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Our postal mail, voicemail, and e-mail have been flooded with notes of customer appreciation for years. We truly appreciate all the wonderful things that people have to say about us. Our customers enthusiasm for our product is truly energizing for us as a company. We start early and work late and this is what keeps us going. So we say thanks to all of you! 

Have a look at what some of our customers are saying about our fantastic product as well as our customer service:

High performance tires..  

I have a 2004 Mercedes E55, the tires always slings up the Tire Wet that i use, and after a couple of days of driving around, my car looks like it drove through semi-wet tar, and was very hard to remove. I used Zaino's tire shine, one of the best and easiest products to use. I would gun it at every stop light, and still no sign of my tire slinging it on to the paint. I love Zaino's products i use it on all three of my vehicles, Mercedes SL500, Cadillac Escalade, Saleen S281E....GREAT PRODUCTS NO REASON TO USE ANY OTHER PRODUCT!

Viresh P.
Houston, Texas

Very glossy and took just minutes!  

I have a 1989 BMW 635CSI I tried the Z-2 today and was very happy with the results. Went on in minutes and came off just as easily. Can't wait to coat again to build up that deep gloss look! Great product and delivered within 2 days to my door. I will be buying more in the near future.

Mitch Cornacchia
Hackensack New Jersey

My wife's favorite color is 'shiny'.  

Thanks for making and selling a great product. I've included a photo of my wife's 2003 Chevy Tahoe after two coats of your Z-5 Pro. The paint is now 5 1/2 years old and I've been able to revive it with Zaino. I can hardly wait to get a few coats of Z-2 on it!

Zaino Z-5 Black Tahoe

Jeff M.
Elizabeth City, NC

Z-12 halted the haze!!!  

Where to start...well, for as long as I can remember, the interior side of my 2003 Mustang GT's windshield has always been victim of that annoying hazy film that so many other cars get. It drove me crazy; I'd wipe it off and just a few hours later it would be back. I tried so many cleaners and different towels to get it off, but it was so stubborn and just wouldn't stay away.

I saw the Z-12 advertising it would eliminate the haze. I figured it was worth a shot...I've been using other Zaino products since 2002, so I figured why not try another. I'm glad I did. Z-12 has lived up to it's word by getting rid of the haze. As of this writing, it's been 2 weeks since I initially applied it to the inside of my windshield, and I haven't seen ANY hazing since (well, except for when it rains, it fogs up but that's always been the case...just nature there). Thank you Zaino!!

Annapolis, MD

Zaino is the only way to go!!  

I recently acqired a 2008 Pontiac G8, black metallic. I began applying the Zaino AIO, Z-5 Pro, Z-2 Pro and Z-8 to my car. I get looks and thumbs up from Corvette to BMW drivers as they drive by. One guy in a Vette stopped me to admire the shine. Told him who to contact. I've become a Zaino fan and have given away my Maguire polishes to my nephew. Applied it to my girlfriends Honda Accord recently; what a shine!! I strongly recommend the Zaino products.

Bobby G.
Dumont, NJ

Exactly what the doctor ordered!  Rating: 3  

Bought an 06' 4-Runner with terrible water spots/acid rain/or whatever on back seat windows and rear panel side windows. I tried all kinds of treatments and had no success. Using Zaino Z-12 clear view glass polish and a buffer to begin and elbow grease to finish produced absolutely wonderful results. My windows are perfect! Zaino you have a customer for life. Z-12 is a great product!

Greenwood, SC

The Best Product I have tried!  

I have many trophies for my 2001 Firehawk and I fact discovered Zaino Products at the Pontiac Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio. In my display I give credit to Zaino products. Your leather cleaner combined with Leather in a Bottle is fantastic. With 34,000+ miles on my car people always ask "has anyone ever sat in the passenger or back seat?" In addition, I tried the products on my favorite easy chair, much to my wife's concern and I got the same results. Would anyone like to buy my other leather cleaning products at a bargain price?

Frank E.
Novi, MI

Zaino is the one!  

I have a 2003 Chevrolet SS Silverado and when I bought it the dealership didn't detail the truck as I noticed the first day it rained. I got info on your website from and those guys know what there talking about. I purchased the Z-AIO and the grand finale spray and wow my truck looks fantastic. Not only does it look good clean it even looks good when its raining because of the beeds running down the truck just tells you I used a good wax/polish and I did. I've used many others in the past but nothing stands up to this. Zaino AIO is the perfect combination for daily drivers just like it says.

Davenport, IA

Cows Love it Too!  

Your Leather in a Bottle was just what I needed! I tired of slaughtering cattle and squeezing the oil out of their hides just to replicate the leather smell that permeated my car when it was new. Now all I do is buff a little in and voila! Just like new. On behalf of local cattle herds and their unborn, thanks!

CC Clarke
Poulsbo, WA

Best stuff ever!!  

I used this stuff on my 1980 Ford Pinto. All original baby blue. Used the clay bar and polish and brought out the shine!!! I could not believe it. I haven’t seen it that clean since the day I bought it. Thanks Z!!!

Elizabethtown, KY

Z-2 pro  Date: 09/30/2008

I recently purchased the Z-2 pro polish for a car show I was getting ready to attend. The polish goes on easily and a little goes a long way. I would not recommend applying in humid weather. It took three hours for the polish to dry as directed. But when I buffed the haze off my car it was like a mirror. Well worth the wait for such a beautiful shine. Also, the z-12 glass polish works better than anything I have ever tried before. It even took the film off my windshield close to the dash.

Todd R.
Addison, Il.

Awesome stuff!  Date: 09/26/2008

Just cleaned up a Z06 with this kit. Worked great, and is well worth it. It was my first time ever using the Zaino products, and they were simple to use and left outstanding results. It worked a lot better than anyother product I've ever used, and I have used many.


Rochester, NY

Been using since '97  

Zaino is absolutely addictive. Amazing products and service. Now that its getting cooler outside, try putting your bottle of Z8 or even other products in a sink full of hot water for a few minutes to warm it up. Makes it flow better and you won't end up over applying. Love this stuff!! I am just starting to use Z-CS and so far I am very impressed.

Naugatuck CT

Z5 Exceeds Expectations  

I spread the word about your products to all my “car friends” at work (American Airlines – Tulsa). Z5 makes the red paint on my 2000 SS Camaro convertible absolutely glow! Nothing touches this car unless it has Zaino on the label!

Best Regards
Marvin Henderson
Broken Arrow, OK

Quick and Easy!  

I have a '08 Pontiac Solstice GXP. I love your products. I wouldn't use anything else! Zaino is my polish of choice!

Blandon, PA

Continuously Impressed!  

I have been a regular user of Zaino for the past few years. I have always been impressed with the shine and finish capabilities of these products. I use Z5, Z2 and Z6 regularly (weekly) and absolutely love the finish and results I get. This detail package is a very good starter kit for anyone wanting to give these products a try, or when you deplete your supply of products like I had.

The reflections are striking and the paint has a continuous wet look and is very slick and smooth (smoother then my windshield) to the touch. I recommend Zaino to everyone that I talk to when they ask about my car's finish.

Some photos are linked below.

Thanks Sal!

Hood shot from my indigo Blue 2004 Chevy Trailblazer (2 coats of Z2 and 2 coats of Z5 - countless applications of Z6)


Car shot of my 2001 BMW 325Ci (6 coats of Z2 and 3 coats of Z5 and countless applications of Z6)


Damon E.
Dallas, Texas


Excellent Glass Polish Product  

I bought my new car and drove it home after they finished detailing it. When I arrived the windshield had bugs and dirt on it so I decided to clean it. That is when I observed what appeared to be "hard water" stains that were on all the glass surfaces. I tried everything, nothing worked, so I called the dealer and they wanted the car back. Their detailer worked on it for an hour, including "claying" the glass. Same result, same stains. Then they tried to tell me what I was seeing was normal. Well I know that at night I should not be looking through a white water spot haze, so I decided to fix the problem myself.

I read about Zaino products on a BMW forum, where numerous members raved about them. I looked up the Zaino Z-12 and was impressed by customer reviews and decided to give it a try.

Well, it works as advertised and I am very happy. It took about 1 hour to work on all of the exterior glass surfaces. With a simple applicator pad, cotton towel to buff and some elbow grease the problem is solved. The stains are gone, the glass is silky smooth and there were no ill effects.

It worked so well that I even took the time to email my sales rep and pass on my Zaino solution to their detail guy, who said there was nothing they could do and what I was seeing was normal.

This product works exactly as advertised! Thanks Zaino. 2008 BMW 650i

John M.
Westminster, MD

Superior Shine/Protection  

Sal -

Just wanted to say thanks for providing an amazing line of products! I've been using ZFX, Z-2, Z-5 and Z-6 and love the results. I've never seen a product that performs as well as yours. I first started using Zaino products on my '69' Chevelle, but now use them on all my cars. Not only do they produce a top quality shine, but their easy to use, protect well, and the results never fail to turn heads while cruising. The paint on the Chevelle is over 10 years old, but it looks like new thanks to you! Wherever I go I keep getting the same question - What kind of wax do you use - even from the body/paint guys. Thanks again Sal and keep doing what you do!

Randy S.
Muscatine, IA

Works great even on light colored vehicles  

Hello Staff at Zaino Products,

Just wanted to send a few photos. I learned about Zaino products through the on-line forums for Mercedes Benz (e.g., and initially bought and used the Zaino Total Protection Kit as initial treatment for a brand new 2006 Mercedes-Benz SLK 280 in April 2006 following the instructions that came with the kit and at the website.

The results are amazing even for a relatively light colored car (Pewter). I've been using Zaino products since (a former M product user, M= Meguair's). I've traded the SLK 280 for the 2008 SLK 55 (2 pictures attached) and did the claybar, Z5,Z6,Z2Pro, Z6 sequence within a week of taking delivery. Except for the claybar, I do the above sequential treatment every 3 or 4 months, with the Z7 carwash and Z6 treatment (after carwash) every 1 -2 weeks.

Hope you all like the picture (SLK 55) and thanks for a great line of products.


Lake Forest, CA

Ounce for ounce, best thing out there!  

I was a loyal Zymol user for about 10 years.
About a month ago, I "Iced" (Turtle Wax) my 2007 MINI Cooper. What a pain that was! My MINI is Pepper White with a Black roof and the streaking kicked my butt!

Not with Zaino! This stuff is worth every cent! No streaking and color depth beyond your dreams. I need to change the color of my roof from Black to Onyx. It is unbelievably deep. Unlike other polishes and wax, removing Zaino is a breeze and you can use it on your black trim as well. The only thing better would be if a Genie popped out of the bottle and did the work for you!

Awesome product Sal! Keep 'em coming!

Kevin B
Lewisville, TX

Couldn't believe my eyes!  

I am not one to write product reviews but this time it's well deserved and a must. I just purchased a 2005 C6 corvette. It needed a nice wax job and I did some research and found the Zaino company. I have never been so amazed at such a gloss and shine on a car. I purchased the entire kit, it has everything you need. I just followed the instructions, washed, clay barred and put 3 coats of polish on. I entered my new baby into it's first corvette car show yesterday and long term corvette owners were in such an awe! Everyone thought my car was brand new, the class and shine of this car was impeccable!

Deb Jones
Windermere, Florida

Best Of The Best  

So often people will always down grade or complain about everything you can think of and never praise when praise is due. This is the exception! I have been a corvette owner for over 31 years. I currently own my 7th corvette. People have always told me that I'm anal about my cars that you could eat off of them. About a year ago I was introduced to your products. The only thing I can say is where have you been all my life. Your products are the best products I have ever used. I think I now have everything you make. They have to be the highest quality of product I have ever used. My corvette always stands out when ever I take it on a run. Recently my wife and I attended the 21st annual Route 66 run in Arizona. People were constantly asking me what I used on my vehicle to make it look like a $200,000.00 car. They are amazed. I think everyone in the car club I belong to now uses you products. I just wanted to thank you for everything. I couldn't be happier. You have a customer for life.
Thanks again.

Bruce Frye
Tempe AZ

Great stuff  Date: 07/04/2008

This product smells awesome and works so well on my leather interior. Makes it smell new again.

99 SVT Contour

Hollywood, FL

No Comparison to Mcguiars!  

My brother-in-law recently told me about your products. I just bought a new Mercedes SL63 AMG and put three coats of Mcguiars 26 on it the day I bought it. It looked absolutely beautiful and I didn't believe it could be improved. I decided to try Zaino and see if there was an appreciable difference. I stripped the Mcguiars this weekend and applied three coats of Z2 with coats of Z6 between each coat. WOW! What a difference. I can't explain how much deeper and richer the finish is with Zaino. Just to prove to myself that I was not patting myself on the back for all of the hard work, I took the car back to the Mercedes dealer and parked it beside a new black SL550. The new car looked like a Macco paint job in comparison. Thanks for the great product Sal, I am a believer.


2006 Vette Roadster  

I just finished my car using the newer Pro series of products, including the Z-2Pro; AIO and and Z-CS. This time I also bought the ZFX (should have years ago).
Now in one day, I finished my car. The paint looks fantastic. Just two coats of Z-2Pro so far, but more will be added soon.

These are fantastic products.
Thank you


Wow ! Z-CS is awesome.  

I have been a long time user of Z2, Z5, Z6, Z7, and the leather cleaning products, plus a few other Zaino products. I have two vehicles I regularly maintain, and both are 4+ years old now. I have several coats of Z2/Z5 on both cars. I just ordered the Z-CS and after using it, I was blown away. Wipe on and leave on, come back in an hour, and all I can say is wow. This stuff provides a wet look, and a very deep glossy shine, and I put it right over my Z2 and Z5 coats, which I read was ok to do. I am very happy, and a little Z-CS goes a long way. My 03 Nissan 350Z only used about 1/10 of the bottle, and the application is so quick, since there is no buffing or removal necessary.

I know what a few people are getting for Christmas--waxing a vehicle can't be any easier than this !

Well, thanks for another great product, ZAINO !

Todd K
Harrisburg, PA

Z12 completely removed huge scratch  

My girlfriend drives an 06 Corolla and recently had a metal sprinkler head fly up from a dump truck in front of her and hit the side of her window. This left a big scratch in it, a scratch that you could feel as well as see from far away. I figured I would give Z12 a shot, thinking it would just hide it a little bit. Z12 removed the scratch 100%, not even leaving a trace of it behind. I tried to find the scratch afterwards, but cannot find it to save my life. If I knew this stuff was going to work as well as it was going to, I would have taken a before and after picture. I just want to thank you for such an awesome product.

Ryan Hedlund
Stallings, NC

Jaw-Dropping  Date: 06/14/2008

Hello guys,

I just put Zaino on my Audi A3 and the result is absolutely amazing.

I’m actually living in France, I always buy your products when I come to the states, it’s worth the trip.

Take care,

Alex F.
Paris, France

Our customers love the results!!!  

I was sceptical at fisrt,especially using the 'Dawn',but my 1998 Lexus turned out awesome. We then applied it to my partners 1995 Mercedes e320 which is dark blue,again we could not believe the longevity the wax provides. We have now 'Zaino'd" three of our customers' cars and they are VERY pleased. Dennis Z. and Larry H.

Peoria, Illinois

Great Products and Service  

Hello Sal,

It is easy to comment on your products and service when the only word that is necessary is "excellent". I have been using your products for 5 or so years with great results. When I order the products it is easy, I get immediate confirmation, and then a follow-up on shipping. I don't normally feel compelled to comment but when a business has great products and service they deserve the kudos.

Best Regards,

Houston, Texas

Z8  Date: 06/04/2008

This stuff is AMAZING!!!!!!
Like liquid magic for your paint!
Makes any car an instant show car!
I use it on EVERYTHING!!!!!!


office staff says - WOW!  

Clay bar and with only 2 coats of Z-5 (so far) and the guys in the office are impressed! I can't wait to finish this up. My torch red mustang now shines in the dark.

Rockville, MD

Z-AIO wins the Blue Ribbon...  

Just a short note to let you know that Z-AIO is a WINNER!
I've been using a varity of Zaino products for many years and find that AIO is "the cat's meow". The system I use on my black Corvette is: Z-7, Z-AIO, Z-6 followed by Z-8. This may be an 'overkill' but the results are truly fantastic. Thanks again for formulating AIO. I would anticipate your sales for Z-AIO will "go through the roof".

D. Artley
Cary, North Carolina

AWESOME product!  

Hi Sal; I just wanted to tell you that Zaino is such an awesome product. I got the Ultimate Kit last year for my birthday and used it then, but this year, I was finally able to REALLY detail my car this weekend and I'm so thrilled with the results. I just love your products. They go on so easy, come off even easier, last a LONG time (went through an entire New England winter!), and smell, yes SMELL, so nice! (I particularly like the bubble-gum scented tire shine!) I absolutely LOVE the Z7 car soap and will NEVER EVER use another car soap again! Anyway, I wanted to share a couple pictures with you of my black, 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP


Take a look at the cloud picture in particular - I just had to make it my computer's desktop picture AND post it on all the forums I frequent (even NON-car forums!). That is with only ONE layer of Z5 polish and two layers of Z6!! Thanks so much for a wonderful product. Oh, and I just remembered, I need to re-up my Zaino supplies :) Thanks Sal and everyone at Zaino!


I'm sold  Date: 05/17/2008

Was looking for a superior system for my 2 month old, 08 Honda Accord Coupe - San Marino Red. Washed with dawn to remove old wax, applied Z-AIO, Z-2 PRO w/ZFX, Z-CS, and finished with Z-8. Amazing results. Easy on, easy off for all products. Will probably apply additional coats of Z-2 tomorrow. Z-5 will be added to the mix shortly. I highly recommend Zaino products!

Central PA

Love This Stuff on my Z06  

Sal Zaino:

I just wanted to thnk you for such a wonderful product line. I have been using Z1, Z2, and Z8 for a while now and its simply amazing how my Silver Z06 looks "wet" all the time. Its HARD to make a silver car look like this, but your products make it so easy ! I lost count as to how many coats of Z1/Z2 I have on the car. haha. Its literally like a mirror looking at the paint. The cars paint feels like "silk" to the touch. Its simply amazing when I get a friend to touch the paint, and compare it to how another car's paint feels. The look I get from my friends is priceless ! They just can't believe it.

I have also been using your Z-16 Tire Gloss. I used to get black grease spraying down the side of my car from other Tire shine products. Your Z-16 actually "dries" on the tire and leaves a nice shine and does not attract dust like other greasy tire shines. I actually removed all 4 tires from my car and washed them (to get other tire shine products off). I then used Z-16 and will never use anything else moving forward.

I plan to try your ZFX and Z-CS on my paint soon to see how I will like that (since Z-1 is no longer available), and that I hear good things about the Z-CS. I also want to try your Z-10 leather in a bottle. If the above products are anything like the Zaino products I have already been using, I'm sure I will love it !


Thanks again !


A Must Have?  Date: 05/06/2008

I must admit that being a very satisfied user of Zaino products for quite a few years that the new Zaino bucket sure did catch my eye. A few hours after taking delivery of my new 2008 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD Sport in Speedway Blue I decided that it was time to stock up on some Zaino supplies for the summer washing and detailing season. Of course I had to splurge and buy this bucket as well. It surely is a perfect compliment to the use alongside of Zaino's fine products. If you are skeptical as I was, Don't be. It might sound silly but you will love this bucket and it will probably be that last one you'll ever need.

Ed Yeich
Schuylkill Haven, Pa.

Awesome  Date: 05/04/2008

I was very skeptical buying this expensive product. I figured with all these reviews and not one bad review it must be a set up. I finally caved in and said screw it and i bought it. It arrived exactly three days later exactly on time and properly packaged. I followed the directions (dawn ultra, claybar, z5 with zfx, with z2 on between coats) after the first coat i didn't think it was any better than any other wax but i put the next two coats on and over the next few days went on to put 10 coats on. after the third coat i noticed that it looked really shiny and after the 10 coats i'm amazed how good it looks. after all the coats all i want to do is keep adding coats and not drive my car. main thing to remember dont use too much b/c it just takes longer to take off. please don't ever stop making this product.

Tim Olson
Traverse City, MI

AIO is the ticket to having a GREAT shine!!!  

Had to share my experience using Zaino. Zaino is worth every penny in my book. I am an avid detailer and detail a lot of cars. Having used your product on my cars is like the difference between night and day. My 06 Charger has responded very well to the Zaino AIO application. The Inferno Red with metallic flakes just sparkles with depth like no other. My resto-modded 70 Cougar (347 Stroker w/475HP) has no clear coat in the paint. Using the Z-3 and the Z-5 makes the 94 Dodge Viper Red stand out and grab you. Especially if you add the Z-6 Gloss Enhancer/Z-8 Grand Finale spray. The best part of using Zaino is you don't see the swirl spots anymore and the paint looks SO So DEEP. I'm HIGHLY satisfied using your products. I tell everyone I meet when they ask me how I get my cars to shine like no other cars they've seen. The Z-16 tire shine is like no other tire shine I've ever used. It really brings out the blackwall and all the letters printed on the tires and it doesn't sling up the side of the car when you drive it. Thanks for making my cars so look so SHINEY!!!!!

Puyallup, WA

Incredible stuff!  

I have a 2005 BMW Z4 and I have been a customer since Oct. '07. Attached is a pic of my car which was last detailed in Jan. '08, when I used Z2 (applied with a PC polisher), followed by Clear Seal and then Z8. The attached pic was taken three months later after I had just washed it with Z7 and coated with Z6.

I wanted to add my kudos to the rest I have seen on your products. Your products give an amazing shine and last far longer than anything I have ever used. The shine on my Z is amazing. I have recommended your products many times on the forums and will continue to do so.

Pat Casey
Aiken, SC

How slick is this stuff  

After using this product my car was so slick that a fly tried to land on the car and slid off. Now that is slick. If a fly can not land on this wax and stay there imagine what chance a piece of dirt has to stay on the surface

Bellingham WA

Exceeded my expectations!  

I just tested this glass polish on my wife's 2001 Camry.

We have well water and it contains lots of silica, which our water treatment system does not remove. Even though we towel dry her car, the silica has etched the glass over the last 6+ years, especially where the areas the wipers don't reach on the windshield.

I tried 3 products that were supposed to remove the silica and none of them worked. Zaino's Glass Polish worked! It takes some work, but it's worth it. The glass also feels very smooth. This is another great Zaino product!

SF Bay Area

Mini + Zaino = pure car love!!  

My Mini is shinning like a new copper penny now thanks to Zaino products!! Although it took me a few hours as this was my first time using the whole kit. I have done the inside on many occasions and love the smell of the leather products! I was hesitant about using Dawn and stripping the old wax off and doing the clay and then two coats of wax. But I must say, once I got the hang of using the clay and getting the gunk off the paint and applying the wax, it was worth ever minute!! I loved the ZFX Flash Cure Additive!! It made the waxing the easiest thing of the day!! Thanks Zaino! Bad thing is now my brother is swiping my Zaino instead of the other way around.

Canterbury, CT

The Best Yet  Date: 04/18/2008

This is absolutely the best product I have ever used on any vehicle I have ever owned.The zaino shine on my redline red Chevy SSR constantly draws oohs and aahs. This stuff is the bomb. Been using it for over three years and have no complaints.

Darvel Hodge jr
San Antonio, Texas

Simple, yet AMAZING products.  

I purchased the Zaino products a couple years ago for a 2003 Dodge Dakota R/T I used to have. After this year's winter here in Montana, I used your Z-7 Car Wash and washed my car twice. Our winter roads just coated the car with grime. I hadn't truly washed it all winter.

After washing I applied the Z-2 (original, haven't gotten PRO yet) to the entire car. I'm yet again amazed at how little effort this product requires. Even with all the parking lot dings and scratches on my 2005 Toyota Camry SE, from just a couple feet away it looks showroom brand new. Of course a touch of Z-16 Perfect Tire Gloss only enhances the car's appeal.

Sadly, I just realized I forgot to apply the Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray. Thanks again for making products that truly work, and work amazingly.

Bozeman, MT

Finally!  Date: 04/09/2008

Finally something that makes my tires look good!!! Everything else looks like you just smeared Vaseline all over them. They advertise the "wet" look. Who wants that? This stuff makes my tires look the way they did when they were first mounted. What a difference. Not the slimy look. This is definitely the right stuff.

Greg K
San Francisco, CA

ZC-S  Date: 04/03/2008

I learned about Zaino from a forum on the web. I had been using Blackfire products and thought they were the best I had used. Well, Zaino BLEW it away! I applied just ZC-S and it outshined the blackfire by a factor of 5, at least and has lated MUCH longer, with beading like Ive never seen. I am now ordering the complete system so that I can achieve that show car Zaino look Ive seen here in the photos. I am a new and dedicated Zaino user-thanks Sal!

John Boulding
Mt Airy N.C.


Sal, Gotta tell you, I tried the Z-CS today and am thoroughly amazed at how well it works. And easy? I may never use the other products I ordered with the Z-CS that were to replenish my stock.I am even considering using it on my wife's PT Cruiser. It has some other wax on it because it goes through the car wash occasionally and I don't want to start over every time my wife cleans it. But this is so easy who cares?Oh, by the way, I ordered the products Sunday and they arrived in Escondido, CA on Thursday morning. Can't be any quicker than that for ground.Overall just amazing products and service.

Mark Ruhm
Escondido, CA

Feedback on a Bucket?  

I might have laughed at you, had you told me that I'd be leaving feedback on a bucket, but this thing is over the top! It's got a large volume for lots of clean wash water and the grit guard is always a plus... Swirls are bad, OK? I was expecting some sort of afterthought screw-on lid that I'd probably toss because I'd lose it in the garage, but this thing looks like NASA engineered it!

It's hard to admit, but this is a bucket worthy of the big Zaino logo that is on the side. Very nice work, guys.

Dallas, TX

shimmering glass!  

Amazing stuff! Not only did it remove all the hard water spots but it left all my windows looking like mirrors. Highly recommended!

Chase C.
Macon, GA

Can't beat it!  Date: 03/26/2008

I've been using Zaino polish for years. Brought the finish of my 1992 Dodge Stealth back to its original finish. People can't believe its 16 years old. Also, Sal is extremely helpful with tips and advice on which products work best! Once you try Zaino's you'll never go back to store brought products!

Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Awesome resluts  

I bought this kit 6 months ago for my M3. I have not only cleaned my leather many many times over but restored my paint with this kit as well!!! I had oxidation on my hood and the clay took it all off. The wax is also great, it restored the paint to like new condition!!! Great kit will buy again!


Just What I Wanted  

Love the Car Wash; it does a wonderful job! The bonuses are that it smells great and is kind to your hands.

Gail M.
Simpsonville, SC

The best stuff on earth!!!!!  

This is the best polish that I have ever used. I currently have 21 coats on my Mazda3 and get compliments all the time. If you haven't used need to! Seriously!!!!

Dallas, tx

Z-5 pro on my 2000 chevy impala 9c1  

I thought I would take a second to send you a few pictures of my winter daily driver. This is my 2000 Chevy Impala 9C1 (former police car) which I cleaned up this weekend. I purchased this car is July of 2007 with 76000 miles and I now have 92,000 on her. Just a couple weekends ago I cleaned her up and applied 2 x z5pro and 1 x z2. Just yesterday I washed her and applied some z6. As you can see this car shines really well for being 8 years old and having the original paint.


Quantico VA


AIO Great for Daily Driver  

I just applied AIO to my dark blue 05 Tacoma for the first time. I'm not a show-car guy, I just want to keep my paint in good shape -- I had been using Turtle Wax since I bought the truck new. I thoroughly washed with Dawn and then worked AIO in, let dry and buffed. Wow! It looks the best I’ve seen it since it was brand new. In fact, this is the best I’ve ever made a car look. My daughter says it looks "bluer". Now I wonder what Z-5 would look like on top of AIO...

