easy ! I lost count as to how many coats of Z1/Z2 I have on the car. haha. Its literally like a mirror looking at the paint. The cars paint feels like "silk" to the touch. Its simply amazing when I get a friend to touch the paint, and compare it to how another car's paint feels. The look I get from my friends is priceless ! They just can't believe it.

I have also been using your Z-16 Tire Gloss. I used to get black grease spraying down the side of my car from other Tire shine products. Your Z-16 actually "dries" on the tire and leaves a nice shine and does not attract dust like other greasy tire shines. I actually removed all 4 tires from my car and washed them (to get other tire shine products off). I then used Z-16 and will never use anything else moving forward.

I plan to try your ZFX and Z-CS on my paint soon to see how I will like that (since Z-1 is no longer available), and that I hear good things about the Z-CS. I also want to try your Z-10 leather in a bottle. If the above products are anything like the Zaino products I have already been using, I'm sure I will love it !

Thanks again !
Incredible stuff! by Pat Casey from Aiken, SC
I have a 2005 BMW Z4 and I have been a customer since Oct. '07. Attached is a pic of my car which was last detailed in Jan. '08, when I used Z2 (applied with a PC polisher), followed by Clear Seal and then Z8. The attached pic was taken three months later after I had just washed it with Z7 and coated with Z6.

I wanted to add my kudos to the rest I have seen on your products. Your products give an amazing shine and last far longer than anything I have ever used. The shine on my Z is amazing. I have recommended your products many times on the forums and will continue to do so.

(pic was sent by email to Sal on 4/28/08)
Simple, yet AMAZING products. by Jerimiah from Bozeman, MT
I purchased the Zaino products a couple years ago for a 2003 Dodge Dakota R/T I used to have. After this year's winter here in Montana, I used your Z-7 Car Wash and washed my car twice. Our winter roads just coated the car with grime. I hadn't truly washed it all winter.

After washing I applied the Z-2 (original, haven't gotten PRO yet) to the entire car. I'm yet again amazed at how little effort this product requires. Even with all the parking lot dings and scratches on my 2005 Toyota Camry SE, from just a couple feet away it looks showroom brand new. Of course a touch of Z-16 Perfect Tire Gloss only enhances the car's appeal.

Sadly, I just realized I forgot to apply the Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray. Thanks again for making products that truly work, and work amazingly.
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