Zaino Holiday Gift Special (Reg $34.99 - You Save $10)

Zaino Holiday Gift Special (Reg $34.99 - You Save $10)

Product Details


This is our FAVORITE bucket! Our shiny Zaino logo on the side is a lot of the reason why! That aside, the screw on sealing lid and the included Grit Guard make this bucket a must have item.

Some Zaino bucket with screw seal lid uses:
Store your Zaino products between usage.
Forgot your chair at a car show? Sit on your bucket.
Carry YOUR clean water to shows for quick washing/rinsing.

Included Grit Guard in the bottom of your bucket:
Simply rub your mitt across the Grit Guard® while washing.
Design extracts particles and contaminants from mitts.
Gravity causes dirt to settle to the bottom of the container.
Wash water stays clean - Scratch-Free Clean.
Four Quadrants on the base calm the wash water.
Designed to save every car enthusiast time and money.
NO MORE long hours spent removing scratches caused by improper car washing.
Wash it Right with Grit Guard®! Peace of Mind Guaranteed.