Jim Freeman
San Diego, CA


I am astounded at your Z-2 with ZFX...I did my '03 Jetta TDI last October and here it is March '08 and it still looks as if I just polished my car!!!!...amazing...I have never used anything like it..and I have waxed and polished cars for 40 years..!!!!..I am going to begin using the Z-AIO with ZFX since this will be a daily driver now and out of my enclosed garage from now on....I have no doubt of the results..!!!!Fantastic would be a good beginning...!!!

Robert Goltare
Greensboro, NC

Amazing Z-5 w/ ZFX and Z-6 to finish...  

2007 Titan Black... when I bought this truck I was so caught up in the moment I didn't noticed all the swirls marks created by the dealer! On top of that I knew nothing about BLACK cars! But basically they were using a chamois with a bucket of water to clean most of the cars on the lot!

The marks were very noticeable in direct sunlight, which is most of the time in Hawaii!;-) I've tried a number of waxes and scratch removers from name brands I'm sure you've all heard of. They would never do what they said it would after 2 or 3 coats you could still see the swirls marks no matter what I try! Not so with Z-5. I am so happy with this product!

Thank you!

W. Joseph Jr.
Honolulu, HI

the best polish  

ok guys this is the best stuff I have ever found. Over the weekend of March 1&2 in Amarillo Tx. at the make a wish car show I showed a 1981 corvette
that is all original paint. All the people and contestants that looked at my car asked who had done my paint job. Some did not believe it was original paint.
I used all in one,two coats of 5, two coats of 2 with 6 in between toped off with 8 then one more coat of 8 at the show. All I can say is how can you make
a great product and sell it so cheap. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Paul A. Smith
Amarillo Texas

Amazing Product  

Dear Sal,

Went to get my oil changed at the dealership today, and the service writer asked me what I used for polish. He hadn't heard of Zaino until now, and I gave him the link for your site. Thanks for a great product. Beats everything I've tried before during the last thirty years. When I bought my 2003 brand new, I decided to give your protectant a try. It just keeps on shining and shining with only a couple maintenance coats thrown in during the fall and spring. Beats the hell out of Mother's and Liquid Glass, and with minimal effort. Once a week, I'm at the car wash for a soap and rinse, and then I use a California Waterwand and a terry towal to dry. 10 minutes and I'm done. What I get a big kick out of is when people come up and start looking over my car. "Man, you must spend hours to get a shine like that."

I'll be a customer for life.

Scot Cunningham

Z2, AMAZING!!  Date: 02/03/2008

I read about your product on a mustang forum and after visiting your site I decided to give it a try. I have been detailing cars for the past 17 years and never have I come across such an amazing product!! I have tried everything from all the top manufacturers of auto detailing and nothing comes close!!

D. Rader
Manchester, KY

This is the best I have used!!  

My wife bought me this kit for Christmas. All I can say is WOW!! Zaino actually does everything it advertises and then some.

My wife knows how much I love to polish my car and thought this would be a great gift idea. I spent the entire weekend washing and polishing and I am completely blown away by the results. The results are unbelievable and leave a completly mirror like shine, even on a 2 year old paint job. It really adds depth to the World Rally Blue paint job on my STi. If you feel you are paying a lot for this product, you are not. It is worth every penny.


Kings Bay GA

A++ Leather Conditioner  

Z-10 is hands down the best leather conditioner I've ever used. Wipe it on and walk away... it soaks in and leaves the leather feeling soft and natural (not greasy or slick). Oh, and the smell - very, very close to the scent of brand new leather... your car will smell new even after 2-3 years. Excellent product!

2005 Audi A4

J Dixon
Raleigh, NC

Should be sold in stores  

Wasted money trying several products, I tried all the usuals below. I saw nothing but high praise from fellow car fanatics on and decided to give it a try.

Wow! It removed hard water spots from my side view mirrors that I thought would NEVER come off. Wish I had found this long ago.

Winder, GA

Awesome Shine  Date: 12/02/2007

I have been using Zaino Z2 for several months now on my wife's 01 Audi TT Quattro Roadster and my 07 Saab Aero. I must say, Z2 is FANTASTIC and it is the BEST in market!!!! No other product out their that gives a deep mirrow like shine than the Z2. I have never waxed my cars with ease ever since I've used your product. Thank you!!!

Dallas, TX

Before and After!!!!  

Hello Sal,

I just tried the glass cleaner and wanted to send some before and after pictures. The stains on the windows in the before photo would not come off with a wash, windex or other standard grocery store glass cleaner. After trying with these products on my new to me 2004 Lexus SC430, I was a little disappointed and chalked it up to used car issues. Both back windows and both side mirrors had the same stains that initially appeared to be water spots. That's enough words, let the photos tell the rest of the story.


Kevin Sapp
Cary, NC

Adding shine and value  

I have been using Zaino and specificly Z2 on my vehicles for the last 2 years. I used to detail everything from cars to airplanes to pay for college so I have spent a ton of time behind a buffer, used all kinds of products and found my favorites but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compares to the Zaino product. My wife has an 03 burgandy Yukon XL and even when it was new it just didn't look great, lots of swirls, haze etc. After an extensive search for something new I found Zaino and have thrown out all my bottles of carnuba goo, retired my orbital buffers and simply use the Zaino Z2, Z5, Z8 to get the job done. I have never had such a wonderful finish on a car and the best part is it LASTS! Now my wife claims that the truck gets more looks then she does! She'll get over it! Thanks Sal for all your hard work, I tell everyone I know.

Scott R
New Hampshire

Good STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!  

The only thing I have found that restores the leather smell.

Ed Lanni
Turnersville, NJ

Awesome Zaino Product  

I purchased this product as a last resort. Despite my vehicle being only 14 months old, the windshield has quite a nasty coating of SOMETHING on it. It streaks very badly in the rain and has spots all over it. I had already tried every commercial cleaner known, and the windshield would never come clean. I orderd the Z-12 after reading reviews of it online and the testimonials here. Perhaps I was expecting too much, as I found the polish did not eliminate many of my problems. It DID remove most of the dried-on water spots on the window, however the streaking and "film" issues I have in the rain still exist. I have since treated my windshield with Rain-X and that has helped with most of my remaining problems. There is still an exterior haze/film when I run the wipers, but it is much less after applying the Rain-X.

The Z-12 is great for getting rid of dried-on spots on the glass, but nothing heavier duty than that. Also, it doesn't even begin to eliminate fine scratches as stated in the item description.

Daryl Jones
Richmond, Virginia

Took awhile to see the "light" (Shine)  


My brother has been trying to get me to use your products for years. He has a 69 Vette and shows it all over and is extreme with regard to the detailing process.

I never had a fancy or show car worthy of the expense. Just normal every day drivers.

I recently bought a black HHR. My brother shuddered knowing how I am NOT with regard to detailing. I actually see this car as more then just a car and found it can be customized like my bike. So I took more interest in it.

I called him and he told me what to get. A little ZPC with the Ultimate Detail Orbiter followed by EFX in some Z5. Three coats (and not a whole lot of elbow grease) later Black looks like Chrome.

Even a "lowly" Chevy HHR can look like a show car.......Well maybe thats a stretch but at least it looks that way to me.



Tom B.
Myrtle Beach, SC

3 month follow up  

Hi again Sal
Just wanted you to know that I continue to be amazed by the finish I am able to produce on my vehicles with the Zaino products. After initially trying the Z2, Z5, Z8, and Z-CS with great results, I recently tried the ZAIO and ZFX to see if I could improve the finish even further. The ZFX definitely kicked the gloss level up when added to the Z2 and Z5, plus it applies like a dream. Yesterday I tried your website tip for the "extreme enthusiast" on my metallic gray Focus. 1 coat of ZAIO, 1 coat of ZFX enabled Z5, 1 coat of ZFX enabled Z2, and 1 coat of Z-CS. Followed up with a Z8 wipedown after 8 hours. This car, with basic Ford clearcoat paint, looks like it was just dipped in clear lacquer. A friend of my described it as "hard candy". I tried to capture the gloss and depth of shine with the enclosed pics, but I don't know if they do it justice. You can clearly see my Explorer which was 10 feet away. The finish on this vehicle is superior to just about anything I see on the road these days. The protection level so far has also been outstanding. Water beads the size of silver dollars still form on the hood and roof.
Also, after 2 coats of Z5 and 2 coats of Z-CS in late August, the gelcoat on my boat is still looking great and beading water, despite sun, salt, and numerous washings. Amazing stuff. Thanks again, Sal.

Mike W.
South Jersey

redirect the looks!  

I have been using Zaino and specificly Z2 on my vehicles for the last 2 years. I used to detail everything from cars to airplanes to pay for college so I have spent a ton of time behind a buffer, used all kinds of products and found my favorites but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compares to the Zaino product. My wife has an 03 burgandy Yukon XL and even when it was new it just didn't look great, lots of swirls, haze etc. After an extensive search for something new I found Zaino and have thrown out all my bottles of carnuba goo, retired my orbital buffers and simply use the Zaino Z2, Z5, Z8 to get the job done. I have never had such a wonderful finish on a car and the best part is it LASTS! Now my wife claims that the truck gets more looks then she does! She'll get over it! Thanks Sal for all your hard work, I tell everyone I know.

Joe Brausch
Scarborough, Maine

The missing link.  Rating: 4  

I had been using Z5 and Z2 without Z6 for a while until I tried Z6. All I can say it is the missing link to bring out that Zaino shine. Excellent product.

Edwin Lee

Z-12 + 1 12"x12" lint free cloth = bliss  

Title says it all. We had trouble find anything less than fine steel wool to remove unwanted hard water spots from the windows on 3 of our cars and a neighbors car. I got 2 bottles to combat this mess and my goodness what a difference. Not only took the water spots off but left a silk smooth feeling to the windows. I even did my shower doors and it worked! HATS OFF!!

Steve Mosher
Modesto, CA

Mirror Like Shine Everytime!!  


I wanted to take a quick moment and thank you for providing a fair priced product that actually does what is advertises.
I bought your show total protection show car kit and followed your directions. At first I was a little afraid of applying it to my 2002 Pontiac Trans Am WS6. I had never applied any wax/polish to my car for fear the result would be swirls and/or scratches. I washed it with dawn, used the clay, washed with Z7, and began polishing. I used the Z5/Z2 with ZFX and alternated the Z6.
After my first application I could already see the difference. My neighbors, whom I never talk to, started coming over to take a closer look!
I've never been more pleased with a product. For anyone on the fence about what polish to use on their vehicle I only recommend Zaino. Zaino is a product for people who really care about their vehicles and what they put on them!

Thanks Again,

St. Cloud, MN

Stress relief  Date: 09/24/2007

Stress relief

Wow where should I start , I just purchase a new 07 corvette, black, the day I picked it up from the dealer it rained for a week, when I washed it, the paint looked like carp, swirls on the hood and trunk, took it back to the dealer, they had the body shop wheel it out , it looked ok for a week , then I spent $150 on a professional detail shop, looked good for a few weeks, same thing, swirls. I found some z-2 in my garage form my 02 corvette, let me tell you , could of saved my self hours of aggravation if I just would of used Z-2 in the first place,

Wow where should I start , I just purchase a new 07 corvette, black, the day I picked it up from the dealer it rained for a week, when I washed it, the paint looked like carp, swirls on the hood and trunk, took it back to the dealer, they had the body shop wheel it out , it looked ok for a week , then I spent $150 on a professional detail shop, looked good for a few weeks, same thing, swirls. I found some z-2 in my garage form my 02 corvette, let me tell you , could of saved my self hours of aggravation if I just would of used Z-2 in the first place,


Eau De Mantown  Date: 09/23/2007

I have tried quite a few leather conditioning products on my cars, and nothing compares to the Z10. It leaves the leather clean and non-greasy, looking AND smelling like new. I almost feel compelled to dab a bit behind my ears before heading out of the house... If only you could produce it in spray form, and perhaps add the sent of burnt clutch, brakes, and a touch of unburnt gasoline. You'd really have a winning cologne on your hands, that would surely be a hit with the ladies.

2003 Honda S2000, 1999 BMW M3

Matthew S.
New Jersey

Z-12 Clear View Glass Polish  

Had stubborn water spots from dried hard water. Tried many different solutions including windex, vinegar, goo-gone and many others. Zaino Glass Cleaner created a crisp clean and water spot free window in less than 20 minutes for the whole car.

Keith B.
San Clemente, CA

Unbelievable!  Date: 09/15/2007

I recently purchased only the Zaino All-In-One, and the shine it has given both my Xterra and now my Subaru Impreza is just unbelievable! I've never used a wax or polish that works this well this easily. I am truly a believer now and plan in the spring to use the full arsenal of Zaino products on my vehicles, not just the AIO!


Z-AIO  Date: 09/15/2007

I've used many different products through the years with pretty good result with some, but it was such a chore to do. Z-AIO is not only the absolte best cleaner/protectant I've ever used, it's the easiest to use, bar none. I've thrown all my other products away, and am now a loyal Zaino user. Thank you for making such a great product for us enthusiasts.
2003 Silverado SS, arrival blue.

Dwain Martin
Denton, TX

Easy and Amazing  

I was skeptical of Zaino even after seeing it on a friend's BMW 325xi. It did look wonderful, but I always discounted how easy it could be for a daily driver.

On a whim, I purchased the AIO. Since it is my daily driver, I figure the AIO would do the job. Boy, was I ever surprised! Even just the AIO gives me, hands down, the best shine I have ever had. People I don't even know complimented me at work about the shine I got on a white vehicle! Thank you Zaino!

Mario DelRosso

very impressed new customer  

Hi Sal
I have been detailing vehicles and boats (mine and others) for 35 years, using many (and I mean many) different products over the years to try and achieve the ultimate shine and protection with the least effort. About a month ago I heard of Zaino products through a friend. After reading all the info on your website I picked up the Z2 Pro, Z5 Pro, Z-CS and Z8 Grand Finale. I have applied all 4 products to my three vehicles and my boat with remarkable results. Your products complement each other perfectly and layering them produces a finish that looks like lacquer-coated show car paint! The effort required to produce this awesome finish was minimal (my shoulders and elbows are indebted to you) and each subsequent application continues to get easier to apply. I can now do a complete Z8 wipedown and Z-CS coat in 10 minutes on each of my cars. It takes about 30 minutes to do the entire 26' boat (previously a 3-4 hour polish job)
The shine clarity, depth, and super-slick finish are amazing- like nothing else I've tried. The Z-CS and Z8 are without a doubt the ultimate in simplicity and gloss. Plus, your products are very economical to use. You are not exaggerating when you say 1/4 oz of Z-CS can do a whole car in about 10-12 sprays. I have coated my 3 cars and boat multiple times and have only used about 3-5 ozs of each product. Very impressive! If the protection and sunscreen are as effective as you say, then these products are truly miracles of modern technology. I'm still awed by the finish and ease of application every time I use them.
Thanks for the awesome results and the big savings in time and effort.

Mike Wintjen
South Jersey

Ultimate Wet Look  

I have used your products for about 6 years now on all my vehicles.
1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V (Jade Green)
1994 Mustang GT (Black)
2004 SVT Lightning (White)
2003 BMW M-3 (Steel Grey)
Regardless of the vehicle color, your products continue to impress me and my enthusiast friends. Four of whom I have converted from some of your competitors.

Chris Johnson
Columbus, Ohio

Genius product!  

I don't know how you came up with these "magic" products but I'm sure glad you did. I drive a Silver 1997 Pontiac Trans Am Comp T/A Limited Edition. Its 148 of 164 so I wouldn't use any old product on her. Anyway, I was doing a lot of research until I decided to invest in your product. I took almost a whole day washing, polishing, conditioning....By the time I was done the silver outshined most black paint jobs. Every where I go people ask when I did I have the car repainted and when I told them I didn't and that it was thanks to your product I end up ordering one for them. I have probably sold about 5 or 6 of your kits to close friends and family for you. Thanks for a great invention!

Long Island, NY

Best  Date: 09/11/2007

I've been trying to put Z2 on my car at least once every 2 weeks. It just keeps looking better. will never use anything else.

2004 Pontiac GTO Purple Cosmos Metallic

Dallas TX

Simply the Best!  

I have used alot of prodicts over the years. This is by far the easiest most deep mirror shine I have ever achieved. My 2007 Black Mustang Convertable is stunning. I get compliments on the finish everywhere I go.

Ken Hogan
Weymouth, MA

z5 pro wowwwww  Date: 09/09/2007

that is my baby a 2002 ferrari 360 spider f1 tdf blue i love how the color looked after even the first z5 pro coat it was really a big diference,my car goes many times to shows or ferrari meetings and ist very important that the car gets a strong shine,reflections,deep look...with zaino all that is any problem its simply amazing ist difficult to explain it with words.


Is that a new car?  

I have a 2002 Viper GTS ... and just about everywhere I go people ask is that new ... It's the Zaino show car polish that makes it look new.

Michael Lettini
Mercer Island WA

Wow  Date: 09/04/2007

It took me all day to get my car this clean but it was worth it. All I can say when I look at it is wow! I used Z5 and Z2 for the first time and they passed the test. I'm going to replace my whole car washing arsenal with Zaino. Sending pic in email. 04 Mustang GT supercharged.

Devin O'Neill
Point of Rocks, MD

Best Tire Shine I have Used...YET  

Awesome tire shine! The shine is just perfect. I have ultra low profile tires cause of the stock 19s on my 07 G35-Coupe the the perfect shine from zaino makes the wheels pop out with beauty!

Haroon Beg
Pepperell, MA

Z-12 Excellent Product  

I don't know how many hours I wasted trying to remove water spots that never seemed to disappear! I did not read reviews or testimonials, I solely based my decision to use Z-12 based on the superior performance that other Zaino products have provided me over the years!

Again, you have provided another product that seems to defy the odds, and is quite simple to use!

Matthew Petsch
LovesPark, IL.

Roush  Date: 08/24/2007

I've tried almost every car wax/polish out there. Absolutely nothing can campare to Zaino products. Just look at the results. This is my 2007 Roush Mustang in Grabber Orange. That's just one coat of Z2.

Chris A.
Jacksonville, FL

worked great  Date: 08/23/2007

After using Z-2, i really didn't think it could get any shinier until tried Z-8, it gave the mose gloss and slickness i've ever seen.

sergio valle

Zaino Products Are The best  

I have used Zaino products on my redline red SSR for nearly three years. The only thing I can say is simply awesome. I continually receive nothing but very positive comments on my Zaino shine. I love this stuff.

Darvel Hodge
San Antonio, Texas

Z-CS at it's best  

I have been a faithful Zaino user for many years now. This past week alone I have done a 2006 GMC Quad cab, 2006 Honda Civic, 1997 Pontiac Firehawk, 2005 Chevy Suburban, and a 1998 Chevy Pickup. All the vehicles are regularly maintained with nothing but Zaino products and nothing else. This time around I ended everything with a coat of Z-CS. I have never been more amazed in my life. The Z-CS brought out a shine in all the cars that I did not think was possible. Every car/truck has a wet look that is almost like looking into a mirror. I was blown away by what just one product could do. This stuff has now earned a rightful place in my car washing arsenal.

Justin G.
Garden City, KS

WOW!!!!  Date: 08/15/2007

Hey Sal, i used your Z-AIO followed by Z-CS and all i can say is WOW!!! i have a 2000 Xterra that i've detailed religiously since i bought it. i've probably tried 10 different waxes/polishes. my neighbor jeff has been telling me for years how great your products are, but i kept saying " how much shinier can my truck get i wax it 15 times a year". well let me tell you, Zaino made my truck shine like it never has before. i just cant believe the shine and the slickness. i've since used Z-7 to wash it and Z-6 to detail it and the shine and slickness just keep getting better and better. the other day i was driving on the parkway during a downpour. it cleared up later in the day and i went to wash my truck, but it wasnt even dirty!!! usually i would have the aerodynamic dirt streaks across the hood and roof. i had nothing. its also fantastic on the plastic. i dont have to use those greasy products anymore that would actually make the dirt stick. thank you Sal for making my seemingly endless search for the best polish finally end. i have found it. the Holy Grail of polishes.....ZAINO!!!!

Michael C.
Old Bridge NJ

Zaino and my Z  Date: 08/14/2007

I just wanted to say "WOW" !!!

I washed and clayed my car, then put on 4 coats of Z2 with the ZFX enhancer with shots of Z6 between each coat and my 06 Silver Alloy 350Z gleams. I swear it looks like is made of molten silver !!!

Great Products !!!

Now my wife wants me to do her 07 Victory Red Impala...

Tony & Ruth Taylor
Seguin Texas

My GT and Zaino  

I have never seen my yellow GT look this good!! It always shines even after a week of driving in the rain and dust. It is very easy to apply, and takes years off the paints finish. I have used Mothers, and Meguiars, but have never seen results like this, period! I think this is the only system you should use if you want serious results from your car! Thanks Zaino for your outstanding products.

Andrew M.
Katy, TX

Best there is!!!  

I was off work one day so I decided to make a trip to my parents house, I went directly to my dads garage and did half his Shelby with Z-8. When my dad got home I told him to go look at his car and tell me which side looked better. He said (without even looking for more than 3 seconds) he pointed to the side that I did with Z-8. My dad asked what I used and could I do the whole car. Needless to say he bought every Zaino product and he now uses them religiously.


Great Stuff!  Date: 08/06/2007

Z-CS is the first Zaino product I've used. The results were great, even better than I expected. Application couldn't possibly be easier. I wish I had tried it sooner. I'll be trying some of the other products soon.

Richard M.

Crystal clear shine  

I did a lot of research before purchasing the Zaino Total Protection Show Car Kit. What I could not find was any negative comments. Virtually everyone loved the product. I just purchased a limited edition 2007 350Z NISMO. After applying the polish as directed and with Mr. Zaino being very responsive to my questions, I ended up with a shine that had no rivals. Although I am partial to my 350Z, all my cars will now get the Zaino treatment. Thanks Mr. Zaino for a great product, quick delivery, and great customer support. You and your staff are the best!

Winter Garden, Florida

Clear-View Glass Polish  

I'm truly amazed every time I use another product! All previous competitors products were absolutely useless, and I've been a Zaino Zealot for years now; how did I miss the Glass Polish?

Water Spots... Oxidation... Bird XXX gone for good!

Okay, the Birds may fly where they may... But my windows are like mirrors now, and have never been cleaner!

Thanks Zaino

Matthew Petsch
Northern Illinios

Z2 the best of the best  

Of all the Zaino products, the best results come from applying one coat after another of Z2 (usually 3 coats within a day). Everyone has their own routine. For me, its ZFX/Z2 (twice), three coats of Z2 with Z6 applied between applications. I've been a Zaino user going on 7 years and can't see using another product.

Howard M.
Beverly Hills, CA

Z-7 Show Car Wash is amazing!!  

I love this wash product!! It removed some grim and tar spots that I've been struggling to get off for nine months. One wash with this stuff and only slightly moderate elbow grease and it the grime and tar came right off. It is simply amazing!

Gary S.
Eugene, OR

Nothing works like Z-AIO  

Anyone who lives in Texas knows how hard it is to keep your car or truck clean. Z-AIO takes care of that problem. I heard about these products through "word of mouth" and decided to give it a try. As it's stated on this website, you really only need about 1oz of Z-AIO to completely polish your car. This stuff really does the job in making your car or truck shine. It took me only about an hour to completely do my truck, rims included. Be ready for alot of people to admire your car after you use this stuff. Thanks to Zaino.

Martin M
Dallas, Texas

Unbelievable even after 5 years  

I bought your complete kit just 6 months after buying my Black 99 SS Camaro. This was in 2000. I used the kit in 2000 then in 2002. People would stop me everywhere and ask how I keep a black car so nice (since they usually turn milky after many washings). I would tell them about Zaino and they were sold. Here it is 2007, haven't used it since 2002. The car still looks unbelievable, deep and shiny black. I am buying more now and will apply again in a few weeks. I think its time. I am totally sold on your product!! Thanks.

Dee Kidd
Tucson, Arizona

zaino starter kit  

i used zaino for the first time and the results were great, while driving on the highway people were blowing their horns and I thought something was wrong with my car (05 NIS ATL) color green so when i did stop at the rest center too check my car thats when I realized that people were trying to say nice shine, I especially enjoyed the questions from people at the rest stop who wanted to know what what polish did i use, of course I had the pleasure to admit that it was ZAINO WAX from a mail order i used z 1 for my first purchas now i must find out what else i need to use to continue the great shine produced with zaino polish

walter toney
Orange Park, FL

Blinding Shine!!  

All I have to say is unbelieveable!!!!

My process included dawn wash, (no claying because the surface was already smooth as glass) 2 coats Z5, and 1 coat Z2 with Z6 in between each of these coats.

Nothing compares!!! Sal you made me a believer!!


Frederick, MD

Awesome results!  

The ultimate kit has got it all. Over the years I have transitioned from McGuires, to Mothers, and lastly Zymol paste wax. I would always have to buy the clay, HD cleanse and wax separately and hope to have the right applicators. This kit has everything you need. I used microwipe towels with good results. The reflective qualities are stunning and not even one hint of a swirl or smudge. My black Harley F-150 has never looked so good. I highly recommend this product.

Cabot, AR.

Wet look  Date: 07/11/2007

My car looks like the paint is dripping wet! I love how easy this goes on and off. It really pops especially my black bimmer.
Clay bar, Z5, CS, then Z8, all with one coat! My car stays cleaner and now I save $10 every time I visit my jet car wash and dont have to opt for the clear coat sealers and dull wax sprays, as well as the tire shine.
Thanks Z for making my car stand out and saving me money.



Less is more  Date: 07/11/2007

I have a 1994 black BMW and wanted a product that was non abrasive but lasted better than the conventional oils that make up swirl removers etc. I highly recommend this product. I applied by hand, its non abrasive, which is important if your finish is in good condition like mine. Do take heed, less is more. Resist the temptation to pile it on like conventional wax. It works best when used very sparringly, if you are a neurotic freak like me, just layer it with multiple applications.


Zaino System for unbelievable results  

On a recent trip on my Harley Street Glide a complete stranger came up to me and asked "how did you get that paint so shiny?" One word...Zaino.

I use Z2, Z5, and I keep Z6 with me for touch-ups. With all the stuff on my bike this guy notices the shine. Exactly the results I was looking for.

Long Island, NY

One happy customer!  


When I bought my new 2007 Saturn Sky Redline on Memorial Day, a co-worker turned me on to your products. I have been a long time carnauba wax fan, and I was skeptical. But I went to your website, and after seeing the pictures, I ordered the Zaino ULTIMATE Protection Show Car Kit. I was busy, and it sat for a few weeks. Then two weekends ago, I followed your directions and used liquid dawn to strip off the carnauba, and applied my 1st coat of Z-2 (with ZFX) then followed it up with a wipe-down of Z-6 Gloss Enhancer.

I was amazed. Less than a single ounce of Z-2 and my Sky looked better than ever.

So here I am two weeks later, and just got home from a 300 mile night-time drive. I must’ve killed about a million bugs... My car was covered. So I break out the Z-7 show car wash, and give her a bath, the bugs slide right off, no scrubbing required.

I followed that up with a coat of Z-5 (with ZFX). Again, less than 1 ounce to do the whole car, and another wipe-down with Z-6. WOW, what a shine! I can't wait to see what it looks like when I give it the 3rd coat.

Goodbye carnauba, hello Zaino’s!

Thanks for the killer shine!


Don Young
Purcellville, VA

Amazing results !!!!  

After applying my first coat of Zaino Z5 to my new 2002 Corvette Z06 I just had to stop and drop you a quick note. For 5 year old paint it looked to be in decent shape but now it looks spectacular !!!!!!


When I drove back to the dealer he said if he knew it could look this good he would have charged me more for the car :-) He's going to start using it in his showroom.

Can't wait to see what it looks like after the next 2 coats !!!!!

Thanks for such a great line of product !!!!!

Bill M.
Hanson, MA

very nice  Date: 07/02/2007

i use it on all of my vehicles. work especially well on the black on black charger.

Oakland, CA

VERY GOOD!!!!!!  

I have only done 1 coat of Z5 witch already looks great!!!!!, then i put some Z8 on. WOW!!!!!!!!!! BIG DIFFERENCE, much more slick, I havent even started with Z2 yet!!!!! :) (can my car get any more shiny????)I bet it will

Thanx Sal!!!

Chris B.
San Antonio, Texas




AWESOME  Date: 06/13/2007

This is truly the best package available anywhere. Have 6 coats(and counting) on my 1996 Mustang Cobra and I can't believe how many people have asked what wax i use. Took it to a graphic detail shop and he couldn't beleive the finish. He now has bought the 84.70 package. This product SELLS itself. The Z2 finish is INCREDIBLE. Also, the car wash enhances the shine during waxing. The finish spray is the BEST I have used and leaves no streaks like others do. Highly Recommended !!!

York, PA

Z-10 Leather in a Bottle  

The Z-10 was recommended by my friend for me to use on my leather seats. This product is awesome!!!It brought back the luster and the leather smell. My car smells like a brand new car now. I recommend this 100% !!!

2004 Mercedes Benz E320

J. Medina

This product is absolutely incredible!!  

This product is just incredible! Today I discovered the dreaded first scratch on my new car, after checking the depth with my fingernail I decided to give the Z-PC I purchased a few weeks back a try. I was absolutely floored by the results. The scratches were approx 1.5" long and fairly deep and after three passes with Z-PC applied by hand (without much pressure) they totally disappeared! I could not believe my eyes! I have tried most of the major competitor's scratch removers and been less than excited with the results but this product is the real deal. Afterwards I put a few coats of Z-2 over the area and finished with Z-CS and it is truly like the scratch never happened!

Shawn G.
Huntersville, NC

A Product That TRULY Delivers...  

Every once and awhile, you encounter a product that truly "WOWS" you - the Zaino product(s) do just that!

I have a 2005 Pontiac Bonneville GXP (black). As if black isn't tough enough to maintain already, some knucklehead put a little too much pressure when buffing the clear coat. Lots of swirl marks on top of lots of surface hazing. After spending at least $200+ on store waxes and polishes, I had almost given up.

Then I tried the Zaino Ultimate Protection Kit.

First, I clay bared the entire car; then wash and dried.
Then, I followed the process below:
Z5-Z6-Z5-Z6-Z2-Z6-Z2 (Z5&Z2 used w/ZFX)

Lots of work, no doubt. The car looks better than my neighbor's black BMW 700 series and he's mad! Two friends have even asked if I had the car repainted.

Anyway, buy this kit and you will NOT be disappointed! This stuff REALLY works AWESOME!

Lastly, please be sure to read the instructions for each of the products in the kit... twice. Be patient and you'll be rewarded with a finish that your friends will envy!

WAY TO GO ZAINO!!!!!!!!!

Raleigh, NC

Z-PC Testimonial  

I was able to correct severely damaged paint by using Z-PC (by machine).
Traditionally you need to use several 'grades' of abrasives polishes to correct deep scratches and scars on the finish. This could mean using up to 3 different products (Compound, Swirl Mark Remover, and Finish polish). Z-PC did it all! I didn't have to deal with compound dust or deal with hard to wipe polish residue. Z-PC is easy on / easy off. At the end of the day, I'm after results. The high gloss, swirl free finish Z-PC produces is off the charts.

Another home run for the folks at Zaino!

Before Z-PC:


After Z-PC, and protecting the finish with Z5Pro and Clear Seal

Another Happy Customer
John M.
Bear, DE

Nothing Finer - Absolutely the Best  

I use Z-6 on my Ford GT after every ride. I cannot imagine putting the car up without using Gloss Enhancer before covering the car. It is a perfect product, easy to use and creates a deep shine. The product would likely last the average user for many months. Unfortunately, I find myself using it 3-4 times per week. I need a monthly subscription. Thanks again, Sal. You are the greatest.

Dr. A.

The SHINE says it all  

This is my 1999 Mercedes SLK230 Sport. I really don't want to mince a lot of words here. I use the FULL line of Zaino products. All I could ever tell you about Zaino is contined in this picture...The SHINE says it all!!! A life customer.

Jim D

Amazing product!  

I wanted to thank you for such an amazing product. I purchased a barely used Black, 2005 Dodge SRT-4. Unfortunately the previous owner must have been a fan of automatic car washes,...this paint had swirl marks galore,..and no shine. I ordered your kit after seeing pictures on your website. After a good claybarring, 2 coats of Z5, and 2 coats of Z2,...the results are astonishing. Wow....everyone in my family wants me to detail their cars now. I've never felt paint soo smooth, or seen a finish so glossy and wet looking!


Sean R.
Souderton, PA

Thanks!!  Date: 05/03/2007

I've had several black cars for the last 20 years. I enjoy spending hours polishing and waxing. After a friend told me about Zaino, I ordered the Kit. My Corvette has never looked better! What a difference Zaino makes compared to all the others I've tried!
Everybody comments on the shine. Thanks Zaino!!

Gary G.
Carlsbad, CA

Pics  Date: 04/25/2007

Z-wash, Z-8 topper, Z-tire cleaner, Z-leather cleaner and Z-leather conditioner were used. Just placed another order- thanks for what you make.


John C.
Alpharetta, GA

Photo of CS...  Date: 04/25/2007

Photo of CS...


Jim C.

Zaino CS is great  

I just wanted to say that your Zaino CS is great. You have out done yourselves on this one. Put it on and walk away its great. It made my 2004 Torch Red Coupe paint wet. I also put some on my Chrome C6 wheels…I waited and waited and had to buff them off. I think maybe I put too much on which would take longer to dry. Thanks for the great stuff.

Don T.
Pasadena, MD

WOW! and Thanks!  

I've been a Zaino user for years, but I just never got around to the newer products, I was pretty much "old school Zaino". Last week, I hit your web site with the intent of buying some product and was amazed at all the new products you were offering. I ordered some of the new Z2 Pro, ZFX, Zaino-CS, and Z8 and was amazed when it was delivered to my home in just two days. "Back in the day" before the 'net, you shipped quickly, but we still had to wait on our checks to be delivered to you by snail mail. The new service is phenomenal!

I detailed my wife's new black BMW with ZFX enhanced Z2 Pro, Clear Seal and Z8. The results are truly amazing! Not only was the process much quicker than the old school method, the shine was sensational. And I'm sure it will last just as long as traditional Zaino products.

Thanks you for making these products. While the "buy in" does represent a larger than normal investment in car care, in the long run, I think it is more economical because so little product is used with each application. And absolutely nothing can touch that Zaino glow! Thanks again!

Greg L.
Columbiana, AL

The effects of Zaino  

A Zaino wash and two coats of Z-5 only.


Alton D.

Testimonial  Date: 04/23/2007


I just wanted to say thanks for such a great product. I have a 1996 Harley Fatboy (see the attached pictures) and could not be more impressed with the Z-7 Wash and the Z-5 Polish. The Z-5 was extremely easy to use once you got a handle on using such a small amount. To date I have put on 6 coats of the Z-5 and can’t wait to add more. The tank finish just seems to pop out brighter every time I put on another coat. I think the wife is becoming concerned that I am getting so excited detailing my bike with the Zaino products. Can’t wait to try some of the other products you offer. Hopefully you will all start developing other cleaners for bike owners.


Brian R.
Shawnee, KS

The Triplets  Date: 04/23/2007

I am a first time user of your products - I just purchased a 2007 Ford Mustang GT convertible - Redfire Metallic and after using the triplets I have received so many compliments on how the car looks. What a shine! ! ! Everytime I park the car and get out someone is there telling me what a sharp looking car. Your products are great. I've told everyone I know about your products. Thanks for the great products. Pictures to follow:

Don S.
Carmel, Indiana

Easy on, Easy off  

Overall, I'm very impressed how easy the Z-AIO went on and wiped off, very easy to use. I've always wanted to try Zaino products because everyone raves about how awesome their products are but I didn't want to spend too much time with layering the products. Once I saw Z-AIO, I knew it was for me. If you want an easy on, easy off product and this is it! Z-AIO even took off some minor surface contamination which was great for my chrome wheels. This is a must have for those that want the Zaino shine but not having to spend as much time with layering.


Ben O.
Manhattan, KS

Z-8!  Date: 04/12/2007

My previous car had 63 coats of Zaino on it. I used Z-2, 5, & 6 religiously and had no plans to change. I decided to bite the bullet and try Z-8. I am completely blown away. Terrific stuff and I feel it is easier to use than Z-6.

Jeff K. 1964 Red Corvette Coupe
Flower Mound, Texas

Zaino and My TL  


Attached is a photo of my 06 Acura TL with just 4 coats of Z2. Beautiful. Under a overcast noon sky, the TL's finish is like a looking at a mirror. Because of the results, I've never been so motivated to wash and polish my car.


Gary B.
Redwood City, Ca

Fantastic, on chrome wheels too!  

Z-CS was so easy to use on my paint, I thought I'd try it on my truck's 20" chrome wheels. Now my trucks have wheels with lots of spokes that are usually very difficult to wash. I didn't want to use the same Zaino cotton pad on my wheels as what I used on the paint (no brake dust shards), so I just sprayed the wheels everywhere with Z-CS and wiped off the excess with a towel. I don't think Z-CS was intended to be a "spray on lots, let it drible, and wipe off the extra" product, but it works. To be honest, I was lazy and probably used more Z-CS on each wheel than I used on the rest of the truck! Now that I've seen the results, and have made wheel washing a piece of cake, it was worth it! A quick swipe with my (wheel dedicated) wash mitt and they're clean and free of brake dust or road grime. Z-CS is a great wheel sealant!

Tom N.
Des Moines, IA

22 year old paint job and some Zaino...  

What do you guys think?



Best Products Ever!!!  

Ever since I started driving I've been cleaning my car, Well I have been somewhat happy with the results of other products. One day I was over my friends house and he was cleaning his RS4 (which ahs always looked fantastic) I finally asked him what he uses and he said "the Zaino Ultimate Protection Show Car Kit" I took his kit with me and I was extremely impressed with the results, and I have to say Zaino has a customer for life.



After ZPC..way beyond amazed  

Hi my name is Ryan and I am a pro detailer. This is a car that I had done and it was one of the hardest jobs I have done in 15 years with badly neglected paint. I did use many different products on it and had a very hard time using them due to marring left behind. I used a light compound and a wool pad first to bring the paint to a scratch free surface, but left marring bad from the compound and wool pad. I then took a porta cable random orbital machine with a Lake Country white pad with ZPC. I was beyond floored with amazement with the extreme flawless results I got from ZPC and how easy it was to use and how easy the cleanup after using was also. I know that I am a pro, but ZPC is so easy to use with a PC and takes very little effort. The finish left behind was absolutly swirl free, vibrant, extremely glossy and very bright with no oily feel at all. It was a real finish that was rock hard like candy and trust me I had a smile from ear to ear. I had used ZPC before a bunch of times with great results too, but this car had something wrong with the chemical in the paint and had a defective paint job and ZPC won and made it look flawless with no marring at all and I mean nothing. I know you have heard this a bunch of times, but this stuff saved me big time and I could not thank you enough. It got me a bunch of jobs and a very good tip. The guys did not think I could do it at all and were wanting me to fail. ZPC and I worked easily together and won the battle with ease. Here are the before and after pictures. The after pictures are after ZPC without any other zaino products. These were the final inspection pics Before Z6 wipedown and Z5. Notice the first pic is with one light on 350watts. Notice the last picture with 1500 beaming watts quad beams. Nothing can hide under Quad halogen beams and I mean nothing! Just brilliant! Funny part it was easy to do after using ZPC.

It has also been a pleasure to use all your products with beyond excellent results in giving me the best results I have had in the 15 years of detailing!


Ryan (rydawg)

Awesome  Date: 04/02/2007

I just bought your claybar. I spent Saturday washing and claybarring my 06 Rav 4, Nautical Blue. I've never seen or felt such a smoother looking car. I was so very pleased and can't wait to clay bar my mother's 02 Subaru Legacy. I plan to buy some more products..thanks a million Sal for making such an exquisite product.

Bronx, NY

Zaino Z-14 review  

I had the chance to use the Z-14 plastic magic cleaner and polish last week and thought I would share my findings.

A friend of mine has a 99 Ford Expedition that he uses as a work truck. His idea of washing it is taking it through a gas station car wash once or twice a year. So needless to say it was in VERY bad shape when I worked on it.

He has a smoked bug deflector on the front that was in really bad shape. It had an almost white haze to it and zero reflectivity even after I washed and scrubbed the truck.

Because of the shape and age of the deflector (7 years old) I thought it best if I applied the Z-14 by hand.

It applied very easily and I worked it into the plastic using a cotton applicator. It took 3 applications to get it to where it looked good. Well good enough since it has permanent etchings from what I assume to be giant lovebugs.


Mike R.
New Port Richey, FL

outstanding shine  

just when i thought i couldn't get a better shine on my 03 electron blue corvette i tried your products, after trying just about everything out there, this is as good as it gets. theres no other level of shine this is the level. it's as though the car was dipped in clearcoat. great stuff,z2,z5,and z8. thanks.

ron l.
lindenhurst, n.y.

z-6  Date: 03/25/2007

Just started to use on my CHRYSLER 300 BLACK.The car looks great like from show room. I am glad that i took my brother-in-laws advice.He swears by your products.

Frankie O.
staten island ny

Z-14 Plastic Magic Cleaner & Polish  Rating: 4  

I used Z-14 on my 3M clear bra on my TL, and it actually cleaned it. I was happy with the results. I tried Z-14 using my porter cable and the results were even better. After I used Z-14, I topped it off with 2 coats enabled with ZFX of Z-5 pro then 1 coat of enabled with ZFX with Z-2 pro, and then the finishing touch of Z-CS. The looks of my clear bra made it a little more clear. It's great stuff! - 2005 Acura TL

Michael V.
Jacksonville, FL

Z-PC Fusion is a Miracle product  

Dear Sal,
Had to let you know that, without a doubt, your new Z-PC Swirl Remover is a miracle product. My wife's 2003 MINI had arrived from the factory with a badly painted roof and when it returned from the local paint shop they had done a fine job of painting, but left a ton of swirl marks in the
flat black roof. For several years, I've covered them nicely (at least I thought so) with Z-5 and Z-2, but I recently bought a new car and ultimate-zaino'd it and my wife was jealous that her car still had the swirl marks.

A weekend of work and her roof has never been this beautiful. The Z-PC removed every single scratch and swirl and four coats of Z-5 with three coats of Z-2 pro (with the obligatory Z6 in between each coat) has left her car a sparkling wonder. The only problem now is she wants me to do the same for the entire Pepper White body. OMG you've created a monster.

Memphis, TN

Z-CS and Z-AIO  Date: 03/13/2007

These 2 products are the BEST!!! I thought it would be hard to top the existing products but you found a way to do it! Just wanted to say as usual your products are elite to anything else out there! I just finished cleaning my 06 Armada with your 2 latest products the Z-Aio and finished with the ZCS this is of course after a years worth of cleaning and polishing with your other products and all I can still say is WOW!!! I catch people constantly checking out my ride which to me is the greatest compliment to your products! They always wnat to know who cleans my vehicle! I always give them your website info. Thanks!!!!


Jason W.
Shelbyville, TN

You can not beat this combination  

I have used both of these products every week for 2 years. I get more compliments on my work truck, 2005 Infiniti 6MT and my 2006 GS300 than any other car wash product, that I used before. To be honest, I never received compliments until I started using Zaino.

Dallas, Texas

A VERY Satisfied customer!  

Sal and company,

I recently purchased the Zaino Triplet’s package and all I can say is, “Wow”! I have used a lot of detail products over the years and nothing comes even close to the depth, gloss and durability of your products. Most recently, I was a Rejex user and believed this was the product I had been looking for all these years. Not anymore! I am completely sold on Zaino and will be using it for years to come. The AIO is phenomenal. It does exactly what it says. It cleans, polishes and protects. It gives a lustrous shine by itself. However, after topping it with Z-CS and Z8 Grand Finale Spray, the car looks like it’s made of glass! It’s unbelievable. Having a Jet Black car, this is one of the toughest colors to keep clean and looking like new. However, after using your products, I am convinced that my car looks better than when it was delivered to me off the showroom floor!

I’ve attached some pictures of the results. The car is a 2007 BMW E60 530xi Sport.

Thanks again Sal! I am a Zaino user for life!


Carlton C.
Plainview, NY


Zaino Clear Seal on F150 @ 5 months - First wash  

Hello everyone! After all of the crappy temperatures and weather we have been getting in Minnesota, we finally have a nice weekend with temps hitting near 50F. I wanted to share with you today’s wash of my Dad’s f150 that was done back in October with 1 coat of Zcs. I am ashamed to say it, but the truck has not been washed since. It has gone through the Minnesota winter for 5 months… without a wash. The official snow total thus far (not done yet I’m sure) is 33.6 inches, but I am led to believe we have received a bit more. Anyone who lives in Minnesota can back me up in saying the road crews throw down tons of sand and salt that basically eats through most paint protection. Now that the temps have warmed up to the point where I can actually pull out a hose, I gave it a wash, hoping for the best. I thought to myself before the wash, if there is any protection left, I will be happy.

Before pics:

I was shocked to find that CS still had tight beading, was definitely protecting, and still maintained some slickness. I would never have believed before this that a product could last 5 months in Minnesota winter with the abrasive sand and salts, and still have further protection to boot. The paint is still glossy and deep and although isn’t as slick as the day applied, maintains slickness. I will continue to monitor the protection of 1 coat of clear seal without QD’s or spray waxes and see how far it can go.

After Pics:

STAFF NOTE: Greg received BETA samples prior to the production and public release of Z-CS.

Greg C.
Lake City, MN

Zaino Ultimate Protection Show Car Kit  

I've used Zaino for a few years now but I recently purchased the Full kit now that we bought a 2007 Eclipse GT Spyder and a 2007 Grabber Orange Mustang GT with Eleanor body... After washing and using the clay bar I did 2 coats of Z-5 and 2 coats of Z-2 with the Enhancer spray between each coat ...WOW! I have posted pics on several mustang forums and the reaction comments are all great. The pictures I posted after using Zaino have convinced at least one person to try Zaino that I know of. OH! I used the Z-16 Perfect Tire Gloss for the first time... it lives up to its name, I'm very happily surprised!


Derek C.
San Antonio, TX

Z-18 ClayBar  Date: 03/05/2007

Used clay-bar on a 1995 Corolla. I never knew my Corolla had such a nice smooth surface! Since my car was so old, it took a long time, but the outcome was fabulous. Afterwards I waxed it and it looks brand new! (Maybe not exactly brand w/ some dents here and there but you get the point.)

San Francisco, CA

Z8 and ClearSeal are TOPS!  

Been using Z8 and ClearSeal for a while now and am amazed at how simple the combination is to use, and exceptionally amazed at how glossy and slick the surface is. Beading action can not be beat!

Jeff W
Richmond, IN

Z-12 Clear View Glass Polish Kudos  

It isn't often (okay, hardly ever --unless I'm really pissed-off) that I write a letter to a company about their products, but this case demands it. I just purchased a new car that came with all the options --moon roof water spots were included at no extra charge. The car had probably been sitting out in the sun for a long time covered in mineral-laden water after repeated washings on the lot. Nothing short of conventional explosives would remove them. My insurance company advised against that. So I read rave reviews of your products. I order. They arrive. I try. It works!!! Bloody amazing stuff. There's nothing left for me to obsess about. The glass polish definately blew my socks off!

You can count on me as a lifetime customer and free advertising billboard on wheels. Keep up the teriffic work!!

Carlton C.
Poulsbo, WA

wonderful restoration of rubber, vinyl parts.  

I bought Z-16 for tires and it does a great job.
It does not make it look shiny like other products but enough to make it look new. Of course one can do more coats for greater shine.
However Sal had told me I could use it on other porous surfaces. So I tried it on cladding on my 03 MDX and wow.
It looks brand new, blacks are dark like it was original.
I am now a Zaino fan, it does the job as advertised and does not take that much work. Sal, these are great products.

Robert Z
Nashua, NH

Bigger bottle would be nice  

I Love this stuff. All of your products are amazing. Just wish you would sell a bigger bottle of the Z-7 Show Car Wash. That is the only thing that would make it a better product. Thanks.

James D.
Buena Park, CA

Zaino Clear Seal  

I have been using Zaino since Ocotober 2006. While still getting used to using Z5 and Z2, I heard Zaino was coming out with a clear seal product. I already had 3 coats of Z5 and 3 coats of Z2 pro, and now I get my Z-CS a few days later after it's release in early Feb 07. So I applied it the first time and it's like claying a car but even faster. Took me to do my whole car in 5 min. The shine and gloss was amazing.. maybe better than Z2 pro. Now I have a total of 2 coats of Z-CS which makes 8 total coats of Zaino products and more to come!! Oh, I forgot to mention, I do have 2 coats of Z-CS on my wheels too!! Zaino is the best and Sal, you're a GENUIS!!!! Thank you very much!! - 2005 Acura TL A-Spec


Michael V.
Jacksonville, FL

My 06 Civic Hybrid's 12th coat of zaino  

This is my baby, a magnetic pearl HCH-II. She just got her 5th coat of z5 today, add that to the 7 coats of z2 and you have shine shine shine. :) i love zaino so much. :D

I love the shot of the peach tree by my car reflecting on the hood:


LeAnn A.

Black Porsche pics..  

I polished this black porsche twin turbo with Z-PC, a white Lake County VC pad and my Porter cable (PC) polisher. I applied 4-6 pea sized dots of Z-PC to the pad, spread it around at speed 4.5 on the PC, then worked it in at speed 6 on the PC. The finished looked so good. I then applied a few coats of Z5pro w/ ZFX.



Bryan B.

My M6 after Zaino  

Here are a few shots after we put some Zaino on her. We used Z-2, Z-5, and Z-8.


Frank P.
Long Beach, CA

Flame job by Zaino  

I was putting on my 4th, 5th and 6th coats of Z2 today and couldn't help notice how awesome the neighbor's sugar maple looked in the reflection. Actually made the hood look like it was on fire!

Pics look pretty good, but you had to see it in real life.


Rudy W.
Woodbridge, VA

Zaino Clear Seal  

Sal, Winter washing and detailing is a chore, and CS is a blessing. CS is super easy to use, and a real time saver. I’ll never understand how it magically dries, but I just love the results! CS has really highlighted my current base of Z5Pro& Z2Pro. Several people have stopped to comment on my SUV’s great looks and ask “what kind of wax are you using on your truck”. I smile and say Zaino.

Thanks for adding another “must have” product to your line up Sal.


Greg G.

2 products in one!  

It's a leather treatment! It's a cologne! It's two- two- TWO products in one! Gives my leather britches that new-lederhosen smell- And the girls love it; a dab behind the ear drives 'em crazy!

Jens O.
Pulaski, WI

Zaino Ultimate Protection Show Car Kit  

I bought this kit a year ago, after struggling to find something that would work on a black, 4-year old truck. This stuff is positively phenomenal when you use it according to the directions provided. Wow! There was one stretch of about three months when weather kept me from washing it, and even then, it still came out looking fantastic! Forget about that junk you get at the big box and auto parts stores - this stuff is the real deal, and I'll never use anything else!

David B.
Elgin, TX

All the benefits of Z2 and Z5 with even greater durability!  Date: 02/10/2007

Z-CS is an amazing product to say the least. It offers similar finishing properties as both Z2 and Z5, but it has even greater durability and it's much easier to apply! Simply spray on with an applicator pad and walk away. There's no need to wipe or buff it off and it's much easier to apply than Z2 or Z5. I used it after a layer of Z-AIO to enhance the finish as well as add a durable layer of protection that will outlast any other Zaino product.

I sprayed a bit in an area and worked it into the surface with the pad. I noticed the prismatic streaks on the surface, and my instincts kept telling me to work it around until it evened out some more, but as the instructions say, you just let it dry without any buffing. So I just let it sit, even though it appeared streaky in some areas. The entire car only took about 5 minutes to apply, and after 20 minutes of waiting, most of the streaks had disappeared, leaving a deep glossy finish. The outside temperature was only 36 degrees so it did take a bit longer to dry to a smooth finish, but I was still impressed how quickly it dried in such a cool temperature.

Z-CS is good enough to use by itself, as is the Z-AIO, but I really like the concept of using the Z-AIO as basis that cleans and preps the surface for the enhanced gloss and added protection of Z-CS.

Black is no doubt the most difficult color to maintain, but Zaino has once again made doing so a bit easier and more enjoyable!

Brent S.
Holly Springs, NC

Z-AIO All-in-one gets it done!  

Zaino has done it again! Z-AIO is really does live up to its name. Z-AIO was actually easier to apply and wipe off than Z2 or Z5 and looks comparible in its shine and reflection. Wiping it off with a microfiber towel was quite easy and I immediately noticed the shine. Since it has some cleaning ability to it, I noticed it took care of some left over waterspots and other inconsistencies in the surface. Although Z2 and Z5 may have more gloss than Z-AIO, they won't clean the surface like Z-AIO will. So for a product that not only leaves you with a great shine, a deep reflection and a protected finish, it will also remove deris and surface inconsistencies in the same process. The result is a comparible finish with much less work!

I used Z-AIO on all the car's surfaces including the plastic and the glass with fantastic results. The product cleaned residue from the black trim around the car and removed some grime and debris from the glass. Z-AIO is definitely a great solution for someone looking for a single, easy to use product that will give you beautiful results without hastling with multiple products. And for those of us who want to take a few extra steps beyond Z-AIO, it's a great starting point that preps the car for Z2, Z5 or Clear Seal to be layered on top!

Whether you are a casual detailer or a more dedicated auto fantatic, Z-AIO should definitely be a part of your process!

Brent S.
Holly Springs, NC

Z-10 Leather in a bottle  

unbelievable! I have never used a product that enhances the leather like the z-10 has! I love it and it makes my soft leather in my JAG XKR smell so sweet as it zooms by people with the top down. My brother came by to use it on his BMW M5 and he took my bottle! I need more and got to have more of this goldmine! Thanks 02 JAG XKR, 96 BMW 328ic, 00 GMC Yukon, 94 Toy SR5 4wheel.

Ray F.
Sunnyvale, CA

Zaino - The Shine is Insane-o  

Used Z2 Pro w/ ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator - 2 coats followed by one coat of straight Z2 Pro then one coat of Z8. Superior.

Charlotte, NC

Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes  Date: 01/30/2007

Z-2 pro is the best I've ever used. I've never seen a shine or a polish that lasts so long. I will be a Zaino user for life!

Michael V.
Jacksonville, FL

Z-7 Show Car Wash  

I love your products, especially your car wash soap. In San Diego, the water is very hard. The soap really prevents water spots from forming. - 2002 BMW 530i Sport

Philippe H.
Ramona, CA

Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes  Date: 01/04/2007

Have at least 100 coats of Z-2 on car. Countless Z-6 also. People think the car is new every day. Shines so much that knicks are not very noticable. - Honda S2000 2002

Peter P.
The Woodlands, TX

Z-7 Show Car Wash  

Your show car wash is got to be one of the best on the market! - Lexus, GS300, 99

Alex M.
Pinehurst, NC

Z-9 Leather Soft Spray Cleaner  

Used the leather cleaner and leather conditioner on my brothers truck interior and everything came clean. He was so amazed he is going to buy those items and more. Amazing products you have! - 2005 Ford Mustang GT

Nate A.
Houston, TX

Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal  

we are entered in another show. Our first show we took second place. We used your polish and grand finale. Hopefully we will do well this time too. - 1990 corvette

jeff k.
oviedo, FL

Z-7 Show Car Wash  

Great Products. I give your car wash as gifts to some of my friends, they love it! Thanks - Ford Lightning 1999, Porsche 997S 2005, Mercedes E550 2007

James R.
Anaheim Hills, CA

Z-9 Leather Soft Spray Cleaner  

Your leather cleaner and protector are the best there is!
1999 Chevrolet Silverado LT
1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible

Richard W.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Z-16 Perfect Tire Gloss  

I like the Perfect Tire Gloss. A little goes a long way and it doesn't seem to sling off. - 1994 Chev 6.5 K2500 Suburban, 1991 350 SDL Mercedes Benz, 1990 300 D Mercedes Benz, 1987 300 TD Mercede

Robin R.
Springdale, AR

Zaino Total Protection Show Car Kit  

I bought your starter kit, and it is the best polish I have ever used. I was incredibly impressed.
04 Honda Accord 2Dr. V6 6Sp. M/T Nighthawk Black  

Andrew B.
Lafayette, IN


Zaino Total Protection Show Car Kit  

I recently purchased your starter kit and I am exptremely happy with the results from using it. Of all the wax and sealant products I have used over the years, none have ever provide a finish as good as Zaino. Thanks for creating such great products! - 2007 Ford Focus, 2005 Porsche Boxster S, 2002 Audi A4, 2000 Mazda Miata, 2000 VW Passat

Michael C.
Pleasanton, CA

Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes  Date: 11/13/2006

Z2 is fantastic! - 2006 Viper, 2002 Mustang GT

Peter N.
Wilmington, NC


Z-9 Leather Soft Spray Cleaner  

I have Z-9 and Z-10 and love it!. - G35 2006

James R.
Miami, FL

Z-10 Leather in a Bottle  

Love the leather in a bottle! - Ford F-250 King Ranch 2005

Justin C.
Florence, SC

Z-PC Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover  Date: 10/30/2006

WOW! This stuff is AWESOME! THANKS and keep up the good work!!

Scott R.
Lawrence, KS

Zaino Ultimate Protection Show Car Kit  

Have purchased and used your glass product after trying everything I could to get the water spots off and yours worked perfectly, can't be any way better to sell me your complete detail kit.. Thanks
1997 Ford Explorer
2002 Chevrolet Silverado
2002 20XDC Bullet

David F.
Carencro, LA

Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes  Date: 10/09/2006

Love your products, they really work for us and the Z2/5 products just get better with more coats. Thanks for all the hard work you do! Thank you ! - 2005 Acura MDX, 2005 Acura RL, 2006 Ford Harley Davidson Truck

Vincent F.
Bellevue, WA

Zaino Total Protection Show Car Kit  

Bought Your $84.70 Kit, It's The Best I've Ever Used. Got Two Coats ON and Looks Better Then Great !!!!! - Silver 2005 C6 Z51 Coupe

Van C.
Riverside, CA

Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal  

The Zaino system is fantastic! (I love the convenience of Z8, I can keep a deep shine for days with simple touch ups.) - 2003 Nissan Murano

Andre W.
Mechanicsville, VA

Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray  

Z-6 great product !! - '05 Lexus RX330

Robert C.
Scranton, PA

ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator Additive  

I've previously ordered under my wifes name Joelle, I've applied 7 coats on my vette, 5 coats on my Ram, 4 coats on my SRT-8, 3 coats on my R1000, need more for the other toys, Its time consuming, but worth the wait, I'm greatful for ZFX Accel. The sickest part is, I don't even want to drive any of my toys in fear of getting them dirty. I will send you pics of all toys when done. I was formally a McGuires guy, Never again!!! Thanks
2006 300C SRT-8
2006 H3
2002 Corvette Convertible
2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Daytona Hemi
2003 Yamaha L

Scott R. G.
Elmhurst, IL

Z-10 Leather in a Bottle  

Repeat customer with your product. We love your Leather in a bottle! Truely a great product! - Ford Mustang GT 2006

Shelly W.
Ludlow, MA

Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray  

I get tons of comments from random people about how good my car looks and I haven't even used the gloss enhancer yet! Thanks for the great products. - 2001 VW Jetta Wagon Black on Black

Pete F.
Lancaster, PA

Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes  Date: 08/17/2006

I have used Zaino for six years. I apply Z2 to my car at least one a month. - 2004 Mazda MX-5

stephen j.
monroe, LA

Zaino Ultimate Protection Show Car Kit  

I've been using your ZKIT-2 and need to replenish some of the products. Your stuff is the best. - Porsche Cayman S 2006

Cy H.
Trumbull, CT

Z-7 Show Car Wash  

I have been using your product for over a year, I am very pleased with Z7 car wash & your Z2 polish. - chevy corvette 2003

paul g.
south attleboro, MA

Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray  

Z6 is great, so I'll try Z8. - Pontiac GTO 2005

Michael S.
Charleston, SC

Hi Sal,

Wanted to say thanks for the awesome new Z5Pro formula. Here's a couple of pics of my car that I owe all to you. I put them up on the boards and gave the credit to your great products.

Thanks again
Craig M.

I just had to send you some pictures. I purchased my 2001 Z06 Corvette last year. I found this car parked in an equipment barn in Iowa. It was clean with low miles but the black paint was in need of some help. After finding Zaino products, I went to work. I used the whole system starting by stripping with the soap you recommended and the clay bar eventually ending with the show car polish. It was absolutely worth the effort! Black was not a color choice, since I have had black cars before and as you know... they are tough to keep looking good. I couldn't resist sending you these. They show another red corvette reflected in my paint. My friends car is the red one, now he wants to use Zaino products on his.


Thanks Zaino!
Ron K.

I purchased a Zaino Total Protection Kit over the winter. I heard many great reviews of Zaino from members on the Audiworld message boards. I couldn’t wait to try it out on my Audi when the weather warmed. I ended up selling the Audi and bought a jet black 2006 BMW 330xi. The dealer did a pretty bad job  detailing the car. In addition to the kit I purchased from Zaino, I ordered the Zaino Z-PC and Z8.  Many people told me that synthetic waxes never really looked good on black cars. I finally tried it on the BMW. I have to say, WOW! It got rid of “dealer mistakes” and made the car shine like I have never seen before. The black got darker and more reflective. The paint is slippery and smooth. My neighbors think my car is a mirror. I’ve convinced my friends to try Zaino as well. They were equally impressed.
I was always a Carnabua wax and glaze person. My cars never looked as good until the Zaino system.
Just wanted to Thank you for a great detailing solution and you have a customer for life.

Thank you,
Giancarlo D.

Just wanted to give you some feedback on your new product - Fusion. I'm sure you have had many accounts of how your products have been used and how well they have worked. This one is a little different. Over the winter we had a rather amorous Cardinal who seemed to like his reflection in our car trailer. Either that or he thought the image he saw might be a potential mate. He kept banging into the side of the trailer making scratches with his beak. I couldn't catch that devil but finally managed to scare him away with a decoy Owl. Unfortunately it wasn't until after he had made literally hundreds of scratches in several places. The car trailer was the only vehicle we have that had not yet been converted to Zaino. I tried the Meguiars #9 Swirl Remover but that didn't touch the scratches so I decided to try the Fusion on it. I know your advertising says to get ready to be amazed and I can't tell you how impressed Barb and I were with the results. It not only removed the scratches but brought out the depth and clarity of the black paint like nothing else we have used. We followed the Fusion with the Z5 and I've attached a couple of pictures which capture to some extent how it now looks. I think the mirror reflection speaks for itself. The only downside I can see is that the Cardinal might return now - but we're ready for him this time! :-))
By the way, I had tried the Fusion just last week on the 62 Vette while getting ready for the Super Chevy show in Maple Grove, Pa. I hadn't touched the car since last October and we had a few small marks from last years show in Carlisle. As you know I have previously used the 3M #39009 Swirl Mark Remover as I had found that to work well. But after using it this time I wasn't satisfied and decided to give the production version of Fusion a try. I liked it so much I did the entire car with it. Real easy to use with the Porta Cable buffer and it comes off very easily. That, and the fact that you don't have to wash the car before applying the Z5, is a real plus. You've hit a home run with this one.

Rich L

When I first discovered Zaino over 3 years ago, I had been extremely disappointed by all the other products out there. I had no idea what I was getting, but was willing to give it a shot. I was completely BLOWN away. Not only was it easy to use, it lasts long as well.
It lasts much longer than any wax out there, out shines all of them and in the long run the product lasts longer helping your pocket book.So when it came time for me to purchase my new Corvette, the first thing I ordered was the Ultimate Protection kit and the new Z-8 Grand Finale Spray.Which sat packed in its shipping box for 3 weeks while the Corvette was being built.

Those of you that have leather interiors will also be amazed at the leather care products, Z-9, and Z-10. And it does what it says. The smell of leather came right out. It was like the seats were just installed. And it lasted for weeks (still in those later weeks at this writing).

As they say, "A Picture is worth a thousand words.", I think all you need to do is look at the pictures of my Vette after 1 application of Z5, Z6, Z2Pro and Z8.
If you don't have Zaino, the you REALLY should. Your CRAZY not to.
Throw all your other products away and become part of the Happy Zaino family.
All you'll be doing is smiling when you are done.

Thanks Sal
Jason B.

I also used it on my girlfriend's black Eclipse that is 5 years old. It never shined before I used Zaino on it.

Here is a collage of my new 2006 Cadillac STS just after 2 coats of Zaino! I’ve been using Zaino for 6 years now and your product is great.

Raphael D.

Hey Sal

I had a few details to do over the weekend... Take a look!

Zane Oliver

About all I can say regarding the Zaino company is that it is truly a class-act organization.

Looking forward to placing my next order!

Greg G.

Hi Sal,

I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how pleased I am with the Zaino product. I bought the Total Protection Show Car Kit for my 1991 Porsche 911 Turbo. This week-end, I used the car wash and clay bar, and then applied two coats of the Z5 and one coat of the Z2 both with ZFX, and the results are amazing. The paint has never looked so good, and the product is so easy to use. My wife’s car is next. I have enclosed a picture so you can see how good 14 year old paint can look. Thanks

Ronnie F.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions on the telephone today. It is very refreshing to call a company where the boss answers the phone! I have used Zaino products for just over a year now. Here in Manitoba, the climate can be brutal. Not only do your products stand up to this harsh environment better than any others, Zaino looks the best as well. It's a pretty tough system to beat! In fact, I even use Zaino on my custom painted hockey goalie masks to add layers of protection. You would not believe how easily the puck marks wipe off! Please find attached some pictures of some of my Zaino treated items. I can promise you that pictures really do not do your shine justice. You really have to see it in person.

Thanks for producing a great product!


Darrien P.
Winnipeg, Canada

Thanks very much for the tracking info. I have used your stuff since I bought my Camaro in ’99. No desire to try any other brand.

Scott G.

WOW!!!!!! Ordered on Monday got it on Wednesday. Great service. Thanks!

Charles L.

You guys are great. Your service has been excellent! I have recommended your products with 3 people purchasing and using your products. Makes me proud I can help spread the word. I have three cars and they always get compliments where ever they travel. With other cars on the road like mine (TL,325i,VR6) my cars look better. No doubt your products are the reason why.

Thank you!

Bill V.

WOW!!!!!! Ordered on Monday got it on Wednesday. Great service. Thanks!

Charles L.

Dear Zaino Brothers,

After hearing many many great reviews of your products from my friends at and seeing with my own eyes on cars of friends with GTO's, this was my first purchase from Zaino. Well, I have to say that I am impressed.

Although it was a lot of elbow grease, the process worked exactly as you stated. I am completely satisfied with the results and will be a long time user of your products. The depth and clarity of the paint on my GTO is unbelievable, but, I am most impressed with the total disappearance of swirl marks. IT IS AMAZING!! Thanks for making such a great product. I am sure to be loyal Zaino customer for years to come.


Chris D.


Here's how good my daily driver looks with three layers of Z2 Pro and at least two applications of Z8.

Leonard A.

I "zaino'd" my Jeep after a busy off road season. From mud frog to prince in a day, one coat of Z-5, followed by a coat of Z-2 with Z-6 in between and after. Used a buffer misted with Z-6 to finish up. Great products, keep up the good work.


Thanks for the speedy & efficient service, I really appreciate it.

Bill H.

Hello Sal,

I am very pleased to let you know that I read about your products is the "Guru Report", and decided to order your products. I ordered in segments, unsure of the real quality of your products, but in the end I have just about everything you sell in my detailing box. The first time I used the stuff, I was AMAZED! It really did live up to all of its claims 100%! I was so pleased that I recommended to my boss that he use it on his cars, instead of Megs. I did up his car and again, GREAT! The results were consistent and repeatable! I have meant to call you for the last week or two to ask you some questions though.

I have used both a porter cable and a terry cloth pad to apply Z2 and Z5, but it appears a little thin. I have heard that if you put too much that is a problem, and that you should apply it like it is gold. So, I only put about a quarter sized amount for the entire hood and one fender.

I recently did a second of my boss's cars for a local car show that benefited an NIH charity that provides care and housing to seriously and terminally ill children and their families. The car won 1st place in the "Elite 15" category, which is the top 15 cars of the show that are superior to the rest!!! I displayed a paper to give you guys some advertising.

I look forward to your response, and thanks,

Andrew A.

Ok, I checked the web for the best possible product to polish and show off the new car. I kept running across Zaino Brothers and checked out the site. I decided that I needed to try their products if for no other reason than to debunk any spurious claims.

Well, this is one note that you may not see published on the Zaino testimonial site. My experience was not equivalent to that of others on the site. Read on.

I did the Dawn wash, Clay bar, Zaino wash, Z-2 Pro polish with ZFX, then a second coat of Z-2 Pro with ZFX. I decided not to use the Z-6 between coats one and two (more on that below). This took the course of the morning, and application was as promised. My results -- the site definitely does not mention several aspects of their product and the results of applying it to your vehicle. I intend to expose those aspects.

From the site, you may have the impression that the time you spend putting on the Zaino products is minimal for the results. That is only initially true. The shine attracts attention. At traffic lights, at stores, at gas stations, in your driveway – trust me, you’ll be spending a lot of time explaining to people around you what you did to get that phenomenal finish. A lot of time.

If you’ve browsed and read the site, there are all kinds of tips and testimonials about how little work it is to get that shine. Here’s just another point where the site conveniently does not tell the whole story. Once you get the Zaino on the car, you’ll find that your significant others want that same shine. Then your friends see the car. The neighbors will “just happen” to come over and drop a few hints and questions. And then every one starts asking what the bikes would look like, or the boat. And when you see the difference additional coats make, you’ll have to do multiple coats on ‘em all. Believe me, you’ll work hard, all right.

Another area is the expense for the towels. Right, you get the good ones just like they recommend. And they do a great job. But there’s just something wrong with your significant others going out to the garage to get the “good” towels instead of you raiding the linen closet. So, you gotta spend some more to upgrade the towels in the house. That’s not mentioned on the Zaino site.

I said that I did not use Z-6 between the initial coats. The Zaino site, again, leaves out some vital information you need to include in your product purchase decision. After using Zaino wash and in subsequent additional coats of Z-2, I did use the Z-6 between coats. If you don’t own some really good sunglasses, you’d better add that expense into your calculations. You’re going to need them just to drive with the reflections off the hood. Besides, you’ll look cooler when you’re approaching the crowd that has gathered around your ride when you park. And you are going to have to start ditching the neighbors, family and friends lest you have to start working on their cars, bikes, boats, etc. The sunglasses may help in avoiding them.

So, bottom line, the shine, that wonderful silky, deep shine will bring you lots of attention, work and time. In my experience, lots more attention, work and time than the site would leave you to believe! (Although to be fair, even with the added expenses above, the products are a great value when compared to the competition. )

I’ve copied in the Zaino team on this note to let them know just what I think of the possible misinformation on their site. I also wanted to let them know that my second order of Z-2 and Z-6 was sent as promptly as the first. I did up the quantity of both on this order.

P.S. Everyone talks about the depth of the shine – I decided to check that out. I put a tape measure on my hood in the shade. I can clearly read to the 17 inch mark and I have a light colored car. Now for just a couple of more coats.

Vincent B.

I was so amazed by this picture that I had to share it with you. This is my '05 Mustang GT after using your products. Your products are absolutely incredible.

Brett and Leslie G.

If a picture is worth a thousand words...


I have used your products on my last two cars...

Hollye S.


I just wanted to send you a pic of my M3. I’ve been using Zaino products for a few years now and am always impressed with the results.

Keep up the great work.


Andrew B.

Thanks for this product!

Collin A.

Mr. Zaino,

I just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for your product. I purchased my 2005 Honda S2000 about two months ago. In looking for the right polish, I remembered that I had seen your website about two years ago, so I ordered your Zaino Ultimate Protection Show Car Kit. Man, am I thrilled. I have been polishing, on average, three times per week. In fact, I am now out of ZFX Flash Cure, Z-2 Pro and Z-5. I wanted to thank you personally and wish you the very best.

I will continue to use your product exclusively...

John W.

Thank you for your product!

Jeff M.

I first heard of Zainos on the Victory Motorcycle Club forums. You had a hearty endorsement from one of the members, so I thought I'd check your site and see what the excitement was about. My wife had just ordered her new Mazda RX8, and I wanted to keep at least as good as new if not better, so I ordered your kit while the car was still at the dealer being prepped for delivery. Unfortunately I didn't have time to apply the product prior to our vacation but, it would go on soon after we got back.

I employed my 20 year-old son and a friend of his to do the application, with me supervising the first coat. I forgot to tell my son about using the clay bar prior to applying the Z2, but we went over the imperfections prior to applying the Z6 and second coat of Z2. I had to run some errands, and when I returned, they had completed the 3rd application and were just starting to use the Z8. I was absolutely dumbfounded by the glass like appearance and "feel"! There was a bottle of water nearby, so I said, "watch this," and poured a little on trunk deck, that water hit the garage floor faster than a preacher leaving a cathouse being raided.

In the past four days there have been two incidents that have made me a user for life. The first was a couple days ago I was standing on the front porch waiting for "she who must be obeyed" to arrive home from work. When she crested the hill, under the streetlamps a couple hundred yards away, her beauty shined like nothing I had ever owned before, I was speechless. The second happened yesterday morning. I had to take her car to the doctor, and it had rained the day before. When I backed the car from the garage into the sunlight, there were no water spots on windows or hood. The car looked like it had just been washed and waxed!

This morning I took the car to the Mazda store where we'd purchased the RX8 to compare it to "new" units. The reflections in the new units were distorted, the reflection in our "used" one was like mirror. My brother's, who is the General Manager, reaction was disbelief. I think he is going to send my son some business for a "REAL" polish job!

Thanks for a superior product that delivers what it promises.

Rick F.

I just wanted to send a thank you for your great product. Before we got our new car, we used to laugh about people who spent all sorts of money on car waxes. So when we were looking for something for our new Prius, we felt kinda hypocritical spending $60 on wax products for a car. And we were kinda skeptical as to whether it was worth that much money. But we figured with the good reviews we'd give it a shot. And not having to wax often was a real plus in the North Carolina heat. We got our Zaino very quickly, and when it arrived we applied 3 coats of Z5 and 2 coats of Z2. All the little swirl marks that had accumulated over 4 months quickly disappeared and the shine was unbelievable. The only thing it couldn't get out was a few marks from where the dealer's detailer tried some harsh buffing to take out a scratch. This is much, much more shine and clarity than we've seen with the Turtle Wax or Meguiar's that we used previously, and it was much easier to use. In fact, both those old waxes went into the trash immediately when we got back into the house. I wanted to share the highly reflective, mirrorlike black car we now have. I'm not one to write letters to companies unless I have a complaint. And the only complaint we have is that you should have warned us to wear sunglasses when we were applying this stuff! It is truly incredible.

Thanks again.

Doug & Nicky M.
Durham, NC


First wanted to say thanks! My cars look awesome, and I owe it all to you. (See my latest pride and joy attached pix taken after 2 days of Z18, Z2Pro, Z6 on the applicator, and Z8 between coats not to mention the Z7 and Z16!!!)

Rich P.
Freehold, NJ

I have used many different polishes and waxes over the years but nothing compares with this! Almost every week I find myself putting another layer on. People have remarked on how "wet" the car looks. The finish is so smooth that it actually feels soft to the touch.
Great product!

Mark P.

Your product can even make yellow gleam, and that's not easy!

Andi M.

I'm sure you hear this a million times over, (I mean why wouldn't you this stuff is incredible). I just can't believe how awesome this made both of my cars shine. They actually look wet! And one of them is white! I can't tell you how many times I have recommended Zaino to other people. Those who took my recommendation were just as amazed as I was. Not only does Zaino shine, but it lasts and lasts. I put six coats on both my cars in the summer of 2004, and they still look amazing a year later, just look at the picture! To anyone who is considering Zaino, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! I've used many other polishes and waxes and none of them come even close to what Zaino can do for your car. The cool thing about Zaino is how water reacts to it. When you wash your car after using Zaino the water seems to want to just jump off the car. I know water beads when the car has polish on it, but the way the water beads with Zaino on it, is different, it's like the water doesn't want to be there. That alone tells me that my paint is being well protected.

Just a story....a friend of mine has a white, 11 year old Accord and for the longest time had been using a polish that he swore by. Over the last year or so he never could get the old Accord to shine up like he wanted too (after all the paint is 11 years old). I recommended Zaino to him and he used it. WOW, did it bring the old paint back to a wet glossy shine. In fact when he took it in to be serviced recently his mechanic mentioned that the car hadn't look that good in years. I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product, I can't wait to see what the next 3 coats will do for my cars!

Thanks again!

Oh and by the way shipping is lightning fast. I placed my last order on a Wed evening and I received the shipment on Friday afternoon!


I just tried out Zaino Bros Polish for the first time and I wanted to let you know I am very satisfied. Any cheap off the shelf wax can make a dark color reflective, it takes Zaino to make Millennium Yellow shine like this - and this is only the second coat!

Len P.
Grand Rapids, MI


I just learned of your ground breaking new product Z PC Fusion. I wanted to share that I bought the car plastic wrapped off the truck. I did the full procedure with Zaino (100% 6 year customer). It remains in my garage 97% of the time covered. It turned a year old today with only 7,200 California miles.

This car has NEVER seen a drive threw car wash etc...100% washed in my driveway since day one!!!

James L.

Hey Guys,

I have had some pretty amazing cars in my years. I have always read, you can't make a new car shine any better than it is UNTIL NOW that is. I have used Meguiars Wax products on every car I have owned. A friend at work recently turned me on to your car products. I could never be happier with the ease and finish it gives my cars. I have finally achieved the glossy shine I have always wanted on my cars. Here's a picture of my 2005 Mustang.


Pemberton, N.J.

I just wanted to be one of the many to email you and say thanks for your products. You are truly ahead of your time in this field!! I'm enclosing a picture of my '78 pace car to show you the shine all the way down its side at a car show I took it to this weekend. You can also see some green trees in the front left of the car near the lights.
Thanks again,
Always a customer....

Doug F.

Zaino Pride - Only other thing I use is water.

All the best,

Todd R.

You guys don't need to be told how good your stuff is... but you need some new GTO pics in your testimonials section. This is only the third coat of Z5 and Z2, with multiple applications of Z16.

Pat M.
Meridian, MS

Your products are amazing. This was taken after using the new detail spray you sent .
The grey metallic paint looks great.
I am hiding the bottle so my kids don't use it on their cars !!!


Andrew R.

I just finished detailing my car with your kit this weekend....and all I can say is WOW! It really does work as good as you claim. Thanks!

Terry B.

We ordered the ZFX Monday night, got it Friday evening. I had time to get one coat of Z5 on the car and buff it with Z6 before we left for a car show! All we heard all day long at the car show was "MAN LOOK HOW SHINY THAT CAR IS!" I can't wait to see it after the Z2 goes on!

Jeff R.


Zaino is great stuff! I just applied it to my new car, and it looks even newer! Awesome. Photo attached

Jason M.

I just want to thank you for your product. I now have 30 coats of your show car wax and I've never had so many comments from people where ever I go. Two of my neighbors are now thinking about using your product. One has borrowed some of mine and is going to be ordering your starter kit. I have enclosed a photo of my 2004 chrome silver Fairlady Z (350Z). This car has a serial number of 180 and was built on June 6th, 2003 and I was driving it on August 8th, 2003. It was the first one sold in the state of Washington. I'm looking forward to using your products for a very long time. Thanks again for your service to the automotive community.

Ronald H.

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your product and send a picture of the results.

Justin P.

I followed your instructions and everything worked as you said. It wasn't difficult and it was my first time washing and polishing a car. The results are incredible.

Ella B.

I used to be a Maguire’s guy, but after being set straight on a couple of Honda Usenet groups, I’ve been a Zaino Brothers user for two years, and won’t go back. This is my daily driver, a 03 EX-V6 6 Speed Accord Coupe. It is the benefactor of my conversion. Thought you would enjoy a couple of pictures.

I have been using your product for at least 6 years. Last weekend I used the product on my new Jetta 05 GLI. Take a look. I tell everyone about your product.

Ivan S.

I noticed your photos did not show a Harley Davidson.

Randy D.

I just wanted to send you this picture of the fantastic shine after just one coat on my '03 Cooper.

Aurel S.

WOW!! This product is AWESOME!! I heard a lot about it but never used it until now. I would just like to thank you for making the best polish out there. Nothing else will ever come in contact with my new Corvette.

Eric S.

Just wanted to send a picture of my 2003 Harley Davidson F-150. It is my everyday driver and still looks like it rolled of the production line. Thanks for creating the best wax and car care products in the world.

Rollins J.

I can’t get enough of the Zaino line of products. I always get complements on my 2005 BMW 545i. Can’t wait to try the new Z-8 spray. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Ken O.

I have used Zaino products for about 3 years. I tell everybody about it. I have a 97 GT Mustang Convertible, a 98 GT Mustang Coupe and a 02 Mustang Coupe. The Vert is a unique color called Autumn Orange Metallic, specifically on Mustangs for the model year 1997 only. The GT is Laser Red and the 02 Coupe is Black. I also have a 00 Silverado pickup, black. I have even posted on all about Zaino. I would love to see my car on your website!

Harold P.
Tyler, TX.

I just wanted you to know that I couldn't have been happier with the results I obtained from using your products. I purchased your "Zaino Total Protection Show Car Kit" and followed the directions on the website. The result speaks for itself. Thank you for supplying such a great product! I have recommended to to everyone I know.

Mike L.
Boston, MA.

Here is a picture of my Z last spring after using the Zaino procedure

Mike B.

Here's a picture of my new sticker you sent with my package. Thanks!

Keith S.

I just got your car polish as a Christmas present (I guess Santa thought I'd been good all year), and thought your website might enjoy a few pictures of my Infiniti G35 Coupe with a coat of Z-2, Z-5, and a dash of Z-6.

Thanks for the awesome polish.

Alex K.

Hey Sal!
Here's my '67 Zaino Edition GTO! The car I wanted in high school and my Dad said, "No Way!". Probably why I'm still alive.

All my best!
Steve B.
East Lansing, Michigan

Hi Sal!

What an honor and thanks for taking the time to send me a note. The kind words are so greatly appreciated and coming from you makes them even more special.

I suspect you are aware that I am a very active member of SCOF Superformance Cobra Owners Forum,

I am known as the "High Priest of Waxers". "Waxers" is a term that comes from a humorous article I wrote a while back defining the four groups of people who own classic cars; Collectors, Waxers, Mechanics, and Racers. The article pointed out the attributes of each group and is considered to be a classic among the senior members at SCOF.

Obviously, I fall into the Waxer category. I have been waxing/polishing cars since before I could drive. I have tried just about everything that has come along over the years. I not sure how, but I think it may have been through a discussion of various car care products at Club Cobra, I found out about Zaino and what you offer. I sent in my first a order, tried what came in the box, and have loved it ever since. In fact, my most recent order is (still in the box, unopened as the weather has been too cold to be out in the garage) sitting here at my feet while I type this. Any time I get an order from you guys, it's a great day! (laughing) .

Apparently, someone has told you I am an incessant promoter of Zaino products. Yeah, it's true, because they are the best I have ever tried and I want all club members to have the best looking cars possible. ... The image, "WaterSna8K" is one of my favorites (I am a retired state trooper and now have a career as a professional photographer)..

Sal, please indulge me while I share a short, true story. I almost died in August. Since then, I have been in a real struggle to overcome a very serious health problem (a brain tumor). My dear friends from SCOF have been there every step of the way. I don't know what I would have done without them. Last Saturday night, they held a surprise "Support Steve" party at a local pub. I was completely overwhelmed as folks showed up from all over North America. In addition, arrangements had been made for me to take calls from around the world. When I returned home from this wonderful event, I had a ton of emails waiting for me. Here is just two samples. The first is from a great friend out in Portland, Oregon who could not attend. You gotta love it!

It was titled, "A Zaino Toast for you" and Jim wrote this Sunday morning (yesterday):

Steve, I am sorry I could not be with you last night. The distance and commitments at work prevented me from making the trip. But, I was thinking of you. I had to work, so me and the other salesmen held a Zaino party in your honor. I told the guys about you and how you have inspired me so many times. Then, we got out the Zaino that I got last week and started detailing all the cars in the showroom. Man, do they look great now! When we finished, I toasted you with my bottle of Z6 in hand. You are a dear friend and truly are the High Priest of Waxers. God bless you and get well soon. There are so many people who love you.

Your friend always,

And. here's just a small part of another email from James West, an Australian SCOF member living in Luxembourg........

Steve, I've sent you a copy of my first invoice from Zaino. This is what I have ordered and since you're the King of Waxers I was wondering if I ordered the right products ? Help me here as I don't know where to start.

Get better mate!

Well Sal, I written enough and have probably taken more of your time than I should. Again, thank you the email, it is so special. I will share it at SCOF as the other members will get a big kick out of it. God bless!

Your "Unofficial Zaino Rep to the World"
Steve B.
The High Priest of Waxers
East Lansing, Michigan

Thanks for a great product. After years of searching around, I finally found ZAINO, and it gives me the shine I have been looking for.

I've tried a lot of different polishes - from over the counter stuff to mail-order exotics. There are some good products out there, but they all left me wanting. After finishing a detailing session I was always happy, but wanted a little more.

With ZAINO, there is nothing more to want. It was a little scary at first - I had read a few horror stories about applying it too thick. Then, I was wondering if it was "The Emperor's New Clothes". But the final results of an all-day detailing session (most of that in PREP work) speak for themselves. And if it wears half as well as you say... a miracle.


My Corvette currently has 34 coats of nothing but Zaino. I hope it deserves a picture on your site. Your products are the best in the business.

Robert S.
Huntington Beach, Ca.

Thanks Sal Zaino,

I recently purchased the ZFX, Z2, and Z6 and the results were excellent. At first after reading about Zaino on a BMW forum, I was skeptical. Then after using the products, I became a true believer. I’ve told all my friends and family about your products and they are pleased as well.

With the many hurricanes that have pasted through Florida, I’ve still found time to wash and wax my car. Here are a few pictures of my 2004 BMW 545i with 2 coats of ZFX+Z2+Z6. I hope you like it because I love it.

Thanks Again,


We have a Excursion as our family car, and we take it out in the mud and dirt all the time. It had about 85,000 miles on it without ever receiving a single wax job. I've heard of the wonders Zaino does, and I decided to give it a try. This stuff took out all the swirl marks, and the car looks like a mirror. I have attached a picture of what the car looks like after being waxed, and I wish I had a picture from before to show you the dramatic change. Anyways, I just want to say thanks for creating such a great product!

Albert W.
Flagstaff, Arizona

I discovered your product on the VW Vortex site, and had heard some pretty good things about it. So last week I ordered the Z2, Z6 and ZFX accelerator to try on my 2002 VW. Blazing fast delivery, by the way!

I'd been using Mequiars Gold Class, and was very happy with the results - until now.

I thought I'd test the system on my wife's black 2004 Dakota pickup. You know, just in case?

After 1 coat of Z2 and a misting of Z6, I was pretty impressed.

We've all read the "lather, rinse, repeat" instructions on shampoo - a slick ploy for you to use twice the product. OK Mr. Zaino, lets put on a 2nd coat and see just how deep the shine can get...

You know that guy thing, as we walk away from our cars, we look back at it and smile? Yeah, that thing.

Your product has my wife doing the same thing, looking at her truck. Quite a compliment coming from her.

Outstanding products, better than advertised.

Know anyone could use 1/2 a bottle of Mequiars? Its free....

Pete R.

Dear Sal,

It isn't often (okay, hardly ever --unless I'm really pissed-off) that I write a letter to a company about their products, but this case demands it. I just purchased a new car that came with all the options --moon roof water spots were included at no extra charge. The car had probably been sitting out in the sun for a long time covered in mineral-laden water after repeated washings on the lot. Nothing short of conventional explosives would remove them. My insurance company advised against that. So I read rave reviews of your products. I order. They arrive. I try. It works!!! Bloody amazing stuff. There's nothing left for me to obsess about. . . Okay, maybe the car could be even shinier. I always say, "If you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly." So I took another chance and ordered Z-2, ZFX, Z-6 and Z-7 with the glass polish. My first wash and wax will be with your products this evening, and I expect nothing less than exceeded expectations if they are half as good as the glass polish. --I'll wear flip-flops just to be safe, 'cuz the glass polish definitely blew my socks off!

You can count on me as a lifetime customer and free advertising billboard on wheels. Keep up the terific work!!

CC Clarke

Sal -

Just wanted to say thanks some great products. I've been using your products since late 2001 and can only describe them as having no equal. Within a Ford Escape and Subaru Forester forum I frequent, Zaino has become a verb .... as we don't wax our vehicles .... we Zaino them. This year I tried the ZFX .... and can only say WOW. It has made an easy job even easier! Attached is a picture I took today for one of my Web sites. I took it looking out of my garage, then blacked out the background to add some text. The thing to note is that this Ford Escape is my daily driver and I haven't "Zaino'd" it for nearly 3 months!!

Thanks ..... you've got a customer for life.

Dennis H.
Ford Escape


I first found out about your product on a message board and kind of ignored it while I tried other products on the market. I have tried those 2 stage waxes costing upwards of $90 or more to maguires and many others.

I have a 69 Dodge Charger that is a personal garage restoration, yes even painted her in my garage. When I did that I chose not to put on a clear coat. So these waxes had to look like a clear coat and out shine others.

I finally listened to my peers and bought your product. I have only put on 6 layers and this weekend will put on the final 3. Your product has done something I only hoped for, an incredibly wet reflective image. Everyone has noticed the difference and I am glowing as much as the car is.

I don't know why you don't sell in store fronts, but your product is the hidden treasure in finishes. I will be a loud instrument of advertisement for you.

Thank you for giving me something I only dreamt about.

69 Dodge Charger

Thank you for such a wonderful product! We have a 1989 corvette that's dark brown that we have tried all kind of waxes on. Nothing we tried even comes close to your product! We get compliments everywhere we go on the shine,and my brother-in-law and a few other people told me it looks like it's got a new paint job!

I haven't kept it a secret, I tell everyone what I am using and even give them your web address.

Thank's again,


I just bought a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid and used Zaino on it for the first time. I used the Claybar, Z-7 wash, Z-2 and Z-5 both with ZFX, and Z-6. Over the course of two weekends, I applied a total of 5 coats of Zaino. The results are pretty amazing. The shine and reflection quality is fantastic, and the smoothness and slickness of the paint is incredible. During the process, a few drops of sweat dripped off my face onto the finish, and those sweat drops RAN OFF that paint like it was a hot grill ! I will recommend Zaino to anyone who cares, and thanks very much for making such a fine product. I look forward to a long relationship with Zaino products !


Larry S.

Hi Sal
Just wanted to say thank you for the great Zaino product. I have used meguiars crap, Sonax and more, and NOTHING has come close to the beauty of your product. I have about 10 coats of Z5 and 10 of Z2. Truly amazing! Everyone looks and comments on how great my car always looks. It's 4 years old and still looks new. I just wish I found out about your product earlier. For 3 years, I was putting meguiars and all sorts of crap on my car's finish, and yes, those products harmed my paint finish. Z5 has helped greatly to cover those created imperfections. Anyhow thanks, and I will highly recommend your product to everyone that shows interest.

All the best


You folks are nothing short of incredible! Outstanding product, incredible service & I can order anytime that fits my schedule - not normal business hours. Thanks. Just to let you know, when I was considering the product, I think it was one of the developers or someone who invested time with me on the phone answering my (insecure) questions. What a company! What a product!

David H.


I have used Meguiars and S100/P21S products for 10 years and therefore, very familiar with the kind of results that I can get out these products. I have also heard about the almost cult-like following and support behind Zaino and was always wondering if Zaino is indeed as good as most people claim it to be. At last, I decided to take up the challenge.

Thanks to Mr. Chandra in Singapore, I managed to get my Zaino products (Z2,Z5, Z6, ZFX. Not cheap at all, but the hype around it spurred me on. I had to try it.

To cut a long story short, I was surprised by the reflectiveness even after one coat, and I was even more ecstatic when I sprayed on Z6. This gloss was highly reflective and the entire car took on a different appearance. Previously, due to the carnaubas, I had depth and richness. Now, in my quest for gloss and reflectiveness, I have found it in Zaino. So easy to apply, wonderfully easy to buff off (if you follow instructions) and did not leave behind any uneven patches, smudges and streakiness that afflicts the other off-the-shelf products.

Zaino is really a cut above the rest. As a skeptic, I am thoroughly convinced now. What I had heard and read in the Internet is true and no hype at all. Zaino users around the world have a solid reason for their passion behind your brand. Congratulations and thank you!

Albert L.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Love your products!!!

I think your customer photos section should include my truck.

John K.

After using every product on the market over the past 30 years, I've become quite the Zaino-Zealot!

Here are a couple pics if you'd like to use them on your website. Quite impressive shine really.....

Looks like BLACK GLASS!!!

Bill L.

Here are some more pics of my 1969 Camaro RS that took another trophy this weekend Everybody loves the paint, but I tell them it's the polish.

Thanks, Sal! Great product!


Just wanted to send a picture of my 1940 Ford Coupe. I've been using Zaino polish for about 4 years now and just wanted to show off the results. Thank you so much for these products. Zaino is definitely the best car polish in the world.

Coch J.

I'm enclosing a picture of my 2001 Ford Explorer Sport. I followed your tips and tricks and hands down your product is the only one.. I can't wait to apply the number 2 Show Car Polish.. Can it get any better!!! Well-worth every penny I spent.



Dear Mr. Zaino:

For years (ever since I was 16), I tried many different waxes and polishes. Some were better than others, but I was amazed at how similar they all were.

After I bought my new Yukon in 2000, I was on the forums, and I kept hearing about people talking about Zaino. After about the fifth time of hearing it was the absolute greatest stuff in the world, I finally checked out your website and ordered some (this was several years ago).

I am here to report that it really IS the greatest stuff in the world! The slick, slippery feel after I use the Zaino Z-2 and the Z-6 is just amazing! The shine is incredible. The depth and gloss....Heck, I could go on and on.

This is one of the few times in my life that I have bought a product that really is as good as it says it is. I will be a customer for as long as you continue to make this outstanding product.

Brad B.

Dear Sir

I just received my second order from Zaino. I would like to commend you on a most excellent line of products.

I have tried everything over the years, the old Simonize unsoftened wax back in the 60's, Turtle Wax, Maguires, Mothers, Blue Coral, Zymol system, you name it. Your stuff is the best I have come across. We always find time to bitch and gripe, but never seem to find the time to congratulate or thank someone for a job well done.

I ordered a new 2000 black Vette, was using Zymol at the time. Had to use the HD Cleanse pre-cleaner, then the wax for about $40/ 8 oz. container. Was excellent stuff. A friend of mine had just bought a new black BMW M3, brought it by the office and raved about your polish system. It was "yeah, yeah," until I looked at that car. Looked like the paint was still wet, dynamite,so I had to try it.

I put it on my black custom '72 Chevy truck, and was knocked over by it. I immediately stripped the Zymol off of my Vette and used it. I must say that the clay bar was the best thing I have found in the last 20 years. That tire shine is excellent too, by the way.

I have 7 cars, from a mint condition 1950 Chrysler , to a 2004 Chevrolet Colorado, and your products are on every one of them. Keep up the good work. I can't say enough good things about your products.

David F.

I heard about Zaino products through a magazine article and decided to try it out. I am really impressed with how well it works. I get so many compliments. I have even been asked to detail the trucks of my in-laws. Here are some amazing pictures of my 1999 Chevy Suburban. WOW!!! It is shiny!!!

Niki W.
Baltimore, Maryland

I just want to say that using your product makes me want to have a black truck forever. I love to show off the shine that I get using the Z-5 and Z-2, etc. I have attached several pics of my truck for your web site. Again thanks so much.

Rollins J.
2003 Harley Davidson F-150

Sal and Team,

I would like to let you know that your on-line store is one of the best I have seen and used. You have clearly put time and thought into your website in regard to ease of use, convenience, and customer satisfaction. It's the little things like setting up the tracking information link below so that you don't even have to type a tracking number at the shipper's web site. And, you also provide the actual tracking numbers just in case. Very clean, very nice.

Love your products, and really love how easy you make ordering them.

Keep up the GREAT work, it's truly a pleasure doing business with you.


Tim S.

I just had to send my favorite picture of my just completed 2002 VW Passat. Unbelievable smooth mirror finish. I hadn't waxed since I had the car, but I finally found the time to wash, clay bar, Z-7 wash, Z-1 (bought it before the ZFX was out!), Z-2, and Z-6. It made me appreciate my Ink Blue all over again! I've been talking up Zaino products to all my co-workers and I even have a copy of the Guru Reports Wax Test, so everyone can see where their current wax products rank. So far I've got 5 people seriously interested in ordering a Zaino Kit!

Keep up the great work!


Mr. Zaino,

I just received my most recent order from Zaino and just wanted to compliment everyone at your company. I am always impressed with the customer service and the care that is put into each and every order. My dad and myself are longtime customers of yours and will be for much longer. On my invoice there was an orange sticker that said my order was packed with care, unfortunately I could not read the signature on the sticker from one of your employees. I just wanted to give a BIG thank you to you and all of your quality employees. Thank you for your great product and more importantly your awesome customer service.

Thanks Again,

Ryan I.

Just a short note to let you know that your product deserves all the accolades that are given to it. My impression is nothing less than ABSOLUTELY WOW!!!! I'm sold on it. Thanks!

Alan D.
Tacoma, WA

What a return on my investment of $12.95 for a bottle of Z-2, it saved me $25,000. My wife has a 1999 Acura CL 3.0 (white) and was in the process of buying a 2004 Acura TSX. I received your products and waxed my 2000 Acura TL (Naples Gold) with the Z-2. Best shine and feel ever, and I have tried every wax that has come down the pike. The results were so fantastic I decided to wax my wife's car, that was soon to be on the market. The results were so great that she said "And why would I want to sell this car? Look and feel that finish." It looks like a 2004. Thanks!

Fred S.
Chesapeake, VA

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how terrific your product is!!!!! Your advertisement tells the truth!!!!!! I have applied the Z-2 to four different vehicles with fantastic results!!!! I am very careful when using anything on my car because I have a lot of money invested in it - inside, underneath the hood, and the exterior. I have a 1988 Cougar that is radically modified throughout!!!!

I already had a good synthetic wax on it already with a very good sheen. In lieu of following your instructions to the "T" and stripping the wax off, I just washed my car and applied the Z-2. I waited and hour before buffing it off with a good 100% cotton towel. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never applied and removed any product as easily as yours, and the results were outstanding!!!!

I have since done 4 other cars and trucks. My daughter's boyfriend has a Nissan 350Z that was repainted a month ago due to an accident. I was really impressed with the quality of the paint job and finish. I applied the Z-2 to half the hood and was really impressed with the results!!! You outshined a brand new paint job!!!

I have since done my daughter's 1998 Honda Prelude...RED and fading, and my son-in-law's RED truck. Myself and them could not believe the before and after!!!!!!!!!!!! Both looked like new paint jobs!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to thank you personally!!! I have gotten so much satisfaction, not just by your product, but by the enjoyment from putting some smiles on faces after they saw your finished product!!!!

Thanks again!!!

Tony G.


Thanks again for making such a wonderful line of detailing products. I have completely switched to your products to detail my cars from now on!

Your products are the best.

Greg C.
Rockford, IL

Just put my first coat of car polish and car polish lok onto my Saturn and Dodge van, are you people kidding me!!!

I am 57 years old, and in all my years of waxing cars, I never have come across anything as wonderful as these products. I have been telling everyone at work about your products and showing them my vehicle. ...

I will be buying other products from you! Thanks!

Fred J.

Dear Sal:

I don’t know what you put into Z5, but it is nothing short of amazing. I’ve used your products for the last few years with satisfaction, but it was always Z2. But, following your advice, I have used Z5 on my 9 month old, 10,000 mi ’04 Black Corvette. Previously I had an ’01 in Torch Red and despite it having 48K miles when I got rid of it, no one could believe the mileage based upon the condition of the paint. But I was totally unprepared for the effect of Z5 on the black car. Awesome is not the only word that comes to mind, but I’m afraid that I’ll cheapen the compliment by using too many positive adjectives. The car looks better than when it was delivered. I can now see again all of the infamous Chevy orange peel in the paint. Fantastic results were apparent after only 1 coat.

I now have 4 on the car, and I think I’ll quit for awhile. But I’m convinced that the car sheds dirt with the Z5 on it. I just got back last night from a 200 mile round trip and I knew what to expect dirt-wise based on previous experience. But when I went to clean the car this morning, it just was not dirty like I would expect it too be based on past experience in places like the rear or behind the wheels.

Your tire dressing, Z16, is the best I have ever used. It also works great on the interior (excluding seats); much better than ArmorAll or any other dressing. Use my email in your testimonials if you’d like. You’ve earned it with the quality of your product.

Paul M. P.
Doylestown, PA

I have been using your products for about a 1 1/2 years, and I love them. Nothing works like it! I have been detailing vehicles for over 19 years, and your products blow everything away.

Eric L.

My name is Barry Lowell, and I am writing you about your amazing polishing system. I just bought a new car, and I really want to keep it looking new. I did some research via the internet on the best products for this, and your company kept coming up in my searches.

Boy! Am I glad it did! I bought your Total Protection Show Car Kit and just finished using it. The results were outstanding! It is THE most impressive system I have ever used! I just wanted to tell you that you guys are head and shoulders above the rest! I can hardly wait to show it to my friends.


Barry L.

I've been a Zaino user for about 4 years now. I use it religiously on my 98 Corvette Convertible. If I had a nickel each time I received a comment on how great the car looked I'd be a rich man.

I remember one time in particular that after Zaino-ing the Vette my wife and I went out to dinner. After we park and exited the car at the restaurant, a gentleman made a comment to me on how good the car looked. I told him about Zaino. He was very impressed, and we chitchatted for a short while about Corvettes. My wife and I entered the restaurant for a quick dinner. When we come out 45 minutes later, the guy was STILL admiring my car. It turns out he forgotten the name of the product, Zaino, and didn't want to leave without getting the name. He didn't want to disturb our dinner, so he waited.

I recently purchased a new '04 Nissan Xterra. What's the first thing I did when I brought the vehicle home? Dawn & Zaino. It's hard to believe but the Xterra looks better NOW than when I brought it home from the dealer two weeks ago! Zaino fan & customer for life!

Will H.

Wish I had done before and after pictures! Your product is great and I plan on using it on my other vehicles too. White is a notorious color for not getting much attention when it comes to shining compared to darker colors. I cant tell you how many people have commented on the glass like shine on my 97 white C-5 after 3 coats. I cant wait to put some more coats on next weekend. NO MORE WAX for me!


Bill P.

Dear Sal,

I was referred to you by many many members. Well, I bought ZFX, Z3, Z6 and Applicator from your online store.

I put two coats on my car today and took some photos. I am simply amazed with the result.

I just want to thank you for providing me and other car lovers with something this amazing. Once I went Zaino, I am never going with anything me, non-Zainos are now all inferior.

click the links for large photos! I included one in the email for you to check out my own personal experience with Zaino. Please feel free to use any of my photos or email on your web site. Actually, it will be a honor if you think my photos can assist you in proofing to others who have yet had the chance to experience the power of Zaino.

Thanks again. Keep up the excellent work!


David W.


As I left work and went to my car I noticed something sitting near the rear quarter panel. As I walked closer to my car I saw it was a goose and it was acting strangely. I wasn't sure if it was sick or injured so I moved in for a closer look.

Upon closer inspection I saw that the goose was just sitting there snuggling with the reflection in the quarter panel. He/she was in love. As I went to get in my car the goose was alarmed, stood up and started to peck at the reflection quarter panel.

I tried to get the goose away from my car but it refused to leave and just hissed at me and kept pecking the car. So I got in and drove away leaving the poor goose with a broken heart.

The amazing part about this story is that my car had not been washed in about a month and had not been Zainoed since last year. The shine is incredible and the durability is even more incredible.

Brian C.

Dear Sal,

I recently ordered your products after reading about their use on Corvette's in the Corvette Fever magazine. The products were packaged by Grey and contained enough insulation that would have rivaled packaged fine wines.

I purchased my black-on-black 2003 Corvette Z06 about 9 months ago with 9k miles on the odometer. It had swirl marks from the previous owner or they could have been put there by the dealership I purchased the car from. I have tried several products to try to get rid of them but nothing has worked.

Not wanting to "test" your products on my car, I tried it on an area where all C5 owners probably have swirl marks or fingernail marks...on the recessed part of the door handles. After one application, the swirl marks were practically gone. I was hooked. I then followed the instructions that came with my order. I washed my car with Dawn. (This car hasn't seen water since I purchased it.) I applied the Z5 and let it dry. I left it on for about an hour... When I wiped off the haze I was amazed to see that the swirl marks were gone. There were a few that were much more severe than the rest but they too were less noticeably using your product. I applied another coat and now ALL of the swirls are gone. I put two more coats of your Z2 on the car and I can't believe the reflection that my paint is showing. I can't imagine why it took me so long to find your products.

It takes a little elbow grease to wipe off the haze but the end result is worth it.

What's in this stuff?? It's great! I threw out all of the other waxes and polishes and now my cabinet holds only your products. I'll be ordering more soon.

Thanks for making such a great product.


Brian W.

Ok I have to stroke ya'll's ego once again, I am just blown away by your products, but last night we had a downpour and afterwards something happened that I have never seen before. I went driving to go pick up dinner and naturally after a good rain the waters all beaded up on the truck but what was different was that as I was driving all, and I mean ALL of the water was blown off of my truck and in a matter of minutes she was completely dry. You couldn't even tell it had been rained on! Excellent Job! As I have said before I'm sold and nothing but Zaino products will ever touch the exterior of my truck!

Ryan E.

It is rare that I am so amazed by a product that I will actually take the time to write the company. However, Zaino is an exception! I first heard about Zaino from Brett over on After all his advertising that he did for your products over there I decided to purchase your starter kit.

I never really enjoyed waxing, it just seemed too tedious and I was never totally satisfied with the results. However, after giving my truck the full Zaino treatment I was stunned! Not only was it easy to apply, but it was really enjoyable and the results were very satisfying. I did not think it was possible to make a silver truck shine this well. I will definitely be a Zaino customer for many years to come! Thanks for making such great car care products! I am attaching a few pics of my truck after 4 coats of Z5.

2003 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab
Kyle P.
Riverside, Ca

I'm not the type of person who normally writes manufacturers about their product, but in this case I felt I had to share my enthusiasm. I've tried many waxes and polishes over the past 25 years. Everything from off the shelf to mail order. I recently purchased a Graphite 2002 Viper RT/10 last April. The car was immaculate inside and out, and the paint was in pristine condition. I didn't think it could get any better than it was. Then a friend of mine suggested trying your wax system. I thought how great could it be?

So recently I purchased your complete kit, and followed your directions to the letter. What can I say but "holy crap" what a shine. I've applied my 3rd application to the finish and it has done everything you said it would. I would take pictures, but I don't think I would do the car justice. I can't believe the shine and feel the surface has. It's almost as if someone has encased the car in Lexan. I was so inspired I did my wife's 2002 Passat and made it look like showroom condition again. I can't wait to get started on my everyday ride a Bright Red F150 Super Crew with chrome rims and accents.

Thanks again, a customer for life!

Thomas R.

Zaino wins shows! The ’03 Nissan 350Z (it’s supercharged) won 1st Place in the 350Z Class in the ’03 Texas Statewide Z Car Show, and then won 1st Place in the 350Z Modified Class in the ’04 San Antonio Z Car Show. The exterior gets perfect scores every time! Note the tremendous mirror finish on the passenger side door in particular. I also sent along a photo of my ’93 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo so you can see what Zaino does with a 10-year old original paint – near perfect exterior show scores too! Zaino and Z cars – a match made in heaven!

Tere P.
San Antonio, TX

Dear Sal,
I asked before about the best Zaino product to use on my 93 Bounder and you recommended Z3 with your new accelerator. I have the best shine now that I have ever had. My wife says it looks better than the new coaches she has seen. I took it to NAS Jacksonville last weekend, and I saw other people eyeing it. I had worked on the finish a couple of years ago, removing oxidation, but I had never found a product that I could use that was satisfactory for keeping it looking good.

As you know, it goes on easy, and after letting it cure 30 minutes or more, it is no effort at all to take off. I found I did miss a few spots, even though I tried to do a small area at a time. When I discovered them I just hit them with the same applicator I had been using, and let the spots sit to cure, and then wiped it off. I am very happy with your products, and will be using Z2 on my cars next.


Joe U.

I have been using Zaino products for 2 years now and am extremely pleased. Take a look at these pics and see why ;)

It's my black Honda S2000 after a detailing day that includes several applications of Z2 and Z6. But the best part of Zaino is how long it lasts, meaning I only have to do a full detail (strip, clay, polish, protect) twice a year (supplemented by frequent washings and Z6) to keep my vehicle show car beautiful AND protect my paint from the elements. Thanks for producing such an excellent product.

James S.
Provo, UT


Just wanted to let you know that now that I have discovered Zaino, I plan to make it the only polish used on my '03 Chrysler 300M Special. Up until I bought my 300 I had never heard of Zaino, but after I joined the Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club, where you have a very good fan base and a link to your site, I talked with members who were devoted to your products. I decided if the club recommended it, then it must be an excellent product. After I saw how my car looked the very first time I tried it, I found out they were right and I was hooked.

Keep up the good work.

John B.


ZFX and Z2 have made my 1982 Corvette Coupe a show car that I can be proud of. I have won 4 trophies so far, 2 were Best in Show. Your products make all the difference in the world. Thank you for producing products that actually work. With each coat the shine gets deeper. When I go to a show someone always asks me what I use, and I am proud to tell them and give them your website address.

Thank you again for great products.

Robert S.
Huntington Beach, CA

Just wanted to tell you thanks for providing such an amazing product. I still can't believe my truck looks like this. Thanks again.

Jeff R.

Thanks! I passed your recommendation onto my car club -

I've converted a good number of members in the past couple months. So far, these guys have been loving the stuff.

At the Florida BloodDrag show this past weekend, no one believed that my truck is eight years old. I switched two more people on Sunday when I proved it.

One of them came over yesterday and I gave it the works. He should be ordering the kit anytime now. And in the meantime, my 8 year old factory paint just continues to shine like the day I bought it.

As always, thanks for an awesome product.

Mr. Clean Auto Dry

I would just like to thank you for making the best polish out there. Nothing else will ever come in contact with my new truck .

Thank you!

Steve C.

I received my shipment of your products last week and I must say the shipping sure was fast. I had a chance to try out the products this weekend on my 03 Toyota truck and my first impressions are WOW!!!!!

The paint did not look this good when it was new. I will keep you posted as to further results.

Thanks a million!

Bill V.

Your ZFX totally rocks! I can't tell you how much easier you made my life. :-)

Mike M.

After owning a 2002 black Corvette for two years, I have tried every 'state of the art' wax system on the internet. They all say 'the shiniest wettest look possible.' Not true. I have spent well over $1,000 on the best Carnaubas, only to turn my car into a dust magnet.

I just bought Zaino Z2 and ZFX additive and my eyes are popping out of my head! Without a doubt, the finest, deepest, glossiest finish I have ever seen and easy to apply. Every person that owns a dark-colored car that he wants to keep showroom new has to have this. There just is no other choice, and I will be happy to confirm this to anyone interested! Thanks Zaino!!

Bob R.
Reno, NV

Hey Sal,

This new Jag of ours is the first car we've owned where the dealer didn't put the paint job through a meat grinder, so getting good results with Zaino was to be expected.

The picture enclosed is with the first 3 coats of Z-2 with ZFX. Today I put 2 more coats on and WOW! I can't get a decent photo now, because the camera keeps trying to underexpose to compensate for the reflection from the shine. Looks like I'll have to set up studio lights to get the shot.

Mike M.

My girlfriend had just purchased the show car kit for my Christmas gift, and it was our first time actually using it this past weekend. All I can say is that the results are AWESOME. I wish to provide you with pictures to show you how awesome the car came out. Originally I only wanted to get the swirl remover because I had problems with a local car wash. (Now I know never to wash my car unless it's by myself). Me having a black car and all, it's difficult to achieve a shine this great.

...I emailed to let you guys know of how great your products are! I'm really amazed at the quality and results of them. I hope to see these pictures on your website! That would be awesome. ...I've passed your name along with both friends and forums! Practically advertising for you guys. Haha! Thanks Zaino! You've saved my car!

Jeff L.

Your customer service is unmatched! The online ordering was very easy. As a skeptic, I tried the Z-polish system first. I have been so pleased with the results and compliments that I felt the leather and tire treatments were a must!

Russel D.

I'm very pleased with the way your site is setup now, and ordering is a breeze. Your site is great but not as great as your polish! Thanks!

Cindy S.

I was looking for something better than all the wax's used in the past. Gotta admit when I read the testimonials your product sounded to good to be true. And you know what the say If it's to good to be true, then it's probably ZAINO. 2003 Corvette and I felt ripped off about the paint until I used your products. Thank you for manufacturing and delivering such a great product. As of today I am officially hooked on your products.

B.E. M.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My order arrives as promised every time I order. Thanks for the speedy delivery and great product you provide for us car enthusiasts! Here are some pictures. Please let everyone see what a difference Zaino makes.

Zaino user for life....... :)

2003 Roush Stage II
San Antonio, TX

Hi Sal,

Attached are some new photos that show off your truly awesome product on my 2003 Thunder Racing 427 C5R Z06. All I can say is thanks for a magnificent, truly amazing product that exceeds expectations. Please feel free to use the photos on your site. The car will soon be wet sanded and than I'll add another 7 coats of Z5-Z6-Z2-Z6.

Thanks again!!!

2003 Thunder Racing "THOR" Corvette
Felix J. B.

I have attached a few pictures of the shine your Zaino has provided. I am sure you get these all the time, but I wanted to send them both to say thank you and maybe you might want to use it. Ever since I joined the forum, I have been intrigued by your product. When I finally purchased my SS, I followed your directions to a "T" the first weekend I had the car, and I have not been disappointed yet. And nothing else will ever touch my car other than Zaino. Thanks again! Awesome product!.

Brian F.

I just wanted to offer a couple of photographs to your testimonial archives. I have used just about every product on the market to maintain cars that have included Jaguar, Lotus, Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin. The best polishes I found were Autoglym and Zymol. I was told about your polishes by a friend, purchased the full range and went to work. The absolute best thing that I ever did, and the best polish that I have ever used, especially after reading the instructions and realizing that a Dawn wash didn’t involve starting before sunrise.

I have attached a picture of my Porsche 996 and my Jaguar XKR. Both were treated with your polishes immediately after the cars were delivered from the factory. The Porsche needed a little more effort because the paintwork was not as flawless as that of the Jaguar, but a little work with the clay-bar soon rectified that.

I was a little skeptical at first, but I would now recommend your product to anyone who simply wants the best polishes available.

Bob M.

I gotta tell ya, I have been using your products since I got my Yukon XL in late 2000 and LOVE them! I use it on all my vehicles (car, truck and Harley) and recommend it to anyone who'll listen. In fact, this order is for a friend of mine. I love the fact that you've graduated to online ordering. It makes it so much easier to get your products. In fact, I told the guy I ordered it for that I would probably have the stuff by the end of this week, since I know you folks always ship stuff out immediately. ... Keep up the great work!

A very satisfied customer,

Mike C.

Simply the best wax on the planet! Easy application and removal. And the smell is intoxifying!

Here is a link to pictures of my mother's 1996 Toyota Avalon, which now proudly wears 10 coats.

Kevin M.
Breckenridge, TX

I just wanted to share some pictures of my car using your polish. I love this stuff. It works great, and I get many compliments. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Earl S.
Syracuse, NY

Just used your products this past weekend (Z-2, ZFX, Z-6), and the results are unbelievable! I have been detailing my own cars for more than 30 years and never used anything like this before. The shine and finish are so deep and rich and glossy the paint looks new on a 16 year old car.

In the past there was Malm's, Zymol, Liquid Glass, Meguiars, and others but nothing compares to your wax and polish..

Don't think I will be using any others ever again.

1988 Porsche 928s4
2000 Audi TT Quattro
Chris B.

I was recently asked by a friend if I still had my cars. I went outside and snapped a picture and sent it to him. My cars are black and haven't been waxed since mid summer. These pictures were taken about an hour before sundown after Thanksgiving. They hadn't been washed in over a week. What a great testimonial to both your wash and your wax products. The cars appear almost blue because of the reflection of the sky. Thanks Zaino!

Chris H.

I have been using your product for about a year now, and I have finally captured the perfect picture. I was wondering if you could post this on your site.

Thank for such a GREAT product!

Colin D.

After more than a year, my Audi TT is still the 'brightest' car around. Many thanks for a quality product!!

Jay B.


I’ve gotta tell you, your product is the best!!! Not only does it bring out the true essence of the color, it protects as well. During love-bug season here in Florida, all I have to do is just rinse them off. I’ve turned all my friends on to it. Thanks for the outstanding product.

Mike A.
Viera, FL

Hi Sal,

Your products are in a word AWESOME. I use all of your products on each of my cars, and it is wonderful to see a product that delivers 110% of what is expected of it. Attached are four photos of my 2003 50th Anniversary Thunder Racing Z06 Corvette to which I've applied seven coats of Z2, Z5, and Z6. Thanks again.

2003 Corvette Z06
Felix J. B.

Dear Zaino,

Attached are some recent photos of my heavily modified black 2003 Z06 Corvette, which has received no fewer than six coats of your awesome product. Your product worked so well a friend of mine, who also owns 2003 black Z06, asked me to help him Zaino his car. We put three coats on his car and will put additional coats on soon. We Zainoed his Z06 Corvette today, and the results were most spectacular as expected. I use Zaino on every part of my car, including on my Michelin tires, Fikse wheels, the leather interior, rubber and vinyl trim, and all glass and plastic surfaces. Thank you for a truly awesome product that helps to make a legendary American car even greater.

2003 Corvette Z06
Felix J. B. 


Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. I ordered the "Total protection Kit" and followed the instruction on your site for the "Show Car Finish". After claying and applying three coats of ZFX / Z-2 polish followed by the Z-6 between each coat I'm very pleased with the results. The paint color is black cherry but with the Zaino show polish its really hard to tell as it seems to change its color depending on different angles and light. As you can see from the picture of the truck (379 Peterbilt) this was not a small job.



Dear Sal,

Your products are truly AMAZING!!! I have spent so much money on different waxes and not one comes even close to these. You have made me a ZAINO user for LIFE!!!


2003 Ford Ranger Tremor
Drew R.
Thibodaux, La

Just a quick thanks for getting my Zaino order to me quickly. The new ordering process is great. The product always has been excellent.

Thanks again,

Mike S.

This is my second order to complete the whole Zaino system. My car has never looked better. Your products are amazing! Thanks

1993 Lexus gs300
John M.
Hallandale, FL

This is my Camaro SS, 5 coats of z2.

Josh H.

Been using your product on the SS since I purchased the car and will not use anything else.

1998 Camaro Z28/SS, 2003 Subaru Baja
Richard R.
Chesterfield, MO

We have been using your products for several years and find them to be great!

2004 Lexus ES330
Frank S.
Mountain Home, AR

I applied Z-2 and Z-5 to my 96' Camaro Z-28 today and all I can say is wow! I have used Meguires and Zymol for years but after using your product once I'm hooked! Delivery was awesome (ordered 10-28 at 4:30 and received the next day before 4)! Let the picture speak for its self..

Sam K.

Zaino is the only product I've ever used that has always performed EXACTLY as advertised. Others always over promise in their advertising and, therefore, under deliver in the real world. Not so, Zaino!!! Way to go, Sal!!

2001 Lexus GS430 Millennium Silver, 2004 Lexus RX330 Black Onyx
Thomas M.
Little Rock, AR

Love this stuff!

2002 Honda Odyssey, 1996 Nissan Maxima
Christopher K.
San Diego, CA

Very pleased with your products.

1998 Corvette
James G.
Ocala, FL

Your ZFX and clear coat polish make my vette looks like a mirror. Now it's time to work on the leather.

1982 Corvette Coupe Black/Black
Robert S.
Huntington Beach, CA


I just finished giving my Pewter '99 Z28 the Zaino treatment. Unbelievable! My paint now has a deeeep gloss that it has never had before, even when it was new. Keep the good products coming.

Roger M.

Using Zaino for years and love all the products.

2004 BMW 745Li
John R.
Hopewell Jct., NY

I love your stuff, makes my cars beautiful!

1989 Camaro RS, 1986 Pontiac Trans Am
Steven H.
The Woodlands, TX

I love the results I've received from past applications of Zaino Z2. I'm stocking up in preparation for the winter months.

2002 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28
Val H.
Alexandria, VA

Sal---gotta tell you, I am so glad my friend introduced me to your product line! My 95 Jaguar glistens like never before. It looks like you could poke your finger against the finish, and your finger would slip through the car into another dimension. And I really appreciate your personal reply to my earlier questions to ensure I understood the best sequence for prepping and applying.

Jim D.

I have been using your products and recommending them to others for 3 years. Very satisfied and appreciate the online ordering system

Black 2002 S10 ZR-2 4x4 Ext. cab pick up, Black 2000 S10 4x4 S10 Blazer, Ruby Red 1993 40th Anniversary Corvette
Ed P.
Findlay, OH

Love your stuff! Keep up the good work.

Subaru, WRX, 2003
Kean E.
Lake Forest, CA

Your product is the best. I've been very pleased with the results.

2002 Tahoe LT, 2004 BMW 530
Cosme B.
Naples, FL

My husband loves this stuff! I'm getting him some for his birthday. My car shines like new and rain spots never show.

'99 Corvette
Barbara C.
Plano, TX

Sal and co:

All I can say is Thank you for making the best product there is!

I have used them all and your products are hands down the best.

Look at my Xterra Hood after a Zaino treatment, then look at my buddies Porsche!

We did a twin turbo and a boxster, both black, incredible!

Spike S.

Love your products, I love them so much that I do all the detailing on both cars..... my husband loves it.

1995 and 1996 Chevy Corvette
Tracie B.
Sand Springs, OK

Lives up to all expectations! Thanks.

Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible, Chevrolet Tahoe LT
Lawrence T.
Brandon, MS

I have used Zaino exclusively on my PT. I have hade NO problems at all. I love the 'economy' and ease of use.

PT Cruiser 2002 Ltd Edition, Custom painted - Flames & Pinstripes clear coated
Ken L.
Windsor, CO

You guys are great! I can’t believe what small amounts of Z1 and Z2 do for the finish of my Audi A4! I am a customer for life! I promise! Absolutely the best stuff on the market, and only getting better. Keep up the good work!

Thomas L.
Hot Houston, TX


2003 Honda Accord
Anthony W.
Carle Palce, NY

I've been using your products for about 2.5 years now... awesome results!!

2003 BMW 330i
Tony A.
Houston, TX

I love your products!

2004 Mazda RX8
Carmen A.
Atlanta, GA

Great Products!

Pontiac Trans Am, 2000
Clarence D.
Parsonsburg, MD

The silver SL looks spectacular using only your products, inside and out. People go out of the way to comment and ask about the polish.

Mercedes SL500 2003, Mercedes ML350 2003, Ford F 150 SuperCab 2003, Ford Escape Ltd 2004, Jeep Wrangler X 2002
Bruce C.
Clearwater, FL

Your products are fantastic !

1999 Mazda Miata 10 AE Sapphire Blue
Harvey G.
Naperville, IL

I've been using your products for years and have recommended them to others who have switched to using them.

2000 Chevrolet Camaro SS
Gary L W.
Killeen, TX

Best products on the market. Keep up the good work!

2002 GMC Yukon
Chris M.
Palm Desert, CA

Love your product line.

1999 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
Justin H.
Yorktown, VA

I found out about your product at when I got my RX300. I have been waxing my cars since 1964 with the best I could find, and Zaino is the best I have ever found. My RX always has that wet look.

Lexus RX300 2001, Toyota Sequoia 2002
Don G. (ObiDon)
Sugar Land, TX

Love your products, been using them for years.

Chevy Impala SS, 95, Pontiac WS6 TA, 96, Chevy Corvette Z06, 03
Robert P.
Woodbridge, VA

I tell everyone I know how great your stuff is! Also used the glass polish on the master shower enclosure - ha! - and it's beautiful.

2002 BMW M5, 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10
Michelle N.
Dunn Loring, VA


1999 LEXUS RX 300, 1994 MAZDA MIATA

Love your polish. Great shine.

Mercury Marauder 2004
Michael W.
Chicago Ridge, IL


Here is a pictures of my new truck with Z2. It really looks great.

Pete S.
Pylesville, Maryland

Love your products, I get comments all the time on the shine!

1970 Chevelle SS, 2003 Chevy Avalanche, & 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
David P.
Roanoke, VA

So far I'm batting 100% with the product, i.e.. First Place in class and category in the Intern'l. Antique Car show last month in Memphis!! I have gotten many others now to try the product, after they have seen how my '67XKE shines up with Zaino!

Fred O.

This is the best wax and cleaning products I have ever used.

2003 Nissan Murano SL AWD
James V.
Geneva, IL

I've already used your products on my car and I love it. :)

Honda Accord Coupe V6 6 Speed, 2003
Robert T.
Milwaukee, WI

Love your product

Nissan 350Z 2003
Keith A.
Portsmouth, VA

I love your stuff!!!!!

1997 Z3 Roadster
Edward S.
Lehighton, PA

Sal, Great products...great service, thanks.

BMW Z8 2000, BMW M3 2001, BMW X5 4.6iS 2002, BMW M5 2003, MINI Cooper S 2002
Bob L.
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Current customer and love the product. Great products. Recommend to all friends.

2003 Nissan 350 Z, 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora
William C.
Paducah, KY

I am extremely happy with the initial results and so far the long lasting effectiveness of the polishes.

2003 Chevrolet Avalanche
Michael Y.
Brandon, MS

Great stuff, thanks for the online ordering.

Ford Mustang Cobra, 2003
Bill H.
Ellicott City, MD

You guys have an awesome product!

Ford, F-150 Supercrew, 2003
Ryan S.
Yorba Linda, CA

Love your stuff, it's the best!!!

Honda S2000 2003
David H.
Avon, OH

Hi Sal-

Good to talk with you the other day.

Over this past weekend, I did some car clean-up. Attached is a pic of my '94 Bronco with factory paint....Zaino reflection. Sure looks good for 10 years in the sun.

Matt M.

Just tried your products, very impressed.

2004 Hyundai Santa Fe & others
David R.
Normal, IL

I love Zaino. I heard about it on, and thanks to Zaino I have the cleanest Z in Pittsburgh!!!

Nissan, 350Z, 2003
Eric G.
Pittsburgh, PA

Zaino makes my car unbelievably shiny!

2003 Acura 3.2 TL Type S
Ryan C.
Herndon, VA

Love your products!

Ford Mustang Cobra, 2001
Ricky C.
Arlington, TX

Thank you for great products!

2002 Audi A4 3.0 CVT
Blake B.
Scottsdale, AZ

I love this stuff. The first application literally lasted for two years with only touch ups from the Z-6 and washing with the Z-7 carwash. I can't wait to try the ZFX. Thanks for a great product.

Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 1999 Bright Red
Cleve B.
Virginia Beach, VA

Zaino makes excellent products!!!

Mercedes Benz, SLK 230, 2003
Patricia M.
Myersville, MD

Zaino products have brought my bird's paint back to life! Most people think she's brand new. Thank you for such an awesome product!

Firebird, Formula 1999
Anita B.
Centerview, MO

All I got to say is this stuff is the best. Keep up the good work.

Nissan Murano 2003
Jasen B.
Suwanee, GA

Have used Zaino products on the car since it was new and the results are great!

2001 Chevrolet Corvette
William H.
Staatsburg, NY


2002 Mitsubishi, 2002 Harley Dyna Low-Rider, 2002 Yamaha V* 1100, 2000 Chevy Tahoe
Roger H.
Las Cruces, NM

Thank you for the great customer service! Took 2 days for my kit to arrive! Easy to apply, easier to come off! I'll never use anything else again!

John L.

Finally, a product that performs exactly as it says it does.

Chevrolet Camaro SS, 2002
Mary A.
Lakeside, CA

5 years old and at least 10 more to go. This polish/products allows this daily driver to look quite respectable with not anywhere near enough washings, even after the wonderful Ohio salt winters. When age and health makes you lazy this product helps make up the difference.

98 Mystique LS even got the old 89 Probe looking spiffy.
Paul E.
Lucas, OH

I will never use anything else. I used McG for years this is the best.

Mercury Marauder 2003
Steve B.
Brownsville, TX

I love your products!

2003 GMC Envoy XL, 2001 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer
Scott T.
Houston, TX

Great stuff!

2002 Dodge Dakota R/T
Headley R.
Harlingen, TX

I'm a first time user, and ordered a full kit for my Infiniti G35 sedan. The clay bar worked wonders on my surface and after applying all the products following the excellent instructions, my car looks like a dream! I'm amazed at the difference Zaino made. I'm recommending your product to all my friends and family. Thanks!

Nick Cozby
Saint Louis, Missouri

Your product makes the Nassau Blue looks beautiful.

2000 Chevrolet Corvette
Ronald A.
La Feria, TX

The Zaino staff,

I wanted to send my thanks to the Zaino staff for their great service and a truly magnificent products. I live in AZ and received my shipment in 3 days after I placed my order. I have a 2003 4Runner that I purchased back in May '03 and I have been putting off polishing it because I couldn't decide on what product I wanted to use until I stumbled upon the Zaino brand on several discussion forums over the internet. Because of the overwhelming recommendations from numerous users and the testimonials from your website I decided that this was the product I was looking for. Needless to say, after 3 coats of Z2 (first 2 with ZFX) and Z6 spray in between I couldn't be happier with how the 4Runner turned out. I was amazed with how easy the polish was to put on and take off. Your website, staff and products are the standard by which many other company's could learn from. Attached are a few pics of the 4Runner afterwards.

Thanks again,

I LOVE ZAINO! Great product! I LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

Brandon J.

Thanks so much for the update. This is the first time I have ordered online. It was very easy and efficient. I've used Zaino now for over five years and there is NOTHING that can outshine Zaino.

Thanks again,

Penny G.

Was pleasantly surprised to see that I could now order direct through your website rather than sending in a check. Much more convenient. Hope your sales grow!! You have great products. Ask my '01 BMW 540i!

Rob D.


Hi I have been a Zaino multiple product user for some time and have introduced my family members and friends to your most excellent products.

Thank you very much
A very satisfied Zaino user,

Dear Zaino

Holy cow! What a wax!

I have been in the paintless dent repair business for almost eight years. I also have the occasion to detail some of my customers 'special' cars. I have tried many, many products. Some good. Some I don't need to mention.

About a month ago, we bought a new Dodge Ram for my business. And a friend of mine with a very prestigious detail business here in town recommended checking out a wax process that he had just started using and was very excited about. Of course, it was yours!

With ours being a new vehicle, there was not a whole lot of preparation involved beforehand. But I made sure it was spotless. I applied the Z2 very sparingly as directed. Of course, I was skeptical. I had so much fun taking it off, I couldn't hardly wait to put another coat on! So for now, I have two coats on. I am so impressed!!!!!! I love this stuff!!!!!

I was out at a customer's house today fixing some dings in one of his Porsche's. Of course, he noticed the finish on the truck, and the conversation went from there. I gave him your website address. I'm sure you will be hearing from him. He owns five Porsche's.

I can hardly wait to tell more people about your product.

Thanks again for making a great product! I WILL spread the word!

Beth B.

Thanks for the products. Received them promptly. Used them last weekend--my black BMW X5 looks spectacular. I'll be sure to recommend your products to others. 

Doug N.

Zaino, This weekend I used the clay and put on two applications of Z5 and Enhancer - unbelievable results so far. The application and removal is far easier than anything I've used in the past. I'm hooked. I'm planning on putting on my first coat of Z2 tonight...... 

Brian W. 

Thanks again for the courteous and prompt service. This has been my second time ordering from you and I'm very pleased with your product! Keep up the good work, Zaino Team!

James N.

Wow! I am very impressed with your service, and look forward to doing business with you again.


Donnie S.

I’ve been using Zaino products for a few years now. Now I have a family and I just got a new minivan. A couple of coats of Z2 and the minivan looks like a Ferrari!!!

Still impressed, 

Dwayne N.

Hi there, 

I just wanted to thank you for the quick shipping on the product. So far your service has been great. This is the first time I'm using your product so I hope this will be a great experience. I will keep you posted as soon as I get to work on my vehicles. 

Thanks again for the prompt and courteous service!!

Frederico R.

Hi Sal, 

Last Week our Corvette Club - Corvette Society of Long Island attended a Corvette Show in Ocean City Maryland. Approximately 1000 cars were in attendance. 

I was entered in a FCC Judged Show and was awarded a trophy.

The most outstanding comments all day from the Judges and on lookers were about the shine on the car it looked "WET". I wish I had some business cards, however I gave them your web site address.

Literally, I could have sold cases of your product - the car SOLD the product !! One Judge wanted to know what color my car was. The Torch Red was sooooo deep, it looked different than other TORCH RED C5 Vettes.

Thx again,

John R.

Dear Sal,

I've been using your product since day one that I've had my Trans AM WS6, and recently I entered a Detroit Pontiac Show and Won 3rd place. Thanks to Zaino, and I know this because of the compliments on how my TransAm looked like a mirror. I just wanted to say thank you very much for creating a spectacular product. I've never tried to sell a product but I always end up taking some Z6 spray and a white towel to either my car or friends cars to prove what a wonderful product this is, I even do the towel test. where I spray the hood wipe it down and fling the towel across the Zainoed surface, the towel usually ends up on the ground from sliding across the slick surface, and people are in awe. The only way I could repay you is well to continue to use your product and give my testimony to others about Zaino. I have some pictures I took please take time to look them over. Keep up the good work you have a customer for life! 

Steven K.
The Motor-City Detroit Michigan

Thank you for a great product and great customer support. I never thought it would be that fast (the shipping). You guys say that you were trying to upgrade you customer support, but I think you out did yourselves. Thank you.

Lance P.


I know you get a lot of these but I sent it anyway. Your product has to be the best I have used ever. Nothing has been as rewarding after a little bit of time and effort than your product. I've thrown away all the others and only use Zaino on my Cars and Motorcycle as well. Thanks again and here's a couple pics for your website.

Bob Kurzen

Just emailing to say thanks for such a great product. I just completed my second order, my first was in June. I have since applied Zaino to my 2003 Ram, 2003 Accord, 2001 Intruder 1500LC, my friends 2003 Ram, my fathers 2001 Audi, my lawn mower, and my marble bathroom sink! :) As you can see I am severely addicted! This product is the greatest, I was a Meguiars user for many years and religiously went through the waxing process, knowing the time commitment involved, and the fact it would fade away in 4-6 weeks. This year I bought a 2003 Ram and shied away from getting Black. I ended up with a Graphite color. Well, I'm kicking myself now for not buying a black one. This product is the first thing I've seen that would make owning a black vehicle easy. Oh well... Everything I have touched with this stuff looks great! I had 9 people in my driveway in June for a full demo. They were amazed that I could apply this stuff in the middle of a hot steamy day in direct sunlight. I applied the product, and my friends wife just wiped it off, she was thrilled it didn't take any rubbing, or hardly any effort at all. I'm sold! Keep up the great work! 

D.R. A.


Your online ordering is great and using UPS for shipping was a super experience. The way that my shipping number was tied into my confirmation email made tracking my package very easy. Their service is as great as your products. Two of my neighbors ordered Zaino products with my last order after seeing the outcome on my three Honda Accords... Red 2003, Heather Mist 1998 and White 1998. A third across the street was sorry that he missed out, but is planning an independent order. First time using the leather in a bottle. Great stuff. My sons date last night thought that the 98 accord smelled and looked like a new car with the leather application on the seats and the exterior shine on the outside. Thanks for the great products!

Michael N.

Dear Zaino,

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you again for the incredible products that you offer. Believe it or not, this car is a 1994 with the original paint. The finish looks so awesome that the dealer whom I bought the car from thought I had repainted it. Thanks again.

Rick R.

Hey Sal, 

I stopped by the website (which is excellent these days BTW) and was enjoying the testimonials page when I decided to submit my own. Please use it if you like. Thanks! My '99 Pontiac Grand Prix GT has never seen any polish other than Zaino from day one (five years ago). 113,000 miles later the car still looks BRAND NEW and I regularly get comments like, "wow, nice car, did you just get it?" When I tell them it's five years old and has over 100k miles they are stunned. Your products have kept my car looking *INCREDIBLE* over all these years. All I can say is ... ZAINO ROCKS! 

All the best, 
Kevin "KJ99GT" J.

Sal...I used your products on a 1967 Chris Craft Lancer with a green gel coat that was first restored with multiple grades of sand paper, compounding and 3M finesse with a high-speed wheel. After the gel coat was restored to like-new, showroom condition I was extremely pleased and figured that was as good as it gets. I then dawn washed the hull and applied three coats of Zaino. Your product took my hull to a new level!! The guy who hauls my boat thought it had been sprayed and a busy gas dock owner almost fainted when I told him it was a 1967. The thumbs up and positive comments I get while out boating are unreal. You guys rock!! Do you know somewhere to donate half used bottles of wax? (Just kidding!)

Mr. L.

Your new online ordering site is wonderful and makes it much easier to order your products. The downside for me is that I will probably be ordering more products from you because it is so much easier. 

Thank you,
Steve M.


I ordered some of your Z-1 and Z-3 product just to try it out because I enjoy looking at a car that looks like a mirror. I've tried a number of products that did alright but was interested in making my car look even better. Then I found (through the internet) that a carnauba polish system is old technology. I found your company on the web as one of the polishes used on classic autos and luckily decided to try you out. What a product! My car looks like the shine is a foot thick after only 3 coats. 

Looks like you have a new customer. 

Bud D.

Love the on line ordering. Quick & easy!

Doug C.

Just wanted to say thank you on the quick turnaround on my order of 9/28/2003 and receiving it today 10/1/2003. Can't wait to use it!

Pam H.

Thank you very much for the quick shipping and supplying the tracking #. I have heard nothing but good things about your products and look forward to trying them out this weekend. 

Justin L.

Hi Sal, 

Just completed my second order. Your products are all they are hyped to be and more. I just finished applying my 4th coat of Zaino Z2 wax for clear coats to my 03' VW GTI VR6 and the results are incredible. I've noticed that not only does the Zaino wax leave my car with an awesome finish, but road grime and bugs don't stick anymore. Also your recommendation for the proper towels is right on. Using the proper towels leaves no swirl marks or scratches on the clear coat. I'm glad I was able to find out about your products, because they are without a doubt the best!! I have attached some photos for your site. 


Greg B.
Columbus, OH

Thanks so much for the tracking number ! I wish you could see the car. You all have a truly phenomenal product line. Pictures are great but in person it really looks better than new. Interesting story ... my wife was skeptical about the products, after the second coat went on, guess who was helping with the remaining coats! We thank you for a great product line! We get compliments on the car almost daily... I tell them go to! Try it for yourself.

Best Regards

Richard H.

Thought you would enjoy these pics after using your product. I just ordered some more...

Bobby B.

I think you did an outstanding job on your online ordering system! You went from the stone age (when you wouldn't ever accept credit cards) to state-of-the-art.

I haven't received the order yet but great speed in shipping the order!


Jeremy W.

Thanks a lot for your product, I have already applied 2 coats of z2 and one coat of z5 all of course with the z6 enhancing spray between. The shine is awesome. 

Jeff S.

The fact that I been an avid Zaino fan for years now should tell the story about how I feel about it. Easy to use with excellent results. I have convinced many people to do the switch, with the only complaint being the ordering method. Now that ya'll gone to the online store plus the quick shipping.....nothing can be said but class act in my book.

Phil G.

Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. I have a 2000 c5 corvette, last night it was egged but there was no damage to the paint. It just washed off even though it had been baked on buy the sun. No other wax I've used has been able to withstand a egging. 

Gene G.


I have been using your products for about 8 months now and am completely convinced that everything you sell is the absolute best I have ever used. For years I have used all sorts of waxes and detailing products on my personal show cars and on friends cars as well. If I had Zaino all this time, my life surely would have been easier.

Thank You,


Thanks for your new ordering procedure. I prefer to order this way; it is quicker, faster, and I get immediate response. 

I really like the results of your product and I am convincing all of my car enthusiast friends about your product, but when they see how my Cool Gray 2003 Corvette looks after using Zaino Products, I don't have to sell anyone, they are sold.

Happy customer,
Ron Z.
El Paso, Texas 

I'd like to take the time to tell you what a great job you're doing! I really appreciate the fact that when you decided to make the switch to internet ordering, you did it the right way; with quick and often notification! Obviously I love the products and now I can love the customer service even more than before.

Seriously, thanks.

Russell F.

Just wanted to say thanks! Got the order way ahead of when I was expecting it. Tried most of it out this weekend.

Todd F.

Dear Mr. Zaino:

I learned for your fine product on After reading many rave reviews I decided to give it a try. All I can say is WOW! My Marauder only has 5000 miles on it, after the first coat of Z-2 it actually looked better than the day I drove it off the lot!
Not to mention, the information on your website is simply awesome! I can see your dedication and passion for making a quality product matches my dedication and passion for my Marauder! I will be a loyal customer for many years to come.

Tom H.

Hello Gals/Guys... 

I really do not know what or how to say just what I think of your products!! I know you have heard every sort of comment/compliment there is, but simply put when you have something this Good I know the feedback has to be Great as well as a lot of happy customers. I know we are very much impressed with the results. I have never seen anything like it! I will use nothing else from now on. oh one more thing I have NEVER had anything arrive as fast either!! 

Keep up the Great Service and Products! 

Troy W. 


I received an email from you requesting my feedback regarding your new ordering methods, the delivery of, and the products themselves. All I have to say is that you are doing an amazing job. You provide fast, reliable, and friendly service in an exceptionally professional manner. I could not ask for any more. I live in California and I received the products the same week that I ordered--absolutely fantastic! As to the products themselves, well...they are Zaino quality--absolutely the best. I sincerely thank you.


Alex H.

Hey, here is a picture of just one coat of Z5 and Z2. The car is an 03 chrome silver 350z.

Ryan S.

I am hooked on your products. Perhaps the easiest to apply and remove of any other product I have ever used. I'll be recommending this to family and friends at every opportunity. 

Brian W.

Excellent product. Who else can do white like this? User for life.


My order arrived today!! If every company had your sense of great customer service, life would be so much better! Your company is a pleasure to deal with and your product is simply the best in the field of car waxes and polishes. I've got a new ZO6 and a new Miata to prove it. 


Jim M.

Just wanted to say thank you for your professional expeditious service. I ordered from you all and received my order within three days. That's faster than fast!!!

Thanks Again! 
Daniel S. 

I came from France to pick up my Zaino. I am French and I am often coming to the US to visit some friends for the summer.

I discovered Zaino when I was visiting a good friend of mine in South Florida. He explained me that he was using this magic product called Zaino on both his cars and a 61 footer Viking Yacht. He put the accent on the fact that Zaino is not comparable to anything else, especially because it is a several steps process and so on...

I was really amazed by the quality of the product and how the paint looked so fluid, wet, soft...

I took Zaino back to France in my luggage, I bought Z1, Z2, Z5 and Z6. I started the process on my car as soon as I got back in France...Two days later, my AUDI A3 looked totally changed, magical, smooth like silk, shiny like Silver...

I put a few pictures of my car in this mail. I would be very very happy if you could put some of them on your website. (Plus: the AUDI A3 is not sold in the US) Thank you so much.

Waxing a car in France is not very popular still, but I must be the only one to put Zaino on my car.

I still wonder why Zaino is not sold everywhere, it is the best product ever. Keep Making it better guys !!!

Thank you !

Alexandre F.


Zaino got here quick. Definitely like your new ordering system. Makes it much easier to order. Products doing great here on my Camaro in Central Florida.

Pete F.

I have received my order and applied. WOW. I am more then pleased, cannot believe how nice a finish your product produced. I am now a life time customer. 

Craig C.

boy this stuff really does work. I have been using it for 3 years and every time I put it on I am amazed. great product

Jerry P.

I just received my order a few minutes ago and want to say thanks for the quick service.

Joseph T.

I would just like to thank you guys for a such a LONG lasting product! The following pics I provide are of my two cars and 1 month old Zaino, only a quick detail with Z6 was needed to get these daily drivers to shine!

Thanks You very much!

Mark O.
New Britain, CT

You guys are awesome, thanks! Your new website looks great, runs great. Appreciate the detailed info you offer there and the quick ship. Keep up the good work. I've been a customer since '98 and recommend your stuff to anybody that will listen. I've had dark blue or black Vettes since then and you're stuff is awesome. 

Colleen E.

What you say is the truth! Check out my black Sequoia, if you can find it!

Greg K.
Billerica, MA


I received my Zaino order today. I placed the order on a Tuesday and received my products on Thursday, two days later! Considering I live in Atlanta, it is incredible that I received the product so fast. 

Thanks for setting the new standard not only in your products but for service as well. Great job Zaino!

Tim I.
Atlanta, GA 

Just want to show off a Zaino shine on my 1998 Corvette.


I couldn't believe how fast you guys delivered. I already have three coats of Z5 with ZFX and Z6 on my car and already it looks better than my Mothers Carnuba has ever gotten it. Of course as soon as I was done waxing it started raining, so now I can see how it holds up under the weather. Thanks for the fast service and the awesome product.

Ian M.

Dear Mr. Zaino,

After applying a couple of coats of Z-5, and then applying a coat of Z-2, I am absolutely thrilled with the appearance of my DHG Mustang Bullitt. Work as a pharmacist for Walgreen's and had to run down to the store. Sitting in the parking lot, you could immediately tell the difference between my car and the other cars. One of the assistant managers has a very nice older black Chevy SS. I told him about putting Zaino on my car. When he looked out the front door and saw my car, with the sun glinting off it, he told me to let him know when I ordered Zaino next. He'd give me the money to order him some also. Am planning to add a second and third coat of Z-2 on my next day off.

Again, thanks for your help and a great product.

Stephen S.


This is the first time I have written to someone about a product. Your name had come up so often on various Corvette forums I decided to give it a try. I expected a good product, but it exceeded my expectations! The instructions included in the kit made it easy. The product is not as much work as other products, and the results are awesome. My car is almost hard to look at in the direct sunlight. The only problem is that now I have a motorcycle and a SUV that just have to have Zaino. I will be telling my friends about your products and where to get them. 

John J.
Dyersburg, TN


One word, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first paint job (black 67 Camaro) the last step of buffing, still left faint swirl marks all over the car. I washed the car with your Z7, then applied 3 coats of Z5 with Z6 in between each coat. I didn't have time to use the Z2 before my first car show, but the car still looked awesome!!! Well, I couldn't believe it, but I took first place in my division. (61 to 78 modified) about 40 or 50 cars. I was shocked. Everyone commented on the paint, it looked like black glass. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You have a customer for life!!!! I can't wait till I put some Z2 on it!!!!!

Thanks Again, 
Vic B.

The new online ordering is AWESOME!!!!! Thanks for making it so much easier to order, and thanks for such a great product.

Roger Tinder
Boerne, TX

To everyone at Zaino:

I am impressed with the ease of ordering and the quick and thorough follow up and communication! I have already received my order and it couldn't have been a smoother and quicker process. Thank you! I have read so many amazing testimonials and comparisons of your product, I can't wait to see how they perform on my cars. I have my weekend cut out for me...3 cars to "Zaino" this weekend.

Thank you!
Scott S.

I am sure glad we can now order from your website! I love your product! Thanks for getting it out to me so quickly.

Thanks again!
Fernando H.

Mr. Zaino,

Count me in as another disciple of the Zaino "cult". Last weekend I polished my car with ZFX/Z2/Z6 and am simply amazed by the results. Never in my lifetime have I owned a car that looks so good and I receive compliments all the time. One of my co-workers ordered a Zaino starter kit after seeing the results on my car. He was pretty excited.

I've attached two pictures for your perusal. I'm sure you get them all the time but I guess you don't complain when they confirm the performance of your polishes. I used 2 coats of Z2, BTW.

Keep up the great work,
Brian G.

You guys rock. Not only do you have the best show car shine stuff in the world, but now you have awesome customer service as well. Like a lot of other people, I've purchased many things on the internet. They take my money and sooner or later the stuff usually shows up. But you guys not only acknowledged my order with a receipt, but now you made it a "one click" deal for me to track the order. Awesome. My latest shipment will be arriving tomorrow and I will be lovin' you Zaino people even more when my '04 Grand Cherokee outshines everything else at my daughter's wedding this weekend. It's gonna be cool, thanks to you.

Keep up the good work,
Jerry A.
Eau Claire, WI

STUNNING!! Thank you.

Robert K.


Bud M.

Hey Sal,

Just thought you'd like to know that after using your polish and taking my vette for a cruise today, I got compliments about the paint. Usually it's about the car (99 Arctic White Vette). I gotta tell you the strangest thing happened last night after completing a full Zaino application (Dawn wash, Clay and 2 coats Z-5 with ZFX and 1 coat Z-3 with ZFX). A friend and I were having a beer in my garage last night admiring the shine and these bugs were flying around my hood. I never had that happen before, I thought it was the nice smelling polish...we figured out that the bugs were fooled by the reflection into thinking the light was coming from my hood! I don't know of any polish that can do that! My next order has been sent, and you will have more customers thru me...great stuff!

I used to use Meguiars...not anymore!

Tony A.

I am very pleased with the new method you now have for ordering Zaino Products. I am not a computer whiz, but I was able to easily place my order. I had been putting off ordering the products, but with your "quick order" process this problem there will no longer be this problem.

I have been using your product for over 2 years on my Viper and Corvette....and.... I am extremely pleased with the protection and beauty that results! 
Thank you for ZAINO!!!!!!

Mary P.

I placed this order Tuesday night, August 19th. UPS just delivered it August 21st at noon. Thanks for the quick order. Keep up the good work.

Kevin C.

Thanks for the update. Great service. I really love the ability to order online. The old form was a pain.

I love your products. It's the only thing I use on my cars. I just sold a 1996 MarkVIII with 70k and the new owner was shocked at the finish. It looked better than a new car. I have no doubt your product not only helped me sell my car but added to its value.

Here is a sample pic of my car.

Norm W.

Thank you for providing me with that information.

This is the second order I’ve placed for your products. I was turned on to your products by others while reading message forums about the best polishing products. I was hooked after the first coat of polish I put on, and I will continue to use your products for all of my cars. I am extremely impressed with the mirror like finish I’ve got on my car now.

Thanks again,
Dale L.


Just a note to let you know that your products are the best I've ever used. I plug it to everyone that comments on the appearance of my MCS. Here's a photo with at least 10 coats. Feel free to use it.

Thanks again!
John C.

Just wanted to say 'Thank You' for such a terrific product. Not only is it everything you claim, but better than everything I've ever tried. It's refreshing to deal with a company who delivers a great product better than advertised as well as super fast. Your pages on tips and photos are a tremendous help as well. Please pass on my gratitude to your entire staff. 

Customer for life,
Dan L.

I am AMAZED with every aspect of ZAINO!! I received the order in (2) days!, I used it this last weekend intending to only put on 1 coat of the Z-5. Once I started I could not stop!! I ended up putting on 2 coats of Z-5, 1 coat of Z-2, and a coat of the Z-6. Every coat made such a HUGE difference I could not stop, I was too excited to see the next layer removed. The first layer I removed of Z-5 shined more than any polish OR wax I have ever used on my car!!! So after all that, I couldn't just let the leather care go, I had to try the leather cleaner and conditioner, and I was equally amazed! The softness I now feel in my leather is like it was when it was new, the smell is incredible! I want to thank you for creating the most amazing car care kit I have ever tried. I will never use another soap, polish, cleaner, leather cleaner/conditioner etc on my car besides for ZAINO for as long as I care about the finish on my car. All the testimonies on your site including this one can't even describe the awesome product you have! I recommend this to EVERYBODY!! Thanks again!!

Customer for life 
Michael B.

I just wanted you to know that your product is simply amazing. I put only one coat of the z5 on my 03 cobra and man it looks sick, it's like your looking into a black mirror. I will definitely be ordering more.



I’ve been using your products for a little over 3 years now. I had read about your products on a while ago. So when I purchased my 93 Mazda RX-7 in 2000, I already had a bottle of Z1, Z2, Z6, Z7, and a clay bar on hand. On the second day of ownership I applied Z1 and Z2 to amazing results. The red clear coat looked as if glass had been poured over it. Three weeks ago I took ownership of a black 2004 Mazda RX-8. I had planned on polishing it the first weekend but the weather had other ideas. Today I was finally able to polish the car to see some simply amazing results. Thank you for making such a great product at a great price. I posted some pictures over at which will definitely convert users of other polishes users to Zaino users. I attached a couple of pics so you could see for yourself.


Alex O.
Miami, FL


I've been a loyal customer for years. Today I strip my new Dodge to the clear coat, using the clay bar then 3 coats of polish using the accelerator and then finishing up with the enhancer. 6 hours later, I have piece of art. Thank you for providing such outstanding products.

Lew G.

Well I compared traditional Mequiars Show Glaze + Pure Carnuba, with Zymol, and then the Zaino system and the hands down winner is Zaino for ease of application (unbelievably simple compared to traditional), and finish.  

Thanks to your crew for getting such great products out to consumers! 

Randall J.

Hey Sal,

I just wanted to personally thank you for such a good product. I do a lot of advertising for you and suggest your product to many car enthusiasts. I have used your product on my daily driver 1991, black BMW 850i, 1992 red Viper RT/10, 2000 Woodward Edition Plymouth Prowler, 2001 Mercedes S500, Ferrari 328 GTB, Porsche 911, Ferrari Testarossa, Ferrari 360, Ferrari GTO, and a Ferrari F50. The first 4 are my personal cars, the Porsche is from our family friend, and the Ferrari are from my X. Keep up the good work!

Antonio C.
Clearwater, Florida

I just wanted to drop a quick "I love Zaino" in!!! Now that I can order online I am completely satisfied. Thanks for making such a great product!!!

Chris C.

Dear Zaino,

A friend let me use some your Show Car polish over the weekend. I honestly didn't think my paint could get any deeper. I was WRONG!! In a word: AWESOME!!! Photo attached...........Check the results. Just placed an order, can't wait to get my hands on it.

Vinny G.


First let me compliment (and thank) you for a great product. I discovered Zaino a few years ago and have used it with breathtaking results on my Corvettes.

John H.

Hi Sal,

I have tried many brands of waxes and polishes on my past cars, including my new 2003 MINI Cooper S but nothing has worked as well as Zaino. I'm a first time user and plan to use this amazing product from now on. Even for a dark silver colored car, the shine and reflective properties are awesome. Thanks for making such a great product Sal.

Charlene T. of San Jose, CA


Got the first three coats on my Viper. Awesome.

Thanks much.
Walter M.

I just wanted to let you know your product is outstanding! I have both a new 4Runner and a restored 82 Corvette with the original paint. Everywhere I go people always comment on the paint. The Corvette isn't perfect because it is fiberglass but to see the details of the reflections is amazing.

Michael D.

OK, I'm sold...literally. I just did the routine as outlined on the website (dawn, clay, dawn, Z1, Z5, Z6)...if you read that correctly, yeah, I left out the Z2..somehow when I ordered I didn't get the Z2, don't worry, I'm getting it tomorrow from a distributor.

Thanks for your advice and thanks for the great products!

Attached is a testimonial pic for you! (excuse the slight dust, it was taken outdoors on a windy day)

David H.


I just wanted to share this photo with you. This is after 3 coats of Z2 + ZFX on my new RX-8. Zaino show car polish kept my previous vehicle's paint in tip-top condition, and it's going to be doing the same for this one. Thanks!

Shawn L.


On June 2, I ordered Z-1, Z-2, Z-5 and Z-6. I am sorry it has taken me so long to write you with feedback on my purchase.

First I would like to say that I received my order in record time. As I recall, I placed my order on Sunday evening. I was very pleased that when I came home from work on Tuesday to find my order waiting for me. But the pleasure came when I was able to see the results on my car. I first heard of Zaino last year through a member of a car club I belong to. I saw how great it made his car look and I wanted to use it on my Camaro. But I wanted it now and I always kept telling myself I would print the order form and send off for it. I was pleased to see that you now have online ordering now.

I have used the Z-1, Z-2, Z-5 and Z-6 with fantastic results. I have never had as many compliments on my car's finish as I have in the past 2 months. I have used all the other popular and not so popular polishes and waxes from the Perma Seal, Meguires, Mothers and others over the years.

I don't want to bore you with the comments my car gets now. I've never been this excited about a car polish. I hope it's okay that I'm including a picture of my 1999 Camaro Z28. I'm just so proud of the results I got from using your products.

All the best,
Kevin O.

Dear sir,

Your products amaze me! Every product of yours has performed beyond words. Thank you for being such a great company.

Dennis P.

I just used your product on by 2003 Corvette Z06. I will NEVER use anything else again. Your stuff is the best, period.

Jack D.

I order the kit a couple of weeks ago and finally used it last night doing a complete detail. I couldn't tell at first because it was dark and in the garage looked like normal waxed and I began to think it was no different. I was shocked to find out it rained over night and I would now have to drive the clean car and get it dirty. It held up and I only had minimal tire overspray from the wet ground. When I returned to the parking garage after school from about 100 ft away, I could see the bright reflection and great shine. I stood there shocked it was better then I expected. Great products. Thanks again.

Miles H.

Your products are very durable, it's been 5 months since I last applied it and I wanted to do it again. After washing the car with Dawn and then clay barring, then washing again, the water still beaded like it was freshly waxed! My dark blue 6 month old Jetta is still completely swirl free, unbelievable!

Darrin S.

Wow, the order process could not be better. I really liked the tracking info you provided. Very efficient! Even better was the fast delivery. About the product, well it speaks for itself. I have been using it since 1997 and it still performs superbly. I really like how easy the Z2 applies and wipes off. I also enjoy the pleasant fragrance of all of your products.

Juan G.

Dear Zaino,

Just wanted to let you know that I received your polish and it worked beautifully on my 97 Chevy truck. I have never used such an easy to apply or remove polish. The end result was fantastic! I plan on using it on my wife's blazer next week. Also because it is so easy to use I'm planning on using it in the future on all of our rigs in the fire dept. We have some beautiful new trucks in our fleet and using your product will keep them looking great for years to come.

Thanks again,
Tad C.

Good afternoon,

I just finished applying my second coat of Zaino Z2 on this car, and I have to say this is the best product hands down on the market. Please look at my pictures and I hope they are good enough to be posted on your website. Its a 2004 Mazda Rx-8. Thanks for the great product you provide to us. Thanks a million.



Thought you guys might want some pics of my Zaino'd 2004 Crossfire. I love the products--I'm now officially hooked!!

Paul W.


This email is just to let you know how impressed I am with the Zaino polish. I have used many products throughout the years, and have always been pleased until I came across someone using your product. I immediately ordered some, and have been addicted to it for almost 2 years. To give you a little background on the paint of this 1969 Corvette. This car is owned by my fiancé. Her father bought the car in 1981 and in 1981 he spent over $6,000 on a very quality paint job. When I met my fiancé in 2001 the paint was 20 years old. It looks like it was 20 years old as well. We started using Zaino, and it brought the paint back to life. In the next month I will be purchasing my first Corvette. A Dark Bowling Green Metallic Vert and I am very excited to start using Zaino.

Thanks for everything!

Adam B.
Bowling Green KY
National Corvette Museum

I wanted to write concerning my experience with you product.

I recently purchased a Nissan 350Z and of course want the best for the newest member of my family. I saw your product mentioned on the Z owners website and ordered last Friday. On Tuesday I had my box. I finished my second coat last night. WOW! I have had comments already this morning on how great the car looks. I cannot express my satisfaction enough.

In the past I dreaded waxing a car, but your product is so easy to put on and take off. It only took about a hour and a half from the start of the job until I finished. I will now start on the other cars in my family.

Again, thank you for a great product. I have already referred you to two people who will be placing orders. My car looks unbelievable!

Chip C.

Dear Everyone at Zaino,

Thank you for your prompt response to my order. We have a red 2002 Camaro convertible, which served as my first experience with Zaino products. A friend of mine told me about Zaino and gave me enough to do the car. VERY IMPRESSIVE! I have been a Maguiars product fan for years, but yours is a far superior product. Your web sections on application and tips & tricks is most helpful. I have already received several positive comments about the finish on the Camaro. It really does look great. One of my neighbors is a real car fanatic, and he was so impressed with the finish on my Camaro, that he logged onto your site within minutes of going back into his house. He'd heard about your products, but had never seen the results.

Dave K.


Thanks so much, my 2002 Black Corvette Convertible never looked so good. Black is so hard to keep and some of the other products I have used in the past (Zymol Carbon, Mothers California Gold, Plum Crazy hand glaze, McGuire’s Gold Class) all did a pretty good job but none of the brands came close to what your product did. I am absolutely amazed and no other product will ever touch my Vette. I was a skeptic, but now you have a customer for life.

I used three coats of the Z-5, Two coats of the Z-2 (quick sprays of Z-6 in between each coat of polish) after claying, washing with Dawn and preparing the surface as you recommended. At first, after washing with Dawn, I stared to freak out after seeing how many swirl marks were actually visible in my paint but after the first coat of Z-5, 90% of the swirls were gone. The other two coats of Z-5 made the paint appear brand new. The coats of Z-2 gave the car such a deep glass like shine it even impressed my daughters ( 6 and 4 years old), they commented at how clear their reflections were after using your product ( They stated that “ they didn’t look short, fat and smoky like the last time I cleaned the car” ) compared to the other products I used.

The Z-16 tire gloss is better than anything I have found on the market as well.

I always took pride in the appearance of my car and have always had people compliment me on the Vette’s appearance but never as many as the last week. People are actually stopping me in parking lots to ask what I used on the car. One gentleman told me that after seeing my Vette he was going down to the dealership and order a new 2004, Black & Tan interior, just like mine. What a compliment!!!

Your products are great. They’re easy to apply, easy to remove and are very cost effective since a little bit goes a long way. The car is also easier to maintain since I have just had to dust it off twice since I polished it. It seems to stay cleaner. Thanks again!!!

Kevin F. Donohue
New City, NY

Sal, I just had to give some feedback on your products. First and foremost, you give great customer service. It always seems like if someone has a question or problem, you take care of it quick. When I had a problem recently with some ZFX, you took care of it instantly! Always VERY fast shipping. And of course, a wonderful line of products. This is the only protectant that has been on my 2001 Navy Blue Metallic Corvette since the day I picked it up at the assembly plant and will continue to be the only product that will go on it until you stop making Zaino! If you look close at the picture I included, there is a street sign that shows which way the street is going to turn. This is about 2 houses down from where the car is parked!!! LOVE that ZAINO shine!!!!!

Jim from Roselle IL

Hello Sal,

I normally do not take the time to write to companies, however, your products are so incredible that I could not resist.

I am an legal analyst by day and as a hobby I own a small mobile detailing company by night. I own two brand new Lexus vehicles and take care of them impeccably. Before discovering Zaino, I used Medallion Premium Paint Protection by Meguiars. I thought I was getting incredible results. Boy was I wrong. Last week, I ordered your Zaino car care kit and eagerly awaited its arrival to see if the product could possibly live up to the hype. The answer . . . it is even better than the hype!!

First, I placed my order on Wednesday at about noon and the products arrived at my house on Friday morning. I was amazed at the speed of the delivery. I washed my car with Dawn to remove any wax buildup and then followed up with the full clay treatment. (I was a clay user before, but your clay seemed to work even better than the others I have tried). I then washed the car with the Z7 and then mixed the Z5 with the ZFX accelerator. I applied one coat of Z5, let it cure, and wiped it off. I followed with Z6 and then one more coat of Z2 followed by Z6. How did it turn out?

The only words I can use to describe the results are totally unbelievable. First the product was a dream to apply and remove. This product absolutely took my results to a whole different level. It imparted the deepest, wettest looking shine I have ever seen onto my paint. The gloss is unbelievable and the optical clarity is like nothing I have ever seen. In addition, the Z6 gloss enhancer is the most amazing maintenance product I have ever used. It actually seems to double the depth of the shine every time I use it. I plan on layering another 2-3 coats of Z2 next weekend to take my results even further.

I also have read the results of the Wax Test in Guru Reports and I agree completely. Based on their findings with regard to longevity and my results with the appearance, I wanted to let you know that you have a Zaino customer for life. I will be telling everyone I meet about your amazing products. (It shouldn't be hard to find an audience . . . I have had two strangers compliment my car already!!)

From a dedicated car enthusiast I want to sincerely thank you for creating such an amazing product. Keep up the great work.

Brian P., J.D.

Hi Sal,

I had to write you concerning your wax system, I received the order this past Thursday just at the tail end of our vacation. I have been detailing my own cars for years.

I followed your directions exactly including: washing with dawn (twice), clay bar, and waxing. I bought the towels that you suggested as well.

I started all this on Friday, unfortunately after the first 2 coats of Z5 (and Z6 between each waxing) there was a huge thunder storm but the car looked incredible and the water just beaded and rolled off like nothing I have used before.

I started again Saturday morning and applied 3 coats of Z2 and Z6 between each waxing now with 5 coats of Z2 wax and Z6 polish WOW!! my 2004 Subaru WRX is insanely shiny and smooth I have never seen or felt anything like it. I also used the glass polish and tire treatment and I can seriously say that in all my 24 years of detailing my cars NOTHING has even come close and so easy to apply.

Note: Friends and family actually thought I had a body shop apply several coats of baked lacquer on my car it's that good!!

Hope you like the picture attached I would love it if you would post it on your website.

Thanks so much for an outstanding product, a customer for life.



I have a 1985 Monte Carlo SS that was painted by you in 1990. I have been using your polish on it since the product was available. The car looks more wet each time I polish it. This is definitely the best product out there.

Mike F.
Staten Island, NY


I just wanted to personally thank you for producing such a great product. I ordered the Z-KIT-1 and followed the instructions in the tips and tricks section. I can't believe how much of a difference your product made in my paint. I drive a 2002 VW GTI, that was suffering from swirl marks. I had tried other products (meguiars) in the past and didn't have any luck getting them out. After 3 coats of your Z-2 each followed by a wipe down with your Z-6 my car looks and feels like the day I drove off the dealership lot. I can't wait to apply more and just watch the shine get deeper and wetter with each application. I have attached a picture for you. Consider me a lifetime Zaino user.

Great job and keep up the good work,
Chris M.
Central PA


I have been using Z2 & ZFX on my MINI Cooper for almost a year, now (10-12 coats so far).

Amazing stuff! There are others that may approach the gloss, but I have NEVER had any wax LAST like your polish. I have been recommending it to family & friends.

Russ K.
Madison, WI

I received my Zaino and "waxed" my Infiniti G35SC this past weekend. Its the first polishing it's had since I purchased it in April. The reasons I chose Zaino were: 1. Highly recommend on the forums at either under Infiniti or detailing2. #1 rated by Guru reports at Personal email response from one of the owners of Zaino when I asked advice of whether I should use Zaino vs. the paint treatment I was offered by Pleasanton Infiniti Now that I used the product, I'm recommending it to my colleagues, owners of a Z350 and an Audi TT Here is something else I found out. I use a car cover made of Nextec fabric. Before I polished the car the cover was easy to put on. Once I'd polished the car the cover took more time to put on. Why? Zaino is so slippery that the cover cannot stay put while I run around to the other side to pull it down! When there is even a slight breeze it becomes even more difficult. My colleagues have had quiet a laugh watching me. So I'm a more meguires or mothers or anything else....its Zaino all the way. Thanks.

Victor H.

Hi Sal,

I wanted to express my opinions to you regarding your product. I have long searched for a paint-care system but have never been truly satisfied as to what was out there. But your system has out performed any of the other waxes I have used. I have been using Zaino for a month now and from the first application I was blown away. The car is so easy to wash now, the dirt seems to glide right off the car. I am most impressed with the shine. I had never seen Zaino work in person before I did my car. My paint is a Pearl Black, and most of the time, the Pearl effect is lost or looks dull. Now it is amplified and really brings out the color shifting effect in the black paint. IT'S LIKE THE CAR IS WET ALL THE TIME!

I have gotten so many compliments since using Zaino and have been pointing people in your direction. Anyway, I thought you may appreciate a few pics I took just after the first application.

Thanks again, I am truly satisfied.


Josh S.

Check out these pics! The Navy Blue 2002 Camaro is my girlfriends. I polished her car with Zaino and it's amazing. See for yourself! It would be wonderful if you could put one of these pics on your website! I think it's definitely worthy!

The Silver 1999 Camaro is mine, but since it's silver it's reflectivity is not the same as a dark colored car. It still looks good though!



Real pleased with Zaino so far. Switched from years of Meguiar's. And so is my daughter...

Joe R.


Please add this beautiful photo to your website. I've been using Zaino for 4 years. It gave me the confidence to purchase a black car again. 

Truly amazing product!

Don K.
Richmond, Virginia
2003 Infiniti G35 Sedan


Just wanted to tell you how happy I was with your product so far. I made a purchase of your Z5, Z2, Z6, & ZFX about a week ago. I just completed 2 coats of Z5 and 2 of the Z2 last Saturday. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first about your product. I've tried various brands for the past 20yrs ever since my first car (a '69 Dodge Charger). I now have a black 2003 Subaru WRX and was pretty disappointed with the way most polishes/waxes left small swirls. As I was applying your polish to my car I could see how awesome it looked in the shade, but direct sunlight is the true test. I pulled the car out to take a look. .......I was completely amazed! My car now has the clearest, wettest, swirl-free shine ever. I'm looking forward to next weekend so I can add a few more coats.

By the way, the Z6 does a great job of bringing out the shine and getting rid of any residual polish. Zaino is easy to apply and gives me the best "swirl free" shine I've been able to get on my car so far.

Kean E.
Lake Forest, CA

Great service!!! Received my order in 2 days!!! Thanks.

Art Y.

Dear Sir;

On June 21st we entered four corvettes in a sanctioned NCCC concourse. I am please to tell you that we won 1st place in the concourse class with a 1972 coupe. We also took 1st and 2nd in the street show class with a 1975 and a 1973 and a 1st in the wash and show with a 1977 model. All the cars that we entered were treated with your Show Car Products. The shine, even with fourteen year old paint was exceptional. None of the four cars entered had points deducted for paint. Your product WORKS, period. 

Again, that you for producing such a wonderful product. I can't tell how good it feels after applying your product to stand back and admire the results.

Tom S.
Jacksonville, NC

Having just finished my 2003 protégé es, I felt it necessary to throw my 2 cents in. In two words HOLY BATMAN, everything that Zaino claims is absolutely TRUE. What ease to apply your products, the results where more than I could ever imagine. Following your instructions I clayed the car and then used z6, wow, wow, wow and I haven't even used any polish yet. Two coats of polish and the depth of color is unbelievable, its almost like clean glass and the reflection is almost mirror like. The one thing that I noticed that nobody has mention is how good your products smell very pleasant to the senses and not rough to the skin.

Do you get the feeling I am happy with your products, I sure hope so.

I will ONLY use Zaino in the future.

John D.
Walnut Creek, Ca


Thanks for the prompt shipping. I love the way you package your products to be shipped... very thorough, keep up the good work. I'm happy you guys have a web site to order from now, great idea. 

Thanks again.
Brian A.


My name is Cajun. I own a 2000 Dark Bowling Green Metallic Chevrolet Corvette Coupe. From the day I picked it up (used and not in very good condition) I have looked for ways to make my prized possession look it's very best. With Zaino car care products I have finally found it. I began my efforts to make my car look great by using Liquid Glass auto polish. I was happy with the results and the car looked really good in comparison to the condition of the finish when I brought the car home (April 2003). I have heard it said over and over again on the that there is NOTHING LIKE ZAINO for a deep, wet looking shine and superior protection. Well I finally ran out of my Liquid Glass and decided to give it a try.

I got a Zaino clay bar from one of my buddies and clayed the car after washing with Dawn dish detergent per your instructions on the website. MY GOD I could not believe how much dirt that clay pulled up off the car that I though was clean as a whistle (washed twice a week and waxed biweekly). I washed again with Dawn. I then used 3M swirl mark remover to prep the paint since I had a full bottle handy. I washed the car with Dawn one more time. By now the paint felt like it had no clear coat on it (almost like bare metal). I then applied Z1 in preparation for Z2 application. After the first coat I was floored. I saw color and depth that I had never seen on my car before. I followed with Z6 spray and waited for about an hour before applying another coat ( I couldn't help myself). Well after the second coat it just got better. I again applied Z6 over the second coat after removing polish haze and I cannot tell you how much the shine and depth improved again. Well needless to say I will never, ever use any other product to care for my paint finish EXCEPT ZAINO products. These products are, without a doubt, the best on the market and they are more than reasonably priced. I usually do not take the time to write thank you notes or product endorsements, but these products really did impress me. Thank you from all of us who like to take care of our vehicles which we pay our hard earned money for. We really do appreciate your professionalism and dedication to the customer.

Cajun C.
Fayetteville, NC

I would not use anything but this product. Since I started using this, people are always asking me how could the paint look so good. In a nut shell my paint job was alright but with this product it looks like a 15,000 paint job. Am now winning shows with my Black trans Am SE Bandit it helps for sure. And the swirls in my car have all but vanished even body men are amazed. Hahahahaha go Zaino! Am glad I was introduced to your product. This is my second order, and there will be more. 

Kent F.

I love your products. They are the best on the market. Very happy to see a web based ordering process. Works great and it is fast!

Paul T.


Got my Total Protection kit today! (ZKIT-1) I just have to say that this is the finest product I have ever used. I used to be a big user of Meguiars products back in my car detailing days (15 years ago). I just used your Z-18 clay on my wife's 1994 Audi Cabriolet with a weathered New England finish. Followed the instructions on your website and have only applied one coat of the Z-5 with the ZFX additive. WHAT A DIFFERENCE ALREADY! I cannot wait to apply four or five coats alternating with the Z-6 Gloss Enhancer. Will attach photos when done. 

User for life! Keep up the great work.

Greg D.

Mr. Zaino

Just wanted to let you know how great your product is. I read about it in Guru reports and decided to try it on my 2004 Maxima. It is unbelievable. It has lasted 3 months so far with little to no degradation in water spotting or shine. I just use your gloss enhancer if it is dull and the wax jumps right back. I have also used it on my 1998 Z71 with great results.

This is by far the best wax I have ever used. I tell everyone about it and will now use it on any car I detail.


Bryan D.
Panama City, FL

Sal Zaino,

I have been using your products since I’ve owned my 1996 Z28 and the leather looked new when I sold in 2000. I’ve been through my Vette period (before I was a blue haired old lady that had to tie her walker on the back!). And now have a last production year Camaro SS. All three cars have been fully documented including when they have had their Zaino “treatments” .

Vette was pewter and had an unfortunate encounter with some road construction and tar. Fortunately, those 5 coats of Zaino were on her and all was well after a good bath with Zaino Car Wash. I have converted several people with this story and constantly refer your products to anyone who will listen. Of course, one look at my car inside and out, sends them running to the web site!

I just placed my order to stock up. My son is getting his 1st vehicle in the next couple of weeks. A black 89 Ford Bronco, with a super paint job. He has already asked that I make sure we have plenty of Zaino at the house. At 15, he already sees the value and quality of your products and is planning the ritual application that occurs on everything that hits our driveway.

The new site looks great and was pleased to be able to order on line! Thanks for the great car care products!

Tish D.

Can't say enough about you products. Absolutely the best I have ever used. After the claying process, polishing is such a pleasure compared to all other products I have used. I just want to keep putting on layer after layer. My brother is so impressed with the look of my truck and car that I ordered the ZKIT-1 for his birthday (July 2). He is looking forward to receiving the kit.

James D. 


I purchased your Car Show Polish Kit for my (Graphite Metallic Gray / Sliver Stripes) 2002 Viper GTS and I gotta say it's fantastic ...

The mirror like look is unbelievable, but an unexpected benefit is that the metallic (metal flake) color now stands out ... You can actually see the metallic look. With regular polish it seemed to cover it more than highlight it.

Great product ... Keep up the good work.

Michael L.

Sal and company, 

All I can say is Thank you, your products are beyond awesome. Please post the included pic so everyone can see what can be achieved with your products.

Peter S.

Hi Sal,

I would like to thank you for a great product, I have been showing cars for about 30 years and using your product for the past 5 years and the results with yours is ( by far ) the best I have ever had.

Sunday my 1982 corvette was Bloomington Gold Certified ( 98.82 out of 100 ). The real reason I bring this up is about 100 people must of asked me what product I use and I was probably one of your best advertisements. 

I told them you were at the show, happy to help.
Thanks again.

Best Regards,

Ralph M.

Dear Mr. Zaino (Sal):

This is a note of thanks to tell you that my experience with your Zaino line of products has been everything you advertised and more!

While I don't have a show car, I do take pride in the appearance of my vehicles. I have been searching for a long time for a polish that not only produces the best shine, but also protects the finish (and lasts more than a week!). After lots of internet research - not to mention years of trying all kinds of waxes - I decided to order a suite of Zaino products for my 2001 Grand Marquis and my wife's 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue. Well, the results are in, and now I have to dump all my half-used waxes and potions because all I'll ever use on my cars again is Zaino!

Here's the bottom line: Zaino products are the best available. The Intrigue, after spending five years outside, looks better than it did when it was brand new, by far! The Grand Marquis, although a light color, has a shine so glossy I could use it as a shaving mirror! And it's true, dirt doesn't want to stick to either of them.

I used the Z-2 with ZFX and Z-6 between coats. I also used the clay bar, glass polish, and tire shine (it looks great and doesn't attract dirt and spew out all over the body) - all as directed. They're all easy to use - just follow the directions exactly and read the "tips and tricks" section on I also now use only Z-7 show car wash and Zaino applicators.

One last thing - thanks for being so helpful and personable on the phone!

Please use this letter or any part of it on your website. Anyone who cares about his or her car couldn't possibly find better products to care for it!

Martin K.

Just completed your process on my Imola Res '01 M3. I am absolutely amazed! It took about 3 hours from start to finish, including removing Griots Best of Show Wax.

Next weekend will be my wife's new Z4 and then the 4Runner. Looks like my Father was right once again. Looking forward to doing business loooooooong into the future.

Nick M.


Was very grateful to have your products at hand - listen to this one......

Last week, one morning, about 4:00AM on I was on my way to work, was dark, as I passed two NYS DOT trucks. Didn't even occur to me at that time what they were doing - striping the lanes on a four lane highway. Checked it out immediately as I arrived, there were white overspray stripes on both sides of my vehicle, covering the wheels, tires, lower door panels, rocker panels, rear fascia, and rear hatch door. My first instinct was to go to a car wash immediately before the paint dried - no luck, as car washes aren't open that early, and couldn't get away from work. So my striped 2001 Sub Forester sat in the 90' sun all day as I thought to myself, I'll never get that paint off once it's had a chance to bake on in this heat.

Went home after work, knew my work was cut out for me. Got out the car wash soap in a spray bottle, and a Zaino Z18 clay bar, and that bar cut through white paint overspray like a knife through hot butter, without scratching the paint. Within two hours, I was ready to reapply the polish system, starting with the Z1 precleaner. Z1 nicely finished off what the clay bar started and now I was ready for a fresh coat of Z5 polish. An hour and a half later, you'd never know I had paint stripes on both sides of my vehicle. The following day, I finished up with a coat of Z2, and now my Forester looks as it did before - like it belongs on the showroom floor.

Had I not used the Zaino polish system prior to my "paint accident" (with it's slippery, no-stick finish), I'm sure I would still be removing overspray or would even have to had it removed professionally. Here's proof that a Zaino finish protects your paint from all sorts of stubborn road debris - with an incomparable shine to match. Thank you Zaino for making it easier to keep my vehicles looking "showroom new" and protected at the same time.

Dan G.
Penfield, NY


Just wanted to say thanks and show you how your products changed our car (the paint is 17 years old).

Best regards,
Mihai and Dante

Hi Sal,

I have been using your products for the past 6 years and they are nothing but the best. As I always mention to everyone on the Bulletin Boards that there is nothing like having a Zaino polish on your car or truck! 

Thx for that and your dedication to a brilliant shine and protective coat!

Paul G.

I must say, Zaino products are excellent! They definitely have delivered everything and more than they claim!

Alexander S.


I just wanted to tell you that Zaino products are the best I have used. I own my own Detailing Business and am always looking for new products to use on my customers vehicles. I have finally found something worth the money I charge for a full detail. I also use this stuff on my Mazda Protege which does not have a clear coat and it shines just as good as any clear coat I've seen! I love you're products and will never switch back to regular store bought waxes again! 

Thank you,
Nick R.

I used your products for the first time today - on a white Montero Limited - 18 months old and on a 1 month old Redrock Honda Pilot. The results were fantastic. Neither of these vehicles have ever shined like they do tonight.

Mike M.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you: I have never used products as good as yours!! From the cleaners to the polishers, and the leather conditioners.. but I have to say the Gloss Enhancer Spray is AWESOME! esp. to do a quick spritz on my black vette, when I remove the cover. The brilliance is unbelievable. 

YOUR products do really show a difference in finish, whether I apply em to my black corvette, white Mercedes, or a neon we have to kick around the island in tight spaces, the results are the same - spectacular.

Thanks Again!!

Key West, Florida 


I just wanted to congratulate you on the most excellent car care products I've ever used! I recently purchased your polish (clear coat), tire dressing, and gloss enhancer and I could not be more thrilled with the amazing results. I have an Indi Blue MINI Cooper S and I can hardly believe the depth that your polish added to an already phenomenal paint color--and after only a single coat! It was by far the simplest polish/wax product I've ever used--no endless rubbing, no white streaks on plastic trim, just a gorgeous and unmatched shine. I've already gotten numerous complements on the condition of my car (it hasn't even been 24 hours) and I'm spreading the word about your fabulous products. Unfortunately, it rained over night, but imagine my surprise as I searched for water spots--nothing! Water seems to shear right off the finish, and it's every bit as glossy as it was yesterday! How wonderful! I also have to rave about your tire dressing: best ever! I found it super easy to use and it leaves the perfect satin finish, none of the exaggerated high-gloss of over-the-counter national brands. After driving for a day, the plastic trim seems to be resisting road dust/grime and the tires look brand new. My car didn't look this fabulous when I picked it up at the dealership.

Thanks so much for making such amazing products. You have a customer for life!

Happy as can be,
Kelley S.

Hi everyone at Zaino!

I just wanted to write a note to tell you that you guys are the best! A great set of products and super customer support. Please tell your boss that you all need a raise!

Thanks so much for your fast and professional service, not to mention what I consider to be the absolute best products on the market.

I'll be back.

Jerry H.

Just want to let you know that I polished my wife's Acura 3.2TL today with your Z2 and Z6. I must say that I was skeptical about the claim that your products would outdo others. Well, I am no longer skeptical. I am a customer for life. The car was beautiful after one application. Then when I put on the second application, it just came to life with an unbelievable deep shine. Better than when it was brand new, much better. I am almost afraid to put on the 3rd application tomorrow because the glare might be too much while driving. Seriously, the product is great and the service was great also.


Wade H.

Thank you for such a great product. I purchased a full set of your products, well close.

I haven't had a chance to start on my 99 lightning but I also wanted to do my 1995 triumph super III motorcycle that I had custom painted so it has a pretty thick clear coat and blocked out flames.

Its just amazing how well your product works from the clay bar to the spray!!!! There were marks that happened after the paint was done that I could never get out and now they are gone. One of the black painted parts had scratches from when I tied a bungee cord and I could never get them out and NOW THEY ARE GONE, after the clay and Z1 I did multiple... about 5 coats of Z5 and have just started the Z2/Z5 combination and the bike already looks amazing!!!!!!!

Its so easy to put on and take off and it really does make a difference with each coat you put on, you can see it!!!

Thanks again, I'm tossing all my other cleaners and wax and sticking with Zaino.

Keith N.


I have detailed hundreds of cars over the past 7 years for some of the most meticulous car owners in Central Ohio. Until about 6 months ago, I was using some “other” paint protection products then I was introduced to your website. After using your products, I can say that I will never go back to anything else, nor will my clients let me. The extra time it takes to complete the steps is well worth it, and my clients are willing to pay whatever it takes to get the Zaino shine.

I have attached some photos of a 1999 Yukon Denali, 1988 Ferrari 325 and 2000 Porsche Carerra that have received the Zaino treatment. I think they are worthy of your “hall of fame”, but you can decide.

Thanks for your time and for great products.

Patrick S.


I love your products and I recommend them on a consistent basis on, at car shows, and while at car meets with my club. I have included some pics of my car that were taken within minutes of application of Z-2, Z-5, and Z-6. ZFX was also used. I just placed another order today.


Rich W.


I use Zaino on my Black 2002 Explorer and it is the best thing I have ever seen. EVER. This stuff is so amazingly awesome. Thanks for making a virtual dust free amazingly deep clear shine possible on black with no, and I repeat NO swirl marks at all visible.

Thanks to the Corvette club guys who know what product to use and turned me on to your products.

Clay bar works wonders too.


James H.


The subject is a bit sensitive but on the bright side, it is kind of a success from the ashes story.

My car was parked two blocks from ground zero when I had to evacuate, and made it out about 20 minutes before the towers fell and took out my office with them. Well 11 days and a lot of work, walking, pleading, etc. later I was able to get back to the garage and get her out. The NYPD were very patient and great throughout the ordeal.

I finally got her home, spent many hours cleaning the interior and then just gave her a quick wash with Z7 and presto - like new.

I understand that in the scope of things and what's important this is minor, but to those of us who were there, who lost friends, our offices - normalcy - it is as much about getting a little control and personal comfort back in our lives as it is about cars.

So anyway, thanks to several coats of Z2 and Z5, after a shower of hot ash and debris, all it took was a wash to bring her right back.

Rich L.

Just want to say that just finished applying Zaino, and I am totally amazed. I have my own detailing business for 18 years , and have never seen anything like this. My car looks incredible, I already have a couple of customers that want me to use it on their cars. Thank You, you guys have a customer for life.


Eric L.

I have been using your polish over the past year. I recently tried the ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive. This stuff is Zaino Polish on Steroids. I can't believe how incredible the shine is. I thought the Zaino by itself was great. This finish is 14 years old and it looks like it just rolled out of the Showroom. GREAT STUFF-

David R.

Have been detailing automobiles for well over 18 years. I have just about used everything out there. Your line of products in second to none. I just complete my tenth coat of polish on a Black 2003 350z Track, it just keeps getting deeper and deeper in color and depth. Just started the same program on a 2003 Nissan Murano silver in color. One of the most important steps is the clay bar process. The two vehicles were new from the dealer never waxed and shipping wrap just taken off before I picked up the two, I trust no one to detail a new vehicle that I own. Once again your products must be seen to be believed. Its a pleasure to see that someone is willing to spend the time and money to supply people who really care about there automobiles with a product as good as yours. Again thank you keep up the good work.

Jeffrey O.

Dear Zaino:

I just finished using your products on my 2001 Infiniti QX4. I followed the procedure below and received awesome results.

1) Wash with Dawn dishwashing liquid
2) Z-18 Clay Bar
3) ZFX + Z-5, followed by Z-6
4) ZFX + Z-2 followed by Z-6
5) ZFX + Z-2 followed by Z-6

This gave my silver sage QX4 an amazing shine not seen since the day it rolled off the dealership floor! I can't wait to use it on my wife's I-35! this was my first experience with your products - I'm sold! I'll be ordering the glass polish, tire gloss and leather conditioner really soon so the ret of my car looks as good as the finish.

I would have taken pictures, but it rained the next morning.

Thanks for the wonderful products.

Steve M.

Your product never ceases to amaze me.

Jacob on the forums.
John B


Hey thanks for a great product! I have a 2003 medium spiral grey Vette and I never thought that I could get it any shinier than it was when I bought it. I have applied only two coats of Zaino #2 polish with the accelerator and I can not believe the difference already. I can't what to see what it looks like after the 3rd & 4th applications................

Several of my friends have seen my Vette since I used your product and they are very interested in purchasing your product also. Three of them have Vette's, one has a Mustang (but that's ok) and the other has a 1988 Reatta. Your product sells its self; good stuff.

Thanks again and looking forward to continued use of your product.

Ron Z.


I bought your system about a month ago and all I can say is 'unbelievable!' I mean...this is a product that actually does what it promises! Besides the car looking great...the polish seems to act as a water's like the water literally jumps off the surface.

Thanks for your help and products,
Eric H.

Read the many testimonials on your web site. Was finding it hard to believe your products could be that good. Finally purchased some of your products, Z-1, 2, 6, 7, 9 and 10. All I can say is I wished I had purchased and used them sooner! They make my 2001 Mustang Cobra (which is my daily driver) look like a show car. They really do the job and are easy to use.

Once again totally awesome products!!!! 



Just a note of thanks for being so responsive to my calls. The customer service is great and the products even better. I had a 98 white Lexus Gs 400 (just sold it) and still have a gold 98 Mercedes E320. The shine and finish on both are amazing; more importantly the finish and protection seems to stay longer than any other car wax/polish I have ever used (I am 57 and have been always pampered my vehicles). It's hard to believe how easy the products are to work with.

I now own a 2003 350 Z (Silverstone). I have had the car approximately 7 weeks and have 5 coats of Z-2 (one coat of Z-1)and multiple coats of Z-6. Boy, does that car shine. People constantly ask me how I keep the cars clean, my answer is Zaino. 

Lew F.

Dear Zaino, 

I received your products last week (Z-2, Z-5, ZFX, and Z-6) and I just wanted to say thanks. My car shines like never before and the swirl marks are so greatly diminished with just one application of Z-5 that I'd swear I got a new paint job. I can't wait to put on additional coatings. I can't believe how great the car looks and how clean the paint feels. Thanks again. Be assured that I will be placing more orders in the future and I will tell all my friends about your great product.


Paul J. Y.

I can't believe how great your products are. I currently have three coats of z-5 and one of z-2 on my car. All my friends are shocked at the way my car looks. They can't believe how good it looks. I had a guy from down the road stop by today, he wanted to know what I used on my car. I gave him an order form. Buying your products is the best investment I have made in my car. And I will be ordering some for my future father-in-law for fathers day.

Roger B.

I have been using Zaino products on my black RSX for the past 6 months and my car has never looked so good. It looks better than the day I bought it. My car used to have some noticeable swirls on the hood but after using the Z-5, it has had a mirror-like surface. Your products have done wonders for my finish and have kept my car looking new even throughout the harsh winter here in Pittsburgh.

...thanks for making great products!

Brian Z.

Absolutely excellent job in order taking, processing and shipment. THE best I have ever experienced! Thanks!

Todd C.

I would like to be the first to say that the order process was incredibly simple and shipping was VERY fast. Thank you!!! Secondly, this product is awesome. We just purchased a brand new black Nissan Murano and there were a few very fine scratches (dealer prep/cleaning does NOT use cotton cloths), and after using Z1, Z2 and Z6 this car looks so much better thank brand new. There was little difference between the dark privacy glass and the paint, after using Zaino. The end result was that the finish was almost like a mirror. I will soon be using this on my black Mustang Cobra!

Greg C.

Dear Mr. Zaino,

As someone who was once the biggest public skeptic of your product's claims, I felt compelled to send you a quick note to share my recent Zaino experiences with you. As you may or may not be aware, I am the Editor-In-Chief of Guru Reports and we recently performed a test of 46 different waxes, polymers and acrylic products. We unmercifully torture tested these products, and found that most of the products died (optically or durability) within 6 weeks or less.

After witnessing how well the product worked in our tests, I decided to use it on my own vehicles and am now completely convinced of your product's capabilities.

My wife's 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe has a rather modest 2-3 coats of Z5 (mixed with your new ZFX), and not only does it look great, the protection lasts like nothing else ever has. We can go months without having to reapply any products to the truck - on a recent trip this spring, we put on 2,000 very "hard" miles through snow, sleet, salt, sand, etc., and the Zaino held-up like a champ.

Steve L.

After 30 years of playing with cars, I have NEVER found a product which measures up to Zaino! Thanks so much for creating it, and being as available as you are for questions.

Bruce M.

Just finished polishing my car this weekend with Zaino and wow, what depth it gave the paint. The shine is unreal. I would recommend Zaino as the best car polish I've ever used. No wax even comes close! Thanks for a great product.

Steve G.


I made another believer of your product this weekend. My brother in law has a 2000 corvette convertible and he has been using Zymol on it, not a bad product but good for amateurs. He had several coats on it and the shine looked greasy. I got him and the vette over to my house Sunday. I had him wash the car using Dawn liquid. he said this will never remove all the wax that was on the car. 2 washings and the wax was gone. a couple of coats of z-2 with the ZFX and the car was stunning. he just e-mailed me and he said when he put the car in the garage last night the paint looked brand new!!!. Why is it so hard to convince people ? Again I wish I was a kid again so I could use your product for another 40 years. Thanks.

Karl K.

To whom it may concern:

Hello, I wanted to let you know that yesterday after claying my vehicles finish, I applied your Z2 clear coat show polish to my Emerald green metallic 97' Chevy Tahoe LT 4 door and I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the results I have obtained with your product. The metallic seems to just pop out now and my finish has a lot more depth, too. I have used various brands of waxes and polishes in the past, but none of them can compare to the performance of your products. Thanks for making such a great product that actually does what its claimed to do.

JC S. 3rd

Dear Mr. "Z"

Just finished putting on my first application of your product and am totally amazed. My car (92 Corvette) looks like a sheet of glass. I am almost afraid to put on a 2nd coat of Z2. Just want you to know, you now have a customer for life!!

Thanks a bunch

Michael "Trix" M.

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